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Chapter 16: One Hell of a Girl

Monday. Monday is significant for two reasons: one being that it marks that I am halfway done with this camp, and two being that I have avoided Flynn for a week. Well, not really avoided, as I know he has given me space. I know he’s tearing himself apart by giving me the space I need. But I’m not dumb for I know he will waltz his way back into my life sooner or later. After all, tonight we have a late game of capture the flag in human form. Through the thickest part of the forest will the game be underway, four teams, human form, and seen as a de-stress game for some fun.

I feel his eyes open me, how his presence fills the dinning hall the second he enters. As every other day, we all rise to our feet, letting him know that we do see him as our next Alpha, bowing our heads in respect as he enters. The second I hear his chair moving across the wooden floor, I can’t help but look up today, and just as I expected, his eyes are glued to me. Blood rushes to my cheeks and I snap my head back down to the plate before me, reminding myself of my place. As he takes his seat, as do as well, the food ready to be eaten now as we dig in.

I don’t eat, my stomach growling over and over as I stare at the egg, yogurt, and bacon before me. I am hungry, but my stomach tells me that I will throw it up the second I swallow it. Why? Because I’m nervous. Why? Because today he watches me. For the past week we have shared short glances, not staring at the other. After all, anyone with Alpha blood confessing something like that to a pack member is seen as a massive load. For someone with Alpha blood to be emotional before someone else shows great locality and respect. It shows a true friendship. A friendship that should not go further because I am chained to society and that I believe Augustus and I will not be like his parents or my uncle. We will not just reject one another. Then again, Augustus has no idea about my world or any aspect about it.

After breakfast, we head out for the day, the group that I am in following around two warriors as we practice defense in wolf form. Over the course of the afternoon, I catch glimpses of Flynn, watching as he leads groups or partakes in activities. He’s good at this stuff. He’s a good leader and protector. He will make a great Alpha one day, but I know his passion lies outside of the werewolf community and in a degree and job within the human realm. He seeks breakage from the society of tradition. Flynn believes that fate is just an option. Flynn believes fate is hard to ignore. He doesn’t know what the mate bond is like, how every night I think of Augustus and what he is up to.

By night the sun is gone, my clothing now changed as I wear black running shorts and a black tank top, my sneakers on, hair pulled back right, and ready for a game. I’m on the yellow team, a yellow glow stick around my neck like the rest of my team as we stand on the western patch of the forest, our flag hidden in a tree stretching over a small creak. The leader of our group is a girl, Meghan Woods, a future warrior for the pack and one of Flynn’s picks for his Delta. He already has his Beta picked for when he gets the Alpha title, and that boy, Cole, is on the green team. Meghan gives us our jobs, some people protecting the radius of the flag, and people like me chosen to be bait, and others to go and find the flag. Sure, bait sounds like a low blow, but I know to follow the orders.

As the dog whistle is blown by the head warrior, it piercing our ears shortly, letting us know the game has begun as we begin. The people set to find the other flags run out, some taking longer paths as others shorter ones. Meghan nods to my group, each of us heading out all alone into the forest to be bait as we take different paths from people actually after the other flags. I just hope to go back to bed without a broken limb as those are a bitch to heal.

I jump over a small steam of water, knowing some people finding the flags have taken the route of water to hide their scent. I also know I am being sent over to the blue team territory as bait where I know Flynn is directing the blue team. Hell, he’s probably heading out to find a flag, making it safer for me to be in this territory without my nerves sky rocketing.

As I reach the blue team territory, I see them, faint glow sticks as I know a rule of the game is to keep your glow stick on at all times. Taking it off wouldn’t help anyway because we have night vision thanks to being half wolf. Looking around, I take in the view before me, how the blue team members look like ants from the distance I am at, and as I’m about to charge over and surrender myself as bait for my teammates to get the flag, something seems off.

Just before I can move an inch to get the job done, my arm is grabbed, turning me around completely as I see him, his green eyes almost glowing in the darkness. Quickly he tears off my glow stick, throwing it into the ground as I see he doesn’t wear his either.

“Not now,” I snap. “We’re playing a game.”

“And you’re bait and I’ve caught you, meaning you’re out,” Flynn refutes, offering me a cocky smile as he pulls me away from the territory the game is set upon.

“Please, Flynn, just drop it an-

His hand is over my mouth, keeping me silent as he interlocks his fingers with mine, pulling me deeper into the trees as I roll my eyes. “Amory,” Flynn whispers as we come to a halt, turning around to face me as my heart clenches. “Hear me out.”

“It’s unfair,” I whisper before he can say another word. “You’re trying to terminate a relationship before it has really even begun. You’re not even giving me a chance to see what Augustus and I can be.” He shakes his head, pulling me closer as I take in a deep breath.

“Amory please listen to me.”

“I have before, Flynn,” I reply, my voice soft as I shake my head. “I’ve listened and know what you mean. I’ve listened and know that Augustus and I are mates and I need to see if we are a match.”


“When did your feeling for me even start because four weeks ago you were taking Miranda home.” Miranda, the raven-haired girl who watched him drive me home before their date.

“Prom.” I raise an eyebrow. “Prom I realized the strong girl before me who loved her mate so much that she would not interfere with her mate because he was happy with someone else. I realized you were strong, kind, brave, and so much more.” He pauses. “Miranda never made it to my house. I dropped her off after I did you, for I could not drop the emotion of hate for Augustus as I watched what he was putting you through.”

I shake my head, my eyes tearing up. “I am with Augustus and I need to see if we are going to work.”

“So you’ll think about us?” Flynn asks, a ghost smile spreading across his face.

“I’ll think about Augustus and I because he is who I am with.”

Flynn’s smile drops, his fingers once laced with mine now limp as he moves back. He’s started to build a wall between us with my words. “Amory...” Flynn trails off, his voice weak as my heart clenches.

The whistle sounds, my body jumping at the sudden high-pitched noise. One team is out, their flag collected. But who? I watch the green team retreat, someone from the blue team placing the green flag in their stash as one team is done, two more to go. The yellow team and red team are next for the blue team. “Amory, please listen to what I have to say.”

“You’ve said so much this week already, Flynn,” I respond, back in away from the future Alpha as I know soon enough his pack members will be beside him and he will have to put on a strong character. “Just let this be how things are and not jump before reaching the obstacle.”

“Amory, I lo-

“No,” I snap.

Flynn grabs my arm, pulling me back to him as I meet his gaze. He’s broken, his eyes tearing up as my heart falls to my feet. “Amory, I love you.”

I get out of his grip, storming off to my team as I leave Flynn all alone in the woods. The whistle sounds agin, this time my team out as the blue team has captured out flag. Within another twenty minutes the red team I out and I watch Flynn being carried by his teammates as he holds up the four flags in victory. And so the party begins, the blue team celebrating as the others join in, but I head back to the pack house. Looking over my shoulder as I head back into the house, I meet his gaze, his smile softly fading as sadness fils those beautiful eyes.

Flynn loves me, and I cannot say anything back. I cannot say anything back because it is unfair to Augustus.

Heading up to bed, I leave the door unlocked for my roommate, sliding into the bed after changing back into an old shirt and sweats, closing my eyes as I know the night is over for me. I have one more week left and I need to survive, not be overwhelmed. I miss Augustus, I miss him holding me as we watch a movie or laugh as we look down upon old memories. Memories we created and remember because they made us realize how much we meant to the other. Some memories are bittersweet and some memories we laugh at because of how much we felt alive those nights.

Taking in a deep breath, I put in headphones to block out the noise of the party outside, kneeing it is for the best to keep my distance. I need to respect that and respect Augustus, for he trusts me to come back to him untainted and vice versa. Letting out a sigh, I prepare for the next week ahead, Augustus on my mind as I fade away into my sleep.

There’s a small squeaking. Someone’s moving around the room as my eyes shoot wide open. I turn on the lamp beside me, sitting up right away as I’m about to give him a piece of my mind.

“Listen here-

“Amory, you look like you’ve seen a ghost,” Yvette, my roommate comments, taking a seat upon her bed. “The party is fun, everyone’s having a good time.”

“Why did you leave early?” I ask, settling back down in bed as she shrugs.

“Not my crowd really. I prefer adventures and late nights filled with that of the literary nature.” I laugh, understanding what she means as I pull the covers tightly around my body to cocoon myself. “Besides, Flynn is being weird.”

I raise an eyebrow. “How so?” I ask, looking out the window to see the future Alpha passing around a bottle of heavy liquor as a scowl crosses my face. “He’s just going to get drunk like his friends are.”

Yvette shakes her head. “I made small talk with him and he acted weird.” I raise an eyebrow. “I’ve never seen anyone with Alpha blood be on the verge of tears.” He’s weak. He’s broken. He wants me and knows he cannot have me. At least yet. Yet? “Weird, you would think he wouldn’t dare disappear any emotion like that.” I’ve seen him cry before.

“Believe me, people like him can get their heart broken,” I mumble, switching off the light as Yvette nods in agreement.

“Still, she must be one hell of a girl.”

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