War of Roses Prophecy Wars Book 1

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Dragons, magic and a war to end all wars. When a princess decides to ride into battle with her people things can get ugly. The worst thing about war is people usually die. Lateri is a princess of the Drakkin, a humanoid race of magic users who soul bond with dragons. After the death of her parents by blood thirsty rogue dragons she vows to protect her people and fight for their freedom; destroying all rogues to threaten them. Until one encounter turns her life upside down. She always thought love had no place in war, no place in her heart. But she learns love is the only thing really worth fighting for.

Fantasy / Adventure
JD Gross
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Dark shapes loomed on the horizon and like a flood of death it came, oozing over the glittering sun until only darkness resided on the line between heaven and earth. As the inky blackness drew closer, one could see the sea of many dark scaly wings moving up and down almost like a cloud of an oncoming plague. If one had been standing on the top of the tallest tower of the castle Draakar, where one beast ended and where another began would have been indistinguishable. The first beast in the cloud was a regale being, and other than being the largest of all the others, he was the only one being of a shimmering golden color. His hide glimmered in the dying light like a golden tear, shed before the end of all things.

A single knight watched them come ever closer with a great rage rising from deep within his being. “No, I order you to stop!” His stern voice commanded, crying out to the dark mass of flying creatures. The tall figure clad in black-steel armor stood on a grassy hill overlooking a giant grey-stone castle, which stood rearing majestically above the tree line. The flight of dragons winged toward him, seemingly oblivious to his shouted orders. They were much too important to busy themselves with a mortal man while they had a mission from the lips of the Overlords themselves! The dragon heading the rest however, the large gold, glared down at the shouting man and back winged, snorting an angry cloud of smoke out of his nostrils.

We do not take orders from you, foolish Winged.” He hissed, opening its maw wide to show tiny lightning bolts dancing over the ivory fangs. The dragon’s forked tongue curled as it growled loudly, angered at being disrupted from his mission.

The man narrowed his crimson eyes and reached for his sword, hanging at his left hip. “Then why did you come to this place when I told you to? Or were you only using me to get to the royal family?”

The gold dragon nodded his great horned head and snarled, pumping his huge wings to stay aloft directly before the soldier. “You are correct in thinking that you were a tool. You are foolish to believe that you can control the doings of dragons; no moral creature is able to.” The many dragons now circled the huge gold, anxiously awaiting the order to attack. He brought his head down so that his acrid breath hit the soldier directly in the face as he snapped his jaws. “But we shall now attack the castle and destroy the abominations as was agreed. Do not try to stop us again, foolish Winged.”

Drawing his sword, which made an angry hiss as it was pulled free from the sheath, the Winged man crouched before the glowering behemoth. “I will not allow you to do harm to anyone of this village or this castle. The one I love resides within.”

Well then, that gives us more of a reason to leave this place and never return.” He growled savagely, the statement dripping with sarcasm. Than the beast threw back its head and laughed, a sound like that of thunder crashing. “Do we look like elves? Beings who take pity on babes and lovers? No, Winged, we shall destroy this place until nothing remains but a smoldering pile of rubble. Then, because of your insolence, we shall destroy your entire race as well, saving you for last; and then we will send you to the Overlords for a play-thing!

“Fight me!” He shouted heatedly, white wings of light growing from his shoulder blades. “I shall not allow you to pass me and destroy them… You may only pass if I lay dead at your feet.”

The dragon shook its head and shot a lightning bolt at the feet of the Winged, almost like a warning. The dragon’s emerald eyes glimmered angrily with an internal fire as he spoke ominously. “Steel cannot bite through my scales. But, if you must try before I kill you, than go ahead. I am feeling generous…” With these words still reverberating through the air the dragon swooped down and landed gracefully, creating shock wave and shaking the knight to his very bones.

As soon as the great beast’s claws touched the ground, the knight attacked; with a roar of rage and a single word, the man swung his blade up toward the beast’s neck. With a snarl of surprise, the great gold dragon retracted his head, a chest-plate having been cleanly sliced in half. “How?” He flared his nostrils angrily and dug his razor claws into the ground as his chest plate fell between his feet. “How could your mortal blade penetrate my scales?

At this, the Winged allowed an evil grin to graciously curve the corners of his lips, than answered simply. “A spell, foul beast; I am able to use magic. I may be mortal, but I am not helpless!”

Angrily, the golden dragon lunged at the man and snapped his maw, trying to catch any body part between his gleaming teeth. “You shall die insolent mortal! No one shall make a fool of me and live!

Deftly, the figure darted out of the way of the dragon’s snapping jaws and dragged his blade across the creature’s flesh, spilling its dark crimson blood. It roared in rage, its great pride hurt more than its body. Encircling the man’s body with its thick tail, the dragon laughed and brought his prey up to his eye level. “You lose; and now so shall whoever you are protecting in that castle.” The entire flight of dragons circling them turned their attention to the stone castle with glimmering eyes of malice and hate. Jaws parted wide in grotesque grins of anticipation for the blood-bath soon to follow. “Attack…”

“No!” The knight shouted, fighting with all his might to escape the creature’s grip. It seemed that all was lost until strange words of magic suddenly leapt to his lips. There was an arch of dark blood as an invisible blade of power cleaved through the dragon’s tail, dropping the severed half and the Winged to the ground. The severed appendage flopped in the grass before withering into dust. The man leapt into the air and hefted his bloodstained sword high above his head just as the golden dragon raised his head to the sky, yowling in pain.

The knight yelled again as he brought his weapon down, the entire blade swirling with powerful magic; it cleaved easily through his enemy’s thick neck armor and flesh beyond. As he landed, the Winged spun away as the golden head fell between the dragon’s front claws in a steaming torrent of blood. To the knight’s horror the order for the attack had already been called, before he had killed the dragon and the other creatures had acted swiftly upon it. The death of their leader did not seem to deter them. The castle was now completely surrounded, almost hidden by the pulsing sea of wings. As he watched, he beheld the fall of the majestic castle, and his heart shattered like glass for the enviable loss of his dearest to his heart. Brokenly, he sank to one knee and laid his bloodied sword on the ground before him. A single tear rolled down his pale cheek as he watched the dark cloud dissipate, leaving a pile of grey rubble where the castle had once stood.

“Forgive me, my love… I have failed you and your family…” He murmured brokenly, his head falling down weakly. “I might as well be as dead as you…” He closed his eyes as another silvery tear rolled down his face. Suddenly, there was a loud hiss behind him. Casting a glance over his shoulder, the soldier saw that the source of the sound was a formidable black dragon, apparently thirsting for more mortal flesh on which to dine. Its dark eyes sparkled as it crept closer, its gaze locked with that of the knight. But instead of fighting, the man merely turned back to look at the remains of the grand castle. The beast loomed closer, acid dripping from its open maw. The last thing the tormented knight felt was a sharp pain on the back of his neck before all went numb.

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