Mate or Childhood Love?

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Chapter 6: A Human Mate

Ryan tried to concentrate on slow audible breathing of anesthesia induced Skylar, peacefully sleeping in her bed. Though she was anything but peaceful.

Anesthesia will buy time for her wolf to recuperate mentally and physically. Only if her wolf hasn’t die yet. Or else that would be cherry on cake of misery for her.

Ryan’s mind winded back to his conversation with Dr. Lauren.

“H-how’s possible?” Ryan finally asked after moments of dead silence when Lauren announced the death of Skylar’s mate. “She has never met her mate. So how could she feel such immense pain?”

“Without meeting your mate it’s impossible to go through so much pain due to their death. Sometimes the wolf doesn’t even know if their mate died or not because they never met. ” Dr. Lauren explained. “She must’ve to have some contact with her mate.”

“It can be any kind of contact.” Dr. Lauren paced in front of Ryan who was now standing there dumbfounded. It wasn’t making any sense to him. “Their eyes must’ve met in public, or she must’ve smelled her mate.” Dr. Lauren ran her hand through her hair, wrecking her brain to recall all possible ways of contacts she learnt that takes place between mates to cause the start of bond formation between them.

“Or...or...” She turned on her heels to face Ryan, stating the chance obstreperously. “Contact of skin! It has to be that!”

“What are you going on about? Would mind talking in simple English? I’m already having a headache from trying to understand this shit.” Ryan voiced out his confusion, frustrated rubbing his temples.

“The bond that us werewolves share with our mate is very sacred. And it starts to immediately form when we first come in contact with our mate.”

“When we first lay our eyes on our mate, our wolves recognizes them and already accepts them as their own. It can be same for smelling their scent or accidentally touching their skin. ”

“You may know that we even feel the emotions of our mate after marking them. So when our wolves have already recognized our mate at first meet, we may not be able to feel their emotions soon, but we sure can feel their death. And for her to feel so much pain means her mate must be somewhere close.”

It took a moment for Ryan to gather his thoughts. “So.... what you mean to say is that she has already met her mate?”

“We have no option but to assume that.” Dr. Lauren shrug sadly. “Did she not mention anything about her mate?”

Ryan shook his head still in shock with the new piece of information he discovered. Mostly he was stunned because if Skylar had found her mate then why didn’t she tell them?

A whimper came from Skylar, grabbing both of their attentions. Pain flashed through her almost shut down body once again when she heard Dr. Lauren announcing the death of her mate.

Her tired hands again started clawing at her chest where settled a stinging pain gnawing at her insides. Ryan was quick to grab her hands to stop her.

“Kristian.” Ryan’s heart constricted hearing her crying in so much pain.

“Where is Kristian?!” Skylar tried wring her hands out of Ryan’s strong grip. The weakness in her limbs made her no less than a human. “Is he safe? Nothing happened to him right?”

Ryan was confused as to why she was suddenly asking him about Kristian and his safety? Then it hit him that her mind was in a mess where she’s thinking Kristian as her mate.

“He is safe, Skylar.”

“Get him to me!” she cried, struggling against Ryan’s hold.

“I need him, Ryan...please. I need...Kris..Kristian.” She finally slipped into darkness, her body couldn’t hold on anymore, and she went limp on the bed.

Ryan looked wide eyes at Dr. Lauren who was holding an empty syringe in her hands. “What did you do?”

“Anesthesia will help her wolf to heal. Don’t worry, she’ll have to be fine when she wakes up.” Dr. Lauren moved to her dustbin to discard the used syringe.

“I have given her a bit high dose exclusively made for werewolves. So she might not be waking up for next two days.”

Ryan rubbed his tired eyes and sat straight in his chair. He still couldn’t believe this was real. Kristian found his mate and the same night Skylar’s mate died. Pity flowed through him for the lying person in front of him. First her parents then Kristain finding his mate and now her own mate’s death. Was happiness even written in her fate?

“Why does it have to happen to her?”

A fleeting memory of their childhood passed his eyes in which eight year old Skylar with mud all over her face. Her long blonde was a tangled mess on her small head. Tears streamed down her face and her nose turned red from all the crying.

“I want to find my mate soon.” She hiccuped, gaining Ryan’s attention. “What you gonna do?”

“I’ll make him beat them up for pushing me on the ground.” Ryan quirked his eyebrows up, amused. “I just wanted to play football with them but Josh called me a weak girl and pushed me to the ground.”

“You are forgetting the part where you revealed in front of everyone about Josh wetting his bed.” He saw her frown. “That’s because he was calling me weak and insulting me in front of other guys.”

“And for a ten-year-old boy that’s embarrassing Sky. His friends will now tease him about it every time. So from where I see, it’s kinda even now.” Ryan explained her calming with his hands on her shoulders.

“You are taking his side.” Skylar’s big eyes turned watery, and he knew what she was trying to do.

“No, I’m no--”

“Skylar!!” Ryan was interrupted by Kristian’s loud call. He turned his head to see him running to them with horror all over his face as he looked at a very messy Skylar.

Ryan cursed mentally and stepped back from Skylar, knowing very well that it was of no use of explaining to Skylar now Kristian was here. He was surely going to end up beating every other guy along with Josh who witnessed Skylar being pushed.

As expected Skylar sob loudly, too dramatic for Ryan. He saw Kristian grab her face looking for any scratches on her. And he found one small scratch on her right elbow, he blew up.

“Who was it?!” Ryan heard him growled. He shook his head when Skylar made puppy eyes and curled her bottom lip outwards before tale-telling him about Josh and other guys. He didn’t even bothered stopping Kristian who was seeing red, dragging a very happy Skylar behind him.

“Goddess, What not I’m willing to give up just to see one good thing happening to her.” Ryan whispered earnestly, watching her breathing slowly on her bed.

“Skylar!” Ryan snapped his head to the door to see Kristian burning in with a stressed out look. Rage was quick to consume Ryan when he saw Kristian standing at the door with an unbelieving look. Before he could control himself he sped up to Kristian and landed a strong punch on his face, in the process bringing both of them out of her room.

Kristian yelped in sudden pain and his wolf growled at the disrespect from his Beta. “What the fuck Ryan?!!”

“What the fuck were you doing, Kristian?! Where the fuck were you?! With that mate of yours you found last night, huh?” Kristian could fathom what has gotten into his Beta and what he was going on about?

“I searched for you everywhere just because Skylar wanted you in her time of need. But you bastard was nowhere to be found!” Ryan yelled in his face not caring that he was talking to his Alpha. Cause at the moment he looked at Kristian as the best friend who failed to be there for the one person who has always had their backs.

“I... I...”

“Do you have any idea how much pain she has suffered.?! Watching her cry in pain and begging me to stop it when I couldn’t even do anything to make it fucking stop! I felt so fucking useless, Kris.” Ryan slumped his shoulders feeling pathetic about himself. His anger from earlier dissipated through his rambling. “It was so horrible to witness something like that. She was screaming and clawing in pain as if she was dying. It was so horrible... I still couldn’t get her out of my head.

“Just where the hell were you?” He tiredly looked up at Kristian.

“I was.... When I found Megan is my mate, Wait! ” Kristian looked at Ryan wide eyes. “How did you know that Megan is my mate? It hasn’t been announced yet.”

“I and Skylar were there when you both recognized as each other’s mates.” Kristian heart dropped at that.

“Skylar knows about Megan? This couldn’t have been any better!” Kristian cursed his fate like a sailor and questioned Moon Goddess for playing with him this wickedly.

“So when you found your mate then what? I saw you dragging her out.” Ryan pressed him to continue.

“Yeah. I brought her out because I couldn’t think straight. It was so sudden. You know how I always wanted my mate to be just that one person but when I found out the Megan is my mate. I..... just froze. ” Kristian looked up at his Beta with conflicted emotions on his face.

“Ryan, she... Megan was so excited that she wanted to tell about it to her father. I needed some time to think about it. So I tried stopping her, but she wouldn’t budged and ran off to tell her father. And before I could reach her, it was too late.”

“I was so angered at my fate that I just ran off from there. I was in Yales until morning and when I was there I found out about the murder that took place last night right outside our pack border. So I went to investigate there. A human was murdered by a werewolf and no, it’s not anyone from our pack. The faint scent of that werewolf was different.” Kristian explained him when Ryan frowned at the murder.

“Must’ve been a rogue who has been appearing around our borders.” Ryan mused.

“Maybe. And when I got back to the pack house. Dr. Lauren told me about what happened to Sky.”

“Ryan, How?... How is it possible?” His voice cracked. “Why didn’t she tell me that she found her...mate?” He spoke painstakingly, as if talking about her mate was physically paining him.

“I don’t know, Kristian. Why would she when all she ever waited was for her mate to come and take her away from here?” Kristian’s heart squeezed painfully at his words.

“Was that how she felt staying here?” Ryan sighed at him.

“At times yeah. But she was always glad to have us. To have you.” Ryan smiled up at his best friend, giving his shoulders a reassuring squeeze. A moment later his eyes widened.

“ said a human was murdered outside our pack borders last night?” Ryan questioned to which he got a nod from Kristian.

“Does it mean that that human was her....mate?” Kristian’s eyes widened that he failed to put two and two together.

“Oh shit, that is possible.” Both looked at each other with saddened expressions. Kristian’s eyes traveled to the closed doors behind Ryan.

Ryan sighed and moved to the side. “You should go in.”

Kristian didn’t need to be told twice. He quickly walked in Skylar’s room and looked at her sleeping form. Slowly treading towards the bed he took the beside the bed where Ryan was sitting previously. He was still in shock about how an amazing night turned things to like this.

He never felt so lost when he heard about Skylar's mate. At first he only heard that Skylar found his mate and he felt the ground beneath him slip. He thought he was going to lose Skylar forever to some loser. Thoughts of decapitating her mate and causing him slow torturous pain flooded his mind.

But when Dr. Lauren repeated herself that her mate is dead, his legs gave out. He couldn't bring himself to imagine the pain Skylar must have gone through. Cause he once witnessed the aftermath of losing one's mate and he wished no one to ever go through such horrid suffering.

For a moment he just sat there staring at her before taking her hand that was resting at her sides. Intertwining their fingers he simply brought her hand towards him. Lightly pressing his lips on the back of her hand, a tear fell from his eyes.

“I’m sorry, Sky.”

“I’m so sorry for not being here for you. I’m sorry that you had to feel so much pain. ” He looked at her “I’m really sorry for what happened. I... always wished for you to not have a mate. And now you don’t.” He chuckled pathetically. He never felt so disgusted of himself for wishing such a crude thing for her.

“But this is not how I wished for it. I’m sorry.” He bent forward to kiss her forehead. “I'll do anything to make all fine.... Please heal fast. I couldn’t afford to look at you like this. Laying here like... this, doesn’t suit you at all, Sky. You are my fighter. Wake up soon Love.” He kissed her hand, direly hoping for her to get fine. Cause he doesn’t know what he would do if something were to happen to her.

It has been more than two days and there was no sign of Skylar waking up. Kristian didn’t leave that chair for two days straight except for one time when he rushed to Dr. Lauren demanding answers for why Skylar hadn’t woken up yet.

He almost strangled her to death when she failed to answer. If it wasn't for Ryan, Kristian would've lost shit on day one. Pack members were wondering about the disappearance of Skylar, but they weren't told the loss of her mate. This information was strictly restricted till Alpha Roman, Luna Marina, William Palmer, Megan, Logan; the third-in command, Dr. Lauren, Ryan and Kristian.

Surprisingly enough the order was from Alpha Roman himself. Luna Marina has been a mess as well since the moment she heard about Skylar. She has been incessantly praying to Moon Goddess for the recovery of her dear deceased best friend's daughter.

Four days has passed and Skylar was the same on bed. Ryan has no idea how he literally dragged Kristian out of Skylar's room and made do the pending pack work. So that he would have something to get his mind off of Skylar's unimproved state.

In all this, Megan and William has been a bit irked with Kristian's behavior as he did not give a percent of his attention to Megan. In fact he was rather spending his whole day in Skylar's bedroom. Marina explained to them how he has always be overprotective of Skylar since their childhood years. Though it didn't help lessen their annoyance a bit.

One fifth day's morning Skylar finally opened her eyes to an empty room. Only few moments ago Kristian left her side after kissing her on her forehead. And she knew . She knew all about four days craziness, his rambling, his worries. She listened to him all along.

She was comatose because of high dosage of anesthesia and loss the control of her body, yet she felt every kiss Kristian gave her, on her forehead, on her hands, her cheeks, she felt them all. Though those kisses wasn't able to touch the hollowness in her heart even a bit.

She heard every word that he spoke sweetly, every apology he made for not being with her, every promise to make things better for her. She heard the sincere worries in Luna Marina, Charlotte and Ryan's voice. She also heard the genuineness in Alpha Roman's presence when he visited her once. She also heard Megan and William's hope for her to die.

But none of that really cut through her walls of isolation and doom she felt laying lifeless on the bed.

She slowly got off her the bed not wanting to spend another second on it. Her limbs cried in faint pain as she made her way to the bathroom connected to her room. She stripped off her clothes that Charlotte changed her into when she last visited and got in shower.

Purposely avoiding the mirror she got out in her towel and got dress in her grey hoodie and black pants. She looked around her room with blank eyes and her eyes fell on the window that was kept open by Kristian early in the morning.

Feeling of suffocation started closing in on her and without any further thoughts she put on her hood and climb out of her window. She wasn't really up for the pity and concern from her members. So she did what she has always been doing whenever she wanted to roam free. She left for Yales. Though this time with feeling of worst hollowness inside her she has ever felt.

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