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How to Serve a Vampire

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Ethan Ainsworth is your ordinary graduating student from a public high school. He's a normal young boy who wants to finish school, graduate, find a work, marry a girl and start at family. But what will happen if he is suddenly chase down by a vampire and demands him to become his eternal slave? Will his life turns back to normal or will he start to learn how to serve a vampire?

Fantasy / Romance
Elle Sugi
4.9 22 reviews
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I, Ethan Ainsworth, am now running away from a Vampire to save his life.

Yes, I know you won’t believe what I just said but it’s the truth. I am now being chased by a Vampire twenty inches away from my back.

Oh God. I still want to live a long life. Find a cute girlfriend, finish high school, go to the prom with my girlfriend, go out with my friends every weekends, buy a car, own a house, work in a company, have my own company after that and so on and so forth.

But I don’t think I can do that anymore now that a fucking scary Vampire’s after me, wanting to have a taste of my blood and suck the life out of me.

I gasped when I saw the tall wall in front of me. I quickly looked around for an alternative exit but unfortunately, luck seemed to be laughing at my ass right now since I couldn’t find anything but more walls blocking my way.

Bottom line: I’m trapped.

I panted and turned around only to find the Vampire who was chasing me was now already standing in front of me. I shrieked in fear when I saw his sharp fangs ready to attack my neck.

Oh good Lord, I don’t want to die yet!

“You have nowhere to run anymore.” He said in a voice so deep I can’t help but to shiver.

My whole body was trembling in fear as I stared at those crimson eyes.

Damn it, I shouldn’t have gone out to buy a freaking Doritos in the middle of the night. I hate myself for even craving that snack!

I panicked when the Vampire stepped closer, closing the gap between the two of us. “N-no!! Don’t kill me please I’m begging you!” I don’t care if I look lame anymore! I don’t want to be eaten by a Vampire! What would people think if they read the news that a teenage boy is killed by a Vampire?! No one would ever believe that!

The Vampire stopped inches away from me. He harshly grabbed my chin with his long fingers and forced me look at him. I paled when I saw his bloody eyes staring deep into mine. “Shut your mouth, human, you are not permitted to speak unless you are told to.”

Now he’s ordering me?!

I held into his shoulders. “P-please..I don’t want to die! Don’t bite me!”

He stared at me for a second before giving me a dead look. “Why would I even want to bite you?”

I blinked at him. “What? You’re not gonna…suck my blood and let the demons feast my body?”

“Hey you, you dumb human, I am not here to suck off your filthy blood.” Okay, I don’t get it but what he just said made me tick off. “I am here to pick you up.”




I finished counting and looked up at him. “Pick me up? Why?”

He pointed at me and poked my forehead. “From now on, you are now bound to become my eternal servant.”


Who me?

Serve who?


I’ll serve a Vampire?



“Heeey, are you even listening to me?” He continued to poke my forehead but I can’t feel anything anymore.

I pushed him away and tried to run but he quickly got my wrist and hurled me to his side. He pulled my hair up and glared at me making me gasped in fear.

A red eye, pale cheeks and fangs, this man is definitely a Vampire. I want to look away but my strength is slowly leaving me.

“No! I don’t want to be your servant!” I gathered all my force to push him away but he was a lot stronger than me. “Let go!”

“You better be thankful, human. I even came personally to pick you up and you’ve done nothing for your master but to let him chase you.” He gripped my chin and I cried in pain. “You better be ready for your punishment.”

He pulled my hand towards his way. I froze when he suddenly kissed me.

My eyes widened when I felt my blood boiling. What’s this feeling?! I’m burning all over! I grabbed my neck and tried to breathe air, it feels like I’m drowning. I felt my knees weakened and I collapsed on the floor still grasping my neck.

What the hell is happening?! It can’t be I can’t breathe anymore…!

I looked up at the man standing tall on top of me. I can still see his smug look amidst my suffering. I reached up to grab him but it was too late already, my vision became blurry and darkness took over me.

I, Ethan Ainsworth, am now dead.

I suddenly got up out of bed and gasped. “NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!”

I blinked and looked around. A small room with nothing but a bed, a mirror on the side and a small table on the middle. The walls were tattered and the floor is rotting.

I don’t remember my house being like this. Yes, I admit I lived in a run-down apartment, but it’s not this bad!

“Oh, you’re awake now, lowly human.” I child-like voice from behind the door came. The door opened and a small kid wearing a back ancient rope appeared.

I stared at him. “Who the hell are you?”

He gritted his teeth and suddenly flew towards me to kick me on the face. “You insolent brat!!”

I hissed in pain and clutched my bruised cheek. “What the hell’s your problem, kid?!”

“How dare you talk to your master that way?!” He pulled my ears and I cried in pain.

“M-master?! What’re you talking about?!” I suddenly remembered all the things happened from yesterday and I immediately stopped moving.

Oh fuck, that wasn’t a dream. Everything that happened the night was real. Oh fuck, I’m so screwed.

The kid sat on my lap and glared at me. Is he the Vampire from last time? I don’t recall him being this small.

“I know you are wondering why I am in this state.” I nodded and he just turned his face away from me. “I cannot use my original body all the time at a time like this. It takes a lot of effort to do it.”

Huh? So he used a lot of energy to transform into an adult Vampire?

He quickly turned his head to me, still glaring. “What are you still doing here, servant! Come and do your chores!”

“Hey! I haven’t even agreed to become your servant!” I reasoned out but he just smirked at me.

“Have you forgotten what happened last night, human?” He asked me, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

“What happened…?” I stammered.

“That seal on your neck proves that you are mine now.” He pointed to my neck. I quickly hopped out of bed to check myself in front of the mirror.

Indeed, there’s a black think collar embedded around my neck. I glared at the Vampire who was just casually sitting on the bed.

“Fuck this shit! I’m not gonna let myself serve under a Vampire like you!” I ran towards the door but as soon as I held it, it was already lock.

“You cannot leave this castle unless you are permitted to.” He jumped out of the bed and walked towards me. I looked down at him, ready to stomp him to death. “Now, stop this non-sense and brew me a tea.”

I sigh in frustration when I finally found the kitchen. It was big and spacious. There were ancient stove, counters, cabinets and appliances.

“Are you the new servant?” I turned to look at the side and saw a black cat down the floor. I looked around for the person who just spoke.

“Where are you looking, I’m down here.” The voice said again. I stared at the cat some more and it nodded to me. “Nice to meet you, I’m Aiken, the cook of this castle.”

I blinked at it and quickly backed away from the cat. “T-t-t-t-the cat…it’s talking!!!”

The cat just rolled his eyes at me and trampled towards me. “If I am correct, your name is Ethan Ainsworth, correct?”

I meekly nodded. “I-it really is talking!”

“I apologize to meet you in this current state, Ethan, I cannot change to my true form because of the sunlight.” The cat said as it licked his paw. “What are you doing here in the kitchen?”

I cleared my throat. Why am I so shocked over a thing like this, I mean, I met a Vampire already, isn’t there more shocking things such as a human meeting a Vampire? That’s just absurd.

“The kid Vampire asked me to brew him a tea.” I answered and the cat just nodded.

“Understood. The favourite tea of the master is inside that cabinet.” The cat pointed one of the cabinets near the sink. “You are free to use it every time the master needs it.”

“Fine fine, I’ll do it for the master.” I said sarcastically as I moved towards the cabinet to get the tea. When I opened it, the only thing I saw was a bottle of tea and nothing else. “What the…don’t you have anything here?”

The cat shook its head and jumped on the counter. “The master doesn’t eat any human foods and so as the other servants inside this castle.”

I took the bottle of tea. “Well, sorry to tell you, but I’m a human so I need human foods.”

The cat stared at me and looked troubled. “True, in order for you to stay here, you need human food.”

“Humans are really weak.” My ears perked when I heard the Vampire’s voice behind me. The cat bowed in front of him.

I watched him fly towards me. “Do you really need to eat human food?”

I nodded. “Well, yeah, I’m a human after all.” I held my stomach. “Now that you mention it, I’m starving already.”

“Fine, we’re going out to buy this so-called human food.” The Vampire said and I gulped.

“Wait! Won’t you burn when you step out of the light?!” I asked. He glared at me before striking me a hard blow on my stomach with his head.

“Do you think I am that weak, human?! Come now, don’t waste any of my time!” He flew away and left me with the cat.

“Hey, cat, is he really a Vampire?” I asked it and the cat just purred.

“You will see soon enough, human. What it means to be a servant to a Vampire.”

I looked around the supermarket and pushed the cart towards the vegetable shelves.

“Oh look, that’s a cute kid, right?” I heard one of the women whispered.

I stared at the Vampire who was just sitting on the cart where you put the children on to do your grocery. “Hey, you didn’t have to come with me, you know.”

The Vampire just shook his head. “It is my duty to watch over my servants.”

Somehow, what he just said made me warm all over. “Uhm…why does it have to be me?”

He looked up at me. I can’t help but think he’s cute when he looks like this. “Did you forget it already?”

I blinked. “Forget what?”

He pouted and rolled his eyes at me. “Nothing. You humans are so naïve.”

“Well, sorry for being a human then.” I said as I threw the cabbage inside the cart.

“That is unexpected. I never thought that you like vegetables.” He said taking the cabbage between his tiny hands.

“Eh, well yeah, I actually like vegetables rather than meat. But I’m not a vegetarian. They’re just a little cheaper.” I explained. I don’t have much money to buy meat so I got used to eating vegetables.

“I understand. I will ask Aiken and the others to plant some vegetables behind the house.” The Vampire said and I just stared at him in disbelief.

“Hey, can I ask you what your name is.” I asked him. I saw his shoulders sagged.

“Why do you want to know?” He asked back.

“Well, I need to know what the name of my master is, right?” I answered.

He stared at me for a long time before smiling. “I’m Zero Thorne Calden Delarno IV.”

I blinked. “That’s a really long name.”

He smiled at me. “You can call me Zero though.”

I smiled back and reached out for his hand. “Nice to meet you, Zero.”

He stared at my hand before taking it to shake it. “Humans…are really interesting.”

After shopping for food, we finally left the supermarket and decided to rest in one of the nearby parks.

I sat down on the bench and sighed in tiredness. “So tired and hungry!!”

Zero sat quietly beside me. I looked at him and saw him watching some of the kids playing at the playground.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him.

“They look so happy.” He mumbled as he continued to watch the kids.

“What, is your first time to actually see kids?” I asked him.

He intertwined his hands. “I…haven’t been outside the castle walls for a long time. The day that I chase you down was one of the few days I’ve been out to see the human world.”

He’s been alone inside that lonely castle for a long time.

Just like me.

I suddenly stood up and carried him high. “You stupid impotent brat!! Put me down!!!” I laughed at how childish his face was.

I can’t believe that the scary Vampire last night is the same Vampire I’m holding now.

Zero, I want to know more about you.

“Oh, welcome back, master Zero and servant Ethan.” The cat welcomed us as soon as we stepped inside the castle. I put the paper bags down and sat on the floor.

“Do you really have to call me servant?” I asked Aiken and it just purred at me.

“Yes.” It casually answered and I glared at him.


“Huh?” I looked behind me and saw Zero slumped on the floor. I quickly crawled at him and carried him. “Hey! What happened?! Are you alright?!”

The car jumped towards Zero. “Do not worry, Ethan. The master is just tired from going out.”

I gently wrapped my arms around his frail body and carried him on my arms. “Where’s his room?!”

The cat quickly leaped away from us and lead me to Zero’s room. When we reached the top floor, I ran towards the big door and pushed it open.

I stared inside the room and saw darkness all over the place. “What the…I can’t see anything!”

“Oh, I apologize. Just light up this candle.” The cat said and I looked at it and saw it biting the candle stick. I swiftly took it and lit it up with the lighter. The candle illuminated the whole room and I saw a huge black coffin in the middle of the room with candle sticks besides it.

“You should open the coffin to make the master feel comfortable.” Aiken informed and I nodded. I trotted towards the coffin and lifted the cover. It smells like roses and a faint whiff of vanilla.

I looked at Zero who was sleeping deep on my arms. I smiled and put him inside the huge coffin, too big for his size even.

He twitched a little but continued to snore. I brushed some of his locks away from his face and watched him sleep.

“You really are…the perfect servant for master Zero.” Aiken said behind me and I just looked at him in confusion.

“What do you mean?” I asked him and he just stared at me with those big cat eyes.

“You will understand it better in the future. For now, let us get ready to serve dinner.” Aiken said and I nodded with a smile.

I guess I don’t have any place to stay except this huge castle. I might as well stay here and become a servant to this mysterious Vampire.

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