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Chapter 4: Hit and Run

The end of the week could not come faster. With my final transcripts to be sent out to my college in a week and finals starting in three days, I know my days are counting down. As for the rest of my senior class, they are more than happy to get out of high school, ready just as I am to break free and never look back. But they have different motives for why they plan on never looking back. Their’s are because a future awaits them of excitement and living in the past of high school can only weigh one down. As for me, I need to break free from here because the chains around my feet burn through my skin every second. I cannot look back because it reminds me one of the toughest moments I’ve ever experienced and am still suffering through: my mate falling in love with someone. Someone other than me.

Molly strolls through the classroom, taking a seat next to me as I question her. She’s never sat next to me in Econ and quite frankly, I’m not her biggest fan. Sure, Molly is impossible to hate, but she has hurt me with no idea. “Hey,” she greets, offering me a joyful smile as I examine her for the day. Her ginger hair is curled with her bangs braided back, her attire consists of a blush pink blouse and jean shorts, and her overall persona for the day is joyful. I’ve never seen this girl cry nor yell. I’ve never seen her suffer like I have, never face rejection, never feel mental pain. She’s always strong, she’s perfect. She’s the perfect girl for someone, but she can’t be for Augustus. Augustus is my perfect match and boy, yet he is not mine. At least not now. Not yet. Maybe one day he will come around, maybe one day he won’t introduce me as his best friend...but his girlfriend, or even wife. Maybe one day. Maybe one day the sun will come out and shine light in my life as my patience and pain is paid off.

But fate is a tricky individual. A tricky idea.

“So I was wondering if you’d like to come to a party tonight. Augustus was going to ask you, but he couldn’t find you at lunch so I volunteered.” I hate it. I hate how she is all his and I cannot do a thing about it. I hate that ai cannot hate this girl who is falling in love with the man I am supposed to have. I hate how he holds her and kisses her, I am jealous of their every second together. I am jealous that she gets all of him and I have nothing but a friendship. “He really wants you to come you know,” she comments, causing me to raise an eyebrow. “Augustus says you’ve been distant and he misses you at parties.”

I stopped going because she was always by his side, always holding his hand as people commenting on how cute of a couple they are.

“Please do it for him. He really misses you hanging out.” He misses me. He does miss me...but he doesn’t realize that he misses me because we are perfect for each other. “Do it for him.”

He wants me there. He is my mate and he wants me around him, even if he doesn’t understand that we are meant to be. This means that the mate bond is not just a fictional aspect, but there is a pull. But he thinks he misses me because we are best friends, not because we are perfect together.

“I’ll try,” I reply, looking back to the teacher as class starts up and I’m left alone to my thoughts. After a quiz and final remarks from the teacher, I pack up quickly, dreading to run into Molly once more as I rush out of the room. As I head down the hallway and take two left turns to avoid running into Augustus, I run into a sight I’m not too found of seeing: Flynn and another male in a fight. They other is human, getting a pounding as Flynn lands another punch right into the boy’s jaw.

“What the hell!” I shout, running over just as Flynn is about to punch the poor guy again. This one is human, meaning Flynn could easily kill him. We have rules within our pack, ones about fighting humans, how we should never use our full power upon them or we will get in massive trouble. “Let him go,” I snap, grabbing Flynn’s arm just as he recoils it.

The human’s eyes widen, his nose bloody and his eyebrow cut as well. He looks like a mess unlike Flynn, whose only sign of blood comes from his knuckles due to the human. He’s mad. The future Alpha is mad, but why? What did this human do or say to push his buttons? “What the hell is wrong with you,” I snap, lightly slapping the Alpha to keep his wolf from surfacing and put his attention on me.

Flynn tries to control his breathing as I look to the human, a junior that’s part of band. I’ve talked to him once during a fire drill but I don’t recall his name. Whatever he did to Flynn must of been bad. “Move along,” I order, watching as he nods his head, running off as I turn back to the angry alpha male. “What’s wrong with you!? He’s merely a human!”

Flynn rolls his eyes, grabbing his backpack as he heads for the boy’s locker room. He thinks he can just get out of this. I know full well that no one is in the locker room, so I follow Flynn, watching as he pulls off his hoodie and places his backpack down on a bench. “What did the human do?” Those dark green eyes meet my own and I’m warned off. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I watch as Flynn washes off his knuckles, releasing a deep breath as I lean against a cold locker.

“It’s not business to concern yourself with,” he mumbles, avoiding eye contact now as he grabs his navy hoodie, pulling it back over his gray shirt as I get a peek at the abs hidden under that shirt. “Just go to class, Amory.”

“Flynn, you could of seriously hurt yourself. You hardly get into fights and knowing that piece of information I know it has to of been-”

“Why?! Why the hell do you concern yourself with conflicts that you are not part of, Amory?!” Flynn growls, the lockers shaking as my skin pales. “You have no play in my life so why do you care?!”

Why is he doing this? Why is he speaking to me like this when yesterday he helped me our? Why is he talking to me like this when I’ve helped him out multiple times?

“Why do you care so much about me?” He asks, his voice demanding as his wolf begins to surface. My eyes well up with tears, my stomach turning into a mess of knots as my throat drys. “Tell me, Amory, why do you give a damn?”

Using the back of my hand, I wipe away a tear, backing up to the door of the locker room.

“Maybe because my mate and best friend is falling in love with someone else as I sit back and watch. Maybe because no one but you has comforted me in this time. Maybe because you’re one of my only friends!” I cry, opening up the door as I look over my shoulder to Flynn. “Maybe because I thought you cared about me and we were friends. Friends care for one another and I thought I was repaying the help you’ve given me, so excuse me for trying to be a friend,” I snap, slamming the or behind me as the hallway is empty before me.

By the end of the day I’m laying down upon my bed, my head spinning with questions about the upcoming month or so. Mom and dad went out for the night on a date, telling me dinner was in the fridge and telling me that they loved me. Love. What even is love? Will I even get a chance to ever experience it because it looks like I can’t even get my mate to simply think about me as more than a friend. There’s a party tonight, one that Augustus wants me to attend. He misses me and this party is a chance to show him that I care, to show him that he not only wants, but also needs my company. But Augustus is in love. My mate is in love with someone other than me.

Hell, everyone is going against me. I thought Flynn was a friend, I thought he cared for my wellbeing...but when I tried to aid him he pushed me away. He pushed me away just as everyone does.

Getting up, my feet turn cold against the wooden floor and I make my way to my closet. Pulling open the door, I search for an outfit for the night, knowing it will be a party filled with drinking, smoking, games, and heartbreak. I’ve come to accept heartbreak every awakening moment of my days that I am still tied down to this town. As I pull on a pair of jean shorts and a navy blouse, I’m set up already for failure tonight as I slide on my shoes and pull my hair up in a bun. I’m ready to get my heart broken tonight, but I’m already to show Augustus that needs me around. That we need one another. But how? How can I do that when Molly is by his side and he loves her. How do you make someone fall out of love without feeling like the biggest jerk to ever walk the earth? I have no idea how, but I know fate has placed us together.

Grabbing my keys from the kitchen counter, I head out the house, hopping into my car as I read my head back on the seat. Tonight I have no idea what to expect except for seeing Molly and Augustus look at each other as if they are mates. As my headlights are switched on and I pull out of the driveway, my eyes are locked on the road, the darkness of the night surrounding me as I plug in the address. I have two tasks tonight: to not run into Flynn and to show Augustus that he needs me to live. Maybe my goals in life should be higher, but for now, they are all that matter to me.

I need to push Flynn’s rejection as a friend from my mind and focus on Augustus, because he is who I am to love. He is my perfect match, even if he doesn’t see it.

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