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When Amory finds herself placed between morals and wants, she will either learn to accept the truth that her soulmate is in love with someone else, or interfere and risk a friendship and love. I watched him fall in love. I watched as he took her to places I had always wanted to go and do things I had always wanted to do. I saw his life take form...all without me. I love him. He can never know that. To him I am his best friend and nothing more nor less. To him I am still the shy girl he met three years ago. I can never let him know my feeling Why? He is human...and he is my mate. Sometimes, you have to let go of what you love, even if it kills you.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: Little Steps

A smile graces my face, a soft one filled with a shy background as my eyes scan the small group of people around me. As the music plays on, laughter and cheers filling the air, I stand away from the noise and applause, watching from above as the party unravels before my eyes. While couples dance to the music, people taking pictures to post or remember the event by, individuals drinking from the punch, and a few girls rush to the bathroom due to a dress malfunction or heartbreaking event, I watch from above. I feel like Gatsby, in control of the situation as I simply monitor what goes on, not allowing myself to become part of the mess down below.

The hotel that the prom is hosted in is the same as the last three held here. The massive ballroom in the hotel is spacious to say the least, wooden flooring, cream walls decorated for the senior class of this year, and the five chandeliers in the room simply here for the ostentatious look. Teenagers like myself fill the massive ballroom to the limit, the balcony overlooking the majority of the dance floor even crowded with people. However, the people up here are more my speed, rather watching and taking in the event rather than participating and facing the consequences of a twisted ankle or heartbreak.

“Having fun?” A voice calls out behind me, soft yet filled with authority as I already know who it is. “Where’s your date?”

“Didn’t bring one,” I reply, looking over my shoulder to see my pack’s future Alpha walking towards me. His dark green eyes lock with my own and I already know he’s had a bad night. After all, his date is not beside him and his hair is all messed up from the last time I saw him. “What about yours?” I ask, looking back to the crowd as I can feel his eyes on the exposed skin of my back. Mother fell head over heels for this dress, showing it to me only for my heart to swell. I love this dress, a beautiful masterpiece of navy material, illusion sleeves with gems held in with the mesh that suits my skin color, the mermaid style beautiful as the end flares out just enough for easy maneuvering, and the back is open with crystals lining the material.

“She decided to leave my side a little early,” Flynn mumbles, standing beside me as we look out upon the couples as a slow dance comes on.

I spot him. His blond hair stands out from his suit, his brown eyes locked on a certain individual as my heart feels a sharp sting. I want to cry. I hold myself calm and remind myself of what I have to do. Of how I have to put on a show. Watching, I notice how he looks at her, how he reaches out his hand for the girl so gently. The second she takes his hand, he pulls her in, twirling her around as I hear her beautiful laugh. It’s beautiful, at least, that’s how he described it the first time he told me about her. He told me about how her laugh and smile could make anyone fall head over heels for her. She holds his heart and he’s certainly fine with that.

What does she have that I do not? She’s got ginger hair that falls to her shoulders, tonight it’s curled with her bangs braided back. She’s got beautiful bright green eyes I would love to have, a tall yet thin body, and a gorgeous gold dress that is loose on her, yet she still pulls off the look. “Let me guess,” Flynn begins, leaning back against the balcony as he faces me. “Trouble in paradise or did she backstab you?”

Meeting his eyes, I shake my head, looking back to the couple as he spins her around once more and they begin the slow dance. “She didn’t do anything to me...” I trail off, my voice soft as Flynn leans in closer. “She did nothing.”

He raises an eyebrow. “What did she do to him? You don’t like her. You don’t like her dating your best friend so what’s up?”

A single tear rolls down my cheek, my hand flying up to brush it away as my wolf stirs within me. Arms wrap around my smaller frame, his body hard compared to mine as all I want is for him to hold me like this. For him to look at me the way he does to her. But it can never happen. No. Because we are best friends and he has always made that clear. I’ve tried. Three years I’ve know him, and for one year I’ve known who he is to me, yet I’ve seen him fall for someone who just randomly showed up one day. He fell head over heels for her and I had no control over it.

“I’m fine,” I whisper, relaxing in Flynn’s embrace as his dark green eyes meet mine once more.

He shakes his head. “You’re a mess, Amory.” I nod my head, knowing that Flynn is right and there’s nothing I can do about it. He knows. He knows my suffering because he’s seen me lose my sanity and run off. “Anyone would be in your state.”

“I just want to forget him. I just want to forget them together. I want to tell him, so damn bad I want to tell him...” I trail off. “But I can’t because he’s a damn human.”

Flynn nods, resting his chin on my shoulder as I take one last look at the couple that people love to death. “He’s my mate and I’m watching him fall in love with someone else.”

“What are you going to do?” Flynn asks, his lips brushing my ear as I think of just leaving this town.

“I’m going to move away,” I pause, “and never look back.”

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