Mate or Childhood Love?

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Chapter 1: An Opportunity to make up

As soon as dawn hit the ground Skylar Hart was out of bed and ready for her training. No doubt she was one of the best warriors of Red Moon Pack and a possible member to be appointed as head warrior of the pack. A position at which she had her eyes for a long time. After what her father did, it just became her strongest determination to serve Red Moon. In order to clean the dirt off of her family name she is ready to even sacrifice her life if it ever came to it. After freshening up, Skylar found herself in Kristian’s room. In an exquisite spacious room, on double the king-size bed laid a very half naked Kristian in his boxers. It’s been a good few minutes since she entered his room, yet she didn’t make a move to wake him up. And why would she? The sight in front of her was something she wanted to keep captured in her mind as her eyes gazed over his bed hair to his innocent sleeping face.

He was sprawled out on bed taking up most of the space yet there was some remaining for one person to slip in the covers. Immediately images of her cuddling together with him flashed in her mind. A small satisfying smile was making its place due to that image, but she snapped back to reality as scolded herself to again losing her mind to her stupid fantasies.

It was no secret that she was head over heels for him. They have been friends since their childhood. So both knows each other like back of their hands. That’s what they like to think.

Kristian groaned loudly as Skylar snatched his cover, and he rolled out of bed falling on carpeted floor. A small giggle left her lips upon seeing his state. Kristian shot her a deadly glare from the other side of the bed. She simply shrugged it off by giving him a flying kiss unknown to her knowledge that she just melted his insides which her small gesture.

“Come on Kris, you better hurry, or we’ll be late for training. ” He again groaned at her words. At that moment all he wanted to do was drag Skylar to his bed and just cuddle for the rest of the day. But he knew how obsessed she is with training and that’s why she got the responsibility of training the pups as well as other members who wish to train with her.

“Let’s take an off today and go back to bed, Sky. ” He crawled back to bed and was just making himself comfortable when he was pulled back by his arm. He exasperatedly looked at a very impatient Skylar.

“What do you want? ” He cried out and was trying to pry his arm back. She again tugged at his hand, bringing his attention to her. “You” He felt another tug, a harsh one this time. “Better get up now, Krist’an and be an Alpha to them. ”

“But I’m their Alpha for crying out loud!” She narrowed her eyes. “Look, I’m trying to help you out here cause no pack wants an Alpha who can’t even attend them in training. ”

“Okay, Okay mother! I’m up.” He immediately got up from the bed and started to move towards the bathroom that was connected to his room.

“Good. I’ll go and check if Ryan is up or not.” She informed him and walked towards the door muttering under her breath. ‘Can’t believe he is Alpha of one of the strongest pack. ’

Kristian sharply turned around to look at her back as she neared the door to his room. “I heard that!” She quickly walked out of his room and yelled. “It was meant to be heard. ”

Chuckling he shook his head and entered his bathroom to do his morning routine as quick as possible or else he knows Skylar will have his head for being late. Tardiness is what she despises the most. And having a pissed off she-wolf on his back is the last thing he wants early morning.

Not long before they found themselves on training ground which is spread wide with immense rich greenery as long as the eyesight could take in. The grass were trimmed short perfect for any kind of training or even for a troll. Pack grounds were strictly maintained under Luna Marina, Kristian’s mother’s surveillance.

Pack members of all age group, from children to adult were present on the ground, be it whether boy or girl. All were allowed to train in Red Moon, unless like some packs who still think females are better off within four walls of their houses.

Adults were lined up in one group, teenagers in another and then there was a small group of children who were always hyped up with enthusiasm for training. Skylar smiled at their lit up faces and made her way to them which earned a round of excited holler from the kids.

Kristian chuckled at them as he stalked towards group of adults to start their training. They immediately straighten up their posture waiting to be instructed by their Alpha. Ryan was left with teenagers today, so he shrugged his shoulders and walked to them.

Ryan is Kristian’s Beta, a second in command. He is not a born Beta, but he has slogged a lot for making himself capable of his post besides his best friend. Along with them there is also third in command, Jackson. He has patrolling duty with other warriors during training hours.

Every day these three would take their turns in training the three groups. As they were trained by the best warriors of their pack and also from the neighboring packs who hold alliance with Red Moon. Those warriors are now on the council of werewolves, they act like an official court just like in human world.

Soon their vigorous training was over and all members were making their way back to their respective houses, content and joyous to start their day.

“Dad got a call from William Palmer about him and his daughter wanting to settle back in pack.” On the way to Alpha’s house, Kristian informed his Beta Ryan and Skylar. They both halted in their steps and looked at Kristian in astonishment.

William Palmer, former Beta of Red Moon left the pack and moved to New York when his mate got brutally murdered in the rouge attack in Red Moon. He was totally broken, but he held onto his sanity because of his daughter, Megan who was a small part of his mate.

He was scared for his daughter’s safety and that’s why he gave resignation from his Beta post. Alpha Roman, Kristian’s father understood what his dear friend was going through and therefore accepted his request to let him move out of the pack with the promise of returning without any hesitation back to pack whenever he wished to, even though anybody doubted he would want to return ever.

“Why does he want to come back?” Ryan asked. Skylar nodded to Kristian, wanting to ask the same question. Anyone would be curious to know about the returning of the man to the place where he lost his other half for forever.

“Apparently his daughter wants to come back and live a pack life as she did not wish to live as rouge anymore. Also, she wants to live where her mom used to do. ” Kristian answered. Skylar and Ryan both nodded in understanding and continued on their way to home.

’When will they be returning? ” Skylar questioned. “We will have to plan a welcome party for them, right?” Ryan’s question followed after hers.

‘They’ll be returning by end of this week. ’ Kristian replied as he opened the door to the house. “And yes we have a big party to plan. Dad said there shouldn’t be anything left for complaint about the party so that’s why he will be calling you, Sky for further details. ”

“Me? ” Skylar squeaked, feeling flabbergasted on hearing what Kristian said. Alpha Roman never really interacted with Skylar after the act her father pulled. In fact, he was so close to exile her and her mother from the pack for what her father did. She did not even want to think about it because the fountain of tears would start nonstop.

It was all because Luna Marina put forward her request to pull back the punishment of exile as Skylar and her mother was innocent. After a long trail they were proved innocent and was allowed to live but who would have saved them from the scorn of pack members. Till now Alpha Roman is wary of her.

“Yes, you. Remember my coronation party that you so excitedly took all the responsibilities from mum and it turned out to be a blast? He was very much impressed with your work, and so he wants you to work on this party.”

“I... don’t k-know, Kris if I can.” Nervousness seeped in as she subconsciously started fidgeting with the hem of her t-shirt.

Ryan and Kristian looked at her with sadness as how once confident girl turned into an anxious mess due to something she had nothing to do with. She never had the guts to face her Alpha because of shame and guilt.

Kristian sighed and walked to where she was standing in the living room with her head held low. He put his hands on her shoulders and gave a reassuring squeeze.

“You are not going to be judged because of him remember that. We all have seen how hard you have worked your way to gain the trust and respect of the pack members. So don’t worry about that. You know we all love you and you’ll do an amazing job at organizing this party too.” She looked up at him with wariness. His expression soften when he saw unshed tears in her forest green eyes.

He squeezed her shoulders once again before pulling her in his arms. Warmth spread throughout her body due to his secure embrace. She wound her arms around his waist slowly. “My father has forgiven you long back though he doesn’t show it.” He pressed a lingering kiss on her forehead. “And you did nothing wrong to feel guilty. ”

Skylar nodded thinking of this as one more opportunity to make it up to Alpha Roman. “I will put my all in this and won’t let you down. ” He smiled at her, nodding as he reluctantly withdrew his arms from around her to let her go back to her room.

Ryan who all the while was witnessing the scene unfold in front of him gave his best friend a pity look as he watched him dejectedly watch her retreating figure.

Back in room Skylar pushed all the thoughts to the back of her mind and quickly got in the shower to start her day. She was done being clothed in a loose White tee with a soft bluish green colour heart upon it in the middle. She wore a black fitted jean underneath and paired it up with her favorite brown boots. Her blonde bob cut hair were styled sides ways in waves. She wasn’t much for a fashion follower and wore anything she felt was nice.

Kristian entered the kitchen cladded in denim jeans and grey t-shirt which fitted his upper body perfectly, enunciating his every muscle result of vigorous training sessions. He halted as his eyes fell upon Skylar working her way in the whole kitchen, humming to herself as she cooked breakfast for them. He couldn’t help but stare at her, entranced with her every move.

She looked a beauty whom he wished could call her his. He watched as her blonde hair would shine and bounce under streaming sunlight through the French doors in the kitchen. She kept her hair short since she threw herself in crazy training. He brought it up to her few times, telling her to let her hair grow, but she never heeded to it. Anyway, she pulls off Bob cut quite beautifully.

Ryan observed them from a distance as he stepped down from last stair. He knew Skylar was too engrossed in her cooking to notice Kristian watching her. He often caught them staring at each other when one would be too busy to notice. How long would this will go on? He thought to himself and contacted to Alpha through mind link.

'Maybe you should just talk to her about this. ′

Kristian turned around, startled at the intrusion from his Beta. He looked back at Skylar to observe her a few more seconds with the look of pure adoration which he can’t portray under her attention.

‘It’s not that easy, Ryan.’ Ryan noticed Kristian’s fist tightening at his sides as thoughts passed through his mind. Thoughts of the outcome if he were to declare what his heart says.

He was convinced that his feelings are not mutual as she thought the same. Ryan knew better than them. He has seen them overwhelmed by their own emotions to even think about what other feels about them. But he also knew to not talk about this unless they come to talk to him because as they are still mateless and no one knows what would happen after if they were to meet their mates. It is better to wait for their mates instead of starting something that would not end good.

You don’t ---’

“Are you two seriously leaving me out on your conversation that you both are mind linking?” Skylar’s voice interrupted their mind link, and they blink their eyes at her.

“If you guys don’t want me to listen onto your conversation then y’all could’ve just taken your lovey dovey talks somewhere else. ” She sounded hurt causing a grin to slip in on their faces.

“Kristain suggested me the same but I wanted you to be jealous of my friendship with him. ” Ryan joked as he took his usual place on the stool, stationed in front of the kitchen counter.

“Oh, I’m so jealous! Look I’m literally burning with jealousy.” Skylar exaggerated, as she served them breakfast. “You should be because we’d make a great couple.” Ryan bluffed, looking so proud while Kristian choked on his food.

“So, when’s the honeymoon?” She inquired playfully.

“I would rather go with a cat than this idiot. ” Kristan scoffed and started on his breakfast.

“You hurt me, Krissy Love.” Ryan mocked him, placing his hand on his chest earning a push from Kristian that made him slip from his seat. Skylar laughed at their antics as this was very usual to them. Ryan bit into his egg sandwich and flashed a grateful smile at her which she returned with her own small smile.

After finishing their breakfast, Ryan made his way to pack house to check on things. Kristian took Skylar to university saying that he would meet Ryan at pack house for their duty after dropping Skylar off to university. She is doing major in business management. Kristian and Ryan are three years older to her though that gap didn’t mean anything to their friendship.

“I’ll pick you up at 2. So don’t run away. ” He reminded her as she got down his Aston Martin muttering a quick thanks. Skylar turned to him and waved goodbye before hurrying to the doors. She helps them with their duty usually after classes and when Kristian made sure that she was done with her homework.

Skylar sat in her usual seat of the first class for the day when Charlotte, her only close girl friend from the pack who wasn’t interested in either Alpha or Beta but only gossips, inquired. “So it’s true that our former Beta is coming back with his daughter?”

Skylar nodded though her eyes were on professor who was going on about Moon Goddess knows what but she was sure that it wasn’t going to help to her in becoming the Head warrior. “I have heard that his daughter is hot and has actually modeled for some fashion magazines. Isn’t it cool that she is of our age and is already famous?”

“You mean of your age. ” Skylar corrected her. She was a year older than her classmates because she missed her a year back in elementary school.

“You are just a year older than us. A year is nothing.” Charlotte brushed off her comment dismissively. Skylar smiled at her. That’s why she liked her because she was the one who accepted her with open arms in her group after the incident when nobody wanted to interact with Skylar.

“I have also heard that you’ll be organizing this big party for their welcome.” She shouldered Skylar excitedly. Skylar turned to her, “Seriously, are you secretly a mind reader?”

“So it’s true?!” Charlotte exclaimed at her which earned the whole class’s attention to them.

Skylar let out an uneasy laugh whilst pointing at her friend. “I don't know her. ” Charlotte gasped at her. “How could you say that Sky! ”

“Ms. Hart and Ms. Welcher, please behave or walk out of my class if not interested. ” Red color tinted on Skylar’s cheeks while Charlotte only grumbled under her breath. They both apologized to Mr. Cooper and let him continue his class. Charlotte once again turned to Skylar to ask one more thing when Skylar shot her a look that made her shut up.

Though her mind didn’t shut once on the thoughts about how is she going to work for this party. No matter what Kristian, Ryan or Luna Marina would say, her actions will always be judged based on her past.

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