The Luna's Sacrifice (Alpha's Mate Series #2)

By RebekahLThompson All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Lucy sacrificed herself to save her sisters. She sacrificed her happiness for the ones she loves. She might even have to sacrifice her life to keep her family and mate safe. All the torture and beatings, Lucy learns from. She learns the true meaning of sacrifice and that it isn't ever easy. After taking beatings and waiting for someone to save her, Lucy wants to give up, but her friend reminds her to fight. While Lucy is in her cell, she attempts to contact her pack. Will her sacrifice be for nothing or will she get free and finally defeat Zac?



Someone grabbing my arm and dragging me out of the car snaps me out of my trance. My tears stopped about two and a half hours ago and I don’t have any more tears to cry. My shoulder is still burning and I don’t know if it will stop. I hit the ground and remain emotionless. This isn’t Zac’s pack, we’re in the woods somewhere and there’s a single medium sized cabin. Zac pulls me off the ground by my hair, causing my face to scrunch up in pain and him to smirk. I don’t have enough energy to do anything and I can’t feel Annika anymore. While we were in the car, they would inject me with the silver and wolfs bane every two hours. After the first two injections, Annika shut herself off from me.

“This is your new home princess... Welcome to hell.” Zac smirks. I tried to get in touch with Ryan while we were in the car, but the link is completely severed. I couldn’t get to him. I’m not strong enough to use my other powers right now, but I think I will be able to soon; at least, I hope so. Zac pushes me through the door and into the house. Seconds later, a white dress is pushed into my arms. I look at it and see that it has an ugly bow on the front and it looks like it will be very short on me.

“Put it on princess.” Zac says

“I’m not your princess Zac.” I snarl at him, which wasn’t the smartest idea because he sent me flying to the floor with one punch to the face.

“Don’t you- ever talk to me like that again! Put. It. On.” He growls, his eyes turning black. Before I know it, I’m smashing into the wall. My back makes contact with the wall and the air leaves my body as I fall to the floor. Zac leaves the room and I quickly change into the dress before he comes back. He comes back in a minute later and looks up and down my body, with lust in his eyes. I try to pull the bottom of the dress down, but it doesn’t work. After looking at me for a while, he drags me out of the room and to some stairs. Suddenly, I’m falling down the stairs and pain is quickly spreading through my body as I hit every step. I hear a snap as I crash to the floor at the bottom, and my ribs feel like they’re on fire.

“That didn’t sound to good princess.” Zac laughs, while walking down the stairs. I slowly and painfully pull myself into a standing position and look around the dark, cold room. It’s a small basement with chains all on the walls and a small towel in one of the corners. I’m pushed forwards and I stumble, not knowing where I’m going. I tumble to the ground and land beside some chains. I can feel the warmth from the silver radiating off of them.

“Look at me.” Zac commands, and when I do, I feel something clamp around my neck. The silver collar ignites burning pain into my neck. As he clamps another one around my right ankle, I growl and close my eyes. The burning is spreading up my leg and down my body, and I try not to scream in pain.

“I’ll be back.” Zac says as he walks back up the stairs, leaving me alone in the dark and cold.

“Annika? Please answer me! I need you to help me get out.” I scream in my head, for what feels like the millionth time. No answer.

“Ryan, please hurry.” I think to him, even though I know he can’t hear me. He doesn’t know how to find me, he can’t contact me, and he doesn’t know if I’m still alive. If he doesn’t know anything then he can’t help me... I’m alone and I’m running out of hope. No hope, I think as my eyes start to close, taking me deeper into the vast darkness.


I stand in the middle of my room, looking at what I’ve done. I ruined it. I tore it apart. My couch has claw marks all over it and my dresser drawers are all over the room.... in pieces. We tried to catch up with Lucy, but by the time we got out there we couldn’t. I failed her. I’m her mate, her protector.... and I failed. I crumble to the ground, landing on my knees and bury my face in my hands. She’s only been gone for seven and a half hours and I’m already breaking down. All I can think is that it’s my fault.

I hear my door open and I get ready to yell at whoever is disturbing me. I stand up and turn to my door to see Blaire and Ellie standing there. They have tear stained faces and they’re holding onto each other like they’re each other’s life lines. Ellie has a stuffed bear in her hands and she’s holding tightly to Blaire.

“We can’t sleep.” Blaire whispers. She looks up at me and I see the unshed tears in her eyes. I know how they feel; this can’t be easy for them. They lost the only mom they’ve ever known.

“Lulu said you protect us. Can we sleep with you?” Ellie asks through her tears. They both give me the puppy dog eyes and I can’t say no. They remind me of Lucy and the promise I made to look after them and protect them. I am going to protect them.

“Yeah.” I walk over and scoop them up into my arms. I lay on my bed, and lay them beside me. Ellie climbs over me to my right side while Blaire stays on my left. Just like Lucy, they snuggle into me and I wrap my arms protectively around them, closing my eyes.


I jolt awake as I feel a sharp pain radiating from my side, letting out a gasp. I look up to see Donavan and Zac standing above me. I crawl backwards until I hit a wall and wish that I could just disappear.

“Time for your first lesson.” Zac says with an evil glint in his eyes. The familiar pain of a needle entering my arm makes me growl in anger as I close my eyes. I hear the flick of a pocket knife and a buzzing sound. My eyes fly open and I see Zac has his knife out and Donovan has a black box with wires hanging off of it. Zac grabs the chair that’s around my neck and pulls me. He throws me into the wall and pins me to it while Donovan cuffs my wrists to the wall. The injection is getting to me, because I can feel my body getting weaker. Donovan pulls the dress off of me, letting the cold air attack my body. Donovan unwraps the wires and attaches them on my side, right under my bra where my ribs are.

I shiver from the cold and from his disgusting hands on my body, making him smirk. He rakes his hands down my body and leans in closer to my face. His eyes wander from my legs all the way up my body, and to my lips. He pulls my face towards him and kisses me. It’s hard and forced. I try to pull away, but I can’t.

“NO!” Annika screams from somewhere in the back of my mind, hope filling in me. Maybe I can get out of here. She’s fighting the silver and wolfs bane, but she can’t overcome it.

“It’s no use, just cut yourself off so you don’t get weaker and try to build up an immunity to the poison. I need you strong.” I tell her and she growls. Donovan’s hands are still roaming my body and it’s making me sick.

“Donovan, not yet.” Zac tells him and he pulls away, breathing hard. He looks over at Zac then back to me.

“I will have you and I will break you. He stopped me this time, but next time... you’re mine.” Donovan spits, walking away. He grabs the black box and sits on the ground, facing me. Suddenly, there is a flesh ripping pain surging into my side and I scream out in pain; a scream that’s louder than any other I’ve ever let out. The electricity keeps flowing through my body, making me shake and scream even more. I can hear Zac laughing over my screams. Annika is trying her best to heal me faster, with no success.

“Why?” I scream. Zac puts his hand up telling Donovan to turn the machine off and walks over to me, placing his knife onto my chest right above my bra.

“Because.... I like hearing you scream.” He emphasizes scream as he drags his knife from my right bra strap, all the way to the other.

“STOP!” I scream again as my vision starts to blur. The smell of blood hits my nose and my chest is gushing blood. I can feel my energy draining. Zac unhooks my wrists and I fall to the floor, blood pooling around me. They walk up the stairs and to the door, before Zac stops.

“Until next time, princess.” Zac says, closing the door.

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