Mate or Childhood Love?

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Chapter 3: I think I just found.... my mate

“Where is he? ” Kristian asked after shifting back from his wolf form and taking the shorts from one of his warrior. Logan, his third-in command looked nervous as he scratched his neck. He surveyed his surrounding, especially scrutinizing behind Kristian to make sure Skylar is not in hearing shot, though he knew she would be here in no time. “Alpha...” Kristian raised an eyebrow at him to continue. “We l-lost him. ”

Kristian was about to interrogate when suddenly they felt the shift in the air. Shift so subtle yet noticeable to the point where it froze the bones of Logan and the other warriors who were patrolling and sighted rogue outside the pack borders. Kristian cursed in his mind as he turned around to see Skylar coming out from behind the tree clothed in a long T-shirt which was stashed in the woods for their use.

“What did you say? ” A noticeable sweat broke on Logan’s face when he heard her speak in eerily calm voice. Involuntarily he took a small step back as she reached where all were standing. Why won’t he be shit scared of her as he has witnessed her go berserk over rogue appearances more than he could count.

It was strange and scary at the same time to not know what this rogue want when only thing he does is make his presence known and withdraw at the speed of lightening tracing his scents back. Kristian was in too much worry when Ryan made him acknowledge the bothering fact that the rogue appearances started after Skylar’s nineteenth birthday, the day after which she can sense her mate.

It wasn’t long after her birthday as she turned nineteenth just three months ago. Still, it was hard to pin down the motive behind this undisciplined wolf. Every damn time Skylar would lose her cool upon utterance of word, rogue. All because of what her father did that left a long-lasting ugly scar on her. But she has learned from her past mistakes and promised to not act irrationally cause she has been left out on information by Kristian and Ryan.

They won’t involve her deeply in their discussions regarding rogues. So, this time she did her best to take a deep breath and released, clenching her fist tight she countered.

“This time he came from southwest.” She looked in the said direction for few minutes and turned back to walk back to pack house. Her frame tensed and face calculative as she started towards the direction causing every wolf there standing flabbergasted. Anyone would be confused at such sudden change in response from someone, whom they have seen running crazily towards every direction the unwanted wolf was sighted.

“Skylar? ” She turned around to Kristian’s concerned face. “Are you okay?” He asked, uncertainty laced his tone. She quirked an eyebrow at him and shrugged her strained shoulders. “Why won’t I be? ”

“I apologize, Skylar.... for not able to catch that rogue. ” Wyatt, one of their warriors who was on his patrolling duty for the day, apologized with a hesitant step towards her direction. She smiled at him and said. “It’s okay, Wyatt. I know you did your best to get a hold on him. ” He looked at her with slightly red face from guilt of not fulfilling his job properly. “It’s not your fault.” She assured him. Kristian’s gaze was on her the whole time as he observed her clenching her fists behind the long T-shirt she was wearing.

On her departure, everyone looked confused and worried. Paul, carefree and funny warrior voiced his thoughts, slightly scared. “Is this what they call Silence before Storm? ” Everyone snapped their attention from the empty spot where Skylar was standing just few minutes ago to him. “Guess that’s for us to find out. ” Ryan sighed and started to follow Skylar’s footsteps to the house

“Are you really going back to pack house?” Logan questioned him, he looked like he would pee at any moment. Well he was too on the duty of southwest patrolling with Wyatt and noting his past with Skylar where she was his bully during training he was extremely careful with his steps so that he won’t end up on her bad side.

“Where else would I go? I have to get back to paper work that our dear Alpha has very lovingly bestowed me. ” Ryan glared at Kristian who looked almost sheepish as it was an Alpha’s duty that Ryan was completing now.

“You sure you won’t be walking through the door to be hit by any furniture in the face? ” Paul asked and Logan nodded his head hurriedly to that. Ryan shot them a look. “Stop making her look like a savage you both. ”

“But she didn’t go savage here.” Logan scratched his back of the head. “You know running in the direction the rogue was sighted or throwing punches at me or Wyatt for not capturing this dude like crazy womaaa.... ” Logan trailed off on hearing a warning growl from Kristian.

“Would you rather have me going savage on you, Logan? ” Logan shook his head and stepped back letting out a nervous chuckle at Kristian’s deadly glare Ryan ignored them and walked back to the pack house with defeated shoulders.

These appearances of the same rogue is starting to become a big issue. How come they aren’t able to get a hold on this one damn rogue who appears from time to time? Everyone retreated to their work while all Ryan could think of was, whether it is coincidence or intentional that whenever Skylar, Kristian and him do the patrolling together that rogue would never appear.

Walking down the familiar street Skylar walked aimlessly around the town she came to know like back of her hand. After she reached the pack house, she changed into some decent clothes and left a note on Kristian’s desk in his office that she’ll in the town for some work and will be back by evening. Lakeside, the town that resides close to Red Moon’s territory. It is a neutral land that lies between Red Moon Pack and Dawn Pack, a human land where war is forbidden or any kind of feud between werewolves.

It was rather safe land but that doesn’t lessen a bit of Kristian’s worry whenever she decides to roam the town. Not to forget her favorite library stands in the heart of the town. Skylar wouldn’t listen to his refusal and would just walk through its streets. This place was too beautiful to curb to her Alpha’s denial.

She halted in her steps when she saw the cafe she usually goes to whenever she’d be here. But this time, instead of walking through the door, she admired the small family from the huge glass window of the cafe.

A family of two siblings and their parents sat in the booth close to the window outside of which she was standing. The family was happily absorbed in their own blissful bubble. The boy was teasing his sister by snatching her fries while she whined about it. Their parents just laughed at their actions and stared at their children lovingly. A forlorn look took over Skylar’s face as she admired their happy togetherness. The urge to move her hand across the glass longingly got suppressed when she noticed the mother staring at her blankly.

She quickly took a step back and sent a small smile at the lady before walking off. Though her smile didn’t help the lady to feel less crept out.

The memories of her with her parents came rushing to her mind. She missed going to park with her parents, playing pillow fights, hide and clap, pretty much doing everything with her parents. Even though she doesn’t want to remember her father but the fact that she still misses him made her choke on her gulped sob. Slowly she brought her hand and placed it on her chest just above where her heart is, she squeezed tightly, as if that would cease her pain.

What am I doing?

The thought ran through her mind causing her to sigh and slide her hand back to the side. Taking a deep breath she closed her eyes and counted till ten before exhaling slowly, she muttered. “I’m fine. I’ll make everything fine. ” With that she took off to the middle of the village, smiling all the way.

Seemingly unknown to her was a pair of watchful eyes that were hooked on her the entire time. Observing her little way of keeping herself strong, a small smile edged on the owner of those hawk eyes.

Standing in front of the old library, she looked up at it. A serene feeling passed her upon seeing the building that stores numbers of pages that holds the capacity to make her escape this reality. This has to be the best place in the whole world.

“So you are here again, Ms. Bond.” A foreign husky voice came from behind. It sounded too close to her ear that made her heart race suddenly. She quickly turned around to face a broad chest clothed in a white fitted t-shirt with a black leather jacket over it.

Typical Bad boy look. Only that he wasn’t a boy.

If it wasn’t for the cough that interrupted her then she would have stared at the well-defined chest for the rest of the day. She reluctantly raised her eyes up to nice looking neck that leads up to sharp jaw to pink kissable lips that holds a silver lip ring on its right.

Skylar again had to snap her eyes up from the person’s lips on which now an attractive smirk was dancing that made her frown. Looking up to a perfectly sculpted straight nose finally landing her stare on a pair of bewitching clear blue eyes that made her lost in them.

How can someone be this hot and handsome?

An arched eyebrow raised at Skylar when she didn’t utter a word, instead was only staring at the man with her mouth open.

“I know I’m hot and good-looking but don’t you think openly staring is rude? ” Holding her chin, he closed her mouth, smirking. All thoughts about how hot this guy was went out of the window, and she composed her features before retorting.

“Exactly my thoughts! It is rude to stare the way you are doing now, mister! ” She defensively took a step back causing an amused look to take place on this hot stranger. “I didn’t think, Ms. Bond would've turned out to be such a coward that she wouldn’t admit that she finds me attractive.” She scowled at him after which she looked at him confused when his words settled in.

“Ms. Bond?” Amusement fell from his face. “Do I know you? ” She quirked her head to the side, probing her memories. The man blinked at her. “You don’t remember me?! ” He looked almost comical feigning hurt and disbelief. She scrunched her nose up and furrowed her eyebrows at him. “You?”

Then it clicked her that she has indeed met this hotness before. Images of them running down the streets of this very town trying their very best to run at human speed, so they wouldn’t disclose their werewolves existence. They were helping and old lady in getting her wallet back from the local thief.

Unfortunately for that thief, he belonged to a gang and when Skylar and this man chased him down to their place. Let’s say the next few weeks the thief and his gang members had to spend on hospital bed. Even though Skylar and the man were in their human form, those humans were no match to them. After admitting those thugs in hospital, they went back to the bakery shop whose owner was that old lady who was robbed, to return her wallet.

In gratefulness the lady treated them with her special pastries. That’s where Skylar learned he was an Alpha of Mist Pack and was visiting this human land after making treaty with Dawn Pack. They instantly clicked during their treat and Skylar offered to be guide for him.

“You!! ” Her eyebrows shot up in realization. He widened his eyes and threw his hands in the air earning an eye roll from her. “And here I thought I may have to knock your memories a few times before you remember me. ”

“Of course I remember you! How can I forget you, Partner? ” He cocked an eyebrow at her.

“Really? Then what’s my name, Ms. Bond? ” Skylar opened her mouth to reply but froze when no name came to her mind. She moved her eyes from left to right in hopes of somehow getting his name. Though she came up empty-handed she didn’t let it show on her face but the man caught onto her sheepish expression faster as it came.

“Why bother with name when I called you as my partner? Do you know how honorable it is?! ” She jutted her chin up in the air proudly at her response. The man let an awed expression on his face as he clasped his hands together under his chin and bent a little. “I’m truly graced by your honor, My Queen.” Skylar nodded at him, keeping up her pretense. “You should be, peasant! ”

“Yeah right. Now, name Skylar. ” The man stated blankly. Skylar gave him a sheepish smile. “You see.... I’m not bad with memories and names but I think your name must’ve.....” He looked at her expectantly even though knowing what her answer would be. “Slipped my mind.”

Skylar looked down at her feet, wringing her hands together.

“I can’t believe you forgot such hot name of this unbelievably hot guy. ” He looked at her in disbelief as he pointed towards himself. She scratched her head, grinning up at him tauntingly. “Maybe you aren’t that hot to be remembered. ”

He frowned at her response but quickly his frown turned into smirk. “Too afraid to admit my handsomeness, Skylar.” She waved at him dismissively in her own dramatic way by making silly faces causing him to chuckle. He shook his head at her antics before holding his hand out for her.

“It’s Darice. ” She gazed at him, her mind appreciatively praising how his name suits him. She took hold of his outstretched hand, shaking it slightly. She smirked at him. “I’ll try my best to not forget your hot name this time. ”

He laughed at her, his eyes twinkling with mirth that he genuinely felt. She smiled at his smooth, deep laughter as she took her hand back, putting it in her pocket of sweat shirt.

“So, what brings you here, Darice.” She inquired. Though Mist Pack is not too far from this land but still it’s quite a distance from here. “Aroma of that kind lady’s baked delicacies.” He replied, dreamily. Recalling the taste of the old lady’s hand-made buns caused her stomach to growl.

She looked down at her stomach with red face when Darice’s booming laughter met her ears. Damn! She should’ve eaten that sandwich her pack member was offering before storming out the pack doors.

“Looks like I’m not the only one who was missing that delicious treat. ” He winked at her earning a cute glare from Skylar. He chuckled. “Let’s go. ” He slung his left arm around her slouching shoulders.

“And feed that little monster.” He nudged his head in the direction of her stomach, smirking. She huffed at him, shrugging off his arm from around her.

“Jerk. ” He chuckled and followed her long angry strides to the old lady’s bakery. All the way Darice didn’t leave a chance to tease her about the little monster that was residing in her stomach, growling from time to time just to fuel in Skylar’s embarrassment more.

“Do you smell that? ” Skylar asked in haze of the tantalizing fragrance that hit her hard. The smell was mixed that Skylar couldn’t pinpoint what exactly was she smelling but it sure was awakening every nerve in her being. Darice looked at her confused, he sniffed the air but got nothing. He stared at her taking in the amazing scent that was now coming closer and closer with every step.

Skylar was so absorbed in focusing on this foreign scent that she didn’t pay attention to the walking figure of man towards her. The human was looking down on his cellphone, typing away furiously as if he would lose a whole damn continent if he even blinked at the screen.

Darice scowled at the silly human who was gazing at his cellphone that meant the whole world to him. The collision between Skylar and him was for sure if it wasn’t for Darice who wrapped his hand around Skylar’s wrist and pulled her towards him at last minute. Instead of crashing into each other, her left hand brushed against the human’s bare shoulder leaving Skylar to gasp in shock that came with small sparks spiraling through her nerves.

She stared at Darice wide eyes, her mind wasn’t able to comprehend the smell and the sparks she felt. Darice glared at the human who turned around and uttered a meek sorry before carrying on his adventurous walk with his dear cellphone. “Stupid human. ” Darice muttered under his breath and turned to look down at the she-wolf who was literally standing in his arms. He raised an eyebrow at her gaping face.

“Darice... ” Skylar trailed off, suddenly seeming lost for words. “What? ” He probed her to complete her sentence. She raked her mind to cross-check the signs, so that she wouldn’t end up giving false hope to herself. “Skylar, what is it? ”

“Darice.... I think.. ” He urged her to continue when she again stopped in her words. Her heart skipped a beat on the last word she uttered. “I think I just found my mate. ”

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