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Chapter 18: The Tragedy and the Comedy

My bags are unloaded, my thair thrown up in a sloppy bun, my head pounding, and my sunglasses on to keep out the bright sun. It’s like a scene from a movie about a dystopian society, how the rebel leaves and finds a new world that they are shocked by. I feel that way, how I’ve been gone for two weeks with no connections to the outside world and now I’m back. My phone feels as if it weights a ton, the wheel of the car unusual, and the smell of my mother’s baking making me want to go ahead and get the freshman fifteen before college even starts.


I smile, turning around as I am enveloped by his arms, a kiss placed upon my forehead as my heart warms up. Sparks fly everywhere, electrifying every fiber of my being as he spins me around. By the second I’m back on my own two feet, a slow and much-needed kiss is placed upon my lips, his hands on my waist, my arms around his neck. I’ve missed him. I’ve missed his laugh, his smile, his presence in general. Hell, my wolf is bouncing off the walls of my mind right now in joy.

“I’ve missed you,” I greet, pulling away from the kiss as I meet his beautiful blue eyes. How I’ve missed looking into these eyes. How I’ve missed him. “What’s the plan tonight anyway?”

Right when I got back home I got a text from Augustus informing me to dress up and be ready at six. He came back to welcome me here, four hours till our date. “A surprise,” he whispers, looking to my gaze as my cheeks turn a pink color. “And wear a dress, not a nice shirt.” I raise an eyebrow, wondering what exactly this date is that he has in mind. If anything, just being with my mate will be enough to keep me happy.

“I like the sound of that,” I comment, releasing myself from his hold as I invite him into my house. With my parents instantly freeing Augustus like he’s their son-in-law, the twenty minutes that he is here and chatting with them makes me feel content. My parents love him and so do I.

So do I. He’s my mate after all, and I know he’s not just some temporary love story that people will swoon over. This story is not heartbreaking where the reader cries and pities me, but where the reader smiles when they think of my future with my mate. My mate, my best friend, and my everything.

“See you soon,” Augustus calls out as he heads to his car, waving bye as I do as well. As he drives off, I head back inside, a smile unable to erased from my face as my parents comment upon my mate in the dining room.

Within four hours I have my dress on, a pale peach dress that hits just below mid-thigh, a modest front, dip in the back, and emphasizes my best features as I pull on my nude wedges. Mother has pulled my hair back in a simple braid, a smile wide across my face as the clock strikes six. “Amory,” mom begins as I sit beside her before my mirror. We sit in my room, making eye-contact through the mirror as I feel the atmosphere grow tense. “Mates a truly a wonderful thing to have. Your father and I love one another, but it’s not the mate bond that did that. The bond brought us together and we simply fell in love.” I raise an eyebrow as she takes a seat beside me, meeting my gaze without the mirror as my heart skips a beat. “Some mates don’t understand that. Some mates don’t understand that you can easily fall out of love.”

Flynn. It’s as if I’m talking to Flynn all over again.


“Yes?” I ask, my throat running dry as the doorbell rings.

“Made a wise decision. Augustus is a great guy, but he is just a boy, he’s not a god that can hand you the world on a gold plate. He’s-

“He’s human,” I cut her off, taking in a deep breath. “And I love him.”

She nods, helping me to my feet as we head for the door. As I reach the front door, I can sense him, I can sense that he is nervous. Once the door is pulled open, I’m shocked, a massive arrangement of flowers ranging in pinks to whites to yellows are before me tied with a beautiful pastel green bow. “Augustus,” I gasp, taking ahold of the flowers to reveal his face, a smile plastered on his face with two dimples. His blond hair is neatly combed back, a simple pale-blue plaid, button-up shirt on, a nice pair of jeans, and his father’s Camaro parked outside. He’s ready for a beautiful date.

My mother takes the flowers from me after I thank him, mother putting them in a case as an arm wraps around my waist. Waving goodbye to my parents, we head out, Augustus opening the door for me as I slide into the car. “You went full out,” I comment as he gets in, placing a soft kiss upon my lips as he hands me an envelope.

“You’re mother told me that you love King Lear.” Shakespeare. My favorite play and he got ticked to a Shakespearian company in the nearby city. “I figured you’d love to see it on our date.”

“You were right,” I reply, interlocking our fingers as the soft pure of the engine and his presence is all I need for a relaxing evening and amazing date.

Within four hours we are walking along the riverside, the brick path before us running along the local river as bridges cross over for people like us taking a late-night stroll. There are some couples walking as well, a few friends, and some families. Some people stop at local cafés for a small dessert or a drink, others take seats as they admire the city lights reflected in the water. It’s beautiful tonight.

Augustus laughs as we talk about an old story from two years back when he was trying out for the football team. He never made it past tryouts, but he made his name stick with the coach even till graduation after he had fallen flat on his face after the first mile run, had an asthma attack, acted like it was nothing, and accidentally ate the wrong protein bar as he had an allergic reaction to the peanuts. Never the brightest kid of the school, but he was kind and loving, which made people adore him for who he was. Outspoken about being a klutz, smart, funny, and a sweetheart, he’s the boy every girl wanted to take him and introduce to her parents. He’s the boy I now take home and introduce to my parents not as my best friend, but as my boyfriend. Flynn is not the boy you take home and introduce to your parents, especially if you’re human. Flynn is not who parents would really welcome with a warm smile. Yet mine did. Mine did because they see he is no harm.

“I never really wanted to try out,” he explains, shaking his head as a soft smile crosses his face. “I tried out because my dad played for the school and I wanted to prove to him I could do something.”

I laugh. “That landed you in the hospital,” I point out as we take a seat at a table that overlooks the city. Skyscrapers rise high into the night sky, not a single song of our town as the bright lights outshine any sign of the small town. “I want to ask you a really weird question.” Augustus nods, motioning for me to ask away. “Don’t think me to be weird, but what do you think about the supernatural?”

He raises an eyebrow. “The show?” I shake my head. “The supernatural like vampires, fairies, and witches?” I wanted to add in my face, but I keep my mouth shut, just nodding my head for him to get on with his answer. “Sure, I mean, they’re fun to scare people with for stories or Halloween, but they’re just silly stories.”

I nod, tilting my head to the side. “What about you?”

I think carefully about what I’m going to say. “We picture monsters in very different ways. Vampires for example, pale skin, sharp teeth, and red eyes. They were created long ago for stories, but you’ve also got to think we’re they based off of a creature.”

“You’re implying that every monster created must of had some inspiration?” Augustus clarifies as I nod my head. “A werewolf is just a human and wolf creature. Vampires would have more background behind the creature, but werewolves are just some made-up creature that stuck with people.”

If only he knew the irony of his words. All I would have to do is let my wolf take over and he would see a brown wolf before is very eyes replacing his girlfriend. It just takes one little blink of an eye.

“How about I ask you something now,” Augustus changes the subject. He’s not ready to know the truth yet. “What do you think about taking day off from town and heading to the beach?” It’s a four hour drive. I would be with Augustus for four hours one way and going to the beach. “There’s a group going from our class and I was wondering if you would want to go?”

I don’t hesitate. “Of course!” He smiles, taking ahold of my hands as we fill the night with conversations about the future and the past. The past holds bitter memories and sweet memories. The future holds bitter memories and sweet memories. “Who is all going?”

“A group of about twenty,” he informs, leaning back in his chair as I do the same. We look out upon the night, fingers interlocked, and with one another as it should be. “It’s in three days.”

“Count me in,” I add.

Within ten minutes we are back to his car, Augustus helping me in as I kick off my heels for the night, blisters already present. Sometimes being a woman can suck ass. As Augustus hops in and pulls out of the parking garage, we hit a red light, and I take no time to waste as I pull him in for a short and soft kiss. The second the light turns green, I move back, Augustus driving off as a small smile spreads across his face.

“You’re perfect, Amory,” he whispers. “You’re sweet, caring, kind, independent, trusting, loyal, funn-

“And you are perfect too, Augustus,” I say, tilting my head to the side.

“Every time I touch you, it feels as if my heart is about to break out of my chest and my body feels alive.” The mate bond. I cannot tell him yet, but soon he will know. Soon he will meet my wolf and we will face hardships. “Please tell me you feel something like that.”

I nod. “Any simple touch results in sparks as cliché as it sounds.”

He nods, briefly looking my way as we drive on the silent highway. “I felt dead without you in town for the last two weeks. It was eating me alive every night to know I had no way to contact you.”

I lied. I had lied and I feel only guilt right now. Guilt not because I cannot tell him where I was, but also because Flynn kissed me. And I kissed him.

I cannot keep steady around these two. I cannot keep my head on straight around these two. Augustus is my best friend and mate....and what is Flynn to me? Who is Flynn to me? No, he’s not some attention or random person I hang around. No, he’s not just in my life because he’s the Alpha or the heartthrob of the school. He’s around me because....because I don’t know. Every second I’m in my car, I think of him, how he watches the road ahead, how he taps his fingers to a song, how he sings the chorus and smiles. Every time I’m in the pack house, I think of him. Every time I’m in my room, I think of him, how he will confess his heartbreak to me and I will comfort him. He cannot leave my mind. Those hunter green eyes have cursed me.

Have damned me to the point of no return.

As we pull before my house and Augustus kisses me goodnight, I watch as Augustus drives away. A piece of me wishes it was not Augustus that had taken me out, but a boy with green eyes.

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