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Chapter 11: A Simple Thank You

“Are you sure?”

“I promised you I would. I will not break a promise,” I confirm, grabbing his arm. Pulling the future Alpha back from the door, I take in a deep breath. “You asked for my help and I promised I would help you.” Flynn nods, trying to relax as I can tell he is nervous. “Let’s go.”

He nods, placing his hands in his pockets as time begins to run out. After all, in two hours I walk down the rows of chairs and receive my diploma. For now, I am at the front door of Flynn’s place, the massive double doors awaiting the two of us. I’ve been here multiple times, for pack meeting or dinners with the Alpha’s family. It’s a blessing to be invited here. However, I’m not here for good terms with the Alpha and Luna, as I am about to aid their son in telling them off. To let him control his future and not be subject to their decisions for him.

I want to bring up something with Flynn, something that refers to the other night. A single wolf howl that filled the air let me know that Flynn had seen what went on. He saw what happened, he was there when Augustus and I concluded that we no longer wanted to be apart. Hell, this morning Augustus drove over to Molly’s house, calling me afterwards to inform me that they were no more. Molly and Augustus are on an official break, broken up as I feel all the blame. I broke apart two individuals, but she was never his to begin with.

“Ready?” I ask, removing my hand from Flynn’s arm as the hunter green eyes follow my actions. Reaching for the handle upon the the door, I motion for Flynn to follow. Flynn nods, straightening out his black shirt as he’s nervous, watching as the door fully opens. The first steps I take across the white, marble floors, they echo in the grant entrance, a circular room before me as a staircase lines the walls. Archways lead to three different rooms, each with polished mahogany floors, chandeliers in each one as I wonder where his parents are.

“Kitchen,” Flynn explains, motioning to the left archway where a massive dinning room is located. Entering the room, I’m presented the long table, perfectly placed chairs around the table, and a Persian rug under. With a doorway to the left, Flynn makes a short stop. “I’ll go in first,” he comments, taking in a deep breath as I offer him a gentle smile.

Heading in after Flynn, I see his parents, the Alpha and Luna, sitting at the table beside marble cabinets. “Amory, what a surprise dear,” Luna Willow greets, her pearly whites on display as she gets to her feet. Dressed in pastel pink, she looks stunning, her jet black hair pulled into a sleek ponytail, and her hazel eyes meeting mine. “Cade, come and greet Amory,” she tells her husband and Alpha, the male sitting with his back to us as he looks out the massive window.

The Alpha looks around, his blond hair looking like gold in the sunlight, his dark green eyes resembling Flynn’s, and his build tall and built. Flynn used to talk of his father as if the best man alive; that was until two years ago when Flynn got back from a hunt on rogues. Flynn was injured and in his time of medical attention, a rogue escaped, his father beyond enraged as he was given a lesson before all the training warriors in the pack. I wasn’t there, but I hear Alpha Cade let his Beta show Flynn what happens when you let someone escape, how he landed punch after punch on the sophomore. Due to that, I understand why Flynn does not speak fondly of his father. His mother is another story, how she fought with her husband that night and forced him to apologize to not only Flynn, but the entire pack.

“What do we owe the pleasure?” Alpha Cade asks, getting to his feet as I already feel intimidated. “I hear you two are-

“We need to talk,” Flynn interrupts his father, looking to me as I nod.

“Flynn, sweetie, do you find your...” I know what Luna Willow is trying to say, to ask. She wants to know if he’s found his mate.

A lump forms in my throat as Flynn begins his talk. “I don’t want to go to college to major in business.”

“Are you saying you don’t want to be Alpha?” Alpha Cade snaps, raising his voice as my eyes widen. He’s mad. “That you are willing to throw out your pack for the sake of your selfish reasons and forget about your kin!” I watch as Flynn tenses, how his jaw clenches, how his posture stiffens, and his eyes harden. “You cannot be serious!”

“Hear me out,” Flynn demands, slamming his first onto the kitchen table, the wood shattering as I jump back. That table was not made of cheap wood. Not at all. “I want to get a different degree first.” No interruptions. “I want to work that job for a matter of years, and when you want to pass down the title of Alpha, I will get a business degree and take over.” He’s trying to remain calm. He’s trying not to shift and demand the respect he deserves. Two individuals with Alpha blood going head to head is never a good combination. It’s a deadly recipe.

“You listen to me, son,” Cade growls. “You will go to college. You will graduate. You will get a business degree.”

I watch Luna Willow, watching as she moves to her husband’s side, tugging upon his arm to have him sit. “I will get a business degree when you need me to take over the pack. Alphas don’t retire till they can fight no longer, father, and you have another twelve years on you to run this pack. In twelve years I swear I will have that business degree to run the pack when you hand it over to me.”

Flynn is trying to calm down, how he straying to steady his breathes. Luna Willow sits next to her husband, rubbing his arm as I can tell his wolf is close to unleashing. “Mom, what do you think?”

He needs me here because he wants to be strong. I’ve done this before with him, I was by his side as he asked out his first big crush in eighth grade, I was by his side as girls left him heartbroken, and I am now by his side as he stands up to his parents. I’ve been his cornerstone for when he needs the extra strength.

“What degree, Flynn?” Luna Willow asks, her eyes briefly meeting my own. She’s scared of what her husband could do today. She’s scared something could happen that could leave their family broken more than ever. There are parts of this family not even their best friends could even know. I’ve seen much of it. I know what goes on in this household. I know more than the family secret of the deceased Olive, Flynn’s older sister and the true future Alpha of this pack. She died seven years ago, at fourteen, a werewolf killed in a car accident. Luna Willow was in the car, driving, Flynn in the backseat, and Olive arguing with her mother about a boy. Flynn and Luna Willow made it, Olive did not.

T-boned by a truck, Olive did not make it as she died before the ambulance could arrive. Flynn once told me about it one night, how his mother could not set foot in another car for months, how his father lost hold upon the family, and Flynn was told he had to become Alpha.

“Computer programming,” Flynn states, interrupting my thoughts as I realize something that I never felt. His hand is in mine, our fingers interlocked as his hand shakes. “Four year degree and I have scholarships from private companies to get that degree. I’m good at it and love it.” He wants to break tradition of this pack, of what being the future Alpha means.

Luna Willow nods, bowing her head as Alpha Cade let’s out a deep sigh. “Cade?” She asks, facing her husband as I feel Flynn hold my hand tighter.

He never wanted to be told to be the next Alpha. Life to him was once that he was to live a more normal life. He was to not be forced to do things that set him on a path to becoming the Alpha. Most don’t see it, but I do. I see the future Alpha who is afraid of running a pack because he does not want to do it. Hell, it may be surprising, but Flynn is graduating first in class in a matter of hours. Flynn even tutored students in math and science, taking their grades from C’s and D’s to A’s.

“What do you think, Amory?” Alpha Cade asks, his tone harsh as my throat becomes dry. He’s asking me to give my opinion on a family issue. On an issue that could change the Alpha’s opinion of me forever.

“Don’t bring her into this,” Flynn growls, his Alpha tone on display as I want to get out of here. “This is a family issue-

“Yet you brought her into the family issue,” Alpha Cade snaps, getting to his feet as Luna Willow looks to me. She feels sorry for me to be involved in this family affair. I know more than she thinks I know. Flynn’s told me about the other women, about how his father has brought mistresses into their beach house or even here, sleeping with them, giving them gifts of diamonds. Luna Willow is not blind to it, but she knows her pack comes first. She’s a wise woman stuck with an asshole.

“Mother?” Flynn asks, ignoring his father now as he wants only his mother’s approval. I don’t blame him, his mother is the true figurehead to respect here.

Luna Willows nods. “I say do it. If you love it, go and do it.”

Alpha Cade growls. “We will not find your tuition,” he snaps, his tone outraged as Flynn pulls me closer to his side.

“I don’t need your money. The college has given me a full ride.” I watch as Luna Willow nods her head, knowing that Flynn has his heart set out upon his dream. One of the first times I saw him at school, he was surrounded by silence, in his own little world as his headphones were on and he was typing away. At the time I had no idea what he was up to, later on I found out he had hacked into the school’s a tendency system. “This is my dream.”

Alpha Cade turns his attention to me once more, his eyes turning black as I become afraid. I’m afraid that he will turn me rogue, he will make me an omega, that he will do something negative to my family name. “Do you respect your parents, Amory?”

“I do, Sir,” I reply calmly, my insides turning to jelly as I become afraid.

“Do you believe they have your best interests at heart?”

“You don’t care about my interests,” Flynn snaps before I can even reply.

“I believe that they know what I want and respect that.” I have to stay calm. If I lose my cool, who knows what else in this house could become like the table. “They may not agree with me, but they know I am wise with what I choose.”

Alpha Cade nods his head, walking over to the other side of the kitchen, behind the marble counters as he grabs a beer from the fridge. “Tell me, Flynn, do you even care for this pack?”

“That’s enough, Cade, damn it!” Luna Willow shouts, rising to her feet as the clicking of her heels envelops the silence of the room. “Flynn and Amory, go.” Flynn nods, taking my arm as he pulls me with him. “We will discuss and come up with an answer by tomorrow. Go get ready to graduate.”

We exit the kitchen, Flynn excusing himself for a brief minute as he has to go and grab his clothes for the ceremony. He does not plan on staying here any longer than needed. I watch as he rushes up the stairs, telling me that if I hear any more yelling, to go and wait by his car. In five minutes he’s back, changed into a suit as Flynn looks sharp, the suit fitting his build well. With the blue robe and cap in his hands, he rushes back down the stairs, opening the front door for me as the sunlight greets my eyes. Piling into his car, the familiar station is on as I know that I’ve come to think of Flynn whenever I flip by the stations. Everyday, when I go through the stations, I’ll come across the classic rock, I stop and listen. I think of Flynn, of how he will tap is fingers to the beat, how he bobs his head, how he will allow a ghost smile to cross his lips.


“Yah?” I ask, snapping back into what is going on. My eyes widen to find Flynn leaning in, his lips inches from my own as my heartbeat quickens. “Flynn?”

“Amory,” he whispers, closing the distance as Augustus passes my mind. I’m with my mate, with Augustus now.

Shoving the future Alpha away, I watch as he holds a questioned look upon his face. “What’s going on?” He asks, raising an eyebrow.

“I-I’m with Augustus.”

The spark in his eyes falls, fading away into a dullness as a thin line forms at his lips. “The other night, you were there. I heard you howl when he was back at my place. You know we are together and I’m sorry, but I’ve chosen him.”

He shakes his head. “You chose him because he is only your mate!”

My blood begins to boil. “Yes, he is my mate, but I love him. Even without the mate bond I love him.”

Flynn shakes his head, putting the car in drive as he speeds off. “Keep telling yourself that.” A form pulls at my lips as Flynn speeds through the minutes, the radio off, the soft pure of the engine now an annoying sound, and all I want is to arrive at school and get out of this car.

As we come to the parking lot of the school, I spot my Prius parked beside his car. I still have to chance into my cap and gown, my dress already on, the white material hitting my mid-thigh, my nude heels tall, and my hair curled. I’m dressed for a good time, not for an emotional day of sadness. Just as Flynn is about to open his mouth to speak again, I spot Augustus, walking to where Flynn is parked. “Here’s your boyfriend now.”

He’s not happy with me.

Opening the door, the second my heels meet the pavement, Augustus is by my side. “Hello, Flynn,” Augustus greets, glaring at the future Alpha as I am uncertain of what they are about to do. Wrapping an arm over my shoulder, Augustus pulls me away, placing a kiss upon my forehead as my heart skips a beat.

“Amory!” Looking over my shoulder, I spot Flynn, putting his cap on. “Thank you...for my parents.”

I smile. “You’re welcome.”

I cannot let this get out of hand.

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