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Chapter 7

He sings from desperation.

So many years has he journeyed alone. He has at times felt the presence of others like him, but they have never acknowledged him. He remembers from long ago, when he was a tiny youngling, that there were many like him. They passed their lives together, living in companionship and singing together.

Yet no one sings with him.

The years pass. He ages. He feels the wind on his skin, the water cool against him. He feels the ships pass near. He sings at the storms and thrashes in his solitude.

And then, a single call. One word out of the void.


Joy suffuses him. He strains to answer, injecting that one word--Companion--with all the longing and loneliness and hope that is in him. But he is denied. He is pushed away.

Undiscouraged, he calls again, but again she denies him.

But he will not be ignored. He cannot be ignored. He follows the call, singing his journey to her.

His solitude has been shattered, and he will not allow it to build up again.

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