The Children of Promise

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Chapter 4

Cari continued to peer into her crystal ball eyes focused, looking intently for the people whose lives she was to read. They were all members of the founding clans of Sirius. “What did he want with this information?” she thought as she zoned in on their time streams. Families are usual found together as their time ‘streams’ overlap. Quickly she found the Sujimas." Found them!" She exclaimed as if she had uncovered some treasure.

As she peered more closely she realised something was wrong. As the concern began to show on her face ahead Tharren spoke. "Is there something wrong? What do you see?"

In fear of revealing anymore she quickly replied. “Nothing. It’s just taking a little time for it to resolve. "What is this other stream? She decided not to focus on those streams paying attention to the Degals. Again another time stream was wrapped up between them. The line flickered growing stronger then seeming to disappear altogether. With every name and stream she searched for the same time stream was tied to them. She had experienced this before; the time stream was a 'nexus point'. A life that would impact greatly on each of the lives of whomever they were tied to. It was a dangerous position to be in.... All persons of this type are governed by the evens. More so they were ' influenced by the evens not to interfere with the course of time.

Normally in those cases she would be able to read and see who the nexus was, but no matter how she peered she could not see it.

"How long is it going to take to resolve?" Tharren chimed.

"With this many names it will take some time." Cari replied. She had never lied so much to one person. She continued to search and search to find any trace of who the nexus was. Slowly a thought sprouted in her mind. "Could it be me?" She thought. Shaking her head at the notion she continued to search for the identity of the rogue stream. She traced it back to its point of origin still unable to see anything. Was it someone she didn't know? If it was a stranger she should have seen a glimpse of them by now. Her scan reached the present day. Her heart skipped a beat as the images flashed across her head. She saw herself...feeding Cliff, brushing her hair and meeting the man in front of her. It was her.

Realising at this point that her revelation was showing on her face she had to say something. "I've..." She stammered. " I've never seen anything like this."

"What do you mean?" Thirteen replied, intrigued by the shock on Cari's wrinkled face.

"How much do you know about soothsaying?"

"Not much. I haven't had the chance to kill one yet." A cheeky smile crept across his face.

"Please stop trying to scare me." Cari said defiantly. In her head she was relieved. Tharren not knowing much gave her a slight advantage; but she still had to play the situation carefully. He too could be lying.

"The lives of all these people are tied to one person’s actions. A 'nexus point ' as they are called". Depending on the actions of the nexus the destinies of these people will change.”

“Oh!?” Tharren replied seemingly intrigued by the concept. “So there is a nexus tied to these people?”

“Yes there is. It’s you Tharren.”

“What!? It can’t be me!”

“But it is. It took me a while to resolve it but it is you. You have the destiny of these people in your hands.”

A devilish grin appeared on Tharren’s face. She knew saying that would make him happy. He enjoyed nothing more than to toy with the lives of people. She played to his weakness and it was working. “So I ask again, what do you want to do with these people?” She knew it was a risk asking again so quickly but she knew that she had to. It was the only way to stop him.

“What else do you expect?” he said nonchalantly as he leaned his chair back and placed his feet on the dusty table. “I want to destroy their lives. And maybe, just maybe, kill a few of them.” The stench of his murderous aura filled the room. Care could hardly bear to look at him now.

“Well it will take me sometime to unravel this so why don’t you come back in the morning and…” Cari’s words were once again cut off. This time it was by his hand grasping her throat.

“Why so long? It shouldn’t take that long to figure it out.” His eyes gleamed at the sight of her futile attempts to breathe.

“If….” Cari muttered. Her hands were firmly around his arm, furiously trying to loosen his grip. “If I die you will never know.”

Tharren’s eyes opened wide as he relaxed his grip. Cari gasped as she collapsed on the floor, her head pounding from the increased pressure. “Sorry about that. “ Tharren spoke seemingly regaining his composure. “But I ask again. Why so long?”

“Imagine a road.” Cari replied trying to catch her breath. “As you walk on it you meet a fork in the path. Either way you choose soon after you meet another fork and another and another. There are too many possibilities based on what one of your actions with any of these persons will create. It’s like a ripple in a pond. Trying to sift through that would be too difficult especially if I do not know what outcome you want.”

“Okay then. “ Tharren replied. He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out the bag of money. He threw it into the centre of the table, causing some of the gold coins to spill over it. “I will be back the same time tomorrow morning. Be sure to have what I want.” He turned and walked to the door, his choking aura leaving with him as he left.

Cari sat at the table exhausted. For the second time today she had almost died. Her heart and mind were still racing. As she rested her greyed head on the table she glanced at her crystal ball. She could still see all the streams of all the people she was asked to read. As she peered she realised that another stream was tangled with hers and the others. Peering deeper, she gazed deeply into the stream looking to see who it belonged to. As the image resolved she could not believe it. She saw herself, being dangled in the air by Tharren.I have made a lie the truth.

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