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Chapter 12: Bright Yellow with Doughnuts

Arms wrap around me, a soft kiss placed upon my cheek as a smile stretches across my lips. Holding my diploma closer, I turn my head to the side, meeting his lips as we close the space between us. Pulling away, I pull Augustus in for a hug, adjusting my cap as my mother takes a quick photo.


“You two are just too adorable,” she comments, winking playfully at me as I know what she’s up to. She does this a bit: embarrassing her daughter for some well done memories. She knows I hate pictures, especially with a boy. I told her and my father the other night about Augustus, how we decided to be a couple. I also told her we were mates but that I will wait until the correct time to tell him about what we are. About what I am. My parents respect my decision to wait to tell him, to wait until things get more serious between the two of us before I reveal to him a world of, as the humans see it, monsters. “Amory, don’t go off yet,” mother snaps playfully at me as I’m about to head to a group of friends.

Augustus laughs, kissing my cheek for one last photo before we head off, waving to my mom as he takes my hand. “Graduated kids now,” Augustus comments, smiling at me as my heart softens at his smile. “All free until college.” College. I am going to forget that word even exists as I want to live in the moment with Augustus. I have my mate now and I am content. “Let’s take a trip sometime.”

“Where?” I ask, walking around the corner with Augustus as we are out of out sight. Pulling me in for a quick kiss, I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling myself onto my tiptoes as Augustus gently pushes me against the wall.

Pulling back, Augustus tilts his head, looking down upon me. “Anywhere. The beach, the mountains, hell, even the flat lands of Kansas. You name it and we will go.”

I smile, grabbing ahold of Augustus’s collar on his gown, pulling him closer to me as I bite my lip. “How about we just take a day t-


“Yah?” I ask Augustus, raising an eyebrow as he interrupted me when I have him a reply.

“Could you excuse me a second, just hold onto your reply,” Augustus whispers, turning his head to the left as I see her. She’s beautiful as always, her ginger hair curled to her shoulders, her gown unzipped as her beautiful peach dress is on display. She’s watching us, biting her lower lip, her eyes moving between Augustus and me. “Sorry.” I nod, watching as he leaves the secluded hallway and walks over to his ex. I know he still feels something for him. It’s been barely even two days since they split, there’s no way in hell Augustus could just be over her by now. It will take time.

I watch as he talks to her, how he stuffs his hands in his pockets and greets her with a friendly smile. She simply offers a lopsided smile back, rubbing her arms as she’s uncomfortable. I know she is. I don’t blame her for being uncomfortable. She’s not happy with his decision, and if anything, she’s pissed with me.

“Amory?” Turning around, my eyes widen to see Luna Willow before me, dressed no longer in pastel pink, but a creme dress that hits her knees, a beautiful pearl necklace upon her necklace, and in those eyes. That beautiful eyes now dull due to all the hell she has put up with over the years. “Congratulations on your diploma,” she states, pulling me in for a short hug. “My apologies for the situation a little bit ago, I’m sorry you had to see all of that.”

I nod. “I forgive you, I understand that as a mother you are looking out for your son.”

“It’s more Cade than anything...I’m sorry, it’s not my rightful place to share information about my problems of marriage.” I understand what she’s saying, how it’s out of place to tell a teenager and pack member how difficult your husband can be. I’ve seen how they act around the pack, how you would think them to be the perfect couple. “I wanted to also thank you.” I raise an eyebrow. “You’re strong to come before Cade and support Flynn on that subject. It takes a lot of strength for a pack mate to stand up to an Alpha.”

I don’t know what to say exactly. “Thank you,” I reply to all of that, looking quickly over my shoulder to see Augustus and Molly no longer alone, but green eyes himself beside the two of them. He’s causing drama, unwanted drama that I know he’s foolish to seek. He doesn’t like Augustus and I together and wants to make it a clear point. “If you don’t mind, I have to go back to a conversation...”

“Oh, don’t let me keep you. I have to leave now anyway, have a good day, Anory,” Luna Willow states, walking away after a short hug.

Turning back to the group, I don’t like how he stands there, hands in pockets as if causal, a smirk placed across his lips. He’s trouble and he knows it pretty damn well. Pacing myself over to the three, the group becomes four as I join, meeting his gaze with a short glare. I want him to leave this all alone, I want him to acknowledge that I am with my mate and that he is simply my Alpha. He will find his mate one day, he will forget me, he will move on and leave the memories of us in the past as his mate is his world. “Flynn,” I greet, my none negative as Molly glances at me with the same connotation. “Good valedictorian speech.” It is true, how Flynn made a beautiful speech upon the ‘minds of the future’ and what you are used to hearing at a graduation. The future is before us now, and the four of us each have our own future.

“Thank you,” Flynn remarks, nodding to me as I force a small smile onto my face as I turn to Molly. How do I even face the girl who lost her boyfriend because of me? “I was just discussing with Augustus and Molly about next year. Did you know Augustus plans to be halfway across the country?”

I know what he’s doing here. I know that Flynn is bringing up how Augustus will be far away in months and that, because of that, we will struggle. “Not too far,” Augustus adds, facing me as he tries to assure me it’s not too far.

“Only coming home for winter break and summer I assume?”


“Let’s just talk about something other than the future for one,” I interrupt, trying to change the subject. I try and make my tone playful, hoping that no one realizes that I hate the subject. “Molly...I heard you sister flew in from Greece.” She nods, explaining to me that her sister is here for another week with her husband and then will be back in Europe.

“You know, Amory,” Flynn begins, causing eyes to fall onto the two of us again as my heart skips a beat. “Remember when your parents went to Greece for a week?” A scowl quickly passes across my lips. I remember too well, how Luna Willow would come and check in on me every day. It was freshmen year, and I had finally been bumped up another size in bra. I had forgotten to take my laundry up only for Flynn and his mother to walk in on me, a bright yellow bra with doughnuts as the pattern. Flynn made fun of me the next time he saw me, playfully poking fun as I am still embassies to this day.

“What happened?” Augustus asks, cocking an eyebrow. I know what Flynn is trying to do, how he wants it to sound worse than it actually is and make Auguatus uncomfortable.

“Let’s just say Amory-

“Laundry incident,” I blurt out, my cheeks becoming tinted as I turn to Augustus. “You ready to head out?”

“I need to just find my mom really quick,” Augustus answers, nodding to Molly as they know they must depart for now. “Let’s go.”

“You go find you mom, I’ll walk Amory to her car,” Flynn informs, looking to me as I give him a short glare. He needs to know that he cannot just come here and try to get his way. I am with my mate and he should respect that, not try and terrorize us. Augustus nods, waving bye to me as he heads off to find his mother, disappearing into the crowd. Looking back to Flynn, I shake my head.

“I can walk myself out just fine,” I mutter, crossing my arms as I watch Flynn roll his eyes.

“Just let me walk you out.” If it gets him off of my back I’ll do it. Taking in a deep breath, I nod, passing the future Alpha to the exit. With him following close behind me, I pace myself, trying to remind myself to stay calm as I think of Augustus. I finally have my mate. I’ve suffered for so long and now I have him, loving me, with me as we are as we are supposed to be: together. “Amory?”

Raising an eyebrow, I look over my shoulder to the future Alpha, wondering what he wants. “Amory, I know you have wanted Augustus for months, for months since you discovered he was your mate,” he pauses, taking out his keys. “Could that be blind to what is happening? Do you really think that Augustus wants you?”

I stop in my tracks, my blood boiling as I meet his green gaze. “Excuse me.”

“He’s been practically in love with that red-headed girl for months and suddenly just leaves her for his best friend!” My lips form a firm line, my wolf growling from within the hole she’s dug herself into. “Why does he suddenly give that up?”

“Because we’re mates,” I hiss, feeling my canines extend as Flynn shakes his head.

“It takes time to do what he did, not a fucking day or so.”

My hands turn to fists.

“You don’t know anything about mates!” I growl. “You don’t know what it is like to watch your mate fall helplessly in love with someone else. You don’t know that pain. Because you do not know the power of a mate bond, you will never be able to understand that Augustus chose me so fast.”

Flynn slides his hands into his pockets. “You’re right, I don’t have a mate.”

“So lay off of mine. When you find her you will know what I am experiencing,” I snap, storming off from Flynn. Getting into my car, I hit the gas, forgetting to wait for Augustus as I speed out of the parking lot.

The music. The song.

This is one of Flynn’s favorites, one he will smile to while singing along with, tap his fingers to on the wheel, and look at me from time to time with a smile.

I slam my hand on the radio button, surrounding myself in silence as my eyes begin to tear up. How could he be so rude? So careless? So miserable to deal with just because he cannot understand what a mate bond feels like?

I stop my car, locking the vehicle as I place my keys behind a stone. Getting behind a thick area of trees, I strip off my clothes, focusing on the earth before me. I focus on the smell of the fresh mud, the ground below, the sound the laws make while against the ground, and how the wind feels through your coat. Closing my eyes, I take in a deep breath, focusing upon a color.

My bones snap. My muscles pull and stretch. My teeth become sharp and kind. My skin becomes a fur coat.

I shift into my wolf.

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