A Sin of Her Own

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Chapter 31


Duskfall was buzzing with activity. Wolves were busy preparing food, blankets and sorting out the various orders Eóghan had for them, all while the warriors continued with the harsh training regime and patrols, curtesy of Argus. None complained, as even though over a month and a half had passed, the loss of Titania was still felt deep.

Any distraction was welcomed.

After completing her patrol, one that avoided her sister Laura’s Southern cliffs, Lucy wandered around Duskfall lands. After catching the enticing scent of her mate, she found herself outside the cabin used for teaching the children of the pack. Due to the decline in children under the age of sixteen, the room was mostly filled with Duskfall little ones; ten came from Lithuania while the Belgium and French packs only had a couple. Spanish pack had none.

Lucy poked her head through the frosted window pane. Admiring how the icy surrounding only fared to bring out her mates dark complexion. Beautiful, gorgeous, divine, were the only words that floated through Lucy’s mind at the sight. Marigold was currently sitting cross-legged on the floor, teaching a circle of children French verbs and phrases. Lucy spotted Ramsay’s copper hair, much like his brothers Eóghan, immediately. The kids were enthusiastic around the French native and Marigold’s contagious smile only encouraged them more.

“So kids, how do you ask for a drink of water?” Her accented voice flowed through the room and Lucy couldn’t help but shiver. Liquid gold. Pure liquid gold. Various hands flew up into the air as the children attempted to pronounce the language.

The crunch of footsteps in the snow behind her didn’t remove Lucy from her trance. Only when a male she recognised as Beta Adam nodded to her then proceeded to enter the cabin did Lucy snap out of her sneaking. He didn’t know, she thought. Lucy pretended to walk off but returned to a different window, continuing her appraisal of Marigold.

Noticing her bondmate at the cabin doors, Marigold finished up her lesson. “Okay children, that’s our French lesson over for today. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves.”

“OUI MARIGOLD!” The children called out, marigold stifled a giggle and left the cabin with Beta Adam. He pressed a kiss to her temple and it took everything within Lucy to stop her wolf from snapping at his neck. Marigold was her mate.

She watched with shrewd eyes as the couple made their way to the packhouse, conversing softly while Adam had a possessive hand on Marigold’s waist. Without hesitation, Lucy followed. It had a full week since she had talked to her mate and her wolf demanded contact, complying with the mate bond she was eager for even a second of time alone with her mate.

Following in the shadows as stealthily as she could, she waited for her moment.

“Marigold what do you want to eat?” Adam’s voice boomed through the hallway as they made their way to the kitchen.

The she-wolf rubbed her empty tummy, “I’m starving, I could genuinely eat anything! Is there any peaches? Or fruit?”

Rummaging could be heard as the male scoured the kitchen cabinets. Coming up empty, he rubbed the back of his neck and turned to Marigold, “I’ll be right back, there must be some in the other kitchen.”

“If not try the storage!” Marigold called to his retreating figure. The she-wolf craving the sweetness of fruit.

Lucy quickly tidied her blue hair, her wolf urging her to look presentable for her mate and waited until Marigold tottered back into the hallway. As the petite figure came close, Lucy opened a utility closet and carefully pulled Marigold in.

“Oh la la.” The wolf gasped in shock as darkness took over her vision and the strong smell of cleaning supplies filled the confined space.

At the close contact sparks flew. An electric pulse between the two females. Marigold’s head was tilted by a slender finger until her eyes met those of Lucy. A beautiful blue that spiralled with longing and passion. Such heat had Marigold mesmerised.

“What are you doing?” She demanded, suddenly aware of their position. Marigold’s chest was pressed against Lucy’s and the fire tingled her skin.

“I wanted to talk, you can’t escape this,” Lucy pointed between them, “I know how hard it is to find your mate and you’re mine.”

Sighing, marigold wrung her hands. Her bondmate would surely not be happy with her proximity to Lucy. “We’ve talked about this already, we can’t be together Lucy.” Her voice was quiet, as not to anger the feisty she-wolf.

“I’m not giving up on you, you’ve not even given me a chance.”

Watching the profound sadness make its way into Lucy’s glassy eyes, Marigold froze. Without thinking and following her instincts, her hand removed some of Lucy’s hair out of her face. The blue reminded Marigold of the sea view that she had in France. The mood softened as did Lucy, her muscles uncoiling as her wolf purred at the intimate touch.

Puffing out a strained sigh, Marigold pulled backwards. “Even if I did, Adam wouldn’t allow it,” she flinched as Lucy’s chest rumbled, “he’s a Beta wolf and we’ve been together two years.”

“I realise that mates are hard to find. I never felt that I’d be blessed enough to find mine so I see why you bonded with him. ” Her wolf flashed teeth at the male, “but I’m here, right now. I can give you more than he ever could. All I want is a chance to show you that.”

Marigold’s rebuttal came quick and fast, her golden eyes flashing. “I’m not even into girls!”

Wolf pressing against the constraints of her mind, Lucy reeled in her anger at the narrowmindedness of that statement. Instead, her arms trapped Marigold in, pulling her close to her chest.

“Is that so?” Lucy’s tone deepened as she caught Marigold’s plump lips between her own.

Moments went by where Marigold stood stock still. Unable to process the rapid shocks that took over her entire body. What surprised her was her wolf, who was rolling around in utter pleasure at her mates touches.

Lucy wasn’t deterred. With the thought that this may be the only time she could touch her mate she brought her closer. Their breasts pressed tightly together. This was all it took for Marigold to moan and kiss Lucy back. Utter fucking bliss, Lucy thought.

Their kisses started off tentative. A peck that was deep and full of promised emotion. Marigold followed Lucy’s lead, her mind fogged with the desire that the matebond flushed through her system. Tentative pecks turned to tongue, caresses to feverish pinches and scratches and before long Marigold could begin to feel her nipples begin to harden.

Mating hormones suffocated the room and Lucy kissed down Marigold’s neck. Teasing and licking the soft skin. All Lucy could think about was the delicious taste of her mate: oranges and custard. Moans tumbled out of Marigold, her head tilted back to give Lucy more access. She was desperate. Her wolf urging her to get more, more, more.

Feeling her mates pleasure, Lucy slipped a hand under Marigold’s flowery blouse; not long finding her perky breasts and how her skin shivered underneath her touch. With no bra to interrupt her exploration, both hands squeezed her mounds and Lucy swore she was in heaven. Marigold latched onto Lucy’s mouth, biting and sucking on her tongue, giving Lucy the go ahead to continue the pleasure.

Giving her dark nipple a twist, and teeth rubbing against the sensitive skin of her neck had Marigold wet to the touch. It took Adam so long to build up on foreplay, only occasionally finding her pleasure points and clit, but Lucy had barely touched her and she was withering for more. Lucy continued her assault, one hand grabbing her mates ass as she ground against her.

Their hot kisses were interrupted with gasps, mostly from Marigold as her body heated up.

With both nipples pebbled against the soft skin of Lucy’s hand, she looked her mate deep in the eyes, a naughty smirk taking centre stage. “You don’t like girls huh?”

Her warm lips made a slow descent to Marigold’s chest and Marigold’s clit throbbed at the suspense of the delight to come. With Marigold entranced, Lucy knew her point was nearly hammered home.

“So you won’t like how this feels then.” Before Marigold could even mutter another word, Lucy’s mouth was wrapped tightly around her erect nubs. Incoherent and in ecstasy, Marigold released a moan that vibrated through her entire body; Lucy smirked against her breasts as she licked and sucked her way to Marigold’s heart.

Her hands slowly trailed under her tartan skirt to reveal her juicy ass, pulling Marigold closer. Wanting to be surrounded by her mates essence while she riled her up. Working her nipples until Marigolds moans became more frequent, Lucy’s hand then made its way to the front of her lacy pants.

She removed a nipple from her mouth, but not before rolling it around her lips before releasing it with a pop. She watched as Marigold’s black lust filled eyes met her own. Lucy wanted consent from her mate to continue, “Does this not feel good? Do you want me to stop?”

Lost in the haze Marigold’s response was almost immediate, “Don’t stop. Continue.” Her gruff voice was all Lucy needed to slip her slim fingers under the lace of her pants.

Her fingers met the wetness before even making her way to her clit. Lucy groaned. How she could resist her mate ever again was beyond her. This beautiful specimen of a female was hers.

While Marigold was fully immersed in the bliss Lucy was providing her, she was unaware that Adam had made his way back to the kitchen and was calling for her. Lucy caught the sound of footsteps and knew their time was cut short. She pulled back from Marigold’s chest, the loss of stimulus from her chest had Marigold’s accusatory glare pointed at Lucy. With a mischievous smile and dark eyes filled with the promise of more, Lucy slowly plucked her finger out of Marigold’s pants and gave it a lick with her tongue. As Marigold gulped, Lucy engulfed both fingers. Tasting everything her mate had to offer.

“From the taste of things Marigold you loved that.”

Now aware of their situation and hearing her bondmate calling her name her cheeks flushed an adorable cherry red. Sorting her clothes to look somewhat presentable she looked over Lucy. “I don’t want you getting hurt,” she began, “Thank...thank you” she stuttered while Lucy pecked her cheek.

“Go.” Lucy shooed her, “but remember you’re mine and I’ll fight till my dying breath to get you.”

Marigold scurried away from the closet, ironically realising that she was coming out of it by realising she enjoyed every second of that encounter. The tingles still hummed through her bloodstream and she felt alive. She did in fact like girls, like Lucy to be more specific.

“What were you doing in there?” Adam’s voice asked Marigold, “I found some clementine’s and dates but no peaches, sorry.”

Lucy hid in the closet, waiting for the couple to leave. Putting her ear against the door she listened in, “Marigold, everything okay? You look a little..... dazed?”

Marigold was flushed. Rosy cheeks and wild eyed and she was surprised that Adam didn’t see the complete confliction that churned within her golden eyes.

“I’m fine. Let’s go.”

Marigold needed a shower, and a cold one at that. Her clit continued to throb dully and her pants were soaked. She looked wistfully at the closet, knowing her mate was still inside, and wondered what hours of sexual foreplay would be like instead of just a passionate five minutes they had shared.

Oh la la indeed.

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