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Chapter 6: Roundhouse Rival

She watches me closely, taking in every small movement I make as she sits in the back. How her eyes are locked on me let’s me know that something is off, that the small conversations we had will soon change, and that she sees me differently now. No longer does she think of me as her boyfriend’s best friend, but now as someone to be cautious of. Ever since Friday night, ever since a week ago, all she has done is watched and be like a predator observing their prey before the kill. Little does Molly know that in this jungle called high school, I am one of the predators that lurks and waits. I am a predator, I’m a predator of the moon that is still hunted down. Years and years ago hunts would take place after my kind, myths were formed, and horror stories were told.

I am a predator. She is not. I am the predator that is watching my prey slowly lead my mate to her. However, I’ve watched as my mate falls endlessly in love with her. The last thing I want is drama, but I want my mate. I want to stop suffering. I don’t want to feel weak and pathetic. I can’t just go and tell Augustus. I can’t go up to him, reject him, and give him no explanation for what I mean or the heartbreak he will undergo. When rejection occurs, only pain will follow, it’s something I will have to accept if I do reject him.

As the bell rings, I rush out of class, holding my head high as I know in two days I will receive my diploma and be free. Within three months I will be in college, two states away, in Florida, and starting a new chapter in my life. Maybe with Augustus being rejected, or maybe with him still holding my heart as he simply doesn’t notice it. That text he sent me, he was nervous, he was scared. Scared why? Scared because he felt something. He felt those spark some, the feeling of his heart speeding up, the mate bond that brings mates together. He’s scared because he didn’t regret kissing me, and because of that, he’s afraid that his relationship with Molly is threatened. Even she sees it.

She sees me as an opponent now. Maybe she will put it behind her, but she’s mad. She’s mate because Augustus and I shared one kiss.

Once out of the school building, my heart only drops to my feet as I spot Flynn. I haven’t chatted with him since he told me off, he told me to forget about it and left. I thought he was a friend. I thought he could help me in my darkest moments. He’s not with a girl, nor a friend, or anyone, but he’s by my car, his parked beside mine as he sits on the hood of his, those eyes locked on mine. My wolf feels submissive already as our future Alpha watches us like a hawk. I am more afraid of Flynn than Molly. I don’t think he would ever hurt me, but I know he holds authority over me and Molly only holds jealousy.

“Amory,” Flynn greets, watching as I unlock my car and put my backpack in the back seat. “How are you last days in school coming along?” Small chat that will soon end and a conversation will begin. “Happy you’ll be out soon, overjoyed? Relieved?”

Slamming the back door shut, I turn to Flynn, my jaw clenched. “Happy,” I mumble, crossing my arms as Flynn quickly glances back to the school and then to me. “What’s the purpose of this conversation, Flynn, there has to be some catch?”

“A catch?” He asks, a lopsided smile gracing his face as I lean against my car.

“Please, Flynn, the last time we talked you practically kicked me out and told me we were not even friends.”

“It’s hard to explain-”

“I need a friend, Flynn, one who doesn’t pity me every moment of my life. I need a friend who will make me smile, not cry. You were that friend,” I snap, Flynn’s eyebrows furrowing together as I tell the future alpha off. He’s not happy with how I’m talking to him, but he understands.

“Friends?” He begins, shaking his head. “Friends do look out for one another and aid the other in their darkest moments, but friends have a connection.” I await his next words. “We have no connection.”


I land one strong punch to his face, hearing the cracking of bone as I do so. Flynn is thrown off of his car by the force, landing upon the ground as attention is drawn to us. “Go to hell,” I snap, hopping into my car as the future alpha gets up from the ground, glaring at me as I drive off. I’ve just disrespect the future Alpha...that means I’ve just signed myself up for a living hell. Flynn gets up, charging at my car as my wolf feels submissive. I should of never have done that.

I drive, my tires screeching as Flynn only holds a cold glare at me. My phone rings, the familiar ringtone echoing throughout the vehicle as my throat runs dry. He’s mad. He has a reason to be. Declining, the call, I take a sharp left turn, knowing better than to head back home. Just as silence fills the car once again, the ringtone starts up again, this time a different ringtone sounding.

“Augustus,” I greet, knowing that this conversation will be difficult to commit to. “What’s up?” I ask, coming to a stop as I’m parked before a small look out of the town.

“Can you come over, Amory, please?” Augustus asks, practically begging for me to come over. I don’t think on it, knowing that my mate is in need of something rather important. I have to be there for my mate, even if they are not mine. Yet. Taking my car back, I find myself driving through the familiar streets of town, already knowing the directions inside and out.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, taking another right turn as the familiar houses line the street. “School? Family?”


Relationship troubles. I’m screwed.

“I’ll be there soon.” Hanging up, I drive for ten more minutes, soon arriving at the house of Augustus and his family. A picture of perfection with the suburb house, two stories, tall windows, a SUV out front, Camaro, and truck in the driveway, and a white picket fence. Augustus’s family has always been seen as perfection, the doctor husband and nurse wife, a dog, and a son who has big plans in the future. But it wasn’t that that made Augustus perfect in my eyes. His smile was the first thing to draw me in before we were mates, his kindness, his caring features, his humor, and so much more.

Getting out of the car, I head for the front door, knocking twice as I wait patiently. As the door opens, Augustus stands before me, his hair a mess of blond locks, bags under his eyes, and his clothes winkled. “What’s going on? You look like shit?”

Augustus laughs shortly. “I could say the same for you,” he comments, motioning to my dark bags and unbrushed hair all pulled back in a bun. We both look like shit. I don’t know why he does and he has no idea why I do. “Come in.”

I follow Augustus up the familiar wooden stairs, his dog greeting me as usual as we walk down the hall. As he opens the white door to his room, I can smell her. Molly is all over his room, her scent everywhere from her being here too often. It’s as if the room reeks of her.

With the door shut behind us, I watch as Augustus takes a seat at the foot of his bed, raising an eyebrow as I lean against the dark green walls. “What’s up with you lately?” He asks. “You’re not a stranger, come here.” I usually would sit beside him, cracking a joke or showing me something from the day on his phone.

“I’m fine here.”

He tilts his head, confused at my actions as I rather move to his desk, sitting at the chair there. “What did you call me about? What’s up with Molly?”

Augustus shakes his head, letting out a deep breath as he grabs his phone. Running his fingers along the screen, he looks up to me under his eyelashes. “She’s...we’ve had a small fight and are on a break.” My wolf perks up, telling me to take advantage of this moment, to show him my true feeling and claim him as ours. But that is wrong. He’s in a time of need, a time of need for a friend. He needed and friend and that is why I am here. I am the friend he called and by making a move upon him, that would be manipulating him.

“What went wrong?” I ask, crossing my arms as Augustus shrugs his shoulders.

“She’s been talking about you.” My eyes widen. “About how we are together too much and it doesn’t seem like I’m fully involved in our relationship.” Augustus gets up from the bed, placing his phone done.

“It’s because of that party,” I explain, my posture becoming stuff as Augustus stands a foot away from me. “She should know I oppose no threat to your relationship.”

Augustus slides his hands into his pockets, nodding as he looks down at me with those eyes. Goddess those eyes that reel me in and make me want to claim him as mine. I want Molly out of the picture.

“Give her time,” I add. “Give Molly some time, maybe send we flowers one day. She will come back.” I cannot allow my mate to become miserable. I cannot manipulate my mate. “She will put it behind her and so will you.”

Getting to my feet, I’m about to head for the door, only for Augustus to stop me. “Did that kiss mean nothing to you?”

He has me in checkmate. I cannot lie to him yet I cannot watch him become manipulated and risk a relationship that makes him happy. “What does that have to do with anything?” I question, turning around to face Augustus.

“Answer the question, Amory, or I will come to a conclusion. What did the kiss mean to you? Did it mean nothing?”

My throat becomes dry and my mouth does as well, my palms becoming sweaty as I know I cannot lie. I cannot lie to Augustus. “You want to know the entire truth?” He nods. I run a stressful hand through my hair. “The truth,’s....” I lose my words, my body becoming overheated as my mind runs through thousands of possibilities. “The truth is that it was just a dare. It was part of a game and you played the game. You took the dare and I understand.”

Augustus nods, his eyes showing sadness as I head back for the door. Pulling it open, he doesn’t say another word. I run from the room almost, quickly walking down the stairs as I head right for the front door. Just as I reach the front porch as my Prius comes to view, I hear him come after me.

“Amory,” he calls out, my head turning as I look over my shoulders. “I know that’s a lie.”

He’s right, it was a lie, but I could not take advantage of his state of mind if I told him the truth. I could not risk taking advantage of my mate, I could not make Augustus suffer.

“If that’s what you believe,” I respond.

“Would you ever lie to me, Amory?” Augustus asks, concern in his eyes as I unlock my car.

I don’t answer, rather hoping into my car and driving away. All I ever do is run from my problems. I never have the guts to face them. I never do.

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