A Sin of Her Own

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Chapter 8

"I’m glad to see that you like your new home.”

The rogue turned and faced Titania, who had appeared in the doorway. Her posture remained casual but alert. Covering her sweaty body was a simple pair of training shorts and a sports bra and he couldn’t help himself but let his eyes wander. Not a second later he snapped himself out of it; he could feel the bite of anger return and start to burn.

He lay further back on the leather couch. Trying his hardest to appear unaffected by her unannounced visit. “It’s okay.”

She nodded but remained standing. To him, she looked rather uncomfortable and his curiosity was piqued. He rose from the couch, to put space between them, and motioned for her to come in. Titania did just that and he had wondered why she hadn’t just barged in; she was the Alpha after all.

The awkward silence descended between them. He rummaged around in the kitchen, looking for anything to distract from the wolf behind him.

“Why am I here?”

At her blank face, he sighed, “Why am I not in the cellar or better off, dead?” He moved into another cupboard, finding a glass and proceeded to pour himself a glass of water. His eyes momentarily caught the orange tint of the whisky bottle but refrained. He needed a clear head to deal with the female, “I’m not stupid and your pack has made it perfectly clear that I should be caged or dead, so my question to you is why?”

With measured steps she leant against the wall opposite the male, eyes boring into his head. At her further silence, he demanded, “Don’t you think that I deserve some answers?”

She raised an eyebrow at his raised tone but gave him what he wanted, “It’s not up to the pack but up to me. I let you live because I see the potential. You could be useful to this pack.” She watched him carefully, “As long as you have no other traitorous ties.”

He gulped at the thought of what his failed actions had stirred in the south, he would not be returning there. “Alpha Jared will have me killed to cover his tracks. He doesn’t realize that I’m still living, especially by your choice.”

The bitterness seeped into his tone but Titania didn’t seem offended or remotely bothered by it.

“This is my pack. Get used to it.” She offered him as a means of response.

With a sour expression clipping her angelic features, she continued to watch him. For she had never seen such a male in all her years; this was surely the bond talking but she could appreciate him in all his glory. Currently filling out his kilt with lean muscles and a glorious golden tan, he stood like a Goliath, strong, proud and fiery. The opposite to his sweet and sultry scent. She breathed it in, relished it. Letting it swirl and fill her up.

Frustrated, he glanced at his empty glass. Against his better judgment, he reached for the bottle and poured himself a measurable volume of the spirit. By the Moon Goddess, he needed it with a mate like Titania.

“Then it’s sorted. You are now a part of Duskfall.”

He shook his head, took a sip and simply sent her a dark look. “I can’t stay here. Not with you.”

As if expecting his answer she stalked forwards, eyes flickering between her wolf and her. The room suddenly felt too small for them both. Too much willpower, too much fire, too much dominance... too much sexual tension.

“And where else will you go?” She inquired. A dark shadow passed his face at the taunt and he could feel the whiskey encourage the anger that Titania managed to invoke within.

He took another sip, “Anywhere. So long as it isn’t here.”

Uncharacteristically, Titania laughed. A rich ominous sound that held no girlish charm. No joy was present just a sinister noise that made his eyes flicker upwards. Her face contorted into a half smirk and amusement danced in those pretty blue eyes.

“Scared of me that much mate?”

“Not scared. Repulsed.”

He downed the smooth amber liquid. Hoping it would give him courage, especially with the deadly intent coming from the Alpha. An Alpha in which, he was continually pissing off.

"Oh really," The ridicule in her voice caused it to deepen, “So repulsed that you’d rather take your chances out in the wilderness?

“As I said before, anywhere but with you.” The wolf inside was growing ever more irritated with Titania. Nathan moved backward, wanting to move as far away from the female as he possibly could. Unlucky for him, the cabin was small and his back came in contact with the fridge.

How her eyes glowed at her disobedient mate. Icebergs crashing passing by ships, her blue eyes the icebergs and the rogue being the ship. Her chest puffed, but she refrained from moving closer. Posturing herself at the far end of the kitchenette she kept her eyes trained on him. By the gulp of his Adam’s apple, he had noticed the carnal blaze to her eyes.

“You will not be going anywhere. This is your new home.” She dared him to disagree.

His own anger flared, his hazel eyes flashing to hers. The male finished his drink before slamming it, none too gently, down.

“And what gives you control over what I do? I will not stay here and that’s it.”

Titania closed the distance between them with two powerful strides, her voice taking on more of a deep grumble, “You are my mate. That makes you my responsibility, so you stay. And that is final.”

He, not intimidated by her, stood tall and eyed her with distaste, “I reject you as my mate, as if you could ever love, Alpha. I am not deaf to the rumours, I know exactly what kind of person you are.”

A chilling smirk took centre stage. Angelic features twisted. Arctic eyes drilling into his very being. He could identify the exact second her defences went down, the anguish and pain that his rejection had caused on display for him to witness. If used to such pain she rightened herself and recovered, iron walls built like a fortress.

Blood dripped from her palms. Claws digging painfully into her own flesh for restraint. “Only fools believe rumours. And I ask again, are you scared little wolf? Scared of what I supposedly am? Well, why don’t you enlighten me.”

He noticed the dangerous warning to her words, his body reminding him, painfully, that it was not a good idea to continue, but his anger trumped logic. He got up in her face, teeth bared, “A heartless, soulless creature that has no remorse or sorrow. You kill for fun. I’ve seen it firsthand.”

Her chest rumbled, “Firsthand? And who have I killed, Nathan?”

Nathan’s eye widened at the use of his name, all while pleasure bubbled through him.

Fuming she continued, “Your friends? The ones sent to kill innocent wolves up here?”

“They did not need to be mercilessly killed-”

She sent a pointed claw to his chest, “Any Alpha would have done what I did. You do not run a pack to understand, their lives are my top priority and you tried to kill them! What about their mates, their families? And you certainly do not understand the life we lead up here! The arrogance to waltz up here and think you can blame me for your fucking choices, LEARN FOR GODS SAKE.”

Titania’s chest was heavy with the effort not to slit his throat.

Anger, raw and uncontrollable, scorched through her blood and she was fully aware that her eyes had turned their charcoal black. Nathan took a step backwards, a wary eye on the furious Alpha in front of him. A low growl from her chest stopped him right in his tracks. He had not seen such emotion from her and was confused with what to do, for as much as Titania wanted to deny it, she was breaking in front of him, her heart once again shattering.

Breathing heavily, she put both hands to her temple, massaging them in slow motions.

“You are free to wander on my territory and take this cabin.” She forced out, “But leave for whatever reason and I will drag you back every. Single. Time.”


He nodded not wanting to push her any further although he’d not listen to her words. Concern flittered through him and the bond urged him to fix, and fully repair, what had occurred. Ignoring the inner pestering he glared at the door, hoping the Alpha would get the hint and leave him be.

She left. A slight wobble to her legs but she still stood. Many struggled to function after the act of rejection but after suffering from broken hearts and rejection before, she soldiered on.

Titania made it to the surrounding forest, stumbling over the harsh terrain as she walked. Her heart was crumbling once again and although she was used to pain and had experienced it the majority of her teenage years, this type cut deeper, like a doubled edged blade that continued to twist and embed itself in her flesh. She finally collapsed and in the silence and emptiness of the pine trees, she broke.

Her wolf cried out it’s pain to the world. Empty, hollow sounds to one’s ears. A barren, desolate heart to match.

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