Hidden fantasy book 1 (The city of a thousand races)

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The god king, the single most powerful king is dead. And now its up to a criminal hunter and a boy to save the world. Ezra's life changes when he meets a famous criminal hunter by the name magnus black or as people like to call him THE SHADOW SLAYER.

Fantasy / Adventure
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problems of the night



It wasn’t the first time a fight had ignited at Graysville Town’s favorite drinking spot, Shandy’s Pub. Old man John had to kick someone again. This time it was an intoxicated young man in a long dark overcoat. His face was covered by his black hair and his lightning blue eyes by his red sun glasses.

He immediately stood up, reached into his overcoat and took out a bottle of whisky he stole from the pub. He then hobbled down the alley, sipping it.

As he continued through the alley, a strange sound reached his ears. He immediately noticed someone behind him.

“You guys really decided to come at this time huh,” he said reluctantly, as he imbibed the achoholic drink. “You guys really are persistent” he remarked, gulping in more . “You’ve failed in all your attempts to capture me, why do you think you’ll succeed today,” he said proudly.

Before he could say another word, his voice was completely drowned by the echoing sound of the footsteps approaching slowly from the shadows of the dark alley.

He turned to see a tall man in a grey overcoat. His intense dark eyes could be seen even from the cowboy hat he was wearing.

“Magnus Black of house Black,” the man said in a sinister voice. “Or do you prefer the shadow slayer?” the voice continued.

“I have to say I was really shocked when I saw you,”. “So the chambermen really sent an imperial knight to capture me huh?” Magnus said.“Then I must be really important,”.“I must say, I’m truly honored,"

Magnus being out-numbered, heard a familiar voice in the sky. He instantly knew who it was and what to do. As the voice drew nearer and nearer, It formed a bird. It was Magnus’s black falcon, Daia.

The federal hunters and the imperial knight saw the bird and straightaway knew what Magnus was about to do.

They disappeared through a shadow in the alley, and appeared through another closest to him. But as they drew nearer, he grabbed Daia and disappeared through another shadow behind him saying, “sorry boys, better luck next time.”

The imperial knight didn’t even move an inch. He reached for a cigar in his pocket, lit it up and begun to smoke as he watched Magnus vanish.

“Damn! we lost him again,” the federal hunters said frustratingly.

“You guys really are pathetic,” the imperial knight said proudly.

He immediately whistled, and from the cold dark skies appeared a white eagle with piercing red eyes. It was the imperial knight’s huntspet. This wasn’t an uncommon event, since hunters are given huntspets when they enter into any hunting institution.

“Now let’s go after him,” he said in a sinister voice.

From the dark shadows of Danes Street’s alley appeared Magnus and Daia.

“Well that was fun,” he said to Daia, as he adjusted his sun glasses.

And it would seem Daia also agrees with him from the way she chirped. She immediately flew off the shoulders of Magnus into the cold dark skies. On his way out of the alley, Magnus hears another voice. This time a familiar one.

“I can’t believe you’ve still not been captured,” the voice said.

“Well, I wouldn’t be the number - one slayer if I was captured that easily would I,” he questioned as he walked closer to the voice. “What do you want Naomi?” Magnus asked.

“There’s been a serious tragedy,” her tone suddenly changed as she came out of the darkness.

“Well I couldn't care less,” He said as he walked pass her.

“The god king is dead, Magnus,” she continued, turning to his direction, the wind constantly blowing her endearing black hair onto her snow white face.

Magnus’s footsteps came to an immediate halt. For a second everything around him froze and his surroundings became so ghostly quiet that he could hear his own heartbeat. He brushed off the shocking look on his face and turned to Naomi.

“I’m shocked,” he said sarcastically.

“It’s no joking matter Magnus and you know it,” Naomi said agitatedly.

“And I told you, I could care less,” Magnus said as he continued his walking.

Just before Magnus could catch a glimpse of the lively Danes streets, Naomi immediately reached for a note in her pocket and called him. He turned to see a note in her hands.

His lightning blue eyes gazed upon the enchanting golden crest on the note and instantly knew it was a royal note.

“He told me to give you this,” she said as she stretched her hands in his direction.

He reluctantly took the note, opened it and begun to read.

I have lived to see generations go and come like the waves of the sea. But now death has finally caught up with me. But as I go to meet my ancestors, I need you to heed to my request. I need you to find a boy who goes by the name Ezra. For he is the one who can help quench the raging war. He has no knowledge of our existence nor of what he can do. Find him before they do Magnus, else there will be no hope of quelling what is to come.

After reading, his mood suddenly changed.

“That damn old man,” he muttered, as he folded the piece of writing into the pocket of his overcoat.

“The council of lords now know of the existence of the god king’s child,” Naomi chipped in.

“And each council lord has now gathered the necessary resources to find the child,” She continued, as her beautiful brown eyes stared at Magnus.

"Sneaky old bastard," Magnus sighed, running his hands through his face.

“Well then I guess I’ll have to find him first,” he sighed and said.

“Wait, really?” she said in surprise.

“Why did you accept this task so easily,”

“You could have just said no,” she continued.

"And knowing you, 'no' should have been your automatic response," she proposed.

“Well,” he grunted, scratching his untidied hair. “Let’s just say I owe him a favor,” he said as he began walking towards the bright blissful streets of Danes.

“Oh, and by the way where are those hunters chasing you?” she asked as she watched Magnus go out onto the streets. “I mean, they should be here by now, right?” she continued, wondering what had happened to the imperial knight and the federal hunters.

“Well, let just say, Daia and I tricked them a little,” he said happily as he continued his walk.

“Later, hunting professor Naomi,” he teased.

Naomi shook her head and smiled. She then turned and entered into a shadow the moon had casted in the alley.

“Later Magnus,” she voiced out, just before she shadowported.

In the dark woods of raven heights was the imperial knight and the federal hunters. They’d searched the entire dark woods but couldn’t find any trace of Magnus.

“He tricked us, didn’t he?” one of the exhausted federal hunters said, his mouth opened and facing the ground trying to grasp some air.

“I thought you said we had him,” another said, this time facing the imperial knight.

The stern look on the imperial knight’s face was alone enough to keep him quiet. Flashing back on the event that had taken place. “It was suspicious why Magnus waited for his falcon before shadowporting,” the imperial knight thought.“He could have just vanished and his pet would have found him” the imperial knight assumed.

After analyzing the entire event, the imperial knight came to a conclusion that, “Daia was an anti-tracing huntspet. And for that reason Magnus needed to shadowport with him in other to negate the tracking alchemy technique the imperial knight used.”

“Let’s go” he said after he came to a conclusion. And without hesitation, they all immediately disappeared through shadows of trees casted by the brilliant moon.

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