Mate or Childhood Love?

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Chapter 7: I did get my wish.

Millions of thoughts were running through Skylar’s mind, but she couldn’t focus on one. She had no idea what she would gain from walking around aimlessly through streets of Yales. All she knew that she wanted to get out of her bedroom, away from everyone and their pity gazes that were bound to follow her after hearing about her mate.

Her mate.

The hollowness in her heart increased, thinking about her mate whom she never met. Maybe she did that day when she felt sparks, but lost him the very next moment. Only if she had searched for him more, would,ve put in more efforts to find him around the corners of Yales, she might’ve been in the arms of her mate. Her nose tingled from the upcoming stifled sob in her throat.

The only meaning of mate left for her was just a plain and empty word.

Her fists in her hoodie’s pocket clenched tightly to produce some pain so that she could drift her mind away from the only precious thing she lost that she never had the privilege of finding it in the first place. She gritted her teeth in anger at her fate to be so horrible. Moreover, she was ireful at herself for being so unlucky.

In werewolf world, pain of losing one’s mate is above all. It literally means the life of the lone wolf is meaningless, and he/she is considered extremely dangerous because they aren’t stable as nothing is holding them back.

Hopelessly dragging herself around the town with an empty stomach was taking a toll on Skylar as her vision blurred from time to time. She closed her eyes tightly and leaned against the wall next to her to shake off the dizziness. Her heart felt heavy, and she brought her hand on her chest to clutch it tightly. She was feeling lightheaded and everything faded away around her. She focused on the vacuousness inside her and breathed slowly in and out.

Few moments of her inner struggle later she finally felt at ease. Voices around her started to surround her due to her enhanced werewolf hearing, and she was about to block them out but her mind caught onto a particular conversation going between two females of the town.

“That poor boy was so brutally murdered that night. God bless his soul.”

Her eyes shot open and her ears perked up. Skylar turned her head to the left to peek around the corner of the cafe. Her eyes zoomed in on the two females outside the small cafe’s entrance. She immediately recognized one of the lady as Mrs. Wallace, the owner of the cafe, and also her mother close friend.

“Who was the boy?” The other lady inquired.

“Javier was his name. He moved to Yales just above a week ago. The boy helped me a lot around my cafeteria. He was such a kind boy.” Mrs. Wallace spoke with her hand on her heart. “I still remember how he used to roam around with his camera. He wanted to capture all the beauty in the world.”

“I can’t believe such a sweet boy met with such cruel death.” The other lady grimaced. “I heard he was killed by some wolf in the woods.”

Skylar felt a pang in her chest, and she tightened her fist to the point that her nails pierced her skin, breaking through it to draw out blood. Kristian’s words came rushing to her mind when he talked about her mate when she was in comatose state.

“Your mate was a human, Sky. Some rogue attacked him. I doubt it is the same rogue who has been appearing around our borders.”

The possibility of Mrs. Wallace talking about her mate was confirmed and before her mind could register what was happening, her body was already taking long strides towards those two females.

“Oh goodness, I had warned him so many times about the woods. Yet he wandered there.” Mrs. Wallace looked downhearted about loss of an innocent soul but it soon turned to confusion.

“Do you know where Javier lived?” Her desperate hands clutched on to Mrs. Wallace’s hands in a vice grip. Her blue eyes were filled with so much fear and pain that got Mrs. Wallace’s heart moved but confusion was still prominent.

“Skylar, my child.... What happened to you?”

Mrs. Wallace took in the messed up state of Skylar. Her eyes taking in from her messy, air dried hair half camouflaged by her grey over-sized hoodie to her wrinkled, baggie sweatpants to her worn out sneakers. She looked like she lost a lot of weight. But Skylar’s face was what took most of her divided attention. Desperate and despair was splashed all over Skylar’s face.

“Mrs. Wallace, please tell me where he lived?!” Skylar pleaded, her voice cracking at the end. A look of realization took over Mrs. Wallace.

“So you two knew each other.” Skylar looked at her in confusion. “I doubted it the moment I saw your beautiful pictures in his camera.” Skylar felt all the air leaving her body, she stiffened.

“Even though he always denied of not knowing you but, I never believed him. ” Mrs. Wallace smiled at her unaware of the series of explosion of different emotions going inside of Skylar.

“He said that you have a boyfriend. But I know you better, you rather scare guys away instead of keeping them close.” Mrs. Wallace chuckled lightly at the faint memories of little Skylar shooing boys away whenever she would come with her mother. All the while Skylar was consumed with more confusion and the increased beats of her heart wasn’t helping her any.

“What are you talking about, Mrs Wallace?”

“Oh come on, don’t tell me that you don’t know about all your pictures in Javier’s camera, dear.” Her heart flipped again, a giddy sensation settled in her stomach. She blinked in astonishment at her mom’s dear friend.

“Oh dear you didn’t know?” Sorrow filled Mrs. Wallace, and she placed her hand on Skylar’s shoulder in order to show her sympathy.

But what Skylar now needed was not any sympathy or pity from her. All she wanted to know was her mate’s address. And that’s what she demanded for, rather a bit rudely that got Mrs. Wallace looking at her in surprise and the other lady in disgust for the disrespect.

Apologizing for her getting flowed with her emotions she quickly got the address from Mrs. Wallace and dashed to the outskirts of Yales where her mate resided in a rented house.

Weakness due to not eating anything but being kept on glucose since four days was hindering her in running to her mate’s house. But she was really pushing her werewolf abilities. Though she was feeling more of a human now with no sign of her wolf and the burning ache in her legs was just fueling in more for her to believe.

I saw your beautiful pictures in his camera.

She pumped her hands and escalated her speed to get to her mate’s place. People she passed by were looking at her as if some crazy person has escaped from prison. But they were far from her concern. For now, she had the address of her heaven.

With her each stomp, her heart was filling with excitement and anxiety. She was getting closer to her mate’s house. Just few more steps, and she’ll be in his house. In her own little heaven.

Finally, a small house came into her view that was situated on the outskirts of Yales and close to her pack borders. Though it was secluded from the town, it was surrounded by rich greenaries.

Suddenly her vision blurred, and she tripped on a stone causing her fall flat on her face. A groan of pain released her as her forehead got cut with a sharp stone. Small rocks stubbed her hands which took most of the pain due to her fall.

She turned on her back and looked at the bright blurry sky through her hooded eyes. She closed her eyes as pain shot through her hands and leg. A stinging sensation ran through her forehead along with the trail of red, sliding down her right side of her temple. Her whole body crying in pain.

Waiting for the dizziness to pass was more painstaking than the actual pain ringing in her body. As it was keeping her away from going to her mate’s place.

I saw your beautiful pictures in his camera.

She opened her eyes again and looked up at the clear sky that was too bright for her dull self. Skylar couldn’t wait more for her vision to get clear, and she willed her body to move.

With unclear vision and thumping heart she stumbled towards the house. So many emotions were racing through her as she stood in front of the door. Her hands at her sides were shaking badly as if she was suffering through a severe cold, though standing under bright, hot sun.

Thoughts of going back was nagging her like a bug. But this was the only time she had to take a peek in what his mate life was. So, pushing it to the back of her head she willed her shaky hand to grip on the door handle with great difficulty.

The door was locked. Well no surprise there cause she was expecting it to be. She still struggled with the poor bolt on the door that wouldn’t let her in. Cursing out loud she kicked at the door but it wouldn’t budge.

With her enhanced strength due to werewolf genes the door should have been off the hinges now but it wasn’t working for her now. Has her wolf really left? Has she turned human now?

She shook her head to get rid of the vicious thoughts that was gripping her heart tightly. If her wolf dies so will her dream of becoming Head Warrior. She wasn’t ready to think about that now, so she got her legs moving towards the window by the door to peek in.

The off-white transparent curtains let her see the bare insides of the house. Furniture were covered with white drapes that cause her eyebrows to scrunch in confusion.

“Why does this house look like no one ever resided here?”

She again peeked through the closed glass window, letting her eyes swap through every corner of the house that was in her sight. And it surely looked like that no one lived here.

“Did Mrs. Wallace get the address wrong?” She stepped back from the window and looked around the green forest to see no sign of life except her. There wasn’t a house near so that she could tap on their door and ask if her mate really lived here.

Maybe Mrs. Wallace really got the wrong address, she thought.

Frustrated and angry she started taking steps back with her eyes on the house. Hands clenched in tight fist she squeezed her chest in pain.

Why me? She cried.

Taking a deep breath she stopped in her tracks. A very faint familiar scent reached her nose that was hungry for since the moment she woke up. Her eyes shot open with burning tears on verge of sliding down her face. Her heart skipped a beat upon smelling the faint scent of her mate.


The name rolled off her tongue in yearning voice, giving a tugging sensation to the settled hollowness inside her. A shiver ran down her spine along with the awaiting tears down her face that were impossible to hold back.

So this was my mate’s house. Skylar thought staring at the house.

A howling wind blew at her face, playing with her messy blonde short locks. The memory of those mere moments of sparks that she felt on the busiest street that day grazed her mind. A serene feeling that seemed so foreign to her, kissed her each cell softly.

Her peace was short-lived as not long after anger was gushing through her veins, making her blood boil.

“Why?!” She yelled looking at the bright sky that seemed to be mocking her. “Why did you give me a mate if you wanted to take him away?!”

“Why did you give me parents only to take them back from me?! Why Moon Goddess?!”

Train of tears were slipping down her face that turned red due to all the yelling and bottled up emotions.

“Does this look funny to you?” She scowled at the passing cloud. “Huh? Don’t you have other important work that you sit there and make sure I have no amount of happiness in my life?!”

“First my dad then mom, you took them one by one. And that wasn’t enough so you decided to take Kristian away from me by giving him a mate.” She cried, her throat was clogged up with uprising sob that were bubbling to come out. But she wouldn’t let them. She was stronger than that.

“Even if you gave him a mate then why did you take mine?” Skylar’s voice cracked, and she clenched her fists so tight to stop her sobs.

“Am I so undeserving for happiness?” Her teary blue eyes looked at the sky in so much sorrow and despair. Suddenly she chuckled looking at the sky in derision.

“Maybe those rogues were right. You really are wicked, likes to play with our lives.” She sneered. “Seeing us suffer excites you, doesn’t it?”

Laughter erupted her as she swayed with wildly blowing wind. Her thoughts were all over the place refraining her from thinking straight. One particular memory from her past visited her mind like a ghost.

“I wish my mate to be a human.” She heartily muttered under her breath that didn’t go unnoticed by Ryan who stood beside her. A frown taking over his face. “Why a human? Will that not complicate things for you?”

He was right it may complicate things for Skylar because having a human as werewolf’s mate means that werewolf will have to introduce his/her mate to their world. Which sometimes can turn messy, and they may even lose their mate because honestly no human would want to live with an overprotective beast. But there are cases where humans have accepted their werewolf mate with open arms. It’s all on luck.

“It may. But it is still better than having a werewolf mate for me.” Skylar smiled at Ryan whose frown only deepened. “How come?”

“Well firstly, if I am to have a human as my mate that means I’ll have a purpose to live in human world. A very pleasant purpose.” She smiled. “And secondly I’ll finally get to get away from this place, away from all these people who still are breathing fire at me for something what my father did.”

“I don’t know if I’ll be happy being away from here but I’m hell sure that I’ll be at peace at least.” Skylar inhaled a deep breath with a rare serene smile she wished to have on forever.

“You want to leave us? Just like that?” Ryan’s upset voice snapped her eyes open. “And what about Kristian? What if he turns out to be your mate?”

“You and I both know that I’m just fooling myself with that silly thought. If we were to be mates, wouldn’t he have recognized me already? He is twenty one now and knows we aren't mates”

“You never know, Sky.” Ryan suggested in hopes of changing her mind.

“Still, I wish for a human mate.” She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath, enjoying her peaceful surrounding.

“I did get my wish.” Skylar scoffed, scornfully looking at the sky again. “Only for you to take it back!”

A hand on her shoulder made her freeze. Her heart thumped against her chest walls. Slowly she turned around to see a familiar looking face staring at her in confusion and worry.


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