A Sin of Her Own

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Chapter 50

Titania’s face conveyed her distaste for the wolves that now trudged off Duskfall land. She hadn’t permitted any of the European wolves to stay other than the chosen bondmates and mates of her own wolves, with a few exceptions. Those adapting to their hardened way of life- free from life’s materialistic greed and corruption- were welcomed but cherry picked by Eóghan, Brett and Titania herself. And as the soured and bitter faces of the Spaniards finally left her proximity, a sigh of relief was breathed from both Duskfall wolves and the mountains themselves. No burden left to bear.

“Five months of hospitality and all we got in return was a rebellion, challenges for our pack title and them damaging our cabins... good riddance.” Eóghan glared hotly at the smirking wolves.

Garth snorted, “Bunch of ungrateful wolves.”

“It’s been a rough couple of months, but we’re still standing... well sorta.” Angus grimaced, “The pack’s pulled through which is something.”

Eóghan’s chest heaved a sigh, “We lost six wolves but gained eleven. Which is surprisingly low considering this has been one of the hardest winters we’ve faced – excluding two years ago.”

Titania crossed her arms as she too gave the troupe a cold reception. She was still miffed at the audacity of an uproar over a few wolves lost to the wilderness. Didn’t she say Mother Nature would take them down into Hell if they let their stupidity cloud their judgement? Falling down easily spotted ravines was Duskfall survival 101 and yet their packs blamed her. Utter foolishness.

As her wolves discussed the rebellion, her voice picked up, “The so-called revolt was your doing. Luckily, nothing to be worried about.” Her Beta’s shoulders sunk but her revelation wasn’t anything he wasn’t already aware of. “There will be no repeat.” Titania’s voice was final.

“Yada yada, yeah I know. Newsflash, these copper curls aren’t a substitute for a brain.” Titania’s raised brow only made Eóghan pout as he flicked his hair, as a morning run with his younger brother Ramsay had lifted the wolf’s mood considerably. “Contrary to belief, ye old potato farmers have the most braincells. Must be all the carbs and potatoey goodness.”

“Pah, you were hardly farmers, your family had one plot.” She punched his arm as the bickering continued. Angus chuckled alongside the pair as it felt like old times once again. “Ten plants don’t magically grow your intelligence.”

“Don’t take that away from him Alpha, that title is all he has.”

Garth couldn’t help but smack Angus at the punishing words. “Fucking hell...Straight for the jugular once again. Give the man a break.”

Eóghan didn’t let the words affect him as his demotion was no secret. The hurt had diminished considerably when Titania asked him to mentor Lucy, a potential candidate, among Colton and Darragh for the Beta position – a decision he couldn’t help but stand by. His therapist had helped him come to many conclusions about his PTSD and he knew the leadership position brought the worst out of him.

“I don’t have the title, but I can still knock your teeth out Princess.” The spark was alight in his eyes as he faced Angus, “Tonight after dinner. Twenty quid sees your ass on the ground before five minutes is up.”

The males sealed the deal and threw insults at each other, all while Titania’s eyes followed the European Alphas as they disappeared over the horizon. Her dismissal of their alliances had caused a stir and the Alphas didn’t appreciate the disrespect. It upset her to see the tolerance she had for the two French Alphas diminish as their disapproving glances and growing distrust for her continued after her return. She had learnt French for them as well as providing them with some food comforts such as speciality wine, cheese and her favourite dish, escargot. Yet, all she received in return was a stab in the back once they saw the new her. The feral. More judgement and discrimination on top of the newfound fear they had for Titania.

And all she could think about was the effort and time she had put into providing some level of comfort into their stay. All wasted. All for fucking nothing.

Noticing her canines poking through her lip and the dark glint to her eye, Eóghan nudged her back to the conversation. Her eyes flickered once in annoyance before readjusting to the back and forth from her top rankers. She exhaled and breathed in, counting to ten – and pushed through the darkness that prevailed through her cracking thoughts.

“Earth to Alpha.” The males sniggered at the stoic expression that graced her beautiful features as Eóghan tried to recapture her attention. “How are you coping with your new roommate? I don’t envy you though, that wolf would drive me to all levels of madness... especially the snoring.”

Titania glared at the change of topic but averted her face away from the group, knowing that the small cherry blush would give away her inner turmoil.

“It’s fine.” She managed to keep her voice neutral.

Angus, oblivious to his Alpha’s thoughts, laughed out load. “Brett’s a smitten puppy. He must love his living arrangements, I certainly would.”

The cheeky wink Angus sent to Titania had Garth fake gagging in disgust. “Yuck dude. There’re children here! Wanna tone that shite down, I’ve just had breakfast.”

Angus pinched his cheeks, “I forgot that you’re only twenty-one. Such a wee babe.”

“Get your paws off me!-

The banter continued until Titania let out a low growl, silencing the males. She might have had her pack back, but she was certainly not used to the noise level and social interaction. Her weeks out in the solitude of the forest, paired with the time shut away in her office upon her return had driven her socialability dial down to a one. If she could even call it positive at all.

“You’re all giving me a headache. Leave me alone and go do something useful.”

“Oooooooh sure thing grumpypants.” Titania sent a hard blow to Garth that made its mark on his shoulder. The pop of the bone dislocating had Garth tearing, ”Fuck! Oh man, I forgot how hard you hit.”

“Then don’t.”

Her response had Eóghan covering his mouth with silent giggles at Garth’s puppylike expression. Titania sent him a warning glare, one which he heeded well. His hands up in surrender placated her as her eyes danced to Angus. “Brett will be moving out now we have free cabins. Our arrangement was only temporary. We’re taking things...” She struggled to find the word as she stroked her chin, “...slow.”

Her small confession washed over the males’ heads as they continued in their jovial mood. Only Eóghan could see the pinprick of honesty, which he silently applauded, but the moment was ruined as Angus opened his lewd mouth.

“Well, if you need a third... I’ve got the goods to give Brett a run for his money.”

The pressure built at the back of her skull as the wolf stirred, “Do you want me to break your arm Angus? Cause that’s where you’re headed.”

He ran a hand over his fluffy locks while a cocky grin spread across his features, “Not my fault, I know first-hand how kinky you are Alpha.”

“Never mind, your tongue will do.” She lunged for Angus and tackled him to the ground. He spluttered but retorted, “You always loved it-” A few punches later and a slimy hand from grabbing his offending tongue; she was hoisted up by both Eóghan and Garth, which she allowed due to her rising levels of ire.

With an arrogant smile, Angus rubbed the blood off his split lip, “I can’t say that that wasn’t worth it. Welcome back Alpha.”

“Do you ever learn Angus?” Eóghan shook his head as he watched his comrades eye start to swell, “You’re a dimwit. She’s throttled you...” He started counting the incidents on his hand before he ran out of fingers, “God knows how many times and you still push. I’m sure she wouldn’t want you when she’s got Brett, didn’t you hear her? They’re taking things slow.”

A roll of Titania’s eyes was all that Eóghan received, “I didn’t realise you were Brett’s number one fan, I actually heard quite the opposite.” Eóghan eyebrow furrowed as her tone turned hard, “and nothing’s been decided yet, we’re just testing the water. Just because he’s marked me doesn’t mean that we’re bondmates.”

All the males regarded her softly. After her and Brett had fought, with Brett’s submission as a result, it was clear that she was slowly trying to sort through her emotions. A huge feat considering her mental state months prior. They knew change would not be overnight, but it was apparent that she now gave thought to her feelings, rather than simply shoving them away because they reminded her of her unforgiving past. Titania was addressing her demons and it gave the males even more respect for the stubborn woman.

To them, Titania even considering something with Brett, a headstrong male that marked her against her will, was positive progress. All they wanted was for their Alpha to be loved, happy and able to see her impact on their lives.

“How did you’s work it out? I mean... you weren’t exactly chuffed with him when he marked you.”

Titania didn’t bite at Garth’s curiosity, instead she found herself answering openly. “I guess he found a way to get through to me when he challenged me. It helped let my frustration out and he knew I wouldn’t back down.” Smart wolf, she thought.

Pensive silence followed as the males digested the information. Titania’s eyes furrowed and her jaw ticked as she got lost deep in thought, the mate bond tugging dangerously at her heartstrings.

Mistaking her expression for worry, Eóghan took a few steps to stand beside her, wolf comforting his superior. “Nobody heard anything if that’s what you’re worried about. The wolves where herded away before you got into any of the deep stuff. Didn’t stop them pestering us about it though. As if we’d have the answers.” He chuckled and inwardly, Titania felt a twinge of relief.

“Wasn’t that interesting anyway. My wolf came out and Brett submitted. That was it.”

“Well, from what we saw, it certainly was a fight and a half. For a second, it looked like Brett had it...” Titania had to stifle a growl at the comment, but she quietened. “His submission was not expected or wanted among the other packs.”

“The other packs where cheering for Brett? Why doesn’t that surprise me.” Titania’s eyes flickered before refocusing back on the horizon line.

“Duskfall knew you’d come out top but there where a few moments... where y’know... it was questionable. But forget that, your revelations will only make you a stronger fighter.”

“That’s the aim. Those packs will have Hell to pay for their ignorance.” Her eyes flashed and the males gulped. “They don’t know who they’re fucking with.”


Copious amounts of training, skinning the last of the animal skins and resuming her Alpha duties was certainly the distraction Titania needed. The children had been overjoyed to see their Alpha. Their gap-toothed smiles and snotty noses didn’t deter as Titania relished in the young innocence. A breath of fresh air to the testosterone that usually hung around the lands.

As she tidied her desk that was scattered with clumsily written French verbs, Marigold walked into the classroom. A nervous hand ran through her black tresses as the Alpha eyed her harshly.

“They’re doing well, the little ones really take to languages.”

Titania nodded before going back to her task. Her wolf had its hunches up and was snarling at the female. She hadn’t forgotten what pain and misery she’d caused Lucy, especially as she’d attempted to take her own life – and nearly succeeded. It was enough to have her blood slowly come to the boil, a simmer under the surface as her cobalt eyes took in the woman. She’d very nearly denied her request to stay, but who was she to separate true mates? Lucy had practically begged her, but all that aside, forgiveness was something Marigold would not receive from the Alpha.

As the tension grew, alongside Titania’s obvious distaste, Marigold’s nervous voice attempted to fill the silence. “It’s a shame the weather’s so bitter, fingers crossed it gets better because I’d love to take the kids out. Maybe foraging or berry picking or something, maybe even a picnic! Then again, from what I read online about Scotland it’s meant to be wet and windy 80% of the year. What was God thinking when he made-

“Shut the fuck up.” Titania hissed.

Marigold blushed beet red before muttering, “But I thought after you accepted me that-

Facing the small woman, Titania naturally stood tall and shot Marigold a fierce look. “I accepted you for Lucy. If I had my way, then I would’ve killed you like I did my with my own bondmates over how you treated her.” Her voice softened, “No one deserves that.”

Marigold and her wolf whimpered under the scrutiny. “I understand that but-”

“Do you though?” Titania taunted as she interrupted the pointless words flowing out of Marigold’s mouth, “I see how you continue to treat her. Even after proving herself by killing the male you were seeing, you still put distance between you and Lucy. As if rejecting her in the first place wasn’t enough now you continue to hurt her by not following your own instincts. Not many wolves find their true mate and you sit here squandering that...”

“But you and Nathan...”

A fierce growl erupted from Titania’s chest at the blatant disrespect, all while her wolf slammed against its cage demanding blood.

“Don’t finish that sentence.” Titania’s claws pierced her palms as she attempted to calm herself down. “You couldn’t possibly comment on that. What do you know about mates?” She stalked towards the wide-eyed wolf as tears glistened in her eyes.

Face to face, Titania snarled, establishing her dominance as her angelic features turned to stone. “Absolutely. Fucking. Nothing. Now be a good wolf and don’t talk to me until you’ve gotten some sense into that head of yours.”

Titania walked out the door, mood ruined from her interaction with Marigold. Her words turned to venom as images of Lucy’s slashed wrists took the forefront.

“Lucy might be struggling, but she’s a gem and until you realise that, I’m going to view you as a clinging barnacle that contributes nothing to anybody. You’re lucky you’re still breathing.” Her lip curled as she left Marigold stewing in her thoughts while tears streamed unforgivingly down her skin.

Titania left a bawling Marigold in Duskfall’s designated classroom as she marched with purpose towards the indoor training rings. Anger, raw and pure pulsed with every heartbeat and she recognised the need of the feral as it tried to shatter her restraints. Violence was what she needed. A remedy that brought peace and tranquilly to the stresses of being a leader.

“Breaking hearts wherever you go, huh?”

In no mood to banter back with her Beta, she gathered a water bottle, towel and stripped out her blouse before sauntering towards the rings. “It’s none of your business.”

Eóghan matched her quick strides. “Lucy won’t be happy y’know... I can feel her anger and hurt through the pack link.” His tone softened, “You know what mates are like.”

Titania turned and narrowed her eyes. “Marigold doesn’t know how good she’s got it. Lucy pours her heart into everything and everyone and that...” She hissed, ”girl...takes her for granted. A soul sucking little bitch.”

“Sounds familiar in many aspects doesn’t it.” A hard tint took over Eóghan’s gaze. “You’re not a bitch but you’ve finally gotten something you deserve.” His eyes swung towards Brett’s figure who was sparring relentlessly with his opponent. Titania’s eyes followed and immediately understood his point. Her face hardened immediately at the insinuation that she was anything akin to Marigold.

“That’s what you might think, but it isn’t exactly as easy as that is it? That’s not how life works.”

He gave her an eyeroll, “I’m not arguing that you both have your differences but right now, the situation has its similarities.”

“This is not the time for you to suddenly sober up and give me life advice. Just let me fuckin hit something god dammit!”

Eóghan picked up a pair of boxing pads and outstretched his hands to her. “If I be your punching bag will you at least listen to my occasional, and very rare, words of wisdom?”

“No promises.” A wicked smirk took control of her features as she rained her anger into her hits and before five minutes were up, Eóghan had slumped.

“I’m done, go find someone else to pummel. My hands feel like minced sausage.” Eóghan whined.

Titania gave the male a throaty chuckle. While the exercise had lessened the burning from within, it didn’t stop her mind focusing on Marigold’s words and the protectiveness of Lucy, who to her, was like an adopted sister. Letting Eóghan collapse on the wooden group, she stalked with intent towards the bane of her life. She didn’t want to admit that the thought had lessened as the days continued on.

Brett had landed an impressive left hook, catching his opponent – a Belgiun named Ike – by surprise. As Titania’s presence drew nearer and her sharp tongue demanded his attention, he couldn’t help but focus on her.

“Spar. Now.”

He smirked, “Well hello to you too.” Ike’s fist made contact with his right pectoral and Brett had to hide the pain as Titania’s gaze bore hard; a look brimming with so much more than the scepticism and agitation that he had grown accustomed to.

“You’re dismissed.” She told Ike. His eyes widened and his wolf turned belly up to the dominance that flew out her pores. With a quick nod, he scurried off.

“Nice. I was winning that.” Brett muttered as he dragged a wet flannel, saturated in sweat, over the cut on his chest.

“And now you’re not. Fight me.” She got into position opposite him as she eyed him expectantly. The forced bond between them hummed delightedly at the close proximity of their bodies. Bright and bold, it fizzled and brought Brett’s heart rate up.

“Because it went so well last time.” He mused, “How about some throws back and forth, no wolves. I don’t want a repeat of last time where I spend hours in a hospital bed getting my leg stitched up.” Brett motioned to his calf as his canines poked out, his wolf relishing in the satisfactory look Titania gave him. His wolf recognised the mark as Titania’s brand. While Titania battled with her emotions of satisfaction, possession and mild unease: a concoction that only seemed to tempt the beast.

“Sure, but this time you’ll have to actually try and hit me.” Titania cracked her neck and knuckles, “Regardless of the bond, you owe me a good fight. I don’t want to hear any moaning or disagreeing.”

Recognising the need of release through the subtle darkening of her irises, Brett relented. Titania, unknowingly, had sought his comfort by asking him to aid her. While a small feat- all in the name of a standard spar- to him, it meant that she was growing ever comfortable and with that, the guilt from his non-consensual marking ebbed. Not fully, but it was something to the male who held pride and honour as one of his key morals. Not a soul knew of the nightmares that plagued him of the shame that a forced mark brought.

They found themselves in Titania’s cabin after a worthy spar- with another submission from Brett- sharing a plate of rabbit and vegetables while discussing the spar and fighting techniques. Eóghan’s words rung somewhat true to Titania, however words did not erase years of trauma, especially from the recent heartbreak of her supposed true mate. If he couldn’t find love for her, then who could?

Those lonely thoughts followed her to an empty bed, an empty wolf and an almost empty heart.


Hey everyone! Thank-you for bearing with me, started a new job and moved to a new place so it’s been crazy! Life is never easy eh. I’ve added some Hollywood Undead because so many chapters relate to their music, anyone else love them? Wishing you all the best and hope you’re all safe.

Once again, thank-you to my amazing editor @amazingbaconpancakes you’ll nail your test! <3

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