Mate or Childhood Love?

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Chapter 4: Warrior Skylar

With her hands still on Darice’s chest for support, Skylar turned her head to right to look at her mate. But all she found was people walking on busy path. Panic shot through her as she furiously raked her eyes from one person to another in possibility of finding her mate again. Unfortunately she came empty-handed.

“’Are you.... Sure? ” Darice’s hesitant voice got her attention. She worriedly nodded, then her eyes widened in hope as she stared at him. Darice’s heart squeezed at seeing the amount of hope and fear in her stark blue eyes of finding her mate and losing him in seconds.

“You have seen him, right! Which way did he go, Darice?!” Skylar pleaded, waiting for him to answer positive. But all he can do was stare at her dumbfounded. She desperately shook him to get him to answer. In his stupor, he pointed at the corner of the street where he saw the human turning to. It was like a trigger that went off on Darice’s pointing to the direction,

Skylar took off like a rocket in the pointed direction. She charged around the corner to find the street opening up to a huge crowded market. Though it didn’t stop her from searching for her mate. In hopes that her mate must be somewhere here she turned the first person her eyes landed on to check.

People looked at her weirdly when she wouldn’t stop touching or looking in the eyes of every damn person present in the place. Her desperation to get hold of her mate grew with every person who came with no sparks. She tried sniffing the air but got nothing. The air didn’t give her the scent her being begged to smell. The wolf inside her was growling with frustration at the notion of not meeting with its mate. Angry tears leaked her eyes, but she continued with her search.

Darice came out of his daze and followed her around the corner. He froze in his steps upon seeing the ruckus Skylar was making. Pity took over him at seeing her dysphoric state as she turned every person to look at their eyes. Eyes are one of the ways of recognizing your mate when your wolf confirms it. By smelling is another, mates always have a very distinct and attractive scent on them that the wolves within werewolves smells. Lastly is by touching, extremely euphoric pleasure courses through werewolves when touched by their mates. When humans started to make commotion, calling her crazy and pushing her away whenever she neared anyone. Darice clenched his fists tight and sped to her.

These clueless humans don’t know what it is like to find mate. Mates are werewolves’ other half. They complete each other.

Taking hold of Skylar’s shoulders, Darice made her face him. “Skylar. ” She was like a crazed animal on hunt, she wouldn’t be tamed with just holding her back. She tried to break free from his grasp and continue looking regardless of how people in this market were turning hostile towards her. Darice tightened his grip on her and forced her to look at him. “Skylar, Skylar snap out it!”

“Darice, I have to find my mate. Let go! ” She growled at him. Darice took a deep breath to calm his raging wolf who was internally snarling at the disrespect. He knew she wasn’t in her right mind and have to calm her down before her wolf decides to take over. That would be dangerous for Skylar for disclosing their existence to humans. Her growl didn’t go

unnoticed by some people who were near them. He glared at them with his famous deadly stare that got those people to stagger back and away from them.

“Skylar look at me. Dammit! ” he gritted his teeth as he shook her shoulders to get her attention on the grave mistake she was about to do. Her body was wholly facing him but her head was still turning from left to right in search of her mate. “He must be somewhere here. Let me go, Darice.” She snarled at him, wriggling in his hold still looking at the crowd for her mate.

“Let go, Darice before it is too late! I don’t want him to walk away from me. Please, Darice, let go!!” Her whole being been now shaking as she was on verge of turning into her true form. She’ll do whatever it takes to get to her mate. Her wolf wouldn’t see the rational point of being probably executed for the sin of exposing the truth of werewolves. Darice’s panic rose on watching her shake uncontrollably. It gets difficult to have control on turning wolf.

“He must be somewhere here, Darice. Let me search, I know I can find him. Darice, please let me go! LET ME GO!!” People were now very curious to see the scene unfolding in front of them. From what bits they got from Darice and Skylar’s conversation was that the girl must be searching for her boyfriend whom she thinks is her soulmate but unfortunately left her. Sympathy washed on their faces as they watched the poor girl suffer in her friend’s arms.

Skylar wouldn’t stop wriggling in his arms, and he had enough of her. “Let me go Darice. FUCKING LET ME GO!!!”

“FOR FUCK’S SAKE SNAP OUT OF IT, SKYLAR! FUCKING CALM DOWN! ” He gave her a harsh jerk, yelling in her face that got her to freeze. She looked at him wide eyes, her face was red with all the yelling she had done. She stood agape, single tear slipped down her right cheek causing Darice’s angry feature to turn soft.

“I... I..I ssswear I f-felt him, D-Darice. ” She stuttered, her eyes no longer able to hold onto her tears. His heart dropped at seeing her broken form, without thinking he pulled her close to him. A warm embrace was what Skylar needed as sobs broke through her getting muffled in his chest. She took his white T-shirt in a tight fist, crying into it. He tightened his arm around her waist and slowly caressed her back to calm her down. She cried her heart out like a baby in the middle of the market. Whilst Darice did his best to calm her, cooing in her ear, telling that it’s okay. He sent malicious glare at people who were enjoying free drama. His stare was enough to make people turn back to their work.

“Shhh... It’s okay Sky. I’m taking us out of here. Alright?” She nodded her head in his chest though her sobs wouldn’t stop. He knew after her crying she’ll be hell embarrass to even peek her head out of his chest. So, one last time he caressed back, running his hand through blonde bob cut hair to her weeping back.

Slowly bending down, he slides his left arm behind her legs and lifted her up bridal style. With her head still tucked in his chest safely, he walked them out of the market, away from the prying eyes to a silent alley. He carefully lowered Skylar’s crying form down but it seemed like she didn’t have any control on her legs. Her knees buckled out as soon as her feet touched the ground, and she slipped through his arms. Darice was quick to catch her falling form.

“Skylar... ” He started but couldn’t continue when she looked up at him through her puffy, tears filled eyes. Words caught in his throat leaving him to just stare at her.

“I lost him, Darice... I lost my mate. ” She sobbed bring her hands to cover her face. Darice took hold of her hands, gentling pulling them away. He spoke softly. “It must be your mind playing tricks on you. ” Her eyes snapped to him, scrunching her face in confusion.

from his arms to look at him. “ I wish the same for you, Darice. ”

“It happens when our wolves feels very lonely and our mind is busting with so much stress that makes our wolves to crave for our mates’ embrace.” He explained. Her sobbing stopped as she kept her attentive gaze on him. Her mind running through the pressing issue of certain rogue that has been bothering her more than she allowed it to do. She looked down, contemplating over her thoughts before confirming.

“You mean I-I was... hallucinating? ” she hiccuped. He nodded. “It happened to me too. I went totally crazy on people because I let my thoughts take control over me. I was quite adamant on thinking that I found my mate but when I went to that girl I found out she wasn’t mine. ”

“Really?” she confirmed looking at him disbelievingly. He nodded his head in yes earning a scoff from her. “I’m so pathetic.” Darice cupped her cheeks and made her look at him. He smiled. “I guess that makes the two of us. ”

She chuckled, her sparkling at his response. “We both pathetics together would make great partners. Don’t you think? ” She joked referring to their little adventurous act of catching the thief and fighting with the gang. He looked at her intently for few minutes before smirking. “You have no idea, Ms. Bond.”

She smiled up at him, curbing her ache from delirium about her mate. How bad she wanted to feel a warm embrace full of security and love, telling her to take rest and that everything will be fine. She wanted her mate whom she hasn’t found yet. But somewhere deep down she wanted to bolt back to pack house and break down in certain someone’s strong arms which she wanted them to be hers.

Suddenly she was surrounded by musky scent. Her astonishment turned to genuine mirth when Darice uttered soothing words in her ears, as his arms encircled her waist. “Don’t worry, you will find your mate soon and get all the happiness and love you deserve. ” He squeezed his arms tight as to let her know that he meant it. She smiled and pulled back

“Why, Thank you, Miss. ” he tipped his imaginary hat at her, bowing a little. She laughed, hitting his arms. “Aren’t we going to that bakery? I can hear those delicacies calling for my name. ”

“Oh, I forgot about your little monster. Let’s go.” He smirked at her, swiftly turning around to walk out of the alley. She scowled at his back. “Hey! ” Jogging to his walking form, she gave him a push from behind. “Call my tummy little monster again and you are dead. ”

Darice looked amused at her intimidating expression. “Is Little monster mad about being called little monster?” He smirked and ran in the direction of the old lady’s bakery they last visited with a pissed off Skylar running behind him, yelling ridiculous profanities that got him laughing uncontrollably throughout his run.

“Skylar, Why the hell have you been in that village?! Do you know how worried I was!” Kristian’s distressed voice met Skylar’s ears as she was pulled in his strong arms. His face buried in her crook of the neck, he took a deep breath and pulled back to hold on to her shoulders.

“Ryan hold me back saying that you needed some alone time. Why would you need to be by yourself when I’m here?” He frowned at her. “If you were to be a bit late than this, I swear I would’ve kicked his balls just to get you back. ” She looked at his concern filled face with angry eyes. He sure was doing good job of not taking his anger out on her. Skylar looked around and her eyes widened seeing that it was already evening.

After reaching the bakery, she spent rest of her time Darice, chatting. Totally opposite of what she wanted to do in that village; to be alone They were happily engrossed in each other’s company until Darice got the urgent call that needed his presence. So they parted their ways from there, letting Skylar submerged in her thoughts to the way home. She didn’t take knowledge of how late she was until she was engulfed by Kristian’s arms in front of the pack house.

“I’m sorry... I didn’t realize it got this late.” She looked at him, guilt spreading on her expression. “I didn’t mean to worry you. ” Biting her lips she gazed at his dark brown eyes hoping to be forgiven. “It’s okay, Sky. We understand you needed some time alone. ” She peeked her head around Kristian’s broad shoulders to glance at Ryan who was standing behind Kristian with a reassuring smile. She gratefully smiled back at him.

“Only you understand. ” Kristian bristled at Ryan over his right shoulder. He turned back to Skylar and glared at her. “I don’t understand why you didn’t come to me when you were bothered with something. Am I of less importance to you now? You don’t consider me as your best friend?”

No, something more than best friend. Skylar wanted to voice her heart’s say, but she thought better than that.

“Kristian, can you not solve your matter with her later? There’s someone waiting for Skylar inside.” She perked at this with curiosity and questions. “Who is it?”

“Alpha Roman and Luna Mari is waiting in pack house. They have come to discuss something with you.” Her eyes widened at what Ryan said. “How long have they been here?” She inquired worried that she must be come off as irresponsible to not be on pack grounds without any task.

“Don’t worry, I told them that you went in Yales to run some errand for Kristian. ” She gave Ryan a thankful look, releasing a sigh. “Do you know why I love you so much? ” Kristian clenched his jaw in annoyance, looking at Skylar giving her attention to Ryan.

Ryan came forward and clasped her wrist to tug her into walking. “Because I’m hot I know, I know.” He turned his head to smirk earning a chuckle from her. Kristian released a low growl at them making them to halt in their steps. Ryan gave him a tensed look.

“Not now Kristian. ” With that Ryan pulled Skylar to the pack house where their former Alpha and Luna were waiting. Skylar turned her head to look at Kristian worriedly. All he did was stand rigidly with clenched fists.

Inside the pack house Skylar was welcomed in frail inviting arms of her former Luna and mother’s best friend, Marina Hayes. She smiled in her motherly embrace before pulling back. “Oh how much I have missed looking at this beautiful face.” Skylar blushed at her words. “I missed you too, Mari. How was your trip to Milan?”

“Ah.. It was so good. Better than how I imagined it to be. So many picturesque sceneries. We had so much fun!” Looking at her it was hard to believe that this lady with striking features of green eyes, light brown hair falling down in waves that reaches her mid back. A pretty smile always etched on her fair face, she looks to be in her teens. Skylar smiled at her joyous face but it immediately dropped down she heard a familiar intentional cough from behind her Luna.

Instantly she side-stepped her Luna and bowed her head in front of her Alpha. A strong

intimidating aura always surrounded him causing everyone him to get jittery. It has worked on quite some Alphas too. His broad built and sharp facial that constantly have a scowl on doesn’t help to feel comfortable around him either.

“Alpha Roman. ” She acknowledged before raising her head to look at her Alpha. Yep, that famous scowl is there on his face. “How long does it take to run an errand, Warrior Skylar?” His stern voice gave her a jerk. She looked up at his eyes in surprise, realizing her mistake she looked down again. “Roman.” Luna Marina argued on behalf of Skylar. She quickly shook her head at her before responding. “Apologies, Alpha Roman.” She bowed her head in submission. “This won’t happen again. ”

Alpha Roman hummed in response before drawing a paper from his suit pocket and handing it to Skylar. She didn’t waste a second extending both her forward to take what’s been handed. “This paper contains list of what’s needed for the welcoming party of my former Beta, William Palmer.” She nodded still not looking up at him.

“I believe you have knowledge about this party that’s to be organized, am I correct?” He didn’t wait for her response, continuing with what he has to say. “I’m trusting you with this task, Warrior Skylar. Remember that before being a beta to this pack, William is my best friend. An old buddy. So you understand that I wouldn’t want any efforts to be made less for this.” Her muscles tensed on hearing his rough voice. She nodded her hesitantly.

“Yes, Alpha. I understand. ” Luna Marina, who have been watching her mate making the poor girl squirm in her spot, shook her head in disappointment. Skylar was like a daughter to her. And her mate wouldn’t leave a chance to degrade her daughter due to his insecurities.

“I’m sure my Skylar will do this task as excellently as she made Kristian’s coronation a remarkable one.” Skylar turned to Mari and gave a small smile to her. Alpha Roman bristled, clenching his fists he said, “That’ll be all, Warrior Skylar. Don’t make me regret my decision.” He turned sharply and walked out of the pack house.

Luna Marinq glared at her mate’s retreating figure. “Don’t mind him, dear. I have faith in you. ” She took hold of Skylar’s face and placed a soft kiss on her temple before smiling at her and following her mate’s footsteps.

Skylar released her breath she didn’t realize she was holding in Alpha Roman’s presence. Looking down at the paper in her hands, she felt a heavyweight on her shoulders. Her fingers seemed to have their own mind, as they started to crumble the paper. Out of nowhere a calloused hand cupped her hands lightly, freeing the crumbled paper out of her grip. She looked up at the owner of the hands that was now holding hers. She met with Kristian’s reassuring face that immediately put her racing heart at ease.

“Don’t let my dad’s behavior get to you. He acknowledges your hard work and is proud of you. He just doesn’t show it. ” She nodded at him, smiling. “I know Kristian. And I will give him many more opportunities to be proud of. I will never let you down, Kris. ” He smiled widely at her determination, pulling her in a hug. “That’s like my girl. ”

Skylar’s once eased heart again went into overdrive on hearing him call her his girl. She tried hard to fight off the silly smile that was threatening to take place on her face. Moments like this she really wished more like begged Moon Goddess to make him her mate. His arms tightened around her, pulling her more close. “I’m sorry about my behavior back then, Sky. I should’ve understood that we all need some alone time. I guess I let my worry take over me too much. ”

Skylar looked up from their embrace. “It’s okay, Kris. Also, I shouldn’t have made you worried so much. Sorry. ” He smiled down at her. His eyes glinted when he spoke next words. “This doesn’t mean you’ll be getting off the hook for letting Ryan and Logan have all the cupcakes last night. You promised me a meal plus cupcakes. ”

“Damn! Here I thought you forgot already. ” Skylar gave a sheepish look. “How can I forget about your delicious cupcakes?” He looked at her astoundingly. “They are like the best in this world! ”

“Oh really? ” Skylar smirked at him. “Then you should wait for the best because I’m not making them again for you anytime soon. ” Kristian blinked at the empty spot where Skylar was standing just moments ago before gasping loudly. “That’s not fair, Sky! ”

“You promised to make them for me!” He took off after her running through the pack. Skylar giggled at his whining and sped up when Kristian was gaining on her. All the while pack members look at their laughing form with a cherish smile on their faces. Luna Marina breathed in her son’s happiness, standing in her bedroom’s window with a very blank looking mate behind her.

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