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Growing up in a world of darkness Zeyara and Mylanie have always looked at the bright side of the world . Things are about to change ..will they ignite the spark of hope and bring the lost light back? In a world where humans are ruled by Lords if light and dark a war awakens that ends in a catastrophe . Now the ruling dark lords are vicious and malicious . The world starts to plunge into darkness without the goodness of light kingdom. Where are the light Lords ? Nobody knows... Admist this war a saviour is born with a thirst for light and dark. Who is this saviour? Will she be strong enough to save the world . A dark secret that she doesn't know looms over her ... smiling ...knowing what's coming for her

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1 : Hiraeth

Her angelic figure brushed past the bushes with a noise that wouldn’t disturb even the most sensitive of souls . The moonlight bathed everything around her with glowing beauty or at least that’s how it felt likebut nobody understood her except for Mylanie .

Her mother would always scold her and her sister for labelling anything beautiful . The moon would always hide the sunlight and the snow would bring frostbite . Everything in this world was created for destroying them . Nothing good exists. That’s what the people believed but not her. She believed that there exists something other than just anger and loathing . Something else other than darkness but none agreed with her.

She was lying down now beside thickets On the snow staring up at the stars and feeling awed by the simple and delicate snowflakes that were steadily falling from the dark misted night . She was breathing short breaths. This infinitesimal eventuality made her lips twitch upwards forming a small curve. She had never seen anybody else do that except for her sister. Sometimes she would just stare at the curve formed on her lips for a long time in the mirror. Trying to understand what it was . It wouldn’t always be there. Only during certain moments would it appear . Surprising her.

Her mother had once seen it appear when it was raining “What is that ? What are you doing with your mouth ? Stop smiling there is absolutely nothing in this world to smile about. These deadly droplets would be the end of us . Soon a flood will cause all of our deaths . a devilish act of God . That is what rain is . “ said her mother disgustedly . That was definitely not how she felt about rain. All she wanted to was dance to the mellow sweetness of the soothing drops of rain . but yet she replied saying “ I know mother “ .

Zeyara never smiled in front of her mother ever again but in the night when the villagers were asleep she would go into the forest , climb her favourite oak tree or lie down on the snow and just smile gazing at at the constellations . Her father had taught her each and everyone of them. “What the hell are you doing here? ” Said a rough voice behind her .She turned around to slice his throat off because her mother had taught her that in this town, the way it is filled with hatred and jealously never trust any one who creeps up on you . but as she reached out for her knife to do so he pushed her to the ground slapping her knife away . ” Don’t try to use that on me princess , The tricks you know are taught only to pretty boys and girls ” he said . He looked upon her head to toe and said ” well some pretty girls ” he said . That’s when she noticed it. That same twitch . “You just smiled ” she said as she got up and dusted off the snow from her attire . When he remained still with a hard face she reached for her knife again but he kicked it away from her . ” I wouldn’t do that if I were you prin--” before he could Complete his sentence her fist collided with his jaw and that instantly sent him backwards . She kicked him in his gut And banged his head on her knees . ” Then you clearly don’t know me you Moron ” she said and walked away as he fell unconscious to the ground. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Snowflakes that floated in the wind, which sparkled like crystals as they fell from the sky gently kissed Her warm cheeks .‘How can some thing so small hold such beauty ’ she thought as she smiled at the soft snow crunching beneath her boots. It was christmas eve, she knew happiness bubbled through her sister and her but they dared to express it .

Happiness became something that the world despised ,a smile became a crime and love was forbidden since The Great War . She sighed as she carried the bag full of goodies ( according to her sister Mylanie ) . No sooner the lovely thoughts slipped out of her mind. “Oof ! Watch your way you moron ” she yelled at the man who had just ran into her . A weird and familiar sense washed over her as she breathed in his scent of lemon and cinnamon. She just stood there as something brushed her fingers . They slowly uncurled to reveal a tiny piece of paper. The words “Revenge Freyanna Its time....” Stared back at her. Thoughts and memories poured into her mind

A dim glow of light and flashes of a bird with extended feathers. A red bird . 2 figures looked down at her . “She looks so pretty ” whispered a man with green eyes as he looked at the little baby with an expression she couldn’t understand . “I am going to name her Freyanna ” a woman with dark chocolate brown eyes , caramel skin and vibrant dark hair whispered back with a chortling sound that bubbled from her throat .

She was brought back to reality by the sound of the church bell. beads of sweat ran down her face . Her forest green eyes quickly scanned the the alley searching for the man , but there was no sign of him. Was she dreaming .. ?

“Ouch!” She winced as someone pinched her arm . “Zeyara , are you daydreaming again ?” her twin sister said with her lips twitching to one side. “Will you wipe that stupid smirk off your face Mylanie , you look ridiculous” she shot back at her though deep down inside she always loved it when her sister put on that face. “You might get yourself caught for. that didn’t mother warn us about that before” said zayara and Mylanie’s eyebrows knit together in a frown and soon dissolved into a neutral expression. “Lets go then ” said Mylanie.

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