A Sin of Her Own

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Chapter 41

Lucy regarded the males in the food cabin with shrewd eyes.

Her mood had plummeted due to her mates’ disposition. Marigold had been in a downturned depressive spiral; her panic attacks gradually getting worse. While she understood her mate’s grief at losing someone, it was still hard for her not to let it hurt.

For the sting of Marigold’s previous refusal of their bond still stung.

That, and the recent stress of Titania’s return all equalled a temperamental teen that stared any wolf down that came close, including Angus as he approached her empty table.

“Better watch the wind doesn’t keep that glare on your face. Would be a shame to ruin those cheeks.” He pinched them brotherly while she swotted his bear-like hands away. A quick blush reddened her skin from embarrassment before swiftly flickering to annoyance.

She smacked the head warrior, “Get your filthy hands off me. Don’t you have anything better to do than pester me?” At the shake of his head and the cheeky grin that he flashed her, she huffed a sigh. “Brilliant. Well, join the table.” She motioned to the empty seats and snapped, “Just keep your hands to yourself or I’ll bite em’ off.”

The grouchy attitude from the young wolf did not surprise Angus. He knew how big of an impact Titania had as a mentor to Lucy and being banned from seeing her while in recovery must have hit hard.

“Cheers grumpy, and all these hands want are some grub. I’m starved.”

She acknowledged him before pushing her vegetables around her plate as her appetite diminished. Her face soured even further at the egotistical murmurs from the Spanish wolves. Alpha Alfonso had seemed to have risen back to his previous hateful podium and even hearing his grating voice from across the room had her wolf itching for a fight.

Angus, on the other hand, was wolfing his food down as if it was his last meal. The male had been training with Brett, as he was one of the few that could keep up with the male without withstanding too much damage, and that required a large appetite. Brett had a lot of pent up rage it seemed.

Through mouthfuls of food, he broached the blue-haired teen, “You gonna eat that?”

With a small shake of her head, she pushed her untouched plate to him. In mere seconds it was gone. Manners to the wind as the hulking male cleared the plate into his mouth.

Lucy rolled her eyes at the brute, “Really Angus? You only make the point that we’re considered savages stronger by acting like that.” She reprimanded the twenty-nine-year-old while motioning to the Spanish wolves who had their eyes on them.

“The sooner you don’t give a shit the better,” he advised, “it only makes them more prideful. Let them judge but when it comes to battlefield, we all know who’s better.” He grinned and Lucy’s eyes lightened at the food stuck within his teeth.

She shook her head and rubbed her tired eyes, before a smirk took over her features, presenting her dimples. “Now you’re on your high horse. Umm... who was the one that got their ass handed to them last night?”

She eyed his bruised face with a raised brow while he just sat back and grinned. Angus’s green eyes gleamed at the challenge from the young teenager. Her spirit was that of a Duskfall warrior; he was lucky she had joined his ranks as a fledgling tracker. Her potential was growing day by day.

“That was against an ex-Alpha. Come back to me little miss when you’ve done the same. Brett’s not an easy fight.”

“I fought a Beta, that’s close enough.”

Angus let out a throaty laugh as he leant back into his chair. Smacking his chest, he replied, “He was a weak Beta, whether you want to pat yourself on the back for a win, good for you but he’s no match against a wild wolf. Pah, even Garth could’ve had him down in less than three punches.”

Lucy crossed her arms over her chest, her pride wounded, “Whatever, it was a good fight.” She stood up ready to leave before Angus grabbed her arm.

“What did I tell you about fuckin’ touch-”

“Wait Lucy, I need to talk to you about something.” At her annoyed expression he elaborated, “It’s about Titania.”

His voice dipped in volume as he ushered her away from the food room. She dropped her complaints at the mention of her Alpha and the seriousness of his face but ripped her arm out his grasp – her wolf antsy.

“Sure, we can head to your cabin?”

He nodded as they passed the Spaniards. While the bronzed wolves sniggered amongst themselves, their eyes caught the Duskfall wolves. Their looks were anything but friendly and the tension was thick in the air – it could be tasted sour and thick upon one’s tongue. Regardless of the ferocity, both held their heads high with daring eyes and while the Spaniards eyed them back.

Look at them, still thinking that they’re better than us.′

Mutters between the Spaniards had Lucy wanting to rip out some throats. Her fists tightened as she held her furious wolf back at the sneers. ′Lucky they haven’t been taken over by now. It’s only a matter of time before Duskfall becomes the laughingstock.′

Angus pulled her away as they made their way to the door, leaving the chortles of the Spaniards. Something was brewing in the air and Angus prayed and Garth knew what they were doing.

The past few days had hit Duskfall with the peak of winters finest storms. Snow and hail pelted the land and many of the European packs had been surprised at such conditions, spending most of their time inside. They were used to humid temperatures and a milder climate and continued to mention the fact. Much to the displeasure of the Duskfall wolves.

Duskfall wolves had limited their hunting but continued to take strolls and patrols outside - weather not a constraint. With years of adaption, many knew the pitfalls of winter and it was simply just another season of life, coming and going, and if you followed Mother Nature’s rules then you would not fall into her icy grasp.

As Lucy and Angus made their way to Angus’s cabin on the borders of the western ridge, many gazes followed them: some held suspicion, others awe but many resentment.

None had forgotten the risk Duskfall had put them in by inadequately killing a feral wolf and bringing her back. Four European lives lost to her rescue party alone. Not to mention the butchering of the French Beta Adam.

Snow crunched under their feet as they walked in sync. The wind howled and Lucy gathered her hides round her neck to conserve heat. “Is she...” She paused unsure how to ask, “Okay? Like, breathing... or?”

Angus’s back stiffened as he thought about the best way to answer the teen.

“She’s breathing that’s for sure but... well,” he sighed, deciding the truth may be for the best. “She’s still in wolf form and very much feral.”


Lucy held her breath as tears threatened to cascade. Biting down on her tongue, she simply nodded and walked along with Angus, partially in silence; par the long howl from the wind.

Approaching his small cabin, Angus turned his key within the lock. A small click giving them permission to enter. Lucy shivered, the snow that had clung to her furs falling to the floor as she hung them up, meanwhile Angus prepared Lucy a fresh cup of coffee from his Expresso machine.

“Have a seat, I won’t keep you long.” He motioned to the little couch in the corner.

“I’m just happy you’re telling me because nobody will tell me anything! Nada, zilch! Bloody men...” She muttered as she accepted the steaming cup from his outstretched hands, “Thanks.”

“Security has been tight,” he walked over from his kitchen to join her on the couch opposite, “after everything with Athdara, Eóghan’s kept everything on the down low. Try not take it personal.”

Lucy’s heart sank at the mention of her packmate, “Yeah, I understand that. I wasn’t expecting Athdara to be working with the Roosevelts, she helped me to track the mole for fuck sake!” She took a sip before meeting Angus’s gaze, “I just miss my Alpha.”

“I know,” he responded with a small smile, “until the Doctor has observed her properly and has a better understanding with what’s going then hopefully Eóghan will allow you to see her.”

“How longs that gonna take? I could help, she might recognise me and shift!”

“Wishful thinking Lucy,” his tone low, “she hasn’t recognised anyone to date, she’s even snapping at Brett.”

Her shoulders slumped as she took another drink. “Have you tried Nathan?”

Angus did not miss a beat as his features scowled. Lucy kept her face neutral as she observed the pure hate emanating from her packmate. “No, he’s locked up with Athdara in the cells.”

Before she could comment, Angus continued. His eyes flashing with his wolf, “Olig found him drunk, not even two metres into the eastern forest. Would’ve died if they didn’t find him... Wish Olig had left him but no, Eóghan’s became righteous.”

“That’s nothing new but I’m pretty surprised he even managed to leave his cabin,” she tutted, “but still, he’s her true mate. Even if he is a complete dickhead.”

“If he’s her destined mate then I’ve lost all faith in soulmates. He does not deserve her, and he needs to stay in the cells or be executed, no exception. But that’s not what I want to talk to you about, I need your help.”

Lucy raised a brow, “My help? With what?”

“With all the shit that’s going on trust is something that Eóghan and Brett are concerned about. We don’t know who is in on the revolt and want Titania’s head and who isn’t anymore, so information is now kept strictly between trusted Duskfall wolves. They asked me to persuade you to monitor both Athdara and Nathan.”

Her heart paused, “In the cells?”

With Angus confirming her assumption, she puffed out dejectedly, “Like a glorified babysitter? I thought you meant help with Titania.”

She gulped down the rest of her coffee as Angus gave her a pitiful look. She knew her disappointment was written all over her expression, clear as day, as the flicker of hope diminished. Even her wolf was growling within, upset at the prospect of monitoring two dishonest and devious wolves.

“I’ll do it.” At her sudden admission, Angus sprouted a smile as he mind-linked his superior of the news.

“But it’s not for you. It’s for Titania.”

French Alpha Lumiere, couldn’t help but let his lip curl as wolves hurled hurtful slurs to the young wolves of Duskfall.

Pulling two teenagers apart who were in each other’s faces, he scolded them. “Watch your mouth, that is no way to peak to another person.”

The Belgian boy simply spat at the Duskfall teen, flashing teeth as he openly displayed his opinions, “That’s if you consider savages like them a person.”

The Duskfall wolf’s face hardened as he stood tall. He was a burly boy with all the traits a Duskfall wolf had: determined, headstrong and a hardened mass like the Mountains had carved him themselves. His eyes flickered with irritation before the emotion disappeared. With a hardened fist, he was primed, ready to defend against the focused onslaught.

It took him by surprise, for he was simply sitting fixing some wires in one of the cabins before he was targeted. He did not provoke. Just existed and the very thought of the slander against his pack and Alpha had his blood boiling and wolf licking its teeth.

The group that had gathered cheered at the insult while Lumiere dragged the boy to the floor. With his fangs bared he forced his wolf to the forefront, his eyes flashing from their blue to his wolf’s. “I told you to stop, now go back to your cabin and don’t let me catch you treating wolves like this again.”

The Belgian boy simply stood and gave the Alpha a small nod of respect. However, his eyes conveyed the lack of will to heed his words. Instead, they promised that it would simply occur again and again. While Lumiere may be fighting against the current, it was fruitless; especially with the wicked words going around the packs.

Teens dispersed with a clear divide. Duskfall with eleven young wolves pitted against twenty-five of the other young European wolves. The rest of the European teenagers refused to play and instead remained mute, watching the hurtful attacks.

The hostility was mounting, and the verbal and physical confrontations became more frequent. The French Alpha knew exactly where they had spouted from – Alpha Alfonso.

Hatred was filtering from the adults downwards to the children and Duskfall was becoming more and more alienated. After current events, it only strengthened Alfonso’s snake like whispers. And many followed them, believing them as fact.

Even his fellow French Alpha, Jules, was becoming more and more suspicious of the upper ranks of Duskfall.

While Lumiere tried to talk sense to his affiliated Alphas, they seemed to be sucked into a hurricane of scepticism, jealousy, and thanklessness towards Duskfall and their Alpha. It pained him; to see what Titania had brought to him and his pack only retained his respect for the woman, yet Alfosno was scarring those sentiments.

Duskfall sent your wolves into a fight that wasn’t even theirs! Wasted lives to a wasted woman.

He had remembered the words Alfonso had graced him with the days previous, just after the apparent return of Titania. He had told Alfonso of his admiration of Titania multiple times, much to the male’s curled lip, and did not see any wrong him the deaths: they had volunteered, not been forced to co-operate.

The turn of events was monumental. But the grudge had always been present, building from Duskfall’s advantage over teenage shifts and gradually expanding from their arrival, to deaths now supposedly under Titania’s name.

While one Alpha failed to control Duskfall, another had grown in strength. Bolstering patriarchal views and manipulating without caution or care.

A slithery version of a man with little function in his legs but with a mind of trickery and deceit: twisted venom from a twisted snake.


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