A Sin of Her Own

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The end... or is it?

Hey everyone!

It’s been a long three years for the completion of this book but we’re finally there! The first book is finished and now we’re onto the next! I’m really excited for this and hope to have a proper update schedule sorted!

Firstly, I’m going back and editing the whole book to change any loose plotholes and add some more character development in there - any constructive criticism is welcomed but if it’s not something I can work on, please don’t spread any hate. I want to make this book the best it can be so any pointers etc please let me know! This should hopefully take me a month or two.

The second book will follow Titania as her journey with the Council intensifies; we’ll also be travelling outside of Europe! Lot’s of unanswered questions will be answered: Nathan being one of them!

A huge thanks to my amazing editor @amazingbaconpancakes who has helped edit and has decided to continue helping me reedit the book going forward!

You’ve all been amazing! I can’t express in words how much the support, likes and comments mean to me!

Lots of love,

Ella Bella xoxo

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