The Children of Promise

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Chapter 17

Manu sat quietly at the family table, hoping to preserve the false sense of peace long enough that he could leave. His father sat across from him as his mother dashed around the kitchen finishing breakfast.

"Got a report late yesterday about some Demenoid action near Prepxi waterfall." Emanus started. "Someone killed them with what looks like ice spears. Weren't you out there yesterday?"

Manu sighed. " Yes, I was."

"So you still persist in training those powers?"

"That's what really matters? Not hey son, great job defending yourself. Glad you make it back safe."

" If that group of Demenoids could hurt you, you wouldn't be my son."

"Breakfast's ready." Manu's mother chimed, placing the plates of food between them.

" Why are you still dabbling with water invocation? Didn't we have the discussion?"

" Discussions mean more than one person talks Dad." Manu replied.

" You know what this family stands for." Emanus stuck his fork into the pile of meat between them.

" As the premiere wind invocation family in the clan, it would be a travesty if the heir to the name Tempe chose any other invocation but wind at the sealing ceremony."

Emanus stopped eating, his face stern. " Your eighteenth birthday is coming up soon. You have one more chance at sealing your powers before you become a waste."

Only this clan calls Breakers wastes, Manu thought.

" I know father."

" Are you planning on training today as we discussed? Your match is two days away."

" Yes father."

" Remember your promise."

" Yes father." Manu got up from the table, stuffing a couple of pieces of meat into his bag before kissing his mother on the cheek.

"Later." He said, raising his hand as he went through the door.

Manu Headed north, toward the mountains on the border of their territory. He would be safe enough there, the Demonoids fire powers weakened within the cold wild winds there. It would be the best place for him to practice. To give his father his wish.

If you fight in the tournament, you must only use your wind invocation. Manu remembered the words his father screamed at him the day after his sealing fiasco. He begged after the clan refused to remove him as their candidate. Manu's mother pleaded with him to relent, to save some of his father's shattered ego. For her, he agreed.

At the foot of the mountain, Manu dropped his bag, hiding it within a crag in the rocks. He looked at the sheer cliff face in front of him. The wind swept around him. Raising his palms to the sky, he inhaled. I am one with you, Ry'ai, Manu thought. The wind swirled at his feet, wrapping around his legs and arms. Manu pushed his hands to the ground below him, the wind rocketing him through the air. He grabbed onto the ledge in front of him, climbing the rest of the way to a plateau in the middle of the mountain. It was foggy and cold; the light from the sun dispersed in the cloud around him.

Manu bent his knees, pressing his hands together with the fingers in opposite directions. He inhaled, moving his palms and arms in a circular motion. Following his motion, the fog began to condense around his hands, forming a tight cloud. Bringing his hands to his chest, he extended them, Casting the cloud into the sky.

Good, Manu thought. It's easier to practice this with the air dry.

He placed his arms at his sides, making small circular motions with his hands. The air whipped around his fingers, climbing up his arm. Manu fixed his eyes on the cliff face before him, focussing his mind on one spot. He punched his open left hand, sparks of electricity crackling in the dry air. Putting his right arm behind him. Thunder roared from behind him as his arm was blanketed with bright blue light.

With a thrust, he extended his hand towards the cliff. The bolt leapt from him, melting a crater in the rock before him. Sorry father, Manu thought, Wind wont be the only thing I use.

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