Mate or Childhood Love?

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Chapter 5: Please make it stop!

“Sky. ” Kristian walked out the doors of the pack house. He looked around the pack land which was decently decorated for welcoming party. Stalls were put up by pups to whom accompanied their parents. Enthusiasm with which kids were preparing their stalls were overflowing. A smile instantly lit up Kristian face. The idea of letting kids put up stalls wasn’t bad. His eyes roamed the ground full of pack members who were religiously following every command of Skylar.

He frowned at the sight of her. Taking in her appearance of sweat dripping face, a loose T-shirt that got grime over it and her bob hair flying all over head with the wind, he released a sigh. He stalked to where she was standing.

Organizing a welcoming party may seem like a little thing to outsider even to Skylar, only if orders weren’t coming from Alpha Roman himself. Also, the welcoming party is for the former Beta, Williams. And let’s say this former Beta has rather serious issue with her. So this pretty, little thing was a huge deal for her. Every pack member knew and has witnessed how hard Skylar was really working to gain their Alpha’s trust back that was broken by her father. That’s why her every task was done with precision so that no doubts to be questioned by her Alpha or any other members who were still gritting on sour memories from past.

Kristian gently took her hand in his hand and dragged her protesting form back to pack house. Some members smiled at the two and watched them till they disappeared behind the doors. He didn’t stop until they reach his office. Skylar’s annoyance pricked when he forcefully pulled her through the door and made her sit on the couch next to the entrance to his office.

“What are you doing, Kristian?! I have so many things to do!” She tried to get up but was immediately pushed down on the couch. Kristian gave her a warning look when she opened her mouth to protest. Skylar again grizzled but was belt up by her very dear Alpha’s deadly glare. An involuntary whimper left her lips at the anger that was emitting off of her best friend. Kristian sighed dejectedly, upsetting her wasn’t his plan. He slowly got down on his knees, coming to her eye level. He observed closely how truly tired she was.

All her past three days' relentless work with pack members and sleepless nights were taking a toll on her. She was stressing up herself more than she needed to. Kristian slowly brought his hands up to cup her cheek. “You have done everything excellently well, Sky. All the arrangements are done. Don’t stress yourself so much that I’ll have to see you fainting.”

“No matter how much I do, it’s never enough. Alpha Roman is still wary of me. ” His jaw clenched at her meek voice. He and his mother, Luna Marina has tried their best to explain Alpha Roman about Skylar’s innocence. But it fell to deaf ears. It’s hard to change an Alpha’s determined mind. According to those members who are still against Skylar, letting her be part of the pack nonetheless giving her an opportunity to take part in competition going to be held for the position of Head Warrior is their Alpha’s utmost mercy he has ever shown to any sinner.

“Beta William is coming back in less than two hours, Kristian. I don’t know how I’m going to face him and his daughter. I-I-I... ” Kristian hold her face firmly in his grasp to draw her attention to him. He forced her look at him. “You don’t have to worry about anything when you have me by your side.” She shook her head but was quiet down by him. “ You are going to stop worrying because you did nothing, Sky. You hear me? You. Did. Nothing. ” He enunciated every word sternly hoping they would go in her stubborn head.

Just like Alpha Roman, Skylar was the same, strong headed and stubborn. Once they both made up their minds, it’s hard to convince them otherwise. Doesn’t matter if they are wrong or right on things. “Are you going to welcome our former Beta looking like this? ” He looked at her up and down intentionally to prove his point.

“I look awesome. ” Skylar jutted her chin in the air with smug look even though knowing that she’s looking horrible. He cracked a smile at her, teasingly. “Of course you do, Sky. ” She playfully glared at him, hitting his shoulder. He chuckled before silence took over them. Skylar gave a small smile realizing that Kristian’s thumbs were slowly caressing her cheeks, sending rare chills down her spine.

Moments like these she badly wishes for time to freeze.

Heart racing faster than any cheetah prancing around the jungle, Skylar trying her best to stand with cool facade. Ryan stood beside her giving her a reassuring smile before concentrating on the sound of the tires screeching against asphalt from a distance. Alpha Roman and his mate, Luna Marina stood at the entrance of the pack house with Kristian not standing too far from them. He constantly looked behind to check on Skylar.

He let his eyes roam on her form that was clothed in simple black dress with full sleeves made of lace. The dress ended up till her knees. Smile creeped on his lips when he noticed she was wearing her old time sneakers underneath, he shook his head and looked ahead. Skylar was looking gorgeous even with nothing but just eyeliner and lip gloss on her face. But at the moment whether she is looking okay or not wasn’t her top most concern. How this meeting with their former Beta and his daughter would go was swirling in her mind.

She was so engrossed in her thoughts that she failed to notice William Palmer’s Toyota skidding to halt right in front of the waiting pack house. Ryan tapped on her shoulder to snap her back from her reverie. She gave him a questioning look to which he only tilted his head towards the door. Skylar took in an audible deep breath and involuntarily stepped back a little when the car door opened and a shiny black shoe came into view.

Ryan frowned when he saw Skylar wasn’t standing beside him anymore and was now taking small steps back. He grasped her wrist and forced her forward. “Don’t move from here. ” He whispered in her ear to which she hardly paid any attention as she was watching a figure cladded in business suit coming out of the shiny Toyota.

“Welcome home, Old Friend. ” Alpha Roman moved forward with arms wide open to welcome his long-lost friend and former Beta. “Whom are you calling old, Roman? Look at you my friend, covered in wrinkles. ” They chuckled as two old friends embraced each other in a long time. A loving smile etched on every pack member standing there around to witness their Alpha and Beta’s reunion.

“But I’m still as good as new. ” Alpha Roman boasted after they pulled back. “Of course you are.” William chuckled and moved to the smiling Marina. “Greetings to beautiful Marina.” He bent down to take her hand and place a kiss like a gentleman.

“Oh, William, it’s so good to have you back. ” Marina engulfed him in a welcoming hug. William chuckled at the low growl that came from behind. “Still as hot headed as earlier, I see. ” He smirked at Alpha Roman who gave him a look that says ‘Not pleased with your actions, buddy.’

“You are as notorious as always, I see. ” William laughed at Alpha Roman’s retort. His eyes landed on Kristian. “I almost didn’t recognize you, boy if it wasn’t for the beautiful eyes you have of your mother’s.” Kristian chuckled as he returned the hug. Marina proudly looked at her son but worried expression took over her face when his gaze met Skylar’s panicked form standing beside Ryan.

“You still shelter traitors, Roman.” William purposely raised his voice, smirking at Skylar as he looked at her with so much scorn and disgust that made her suffocate in her own breathing. “So like you.” he muttered still glaring daggers at the poor girl.

Flashes of bloody mess flickered in her eyes. A mess in which chaos and screams surrounded her and in front of her laid bodies of her pack members, some brutally murdered and some fighting off with their last breath. In the middle sat a very lost Beta William with his mate whose throat was cut open, gashes marred her chest and limbs through which blood flowed till it’s late drop. A crying girl beside William’s mate drawn her attention. Her heart dropped more when she heard her wail. “Please wake up, mother!”

Ryan patted Skylar’s back discreetly to snap her out of her trance. She blinked rapidly to clear her head and found that her former Beta is still looking down at her with disgust as if waiting for something. Realization hit her like tonnes of rocks, she quickly bent her head addressing. “Beta Williams.”

She heard him scoff that only made her squirm more. Ryan butted in, introducing himself, grabbing William’s attention and everybody else’s who were watching her with pity.

“Where is our Megan, William?” Marina inquired after taking note of his missing daughter. William heaved a sigh at the mention of his princess.

“She made me drop her at her human friend in Yales, saying that she will join us later.” He shook his head at the thought. “How can she be friends with that obnoxiously loud girl.”

“They have been friends since their kindergarten. It’s understood why she would want to meet her first.” Marina reasoned out. He just shook his head and continued to greet other members and old friends from the pack.

Soon everyone were enjoying the extravagant welcome party thrown for their former Beta except for Skylar. Alpha Roman hasn’t spoken a word about how the party was yet. And Skylar couldn’t breathe in relief until she hears word of appreciation from her Alpha.

“Come on, loosen up Skylar! The party is great. Everyone are liking it, what more do you want?” Ryan tried to cheer her up. His words fell to deaf ears. As her eyes were searching for her some certain best friend who seems to be no where. Ryan turned her around to face him.

“Are you even listening to me?” She nodded her head still looking around causing him to sigh. “Did you see Kristian?” Skylar inquired finally, feeling fed up of her search.

When Ryan opened his mouth to answer, she got a glimpse of Kristian who was walking across her in a daze. “Never mind. I found him.” She quickly parted from Ryan to follow her best friend.

Skylar tried calling his name but it seemed like he wasn’t even aware of his own surrounding as he moved around the pack members. She was confused with his behavior but nonetheless decided to follow him with Ryan on her tail.

Kristian didn’t know why he was walking like a possessed person but the smell was very enthralling and his wolf wouldn’t just sit back. After what felt like ages he suddenly came to halt when the faint lingering scent got strongest and coming from a particular person standing in front of him.

A very familiar beautiful looking person.

It took a minute for Kristian to recognize the person from the pictures he has seen before was none other than his former Beta’s daughter, Megan. What was still clouding his thoughts were why would his wolf bring him to her and howl joyously in his head.

It wasn’t until he focused on the word his wolf was hollering at the back of his mind that got him standing stunned to his toes. In front of him Megan stood with an awestruck look on her face and uttered the same word as Kristian and his wolf did. Though the emotions among them differed like the distance between sky and land.


Time seemed to freeze for all four of them. When Kristian and Megan, both recognized each other as their ‘mate’. Megan couldn’t believe her fate that she found her mate so soon, and she couldn’t be anymore happy about it. Even her smile failed to express her ecstasy.

But for Kristian, it was like reality came slapping through his bubble. He just stared at her, hoping to wake up from this dream anytime now. His wolf growled in denial in his head causing him to flinch. All these time he never wondered about his mate because he always wanted it to be one person; Skylar. Not knowing how to respond he stood like an ice statue, still trying to grasp onto what was happening when Megan hugged him out of glee.

Skylar couldn’t move from her spot. Her legs turned into stones, unmoving. Ryan snapped out of his shock and looked at Skylar who was still standing ice-cold with tears slowly falling down her cheeks. He was sure that she wasn’t even aware of her own tears. He moved forward to Skylar, putting his arm around her to bring her attention to him. Her glistened eyes finally managed to move away from Kristian to Ryan. He willed her to move away from there.

“Let’s go.” Instead of moving, her gaze went back Kristian who was now dragging a very happy Megan away from the party. Ryan pulled her still form to get moving.

Skylar felt a piece of her heart getting torn as she was being dragged and Kristian moving further away from her.

An uncontrollable sob left from her lips, gaining attention from few pack members who were standing near them. Ryan swiftly pulled her into his embrace and walked them out of there.

Bringing her to the back of the pack house where no one was there to witness their warrior’s break down but dark forest. Ryan thought of saying something or anything but all he could do was stare at her stilled form looking at the ground .

“Why me, Ryan?” After few moments she managed to get words out of her mouth. “Why does it have to happen to me?!”

“I know from the start that he wasn’t my mate. Then why does it hurt this bad here?” She pointed her hand to where her heart was beating achingly inside her.

“I knew better than to expect anything more than friendship from him. Not just because he wasn’t my mate, but he is Alpha to this pack but why is it so hard to accept that he finally found his mate?” Her restless teary eyes snapped up to her friend who was standing there helpless and lost, staring back at her. She stepped forward, her shaky hands clutching on to his arms resting at his sides and subconsciously brought them close to seek some sort of comfort.

“I should be happy for him, right? I should be relieved that at least one of us had found their mate.” Ryan was finding it hard to keep his emotions in check as his throat tightened. He was finding it hard to say anything in order to console her as he couldn’t handle looking at the amount of pain her eyes carried in their depths.

“Why the hell does it fucking hurts?!!” She abandoned his hand to look down to her chest. “Stop feeling hurt. You should be happy for him, stupid. STOP FOR FUCK’S SAKE, DAMN IT!”

Ryan looked at her in alert as she suddenly dropped down on the ground and grasp her chest just above her heart. “W-what’s wrong, Sky?”

Skylar couldn’t contemplate any of his words as the pain in her heart multiplied. She gasped loudly, finding it difficult to breathe. Her every nerve screamed pain, and she hunched forward with her hands on the ground.

“I-i-it p-pains a lot, Ryan.” She wheezed out. “Make it s-stop, p-please.” Ryan now worried out of his mind didn’t know what to do. He grasped her shoulders and forced her to face him. He was taken aback by her red eyes with tears streaming down. He gulped seeing her face contort in immense pain.

A scream left her mouth when her heart squeezed painfully in her chest. Brushing off Ryan’s hands from her shoulders, she fell to the ground rolling in pain. “Skylar....” Ryan’s voice cracked with sadness upon seeing their best warrior quivering on the ground desperately pleading him to make her pain stop.

Skylar started banging her right hand on the ground violently with her forehead pressed to it. Her left hand gripping her chest above her heart so tightly that she was afraid she might even claw her heart out with force.

Ryan cautiously approached her as one would do to a wounded animal. Having no freaking idea as to what was happening to Skylar and Moon Goddess know what he was going to do to make her calm. He cursed himself for being so clueless. He really wanted to help her just like how she has been helpful to him all those times. Be it on the battle ground having his back against barbarous rogue wolves or be it as petite as friendship issues. She has always been there for both Kristian and Ryan in bad and good.

He made her turn on to her back on the ground. Angry waves of pain flashed through her head to her heart, writhing in pain she looked up at Ryan with uttermost desperation. Poor guy was now scared shitless seeing her suffering in this much pain. This couldn’t be just because of her heart break about Kristian finding his mate, this much he had concluded.

“FUCK!” He punched the ground in frustration when he couldn’t come up with what to do. Taking her to the pack doctor was the only solution he could come up with. But how to take her to infirmary without anyone noticing them.

Skylar’s pain wasn’t lessening at all in fact it escalated more tugging at her heart. She felt as if someone has their vicious grip around her heart and is pulling it out slowly , rupturing all the arteries and veins attached to it. Numbness started to seep in through her limbs, tardily centering towards her heart like a snake. Darkness that was clouding in her eyes couldn’t compare to the dark forest behind them.

Skylar closed her eyes tightly hoping for this pain to end soon. Her pain only intensified though it was for the last time, it was a worse one. It was like someone literally clawed her heart out of her chest. She arched her back up off the ground as her breath caught in her throat causing a sharp heaving sound to produce that got Ryan’s attention to her. He watched in horror as she plopped again down, wide eyes and open mouth hungrily trying to take in as much oxygen as possible.

“Skylar, Look at me.” He slightly slapped her face when he saw her eyes struggling to stay open. “Don’t close your eyes, please. Look at me Sky, I’ll take you to Dr. Lauren. J-just stay with me okay?”

Skylar meekly nodded her head trying with her whole being to stay awake. Ryan didn’t waste a moment as he grabbed her in his arms safely and rushed through the forest to get to the infirmary. That was their safest route he took so that no one could see them.

Living with Skylar he has learned one thing clear that she hates to appear weak in front of others. And he learnt it the hard way and wouldn’t want a repeat of it.

“Ryan? Oh Goodness, what happened to her?” Dr. Lauren’s worried voice filled her empty clinic. Ryan silently thanked Moon Goodness that it is empty making it easier for him.

“I don’t know, Lauren. One moment she was crying and the next moment she was on the ground bawling her eyes out, screaming that her heart hurts. I don’t know what but something happened to her before....she was in so much pain and now she could barely keep her eyes open. Please look at her... make her fine, please.” Ryan hurriedly spoke, explaining what he has witness.

Lauren has never seen him this scared. And she sure as hell has never seen Skylar in such painful state. She quickly took out her torch and stethoscope from her drawer and moved to the bed on which Ryan placed her as soon as he bolted in through the doors.

Placing her stethoscope on Skylar’s chest, she found her heart beating dangerously slow.

Worried she checked her eyes with the torch. Ryan grimaced at the sight of her eyes that were so red, he was afraid they might cry blood tears. He knows he was being stupid, but he couldn’t help being genuinely concerned about his friend.

“Oh Moon Goddess, No.” Dr. Lauren whispered when realization sunk in. “Not her.” Dread filled Ryan as he saw Dr. Lauren’s face fell in horror.

“What do you mean by not her?” He inquired. Lauren was looking at the poor girl in sadness, she can’t believe that Skylar is suffering through this situation. “Will you tell me just what the fuck happened to her?!” He yelled grabbing her arm when he didn’t get any response.

She looked at him with sad eyes and uttered the words which he never expected to hear.

“Skylar is suffering the pain of the loss of her mate.” He stumbled back with widened eyes. “Her mate just died.”

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