The Children of Promise

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Chapter 19

Cari opened the door to her cottage, feeling Tharren:s gaze burning into her . He said nothing since he pinned her to the wall outside of the council hall. She waited for him to enter, Tharren refusing to look in her direction. Cliff growled.

“Shut it mutt.” Tharren growled back. Cliff’s hair rose. “Cliff” Cari yelled. “Out. Now.” Cliff whimpered, lowering his head as he passed Cari. She closed the door.

“You’ve got issues. Can’t kill me so you’ll kill my wolf?”

“Just to take the edge off. ” He smiled. “Reading... Now”

Cari sighed. She couldn’t escape it any longer. She’d have to try. With a lump in her throat she sat before the dark orb. Extending her hands to it it glowed brightly.

“Ooh.” Tharren uttered. “Breaking out the big toys?”

" Your request requires it. Be careful though... It has a price. ”


“You”ll see. I don’t intend on paying it alone. ” She turned her gaze to the ball before her, her eyes glossing over. “Show him what he needs to see.”

Blue tendrils extended from the base of the orb, embedding themselves in their arms.

“Exacting payment.” Tharren winced as it drained him of energy.

“Delivering request.”

Tharren shuddered as the visions flooded his brain. Cari watched, praying that the ball did what she asked.

The vision ended.Tharren slumped onto the table.

“How do you deal with that?” He said, gasping for air

“You just do. Now do you see why I did what I did?”

“I do...but why would you want to help us?

“I don’t. But if I interfere with the order of things, you’ll kill me . There isn’t a doubt of that. ”

Tharren chuckled. “Where is the defiant old woman I met yesterday?”

“She’s here. Just resigned to her fate. ”

His smile turned sour. ” I don’t like people like that.”

“You wouldn’t. But you don’t have to like me. Just take the prophecy, let me do what I have to and leave me alone. ”

Cari’s gaze returned to the ball. “Do you wish to have a recall word for this vision?”

“Yes.” Cari replied

“Exacting payment.”

Tharren winced. “Your recall word is Shathiele. Are any other visions required?”


The ball retracted its tendrils, it’s obsidian colour returning.

“So now that you know. You can tell your friends the plan. ”

“But.” Tharren paused, allowing the scene to replay in his mind. “But a lot of this depends on you.”

“It does. It would probably have relied on whomever you had asked to read these futures. You just happened to choose me.”

" Thought you seers believed in fate and destiny?”

“We do. You just made it a point to tie mine to yours. Thanks, I guess.”

Tharren chuckled. ” You’re welcome. So I’ll see you tomorrow at the square then; partner.”

Cari winced. “Goodbye Tharren”.

As he opened the door, Cliff eased by him, baring his teeth when he was out of view. Cari felt the tension was as the door closed.

He believed it , she thought. He believed it. Nothing could proceed without his trust, and somehow, she had earned it. The ball before her shone again, it’s tendrils latching onto her hands.

" Exacting payment for projection amplification .” She slumped over in her chair.

“Cari...” A voice whispered.

"Ethranil?" Cari replied.

"No. my dear child."


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