Mate or Childhood Love?

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Chapter 2: I paid for it, little girl

“I’m back. ” Skylar made her presence known as she slides into the Alpha’s office in the pack house. Though she didn’t have to because Kristian knew the moment she stepped in the pack house. He could just sense her presence in the house or if she is near.

Ryan gave her a smile in acknowledgment and got back to his file he was working on. Kristan as usual shot her with one question which she hated. “Did you complete your homework? ” She cringed at the sound of homework. The one thing she despises the most about university was assignment. She wasn’t any scholar, but would score average.

“Yes. I did. ” Kristian narrowed his eyes in suspicion at her. She gave him an exasperated look. “Don’t you believe your favorite person? ” A small smile slipped onto his face at her response. Of course, he trusts her with his life just not when it comes to homework. He knows how many possible excuses she comes up with at the time of completing her assignments so that she could evade it. She groaned loudly when she saw suspicious expression on Kristian’s face. It was just one time, okay maybe twice she lied about her homework and got in trouble. But after that she had been religiously completing her assignments with the help of Charlotte, her best friend.

“I’m telling the truth, Kris. You can ask Char about it. She helped me with my assignment. ” She huffed and removed her bag off her shoulders and placed it on the couch that sits against the wall, right next to the door. She made her way to the door when Kristan asked. “Where are you going? ”

“To my babies.” She opened the door and turned around to look at him. “See you later, Alpha-with-trust-issuse.” Skylar gave him a salute and walked out slamming the door with a bang as she did.

Ryan let out a chuckle and turned to look at Kristian who sat in his chair with a baffled look, staring at now a closed door. “You deserved it, man.” He looked at Ryan and gave him a confused expression. “But, I just asked her about her homework. What did I do wrong in that? ”

Ryan gave him a blank face. “Dude, your expression basically told her that you don’t trust her. And you know how sensitive she is when it comes to trust.” If possible, Kristian looked more clueless. “I never said that to her. ” Ryan heaved an exasperated sigh, getting irritated at his idiotic best friend. “But she took it as that.”

“Moon Goddess, it is so difficult to deal with her at times! ” Kristian rubbed his face in helplessness. Ryan gave him a smirk at his state. “Still here you are, completely lost in her thoughts and when she is in your sight, you won’t stop looking at her. ” Kristian glared at his obnoxiously right best friend and gritted out. “As if I could help myself in that. ”

Ryan shook his head and went back to his work. Kristian gave a sigh and started thinking of how to make it up to Skylar. Yet again completely immersed in her thoughts. Only if her could help himself so that things wouldn’t have gotten complicated as they were going to be.

Toddlers, and children around four to five years were playing loudly in a bright spacious room. Walls were painted white with colorful scribbling of what were supposed to be animals and humans drawn on them. Beautiful floral curtains were drawn back to reveal large french doors that portrays the small rich garden made for the pups. Three pack women were tending to every pup’s needs, looking after them, running around after them as they play to their heart’s content.

Every kind of toy were scattered on the floor. Giggles wafted through the room bringing a smile upon Skylar’s face. This was her most favorite place in the pack house. This is where she forgets about every bad thing in the world and let innocence of pure souls surround her.

A boy, Noah around five years of age noticed her presence by the door and excitedly yelled. “Skylar!”

He abandoned his robot he was playing with and came running towards her. She immediately bent down and open her arms for the excited kid. His loud voice got attention of everyone. Delirious holler erupted through the room and soon every kid was running towards her. Noah hugged her tightly and was joined by his friends making her fall back on her butt.

Skylar chuckled at them and let everyone hugged her. She breathed in the affection the pups gave her. This is one of the those rare moments she won’t forget where she is showered with love and joy without any motive or gain.

“’You are early today. ” They pulled back and grinned at her. “That is because I completed my homework fast, so I could get to play with you all for some more time. ” She beamed at them earning a round of giggles. “So we awre playing a lot today? ” Julie, a three years round face girl asked. She smiled at her attempt to pronounce ’r’

“Yes!” Skylar smirked and slowly put her right hand up. “Who wants to play train-train?!”

Everyone gave their agreement through excited yells. She knew how much they love to play ‘train- train’ with her. She becomes the engine of the train and rest kids get to play as either compartments of the train or passengers or anything Skylar can come up with.

Kristian stood in front of the door to the nursery. The door was made with thick glass, wooden panels painted in white supporting all four sides. He stood staring at Skylar who was happily chatting with Noah. Only he was left in the nursery room. Rest of the pups were taken home by their parents, as they work in company of Kristian’s family. It is based in human land.

Kristian gazed at how Noah would look at Skylar with awe and trust. The kid probably doesn’t know the meaning of trust but subconsciously he rooted all his trust in her. Noah and Skylar have been close since Noah came to Red Moon pack with his mother, June. She got pregnant with her human boyfriend’s child who ran away after getting the news. She didn’t wait for her mate and just moved to this pack.

Noah being half human and half werewolf makes him so very different from other pups here. And Skylar knowing the harsh reality that he would be facing in no time has already made him ready for it. Because she had been there once herself not because she was half human but due to her father’s deed.

His lips curled into a smile as watching them chat along animatedly. He quietly slipped in the room and was trying to move to them so that he could surprise them. His plan went down the drain when Noah called his name with excitement. “Alpha Kristian!”

Kristian looked at them with slight surprise. Noah was beaming at his Alpha unaware of the deadly glare that was being shot towards his dear Alpha by Skylar. He let a defeated sigh and picked an eager Noah in his arms. “What’s up, chap? ”

“Sky was telling me the story of this brave Alpha. ” Noah chirped causing Kristian to raise his eyebrow at him. “What about him? ” Kristian questioned, seeming curious about this brave Alpha.

“She told me how kind and strong this brave Alpha is. He has always been so protective of his loved ones. When he was of age 17, he courageously fought big bad rogue wolves in the forest to save his best friend. Skylar said that he has always been sweet to his best friend, taking care of her. ”

A small smile started to spread across Kristian’s face, as remnants of distinct memory clouded his mind. A memory in which teenage Kristian standing in front of three grievous rouge wolves, baring their sharp pale yellow teeth at him. He was trying his very best to appear as less scared as it was possible for sake of his best friend, a little girl. A fourteen years old girl in a baby blue long frock stood clutching onto Kristian’s shirt from behind tightly, not daring to peek at the danger from the safety of her best friends back.

The only thought that was running through the very sacred Kristian was to keep his little girl safe without a single scratch. And that only thought gave him an unexplainable strength to fight off those rouges without letting any of the unwanted wolf to touch a hair on her head. He had never felt so proud of himself the moment he killed the third rouge. Even though the aftermath of his valor landed him on hospital bed for straight a month, his feeling of proud didn’t deflate a bit.

Skylar let herself smile at the memory that she cherished with her whole heart before schooling her features into stoic face. Kristian’s glazed over eyes blinked as he pulled himself back from his reminiscence. He smirked at her as he said. “He sounds very brave. ”

“I want to be like him!” Noah beamed at his Alpha causing warmth to spread through Kristian’s heart. Skylar narrowed her eyes at Kristian and stood up. “You should rethink about your words, Noah. You wouldn’t want to be like someone who have trust issues. ” She gave a sickeningly sweet smile to them as Kristian gulped nervously. He cursed in his mind and proceeded towards Skylar who was now walking to the door.

“I didn’t mean to make it sound like that, Sky. I was just making sure that you have your homework done so that you won’t get into trouble.” She stopped in her steps and turned around. “It sounded untrustworthy to me, Alpha Kristian. ” He bristled at being called Alpha with such scorn. Skylar opened the front door and walked out to the garage. Kristian followed behind her letting out a deep sigh with a very confused Noah propped up on his arms.

After tightening the seat belt on Noah in the back seat of Kristian’s black SUV, Skylar closed the door. Kristian’s hand caught a grip on her arm as she took another step towards the house. “Where do you think you are going? ” She turned to him and gave him her infamous blank look. She slowly pointed her thumb backwards. “To the pack house. ”

“I didn’t promise to treat with ice cream to just Noah. ” He tugged her towards the car. “You are coming with us. ” She quickly jerked her hand back so hard it broke his steely grip he had on her. He glared at her. “I’m not getting in the car with the person who doubts me. ” She jutted her chin up in the air adamantly earning an exasperated groan from him. He looked at her just in enough time to Skylar to hide her cheeky smile behind her stoic expression. He ran his hand down his tired face. She knows how much Kristian hates the paper work that comes along Alpha’s duty which he just completed before coming to get them.

“I’m sorry, little girl. Trust me when I say it wasn’t what I intend to give you the message of distrust.” He slowly reached for her hands and cupped them with his calloused ones. “Forgive me, please. ” Seeing the sincere look on his face Skylar bit inside of her cheeks. She really liked playing him. It was cute how gullible he was to her actions and words.

“Apology accepted.” He gave a relief sigh. “But I have other important work to do. So, I’ll pass.” He frowned at her, as she pulled her hands out of his grip. She took a step back with hands at her back. “What is more important than accompanying me and Noah? ” She devilishly grins looking at the ground before gazing up at him with innocent eyes. “Watching Mr. Hot Christian Grey with his Ana. ” She doesn't understand why he hates that character so much.

“You are doing no such thing.” He pulled her to the car. “Get in. ” Opening the door to the passenger seat he pushed her in and slammed the door shut when she was securely seating in her seat with a pout. Kristian got in the car and started the engine to rush down the road. All the while Noah sat in the back with confuse face as he watch them both sitting with brooding look.

Soon they reached their favorite ice cream shop with cute exterior and interior. It was built in an ice cream shape with very pink color cone having detailed cross lines in the shop walls and white layers of cream as roof along a cute little red cherry on top. Two windows were stationed at the front. The shop was straight out of any Disney show, that’s how cute looking it was. Skylar helped Noah out of the car and started to merrily skip their way to the glass door of the shop that was to the side. Kristian gave a sigh and followed them with his hands in his jeans pockets.

As soon as Skylar pushed the door open, the bells chimed above the door, alerting the owner about their new customers. Mrs. Blake, a fifty years old female, the owner of this fantasy shop turned at the sound and smiled at grinning faces of Skylar and Noah. “Come in warrior Skylar and little warrior Noah. ” Skylar rolled her eyes at the title nevertheless returned the smile and walked in air-conditioned shop with a very proud looking Noah besides her. He walked puffing his chest out with a bit of march to his step. Both females chuckled at his cute antics.

The bells chimed again, notifying the entry of their pensive Alpha. “Welcome, Alpha Kristian. ” Mrs. Blake bowed at him to which he acknowledged by nodding at her. “So, what will you like to have for today?” She turned her attention to two eager faces stuck to the glass that displayed large variety of extremely lip licking ice creams.

“I will try Rocky Road this time. ” Skylar beamed at the prospect of tasting a new flavor just like she always does and never regrets. “I want one scoop of cherry ice cream, one scoop of mango ice cream, one scoop of custard apple ice cream and one scoop of. ” Noah turned to

Skylar with seriously confused face and asked. “What else should I have, Sky? ” Skylar raised an eyebrow at him and bent down to his eye level. “How about our Alpha’s favorite vanilla? ” She smirked when he scrunched up his nose. “No, that’s too plain.” He turned to back and grinned at Mrs. Blake. “And I want Skylar’s favorite, chocolate ice cream! ”

Kristian shook his head, the kid always end up having one scoop of chocolate ice cream before asking Skylar about her preference. Mrs. Blake looked at Kristian for his order, already knowing what he would say. ”Regular.” She nodded at him and got to ready their orders.

Meanwhile, they took their seat at their usual place by the window. The seats were in brown cone shapes as well. It was made in replica of ice cream cone. Soft white cushions were placed to provide a comfy service. Whereas the tables where three scoops of yellow, light pink and lavender color placed in zigzag manner upon which a round glass was securely attached to serve as platform. The walls were pasted with peach and white wide strips of wallpapers.

It wasn’t too crowded in here, just few pack members and human tourists and locals that come to visit this infamous ice cream shop. Mrs. Blake has treasured her husband’s shop after his dead with heart. There wasn’t much to renovate as Mr. Blake did fabulous job at the decor, she brought in more flavors and the popularity sky-rocketed of this place. And it was more on human land and out skirts of pack land, she got in more human customers, and they have helped her advertise her place. She would ever be grateful for that.

Colorful scoops of bowl was kept in front of Noah and expressed his thank you before digging in his delicacy. Another white bowl filled with four big scoops of decadent combination of chocolate ice cream, chopped nuts, and marshmallows was placed in front of Skylar, and she mumbled a quick thank you to Mrs. Blake. She patted her hair lightly and placed a white elongated plate in front of Kristian with three scoops of vanilla ice-cream and chocolate syrup running all over it in diagonal lines. He smiled at her and started on his plate.

Mrs. Blake slightly bowed and went back to her place. Skylar unintentionally moaned out loud as she took her first taste of new flavor. Kristian snapped his eyes at her blissful face, he gripped long sliver spoon in his hand tightly as he watched her smile with her twinkling eyes closed. Her eyes flew open when the bursting flavor of chocolate and marshmallows with crunchiness of nuts faded slowly with the swallow. She excitedly looked at Noah who was ready with his another spoon full of mixed ice cream ready to be devoured.

“This is so mind boggling! You should definitely try this Noah!” Taking a spoonful of her ice cream she brought it in front of Noah. He quickly gulped down his ice cream and took the awaiting spoon of Skylar in his mouth. He exuberantly hummed at Skylar as exciting flavor of Rocky Road exploded in his mouth. “Isn’t it good, Huh?” She giggled at him and continued to dig in her ice cream, hungrily this time.

Kristian, after waiting for his turn to come for the tasting of this mind boggling ice cream, purposely coughed at her to grab her attention. She looked at him with the spoon in her mouth. He again coughed looking at her ice cream, earning a raise of an eyebrow from her. After few seconds of waiting, he thought of speaking. “Well, won’t I be getting to taste your mind boggling ice cream? ”

“But you don’t eat chocolate ice cream.” She furrowed her eyebrows not knowing why he is suddenly interested in chocolate ice cream. Noah nodded his head not really looking at either of them.

“Aren’t I am having this chocolate syrup on my vanilla ice cream?” Kristian pointed at his plate. “And it’s not like I don’t like chocolate ice cream. It’s just it gets too overwhelming for me.” She narrowed her at him and replied with a straight and clear cut no making his jaw drop.

“Why not?” Kristian argued. “Because I don’t want to.” Skylar took another spoonful of ice cream and start to enjoy it. He bristled at her and gritted out.

“I’m paying for that ice cream, so I should get to have a taste of it too.” She stopped midway of putting the spoonful of brown delicacy in her mouth and released a sigh. She drawled out a reluctant fine before putting the spoon back in the bowl and pushed it towards Kristian.

He looked down at it with dismay as his mouth was slightly open, waiting for her to feed him the ice cream just like she did to Noah. Skylar impatiently tapped her fingers on the glass table as she looked at him. “Come on, taste it fast before you make it melt into a smoothie. ”

“You do know I’m paying for this, little girl.” He looked at her with a frown while she scowled at him with distaste. “You don’t have to say it thousands of times!” She looked away at other people who were happily enjoying their ice creams with their loved ones or some just sitting alone. She looked back at his waiting face. “Are you going to have it or not?”

He just opened his mouth and moved his face towards her. She blinked and got the notion of what he was intending. She shook her head and moved to take the bowl back to her. “Remember that I’m paying. ” She blew out air and rolled her eyes before taking the spoon filled with the chocolate ice cream and put it in his mouth. He closed his mouth with the spoon in his mouth and stared at her as she muttered under her breath, “Only if I carry my money around.”

She looked up as he let spoon out of his mouth and smirked at her. She bit her lips from cracking a smile at him. Because they both know how she never carries her money with her as most of the time Kristian will always be walking in her steps or rest of the time she would be with Ryan.

Both got back to their ice creams with oblivious Noah immersed in his ice cream besides them. Mrs. Blake smiled from her spot behind the counter as she looked at them. This is how they spent their time together. Be it bickering, fighting or throwing smiles at each other as they breathe in one another’s presence. That’s what that matter to them, to be by each other’s sides and make sure they are safe.

“I don’t want you giving trouble to your mommy, okay buddy? ” Noah nodded at Skylar. She smiled and ruffled his hair. “That’s why you are my favorite boy. ” Kristian coughed from behind them, and she rolled her eyes and stood up. “Take care, June.” She smiled at Noah’s mother who was standing at the door to their room in pack house. “You too, Skylar. And thanks for looking after my son. ” She smiled at her, gratefully and then bowed to her Alpha. Kristian nodded at her and backed away with Skylar who was still waving at Noah.

“So he is----” Kristian was cut off by an urgent Logan, his third-in-command through their mind link.

‘Alpha Kristian and Skylar, rogue have been sighted at southwest border. ’

“Back to duty. ” Skylar sighed and started to run to southwest border with an irritated looking Kristian following behind her.

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