A Sin of Her Own

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Chapter 47

Titania’s eyes flickered open to the room erupting in chaos as time seemingly paused. All while the Gods watched on with their breath caught within their throats.

Mixed emotions ensued: Nathan in hysterics, Matíus with urgency as the patrol wolves came into view and Alfonso guffawing in satisfaction over Titania’s slumped body.

The blue of Titania’s irises quickly locked onto Alfonso as she walked her eyes up the dagger that assaulted her body. The cobalt depths taunted him as she remained unresponsive to the silver that penetrated her chest cavity, instead offering him a cold barely there smirk.

Alfonso’s upper lip curled with frustration at her blaze response so he twisted the blade, forcing it further into her. Bone scraping metal. Hard against soft as liquid copper throbbed from the wound, momentarily coating her hospital gown in a saturated red.

Alpha Alfonso paused hesitantly as the knife was wedged into her chest, parting the muscle like melted butter. While he expected screams and her skin to boil at the mere touch of silver, he received the opposite-- dead silence, and a murderous glare from the previously unmoving and unconscious female. Inwardly, the pain from the knife was zero to none compared to what she’d been through in her twenty-six years of life. Child’s play, even.

Eight years of silver abuse would do that to your body. Her resilience had gifted her with the curse of tolerating pain like no other, however, it was not so good for her own self affliction.

Focusing on her now nervous prey, Titania pulled the knife out her chest inch by inch, staring him down as the blood flow accelerated; the slow trickle changing to small spurts with the beat of her heartbeat. While the knife had unknowingly missed her heart due to the muscle of her breast, the males in the room looked at her with bewilderment. For a wolf to look like she had, arisen from a significant impact from a stab to the heart, was bizarre.

Arrogance filled Alfonso’s expression at the sight and scent of her blood as he pushed past his previous hesitance. The deep wrinkles that hardened his demeanour lifted with merry glee as he relished the sight. Blood equalled weakness to him. It was over, Titania was nothing to his cunning. He rose to his full height as he admired the sight of her below him-- glory and testament to the supremacy he had over her.

She shattered his moment. “Imbecile,” she growled, her voice distorting with her wolf. “And here I thought I could get a moment’s peace, but no. You think you can kill me in my sleep…Laughable.”

“You needed put down and I was the only one with the balls to do it.” The man spat, to the detriment to the two males’ lives who was also in the cabin. “You’re only a stupid lil’ bitch that thought she could look down at the rest of us, well jokes on you cause you’re the one sat crippled in this bed while your pack is in ruins, proving why we don’t let women rule; a stupid idea in the first place. No authority, no pack, no power. Nothing.”

While her chest pulsed, she didn’t miss a beat. “I should’ve let the bison kill you…” Her eyes glinted dangerously, “then your poison would’ve died with it. You’re jealous of what we have up here because you’ve never had it yourself. All you have is a pack full of death, destruction and deceit, all of your own making.…”

“Jealous? Of the mutts and savages that roam up here, sí sí sí,” he chuckled. “And you being allowed to continue your ‘rule’ up here as normal? Not going to happen. I won’t allow it so think again perra.”

Her wolf all but grunted its humour at the statement. A gruff but mocking sound released from her throat as her eyes changed to a pitch black, the wolf back out to play.

“You’re… a coward. Dead… dead.” Her vocal cords constrained against the feral of her wolf as it forced the unusual syllables out.

The internal tug of war threatened to tear her brain apart as the wolf clawed for blood, foaming at the mouth at the thought of Alfonso’s head between her jaws: its rightful place. At the insulting words, the straw broke and the wolf didn’t hesitate as it lunged at the middle-aged man, casting wires and humanity aside as its teeth gripped around Alfonso’s upper chest and spat it out beside the cot she lay in.

Matíus immediately jumped to the aid of his Alpha at the assault but his shift was too slow and Titania beat him to it, her tawny fur showing its face as the wolf commanded her actions.

Alfonso moaned on the floor, his cane momentarily separated from him as he clutched the ripped skin of his right pectoral. Blood littered the oak floor as his muscle twitched for the whole world to see. While in agony, his wolf was too suppressed to act so he sat momentarily stunned.

Nathan watched in horror as Titania stood to her full height. Darkness and dominance suffocating the room. With little care, she tugged the IV wires out her elbow and threw Matíus over the organised medical equipment against the hard-oak wall. Titania made her way towards her fated who was backing away slowly towards the door. With his wolf howling for release, Nathan watched with unbridled panic as his comrades fell. No second thoughts passed his mind as he made his escape– not stopping as he forced himself into the Scottish wilderness, tears streaming and heart heavy with turmoil.

Matíus coughed at the acidic chemicals that insulted his nostrils as his body slumped solidly against the cabin wall. Containers from her catheter and stool samples crashed to the floor with his weight.

Alfonso managed to right himself as he limped to grab the hospital cot, pulling himself upright as he cursed in Spanish at the absolute cheek of the woman. Titania loomed over him with eyes as black as midnight staring down, promising him a slow and painful death.

While the intrusion of her dominance irritated him, Alfonso knew he was better than her. Quickly casting an eye to Matíus, he rolled his eyes and pepped himself up as he stood to his full height. With his extra five inches, it meant he could continue to sneer down at her.

“Gracioso,” he muttered. “You deserved this. Females are not and never will be Alpha’s.”

Titania didn’t respond as she tied the silver cuffs that hid in the cupboard around Alfonso’s wrists in one swift action. His grunts were almost immediate as he struggled against the silver while his flesh heated under the metal. He was trapped as Titania ignored him; his annoyance immediate as he thrashed in his confines.

Titania refocused on the other male in the room-- her wolf flickering back and forth with unfiltered rage. The males had defiled her and her beloved pack. And now she would enact her revenge. She stood with an air of confidence, her face and claws in a state of half shift as her dominance surged. Her was wolf eerily calm as she dealt the punishment needed for the disobedience that had gone on for too long. Matíus continued to scramble on the floor like a newborn fawn. His head bled from a gash to his right temple from the impact with the glass cabinet. Scenting the blood, her eyes saw red as her claws mauled him mercilessly. A quick death as her claws pierced through his chest cavity with little effort.

Too slow to respond, he gurgled as blood fell from his lips. His eyes dimmed before her as she loosened her grip on his lifeless body, tossing his form to the side as if he wasn’t worth a second thought.

A guttural growl grew from within. Her wolf relishing in her dealing of justice--the blood that coated her skin evidence of that. Titania’s head turned slowly to the struggling Spanish Alpha. If he could even be called a leader, she thought. A lick of her lips sparked a sliver of fear within Alfonso’s brown eyes: an emotion he hated giving away to the feral wolf. For he was an Alpha wolf, a strong leader who had beaten all his challengers in his twenty-three years of rule.

He grabbed the knife previously used to stab Titania and hid it behind his back, obscuring it from her view.

“Stop fighting like a bitch and uncuff me.”

Her canines made an appearance at the taunt from the man. With her wolf demanding blood, she fought hard to retain control- wanting to give him a death that the manipulative snake truly deserved. However, Titania’s control was wavering and as she stared down Alfonso, the wolf responsible for so much of her misery, she snapped. Black spread over her pupils as the feral prevailed. And while Titania’s wolf was fully present, Alfonso lacked his own. His own reluctance to train with his instincts putting him at a major disadvantage.

“Coming from the wolf that stabbed me in my sleep…” She stalked menacingly towards him, eyes glowing, “I’ve heard you’ve been a nuisance to my pack. Challenging my authority, destroying my alliances, and tormenting my wolves as if they’re vermin…”

Her voice took on a rough edge as the feral nature dominated. Words coming out harsh with the syllables from the wolf. “Funny that, cause the only vermin I see here… is you.”


Beta, we have a border breach. Eóghan’s brow furrowed at the urgency in Colton’s voice. It’s east side.

He cursed as he flung the paperwork aside and took long strides through his cabin door. How many?

Three, Spaniards up by the eastern pine forest just before the cliff edge.

Another string of colourful adjectives left Eóghan’s lips as he shifted, sending a quick mindlink to Brett and Doctor Craig. He could sense his wolf’s panic at the Spaniards proximity to the hidden cabin, unbeknownst to the border patrollers.

Take them out if you can but only if you’ve got another pack member. Even just pick them off one by one. Watch them, I’m ten minutes away.

Colten responded immediately. Sure thing. I’ll try take them on.

Eóghan smiled despite the situation. The young wolf was only nineteen, but he was a strong and capable wolf, trained like the rest of them. Three untrained wolves against one may have posed a challenge to some, but Duskfall was not known for its cowardice. Even their young had duress, hardened by their cold upbringing in the Scottish Highlands.

Brett met Eóghan as they charged towards Titania. Both mind linking as they cautiously approached the edge of the eastern forest. The coppery scent of blood, and other fluids, tainting the air.

Eóghan’s eyes widened at the stench of death within the air, “It smells like… like…” he struggled to find a comparison as his hand pinched his nose, “like someone shat themselves.”

Brett nodded while his sharp eyes assessed their surroundings as Eóghan received another mindlink from Colton. He had confirmed that he’d knocked out the three Spaniards hanging around the border and had restrained them to the pine trees. Pride welled within the Beta at the tactile efficiency of his wolves.

Relief didn’t fill Brett as his unease grew. Three Spaniards were dealt with but he knew there would be others. There always were. The Spaniards were like locusts devouring a field of corn-- never-ending and unyielding. Bunch of pests.

“The smell is getting stronger. We must be getting close.” Brett’s head motioned to the cabin as it came into view.

“Well it’s not from the ones Colton took out. They’re breathing, so someone else is in there. I’ve mindlinked Doctor Craig so he’ll be here… but he might take a bit. I think we should go investigate,” Eóghan took his breaths through his mouth as the scent intensified, “Ladies first.” He motioned to Brett as he stepped back from the door.

“Grow up,” hissed Brett as his hand wrapped around the handle, “she could be in trouble and you’re cracking crappy jokes. Talk about timing.”

Eóghan’s hands were up in mock surrender, “You don’t know her like I do. If anything, they should be afraid of her, she can hold her own.”

“Not fucking sedated in a hospital bed!” Ire coated Brett’s words as he threw the door open.

The scene that marred their eyeballs was one out of what you would expect in an insane asylum. One of the bodies was unrecognisable as his entrails painted the walls, intestines hung up like twisted fairy lights. He was covered in deep gashes, assumingly from claws as his skin was scarred beyond belief. Brett recognised the black mop of hair as one of Alfono’s lapdogs.

Alfonso’s body, however, lay on the opposite side where Titania’s cot had fallen, the bars broken and twisted.

The scent made sense as both males watched open mouthed as Titania’s wolf pissed over the remains of the Spaniard Alpha. The body was mutilated beyond belief. An unrecognisable lump of flesh with all limbs amputated from the torso. His head was the only moderately intact piece of anatomy. Nonetheless, the eyeballs had been scratched out and what appeared to be faeces was stuffed in his mouth. The brown stools were also visible out the bottom of his detached neck. It looked like it had been shoved down his throat before death. Terror, unfiltered and raw, was the last expression painted on the man’s face-- well, that was what Eóghan assumed. It was hard to pinpoint with the lack of facial features.

Titania growled at the intruders. Her fur bristling as she guarded her kill. The prey well and truly dead.

“Holy…” Eóghan couldn’t finish his sentence as he heaved the contents of his stomach on the floor beside him.

Brett’s eyes were trained solely on Titania but even he struggled to rationally comprehend the scene in front of him. With great difficulty, he swallowed, crouching to the floor as Titania sent the pair another warning snarl.

“We’re not a threat. That’s your kill, we don’t want him. He’s all yours,” Brett explained to the wolf. However, he could see the lack of understanding within its pitch-black depths. Lost. “Eóghan…”

The retching continued and Brett cursed under his breath, “Eóghan, don’t turn your back to her, she’s getting ready to attack you.”

“I can’t exactly help it can I?” He made his point by vomiting again but he tried to angle his body towards her, “Give me a sec, handle it your-“

Titania lunged for the vulnerable man. Lip curled and foaming at the mouth as the ever-present scent of blood fuelled the beast. With her eyes focused on Eóghan, Brett knew he had to restrain her as quickly as he could without hurting her. He knew Titania and as much as she wouldn’t admit it forthright, he knew she’d regret killing her Beta, especially in a blind bloodlust with no motive.

Shifting into his chestnut wolf, he aimed for the base of her throat. He successfully managed to knock her out the trajectory of the retching Beta male. The surprise worked in his favour and he stood over her frame with his jaw firmly attached to the tender muscle of her throat. His teeth only just pierced the fur and didn’t do any serious damage; but as her agitation grew, so did her frantic movements. Brett struggled to maintain control as the wolf clawed and bit her way through his fur - the beast not appreciating being caged to the floor. Throwing caution to the wind, Brett knew he couldn’t wait for the doctor and with that, he prayed Titania would forgive him for the necessary sin he was about to commit.

With his wolf in tow, his canines nestled into the crook of her neck with intention, marking her as his.


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