No One Is Perfect

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"His lips were on my neck in an instant, nipping and sucking at the skin making me whimper in delight. Charles never made me feel like this, never made me feel like…like a woman." Wynter Miles has had a rough life from going to different foster families and homes, but not towns so no matter what, everyone in that town knew what happened to her and bullied her, she never seems to belong. So, when her foster mother and foster dad get given an opportunity to move states she takes it gladly. But she didn't seem to realise that she has a big purpose in her life and soon she finds out why she never seems to belong. But some complications come along the way, involving boys'. She seems she must choose but she never seems to make the right choice. Will she this time?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

The sky is dreary and musky as we descend further in to this new town. I’ve never heard of this town and by the looks of it, I can see why. All the houses looked like a bomb hit them and there’s pot holes in the roads. I’ve passed more cemeteries then I would’ve liked to see in a whole life time.

The only way I heard of this town is because Abi (my foster mother) got a job here, and it better be worth it. Last night I googled this town and the only thing I found useful is that this is a hot spot for gangs and all sorts of fighting. Mainly street fighting between people, but there are others, many others. Most are illegal now in this town, so we don’t have to worry as much.

I only agreed to come here because Abi said that it would be a good time to start over and I didn’t want to go to another foster family. Jared (my foster dad) hates me, but if I stay out the way, he won’t yell at me. Jared only puts up with me because I make Abi happy and Abi wants some girl company. Jared is counting down the days until I can graduate, and they can kick me to the curb. Graduation is only six months away.

The rain hits my window shocking me wide awake again, Abi saw me and said, “It rains more here than it does back home, but we’ll get used to it, won’t we darling?”

Jared smiles sweetly at Abi, “Of course,” he looks at me through the mirror, “Are you excited to go to your new school?”

I nod my head enthusiastically, but really, I just wanted to die at the thought of going to a new school. My new school is probably just like any other American high school, cheerleaders, jocks, nerds, emos, Goths, bitches, all the other groups.

We also must wear uniform, so not good.

It starts to pour down with rain as we locate our new house, which was given to us by Abi’s work. I’ve got to say that I’m impressed; I expected something like our old little crappy cottage. The cottage had two tiny rooms, one toilet and shower, no back yard and the front yard was covered in dead grass and tall weeds.

We also had no reception and the kitchen and lounge room were the same room, so was the laundry. But this house is a two storey and sort of creepy looking. The front yard is sort of dead, but I guess that’s like everyone else’s yard around here, there’s cracks in the wooden panels on the outside of the house. The wooden panels are a darkish brown, probably not the intentional colour choice, but it made the house look like those haunted ones that little kids fear thinking there’s a witch inside. Who knows, maybe there’s some murderer and maybe he’ll kill us?

I laughed mentally at the dark thought, god I need help.

I walk inside, and the floor panels are dusty, but they seem sturdy enough for my weight, hopefully Jared will collapse, that fat drunk. I head upstairs to find a room that I claim as my own; the stairs only slightly groan under my weight; this house must be so old. Must be the reason why we got it for free. Well I think it’s for free. I shrug to myself and quickly march up the stairs, the first door on the right held what looked like a study. I go for the next one down on the right, only to find a dusty cupboard; we’ll most likely use that for towels and blankets.

I try the one on the left and found a decent sized room. It has a very large window, there’s a bench underneath that I could sit on and look outside. There’s also a closet and a connected bathroom, this is probably the master bedroom. Too bad for them that I found it first.

I set my bag down and look outside, luckily it isn’t a cemetery, but it’s a scary looking park. It only looks scary because of how gloomy the sky is now, making dark shadows under the trees. I can just imagine how nice it would look with a nice blue sky and a bright sun. I can’t wait for that day, but it still looks beautiful while all dark; I like life better dark, no emotion.

I quickly go down the not-so stable stairs and Jared saw me, “Where were you? Abi and I have been emptying the trailer!”

I gave him thumbs up, “Good job, at least you were helping her this time, though you seem quite relaxed now that you have the couch in here.” I sneered at him; he also has a beer in his hand, typical.

“Don’t talk to me like that! Give me some respect!” He said not moving, I rolled my eyes and went to the trailer to get my stuff.

The wind made my hair swish into my face. I saw Abi and waved at her, “Help me with this, Jared is too busy.” Abi said lifting the TV out of the trailer.

Yeah, he’s plenty busy, note the sarcasm. “Sure.”

We heaved it into the house and put it inside next to the lounge. Suddenly a poster got blown onto the hood of the car, Abi picked it up and read out loud, “‘Autumn Festival starts on the twenty-fifth of the first month of autumn, all residents invited.’ Should we go?”

I shrugged, “It’ll be a good way to meet our neighbours, and does it say where?”

She nodded, “It’s about half an hour into town, the nicer part.” she added quickly.

I smirked, “I’ll like to see the ‘nicer part’ of town.”

She agreed, and I got my boxes and headed upstairs, it was difficult since the boxes where quite heavy with all my photos and clothes.

After a bit of organising, my room started to come together, some of my posters were up and my paintings of my favourite animal, a tiger. I love tigers, and dogs, especially big dogs. Small dogs annoy the crap out of me, they’re such a nuisance. But big dogs and tigers, they’re just so muscular and beautiful.

I saw Abi at my door and she smiled at me, “We’re going to the festival, try to dress presentable.”

I nodded, and she left, what the hell was I supposed to wear in this weather? Maybe my skinnies and a tank? Hmm maybe, or should I wear my high waisted ripped denim shorts and a tank? I don’t know I’ll try on both.

I forgot all about the window and started to strip, with a feeling at the back of my neck that someone’s watching me. I shivered and continued, pulling on my black skinnies first, I chose the tank that doesn’t quite cover the chest area but is very flattering, but it doesn’t cling, but it hangs. It’s black with an orange city on it, it looks nice. I looked at myself in the mirror on my closet door and nodded my head in approval, but I wanted to see if the shorts will look better.

I stripped again decided on the shorts. I kept the same tank and everything, the shorts are high enough to leave anyone looking thinking about what’s beneath, and well that’s what my previous boyfriends told me. I put on my black flats and go into the bathroom looking for where I put my make-up and hairbrush, I put them in here somewhere...

I found them in a compartment on the shelf; I looked in the mirror and studied myself. I wasn’t what you call ‘pretty’ but when I say that to my boyfriends or friends; they go off their shit and yell at me saying that I’m beautiful.

My hair is thick, long, and wavy and a deep shade of black, I have a strong face with high cheek bones, full lips, and light blue eyes that are so blue they seem white and nearly everyone I’ve met called them beautiful. Shaped eyebrows and I have multiple of ear piercings, on top of my ear and on the bottom, I have one in the little piece inside on my ear, only on one ear though.

I put on some foundation and some eyeliner that’s thick and makes my eyes look more interesting; I put on some mascara too.

I go down stairs and I saw Jared shake his head at my outfit, probably thinking that I look cheap or something, I smirked at the thought of me ever looking cheap. Abi soon announced that we’re leaving, and I grabbed my nearest hoodie, though surprisingly it isn’t as cold, so I left it in the house. I put my iPod on while we’re driving and mouthed the words to myself, feeling smart by knowing all the words to most of my songs.

All the houses that we passed on the way here all mostly all the same, deserted looking with the gardens looking neglected, it was disturbing. But once we were in the heart of the town the houses where looking much better, I even got a glimpse at my new school, it wasn’t that bad.

In town the gardens looked nice, there were flowers and green grass, though mostly this place is forest, just the way I like things. I hate buildings, I think that buildings are killing most animals by destroying the habitats, I love nature and animals, I don’t like the ocean, and I’d rather be lost in the middle of the forest then the ocean.

When the car stopped outside an oval with lots of lights and people, there were some rides but there were mostly tents and people.

I got out the car first and was surprised how warm it was, I’m glad I left my hoodie at the house.

We made our way down then Abi caught my arm, “You can go on, we’ll be hanging around here.” She said, Jared didn’t look happy, but I just smiled and left, going to look at the bracelets that are sometimes called ‘friendship’ bracelets, I love these types of bracelets. Other than the weak expensive crap. I got five and paid the man. I put them in my back pocket and went to the food stand, there were burgers and chips.

“Girl this is man food; the salad bar is just a little bit further.” Said a boy around my age with a few of his friends.

I smirked up at him and said, “Please, salads are for girls like you. My eating habits might as well be compared to a bulldog.”

His friends chuckled while the guy glared at me, “A sweet thing like you eating like a dog? That’s something I’d like to see.”

“Yeah, sure.” I replied getting one of the biggest burgers with a coke.

I sat down by myself in a dark corner and ate.

I ate it in record time and the guy I saw before was smirking at me, “You weren’t kidding.”

I laughed and drank some coke. “Come hang out with us, it looks like you have no friends.”

“No shit, I just arrived today.” I say sarcastically. He puts an arm around my shoulders and we walk until we see his group of friends.

“What’s your name, beautiful?” A guy with blonde hair asked me.

I growled at the pet name, “Don’t start with pet names, douche oh and my name is Wynter, use it.”

They laughed and introduced themselves. The one that spoke to me first at the food stand was Nathan, he has brown curly hair that’s stylishly messy on the top of his head, he has big almond eyes and he’s a big guy, but he’s sort of lean.

The blond is Mason, he has deep blue eyes, nothing like mine, he’s about average height for a guy and he’s quite muscular. Another is Daniel, his hair is a dirty blonde, it’s cut short but in a boyish way that makes him look cute, he has chestnut eyes and he’s one of the tallest but is more muscular then Nathan but not as much as Mason.

The last one is Kaileb with a muddy brown colour hair and green mossy eyes, he looks about twelve, but he’s fourteen, Daniel’s younger brother, even though they look nothing alike.

We all hung out for about two hours, then I told them I had to go to the bathroom and I wanted to get a teddy, so I’ll meet them in about half an hour, because I’ll most likely get lost.

It’s getting quite dark now, probably since it’s about three in the afternoon, but the sky makes it look nearly nine at night.

When I exited the bathroom, I heard shouting and muffled noises, like someone’s struggling. I quietly followed the noises to the back of the festival behind the bathrooms, a little bit far in the forest.

I saw a man on his stomach getting kicked repeatedly. I stepped out hands on my hips, trying to look strong and pissed but really, I’m terrified, the other guys were scary looking and looked dangerous.

“Stop! Stop it before you break something!” I screamed at them. Some laughed and pretended to look frightened. I growled moodily and said low and threatening, “I’ll scream if you don’t stop, or I could do something much worse.”

One of them stepped towards me and said, “Oh yeah? What’s that girly?” What’s with people and pet names around here?

I laughed and whipped my hair behind me and said menacingly, “Watch.”

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