A Sin of Her Own

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Chapter 38

Against a white canvas, any mark is distinguishable. Blood drops, however small and minuscule in nature, certainly don’t escape the sharp sight of a fully grown wolf.

Alpha Jared couldn’t contain his dark smirk as the trail of crimson lit up in front of him like Christmas lights. Even with the prevailing snowstorm that sounded around him, his eyes were pin-pointed and ready. One quick sniff and he knew it’s source.

The bitch that killed his son.

A quick snarl in the direction of the trail sent a few of his wolves into the mist. His tawny wolf, slightly smaller than the average Alpha, was struggling slightly against Mother Natures temperament, which was much tamer down in his pack in the South of England. The instinct for revenge boiled in his blood and that alone spurred him on.

Years worth of scheming was finally coming together. His prize just a few speckled blood spots in front. Only the snow impeded his vision while his dream to dig his teeth into Titania’s hide was tantalizingly clear.

His son and only heir would finally get the justice he deserved. And how Jared’s mouth watered at that.

I’ve got her Alpha, she’s right ahead. The words from his third had his wolf pawing for the bitches head. With a growl to his waiting wolves, the signal clear, they moved out North towards Titania.

Remember, she’s mine. Take her down but the final hit is for me and me alone.

Yes Alpha, his wolves responded unanimously. Tucking tail at the demand in their superiors voice. They knew what this meant to him, especially after witnessing first hand what devastation losing his only heir to the Rosevelt pack had caused. Not only had they lost the light in their Alpha’s eyes but also suffered from the humiliation Titania left behind. The Scottish and English union was broken and they adorned a new reputation for being abusers that had other packs sneering at them.

All lost due to one woman, one feeble excuse of a wolf in their eyes.

With their Alpha’s command and rage through their pack link, the wolves flew through the trees towards their common enemy. The sub-zero wind meant nothing. The sleety hail meant nothing. All that mattered was to avenge their pack legacy.

In no time, the wolves gave chase and caught up to the female. Titania howled as sharp canines punctured her back leg. Tumbling down into the unforgiving ground, she was soon surrounded by slobbering wolves. Two of which had their mouths wrapped around her hide. She bucked, throwing them off while she let her murderous rage be known. The trees shook, not at Mother Nature’s wrath, but at Titania’s malevolence that now saturated the crisp air.

Blood was all her wolf wanted. To slaughter, to main and to destroy and these wolves were in her way.

As more wolves approached, the female fought back as the wild inside ordered. She held her corner but could feel her wolf weakening significantly. The weeks of living in the wild forests of Scotland had already impacted her slight physique and limited energy levels. With three Rosevelt bodies littered around her in crimson puddles, she pushed her fatigue to the back of her mind. She was in survival mode.

Kill or be killed.

Another yelp fell from her throat as her thigh bone became exposed for the world to see.

While in immense pain she lunged for the wolf, fierce paws raking over the black wolf’s eyes, blinding the young male. It was a flurry of teeth and claws, bites and wounds traded back and forth. While the bodies piled up around Titania, she was withering.

Four tawny wolves watched the carnage, surrounding Titania as she wore herself out over the warriors that dared to challenge her.

With a final head jerk, Titania ripped the jugular out of the final male and growled menacingly at the four superiors of the Rosevelt pack; stood in their arrogant glory as they approached her.

She faced them off. Baring her canines that held pieces of their comrades. While the beast attempted to show its dominance, her physical appearance gave away her depleting ability to keep her eyes open. Blood leaked drop by drop to the end of her fur; pinpricking the ground with red as it stained the once picturesque landscape.

Jared’s shrewd eyes latched on to her. Assessing as if she was nothing more than a lowly spec of dust. A slow smile made its way to his face as her frame shook, her back leg faltering as she half-collapsed to the ground, back leg prisoner to the bite of the chill.

It’s about time. Jared thought gleefully to himself as he licked his lips. His wolves followed behind him but he turned his head and growled lowly; this was his kill. Quinn this is for you.

Titania lunged at him desperately, recognising that she would not be conscious for much longer, and missed. While slumped, Jared bit down into her neck and threw her viciously into the snow. Before she could even resurrect herself, he crunched into her remaining standing leg; the bones and tendons useless as they snapped under the power of his jaws.

She bared her teeth and snarled lowly in alarm, her anger channelled towards the reminder of her past that mocked her. Faltering slightly, her body refused to co-operate as it remained heavy and sluggish. Black spots began to dance over her limited vision. Jared erected his tail and growled approvingly to his wolves, showing off his dominance and prowess while she dragged her broken and battered body away from him. A pitiful attempt as he sauntered up behind her and trailed his tongue up her back.

Her spine arched in disgust before he latched onto her scarred fur and peeled a patch away from her muscle, the whimpers from her only exciting him and his wolf further as he scalped her back.

With appreciation, he admired his handiwork. A hairy matt of skin and fur now laying detached on the hard ground. Blood pouring from the female who was now laying motionless, the wind whipping what fur she had left.

Arctic eyes glazing over, took in the feet of the four wolves that now circled her. A last glance to the world around her as she accepted her fate, anger diminished and peered to the wintry tendrils of the trees above. Her ears pricked with the sound of faint howls on the blistery wind but her mind slowly numbed, her heartbeat slowing as the cold took the pain away.

The wolf was exhausted: the Human was too.


The copper tinge of blood acted like a lighthouse for the remaining wolves. While still in their coloured formation, Brett commanded them through gritted teeth. His wolf sensed the urgency to attack with the potency of the scent, We’re charging forwards, you better be ready, he sent through the mind-link.

We’re circling in. We need to act now, all groups go! With a howl, Eóghan and his group of eight charged from the West towards the thickly veiled forests, leaving the cover from their position within the shrubs. Their paws burned with the frostbite but they barrelled onwards.

Gotcha. Angus added, his team following from the East. We’re coming for you Alpha. The final words through the link gave the leaders focus back to their objective.

They were here to bring her back, and that they would.

Black fur weaved through the trees, the metallic pang tugging his heart in its direction. Brett was a force to be reckoned with as his burly frame ploughed through the foliage, not acknowledging the nicks and scrapes that adorned his skin, instead, his grey eyes were chasing the image of Titania.

What he received, however, was her still body laid in the snow.

His heart froze as he approached the clearing. Posture straight, it took him a second to realise that the ground around her was saturated. Ice cold despair quickly turned to burning hot rage. His wolf gaze focused on the man standing above her, teeth extended as he threw her body into a nearby oak tree.

Within seconds of Titania’s body sliding down the tree, Eóghan had leapt out from the West and held Jared between his jaws. Sending Brett a sharp look, Brett was shocked into action. Following his lead, he threw himself towards the remaining four confused wolves.

Like a raging bull, he stamped his feet and let the enmity drive him.

His group soon joined him, tearing and shredding into the wolves that faces once held smiles and glee, but that was soon replaced by fear. With two of the wolves fleeing into the crowded woodland, five wolves from Eóghan’s group gave chase.

Howls perforated the once quiet air. As if in satisfaction of her work and the bloodbath unfolding, the wind from Mother Nature lessened as her anguish passed onto Brett who was still tearing limbs off of fallen wolves, his temper hitting its peak.

Blinded by his surroundings, he tore mercilessly into the body of Alpha Jarred. His jaws tugging the meters of his intestines out for the world to see. A few Bleulune warriors gagged at the rancid smell that festered from Brett’s brutality.

Lucy and Angus’s group arrived, covered head to toe in blood after taking out a hidden Roosevelt group, eyes torn between the still broken body of Titania and that of Brett who was losing it.

Nudging Brett with his nose, Eóghan tried to get through to him. Brett, it’s over. With no physical acknowledgement, he continued hacking away, overcome with the violence and loss that seemed everlasting. God Dammit Brett, get your arse in gear, we need to get Titania back before she fuckin’ dies!

His head couldn’t turn quicker as he stuttered, she’s not dead? But she...? She’s... not...

Lucy approached gravely, it’s faint but her heartbeats there. She nudged him with her head, but not for much longer if you keep pissing about.

Eóghan nodded his wolf head in agreement. Brett let me handle this while you get Titania back to the pack, we’ve got to get our own losses back home. His admittance sobered the group, eight wolves had been lost to this mission, no doubt a worthy sacrifice, but it would only serve to fuel the rebellion back at the Duskfall pack.

Duskfall? ... Titania is...I can...


His incoherence and time-wasting was irritating Lucy and her wolf. There was no time for wasting, especially not with the creeping of chill that signalled that it was time to go. Let’s go! Carry Titania on your back and I’ll lead you back to Duskfall, I know the route well.

Brett shook his head hard, trying to knock himself to focus. His wolf was engrossed in its rage, clawing to bury its head back in the enemy at hand but his Human was jerking to concentrate on Titania. It was a turbulent tug of war within his head and after a few long seconds with Lucy’s berating tone; it wasn’t long before his wolfs aggravation subsided - something it rarely did.

The snow crunched beneath his paws as he approached the gory remains of Titania. An involuntary whine escaped him, his wolf rolling on his belly at the very sight.

His head dipped low as he licked her face gently, removing the clotted blood that clung to her eyes. At such an intimate action, Eóghan, Lucy and Angus all turned away. Offering a private moment for the pair as he manoeuvred her onto his back. He rolled her softly to reposition her but it came to no surprise that a disgruntled noise escaped her.

Take care. I’ve messaged Doctor Craig, he’s got a bed set up. Eóghan regarded Titania’s slumped form. He gave her a small friendly lick, his wolf desperate to soothe its superiors pain.

However, Brett’s head shot to the male, despite not being a threat, a warning growl sounded.

He dipped his head. Sorry, I’m on edge.

Eóghan responded with a solemn nod and worked on rounding up and accounting the remaining wolves, his eyes noting any injuries. While satisfied with finding Titania, he was disappointed with the causalities resulting from Brett’s plan. As Brett and Lucy disappeared into the mist, he couldn’t help but let the displeasure show on his face - the emotion over spilling.

The tipping point had been seeing the woman he once knew, strong, fierce and independent be thrown around as if nothing more than a rag doll. Dirty, bloodied and stripped of her own self lying there on Deaths front door.

He wished with every ounce of his being that Titania had even just a tiny bit of strength left to pull through. It was worrying odds, but he raised his head and howled loudly to the hidden moon obscured in the clouded sky, sending both his urgency and sorrow into the wind.

The others tucked tail and joined Eóghan. Snouts up and pointed upwards. An eerie melody of anguish echoed. A sad serenade to their battered Alpha.

As time ticked by, Titania fell deeper and deeper into her conscious for even Brett’s warm fur couldn’t keep out the eternal chill that rotted her from within.


I’m back!

Sorry for the long wait :/ Thank you all for supporting me and my creativity xox

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