The Children of Promise

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Chapter 3

Armaro stood amazed. There was no way either of them could go to school after this. He watched both of his sons as they stood on opposite sides of the ring, each one riddled with bruises. Their sweat was like rain, leaving little pools in the craters created during the fight. Both of the boys struggled for breath. Shinto looked the worse of the two. While they both had taken damage equally, Shinto’s mental state was shattered. He had never been pushed this hard by his brother before. His expression seemed to ask where his brother’s strength came from. Hiko’s expression was far more relaxed. He still had the glint in his eye that he had before the match started.

“Where is your smack talk now brother?” Hiko jeered. “Surprised that I could push you so far?”

“You’ll still lose!” Shinto shouted in reply “You always do.”

“Like I said already…” Hiko said as he tightened his grip on his bokken. “Not this time.”

He exhaled one more time. As his chest lifted to take his next breath, he pushed his right foot into the ground. A split second later he was running, faster than he had run during the fight so far. Seeing his brother speed toward him, Shinto released a guttural scream. It was his rallying cry. Raising his right hand he shouted “Terris sicri!” (Earth Spire) Instantly a spire came up from the ground to the right of Hiko. Nimbly, he dodged the first one. Another sprung up right where he was about to lay his left foot. And with that the dance began. Hiko weaved through spire after spire, inching his way closer and closer to his brother. Without his handicap, Hiko could sense where the spire would rise using his ‘gift’.

As Hiko sped closer to Shinto, dodging every spire that he made, he got nervous. He knew that if it came down to only swordplay, Hiko would win. Without the handicap, Hiko’s gravity enhanced speed was nullifying his spires. He only had one alternative. Quickly thrusting his bokken into the ground, Shinto drew a semi-circle. Grabbing the bokken with both hands he lifted a small piece of the earth out of the ground. “Terris wai!”(Earth Tsunami)

As the words left Shinto’s mouth the earth shook. The earth seemed to condense around the semi-circle Shinto had drawn. As he extended his hand the mass of earth moved forward. As it did it climbed upon itself forming a wave that towered over Hiko.

As Armaro looked on, he gazed at Hiko. He was unfazed by the large wave that was heading towards him. Spires were still coming out of the ground, forcing him into the path of the wave. Extending his bokken in front of him with both hands, Hiko made a large circle in the air. Continuing to move his bokken in the circular motion, a large mass of air built up around the edge of the blade. Focussing and condensing the air on the point of his sword he pulled his hands behind him. He waited until the wave was just about to crash over him. As he heard the sound of rubble beginning to fall towards his head he struck. “Grave bolus!”(Gravity bubble)

Hiko’s words were first drowned out by the sound of the earth wave. They were then drowned out by the explosion of the air bubble expanding, ripping the wave to shreds. Armaro extended his right hand to create a shield protecting him from patches of earth that were flung everywhere. Likewise Shinto had placed a barrier of spires to protect him from the blast. As he lowered the spikes to see what was going on, he wished he had kept them up. Hiko had closed the gap. His brother stood two paces in front of him with his sword drawn back behind him, the tip covered with a swirling wind. “Grave bolus!”

The second time everyone heard Hiko’s cry. The bubble of condensed air touched Shinto’s chest, the explosion tearing his shirt to shreds. He had tried to parry the thrust but that only served in destroying his bokken. As Shinto hurtled head over heels out of the ring and into shrubbery of the forest, Hiko smiled.

Fight over! Winner: Hiko Sujima

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