Alpha's Mermaid

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We're going to get my kingdom back and Varun is going to get what he deserves for killing my mother and my Queen." ~ "Yeah and I still don't want people to know, not yet anyways." When Melody's mother, Queen of the mermaids, is murdered, Melody must flee. Moving in with her father, the Alpha of the Cordelia Pack, Melody must find a way to save her kingdom. As Princess of Serenity, Melody must fight to de-throne her evil uncle. Melody tries to live a normal life to hide from her Uncle Varun. She lives with her father, and attends the Ocean Moon Pack's high school. As she attends school with the wolves from the Ocean Moon pack, she finds her mate and some friends. Nicholas is the Alpha of the Ocean Moon Pack and Melody's mate. Will her mate help her defeat her evil uncle and save her kingdom or will he reject her because he thinks she's a weak human?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: Escape


“Mom! No!” I swim over to my mom and catch her as she falls. I look behind me to see my Uncle smiling. He did this, he killed my mom. I pull the Trident out of her chest and throw it to the ground, pulling her body to me.

“Go Melody. Swim as fast as you can and get away from him. Go to your father, he will take care of you until you’re ready for the throne.” My mother whispers. She takes her last breath and her eyelids flutter closed. A painful sob escapes my mouth and my arms are pulled behind my back, causing pain to run up my arms.

“Poor unfortunate Queen Aliikai, she died a horrible death, and overwhelmed with grief, the princess ends her own life, leaving her Uncle Verun to rule the seas.” My Uncle says, his voice laced with lies. Anger surges through me and my bending markings start to glow. I use all the water around me to throw my uncle across the room. As he hits the wall twenty feet away from me, I take off and swim out of the palace, not looking back.

“Get her and bring her to me!!!” My uncle screams from behind me, but I keep swimming away from everything I’ve ever known. Goodbye Mother.

After about twenty minutes of nonstop swimming, I’m at the edge of the Marillia Sea. I slowly swim to the shore and make sure the coast is clear before wishing myself human. My blue and green tail vanishes, along with my mermaid markings. My markings look just like a wave of blue and black water going from my left wrist all the way up to my left shoulder. It looks like a tattoo, but it only shows up when I use my water bending or when I’m in water. I walk out of the water and I’m automatically in my dress when I take human form. It’s a light blue ankle length dress, it has side slits up to my thighs and has holes around the waist. The top goes around my neck and I also automatically have silver arm bands around my biceps, plus I’m barefoot.

I lift my crown off my head, shrink it to the size of a ring, and slip it onto my right pointer finger. My crown is the princess crown and it is silver with blue stones and an elvish design that twists and comes down to my forehead. I look down at the water and look at myself. I look totally human. My red hair and green eyes remind me of my mother and I can feel the tears rolling down my cheeks.

My legs give out and I fall to the ground. My mother, the Queen of Serenity, is dead. I can’t believe she’s really gone. Strangled sobs escape my body as I sit there crying. My uncle, my mom’s brother-in-law, killed her. He killer her so he could be the king, he’s not even the heir, I am. I should’ve been the one to take the throne when the Queen died, me not him.

That’s why he was going to kill you too! Lila, my wolf says. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, mermaid and wolf? Yes, as you already know my mother is a mermaid, but my dad is a wolf.

“Hey, are you okay?” A guy’s voice comes from behind me. I look at him and he looks like he’s around my age. He’s got semi long brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. He offers his hand to me and I take it. He pulls me to my feet and looks me over curiously. He looks like he’s about a foot taller than me, so probably about 6′3".

“Uh... yes. I’m fine.” Lie, lie, lie. I wipe away my tears and hold the others back. I think he can tell that I’m lying, because he’s looking at me worriedly.

“So are you gonna tell me why you were crying?” He asks. Should I? I feel like I can trust him, and Lila feels the same. I mean, I don’t see anyone around, but I can’t tell him the whole truth. I guess I could summarize it for him. My mother always told me not to keep things in, so here it goes.

“My mother was m-murdered.” That’s all I got out before the tears started falling again. The guy pulls me into a hug and holds me up, so I don’t fall.

“I’m so sorry.” He whispers. He holds me for a while and just lets me cry. I guess I can trust him, since he hasn’t done anything to hurt me. He seems nice enough.

“So what are you doing out here?” He asks and I pull away. He puts his hand up to my face and wipes away my remaining tears.

“I need to go live with my father and brother while I wait for something. My mother told me that he would take care of me, but I’ve only met him a couple of times... don’t get me wrong, I love him, but I just don’t know him that well. He lives in a really big house about thirty minutes north of here.” The guy looks surprised for a second , but then he smiles.

“Do you need a ride?” He asks and now it’s my turn to be surprised. I nod my head and he starts walking me towards a blue camaro. We get in and drive away from the beach. Looking over at him, I realize I don’t know his name.

“I’m such an idiot! I don’t even know your name.” I tell him and he smiles, sticking his hand out to me.

“Austin Scott.” I shake his hand and answer back.

“Prin... Uh, Melody Cordelia or just Mel is fine.” I’m so used to saying Princess that I almost said it to Austin, and that probably wouldn’t have been a good thing.

“Cordelia? Like the pa- place your dad lives?” He questions. I nod my head yes and he speeds up a little. We keep talking and talking and talking, getting to know each other a little better. About thirty minutes later, I see the pack house through some trees and know that it won’t take but two or three minutes to get there. My father is the Alpha of the Cordelia Pack, so he has a big house.

“Stop at that big house. That’s where he lives.” I point at the pack house, really its a mansion. It’s white and it has big columns on the front and the back opens up to the woods. The car stops in front of the house and I jump out. I look back at Austin and he’s looking at me surprised. I guess he didn’t expect my father to be wealthy. Suddenly, people bust out of the front door and I’m guessing that they’re the pack warriors. My mom taught me a lot about wolves when I was younger. When I look past the warriors, I see my dad.

“Dad!” I scream and everyone physically relaxes, realizing who I am. I run and jump into my father’s arms, hugging him as he laughs a little.

“Your dad is Alpha Steel?!” Austin yells from behind me. He knows about wolves? My dad gently pushes me aside and walks over to Austin.

“Beta Austin, it’s nice to see you again. What are you doing with my daughter, and why didn’t you call me and let me know you were coming onto my territory?” My dad asks him. Barnacles, I forgot to call ahead and tell my dad we were coming. He probably thought we were rouges. Oops.

“Dad, that was my fault. I forgot to call and he was just helping me get here. I didn’t have a chance to get any money or anything...” He walks over to me and hugs me again.

“Not that I’m not happy, but what are you doing here? Is your mother alright? I felt something weird through the bond, but I couldn’t tell what it was since we never get to see each other.” He asks and I know I’m crying again. I look up at him and his face fills with worry. Him and my mom were never that close since they lived in totally different ‘worlds’. Their mate bond wasn’t as strong as other’s since they lived apart for so long, and when she did come to visit my dad it was only for a day.

“She was k-killed by Uncle V-Varun. He pushed a Trident through her chest. She’s g-gone.” I sob and crumble to the ground. He gets on his knees beside me and pulls me into a hug. I feel a third pair of arms circle us and I know it’s my brother, Michael. We stay that way for a couple of minutes, before my dad pulls away, leaving me in the arms of Michael.

“You’ll be okay dad. I’m going to help you through this. We’re going to get my kingdom back and Varun is going to get what he deserves for killing my mother and my Queen.” I growl.

“Yes... He will find his death at my hands.” My father snarls, and anyone near him could feel his Alpha authority flowing through the air. He is determined to avenge his mate.

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