A Sin of Her Own

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Chapter 25

Mother nature’s harsh chill smothered the lands as the deadline to winter came ever closer. One month was all that was left before frost would consume the Scottish highlands. Titania could feel the bite on her paws, the skin coming away, leaving blotted patches of blood as she ran.

The woman Titania was nowhere to be seen. Instead, a ravaged beast was in charge. Bloodthirsty and sick of Human interactions that had only served to ruin her. Now instinct was in the driver’s seat, making Titania a predator you did not want to meet in the isolated terrain.

Tongue lolling, fangs bared, muscle lessening, Titania scoured the lands. Endlessly on a cycle of eat, sleep and hunt. Never stopping, never relenting. For now, she had nothing to live for; no pack, no family, and no mate.

The beast took control when the Human did not have the strength to do so. She continued on, resentful, bitter and furious. A heat that was not put out by the recent turn of events, if anything it boiled the blood of the beast; forcing it to push onwards. It was nature and instinct for the wolf to surge, for the non-bending will of Titania to remain when her humanity did not.


Another menial breakfast sat in front of the pack.

The wild wolves continuously picked at the cardboard flakes and milk that seemed to be the norm for them all. With soured faces, they ate away but that didn’t mean they had to like it. Food had been running short, a sure sign of winter, and the wolves had to resort to relying on Human foods rather than game - a massive change in their diets.

Another week with no sign of Titania had Eóghan in a more demoralized mood than normal.

“How is the paperwork coming along Garth. Please say to the Moon Goddess that you’ve done it.” Garth looked to his Beta with a cheeky grin, attempting to lighten the already suffocating mood.


“Thank goodness.”

“Well, most of it anyways....”

Argus bellowed at the cold look that adorned Eóghan’s features. One thing they all had in common just as much as their previous Alpha. The hatred for paperwork.

Eóghan let his shoulders square. His temper had been short of late and Garth’s attempts at lighthearted jokes were beginning to grate on his dwindling patience.

“You know fine well that we’re trying to put this pack together, there’s no time for your crap attempts at jokes, Gamma.”

Garth just crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair, “Not my fault you’ve got a constant stick up your arse.” Noticing Eóghan’s frown deepen he added, “Got to breathe at some point. Relax for once.”

“He’s got a point.” Argus chimed in. “These late nights aren’t making you think any straighter either.”

Pushing his soggy mush in a bowl away from him, Eóghan just looked at his brothers. “You know that until a body is found I will not rest to find her.”

"That should be Nathan’s job." Muttered Athdara, walking past and overhearing her superiors conversation.

All males heads snapped to Athdara and she scurried away, embarrassed but not regretful of what let slip. It was no surprise that Duskfall was still spiteful towards the Spaniard. Quiet whispers flew, murmurs of revenge, snarls of a public execution; which was very much on the cards.

Eóghan sighed at the comment while Argus and Garth both studied Eóghan’s reaction. “Well, she isn’t wrong.”

“And you think I don’t know that?!” Eóghan snapped, his wolf pacing uneasily. His hands formed fists and his body shook as he tried to repress his wolf from making a scene.

“I never said that,” Argus spoke carefully. “I’m saying that maybe an execution wouldn’t be so bad. Finally, put all this hatred to rest once and for all.”

Garth motioned to Lucy who was watching breakfast with empty eyes. “This isn’t good for the pack, some things are better left in the past. Especially him.”

Observing Lucy and then wandering to the rest of the pack, he did notice an element of vengeance in the air. It lingered and he knew that he was putting the pack through prolonged strain but he couldn’t help it. He didn’t want to give up, not yet.

“And you both know why that won’t happen. I’m not giving up on her so soon, I don’t know how you can disregard that so easily.”

Having had enough, Garth stood up angrily. “We haven’t given up! We just have the common sense to know when it’s a wasted effort! It’s been three weeks and no signs, it’s about time we put this to rest Beta.”

Irritated with his Beta’s thinking, Garth stormed off to train. Too pissed off to continue trying to be civil when all his wolf wanted to do was mourn and leave the past to the past. How long could he have false hope of his Alpha returning? It would destroy the pack further.

Argus, deciding to keep out of the power struggle stood to his feet. “I’ve got wolves to train. I’ll catch you later Beta.” With a quick nod, he was off leaving a perplexed Eóghan to his thoughts.

Eóghan was stuck. Kill Nathan and any hope of potentially bringing Titania back or let him live but let the pack wallow in a constant reminder of the betrayal.

What was he supposed to do?

Lucy’s eyes latched on the familiar figure of her mates. She was in her running clothes but still managed to look somewhat glowing and Lucy couldn’t help but eat up the sight of her. As if feeling the weight of her eyes, Marigold froze and clung to the arm of her bondmate, trying to ground herself from the onslaught of tingles.

Unhappy, Lucy’s wolf prickled at the movement and Lucy’s forehead creased. She had remembered their encounter a few days previous, where Marigold had at least conversed with her but left her with a serious warning.

Which was: we can’t be together.

As if that would deter Lucy. She had been rejected, depressed and had lost one of the most important people in her life. Conceding was not something she wanted to make a habit. Standing upright, her eyes simply followed her mate as she made her way to a table with the French Bleulune pack as they conversed loudly. Marigold on the arm of Bleulune's Beta wolf, Adam.

Lucy needed a plan to win over the other part of her soul, after watching Titania suffer she was resolute in her future. A future with her mate.

Marigold’s eyes caught Lucy’s for a millisecond and she was set. Marigold was hers, whether she knew it or not. She left for a run, deciding that would clear her head and her antsy wolf. Her wolf was becoming stronger despite the rejection, demanding the acceptance of her mate. After the way Marigold looked at her, she could sense the longing and that only propelled her onwards. Knowing how bad the darkness got and how it affected Titania, she realized that she needed to act fast before her own wolf took over.

It was Titania’s mentoring that made Lucy want to have the happily ever after she had always dreamed of.

And if she had to kill Marigold’s bondmate Adam, then so be it.

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