Terra (The Vulgri Hybrids Book One)

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Chapter 11

| Nathalia |

I was wrong.

No matter how I looked at it, it was me who screwed up. I made a terrible mistake and now I’ve exposed my ability to everyone. It’s only a matter of time before they connect the dots.

I’d let my emotions rule my mind. Again.

I kept on letting Cassy down.

I kicked the ground and made a tantrum─yes that one where you shake your body with your arms flailing with your feet stomping. I shrieked afterward, letting all my frustrations go.

God, I was so upset.

Today was a weekend so the academy was almost empty. Unlike me and my twin, others have kingdoms and families to go home to. Lana was even back to Ilwania, helping out in her guild or something.

Cassy went on her part-time job as a barista in Moonbucks cafe. She brought the car with her so I was stuck in the academy, not that I wanted to go somewhere. I just felt like sulking. Cassy refused to talk to me. Last night was the first time that I’ve slept knowing that my twin was mad at me─like really, awfully mad.

Instead of spending my weekend stuck in my dorm room, I decided to walk around the campus until I’ve reached the bleachers that were facing an open field. A few werewolves were wrestling with each other but other than that, the academy was almost empty.

Climbing a few steps to the bleachers, I took a spot and sat down, grateful that nobody was paying attention to me.

Hugging my legs close to my chest, and tucking my chin to my knees, I stared at the field. I was considering whether to visit Jade in the infirmary and apologize. I heard that she would stay there for at least five days until the Syren can fully heal her fractured tibia.

I took it too far. I knew that now.

Regrets were really felt when it’s already too late and once the damage has been done.

I closed my eyes and let myself feel the cool breeze of the wind against my face.

Someone was coming up and I knew that it was him even with my eyes closed.

“Nathalia Hague, you were the Ilwani who trespassed in my territory the night that I met my mate.” It was not a question but a statement. My actions were catching up to me so fast.

I chose not to answer and to keep my eyes closed. I felt him sitting beside me.

“You will tell me where my mate is,” he demanded.

I ignored him, pretending that I was still alone and he was not bugging me.

“Listen, I could put you on trial for trespassing or I could drop all charges if you tell me who and where she is.”

Releasing an exasperated breath, I faced him, flinching back when I realized how close his face was to mine. “Oh God, you surprised me! I didn’t feel you move!”

He chuckled. “That’s because you’re an Ilwani, your senses suck.”

Not really.

“There’s no way around this. Stop thinking and just tell me.”

I sighed. “Leave me alone. I’m not in the mood to answer your questions.”

“And if I force you and lock you away in a jail until you confess?” he threatened.

“I will just find a way to get out. Make the ground cave or something.” I shrugged, dismissing his threats. It sounded like a hypothetical question anyway and didn’t feel like he would follow up on it.

“So, it’s not gonna work huh,” he smirked and stretched his long legs. He looked straight ahead, making me more aware of his long thick lashes and noticed that his nose has a tiny dent on the middle, a very small scar on top of it.


“Then I will cling to you like mom-jeans on a camel toe.”

I snorted. “You...what? Did you just made a joke?” I studied him, my lips twitching into a confused smile.

And then the most unbelievable thing happened. He smiled, it was small and a little bit lopsided but it was genuine and absolutely charming.

I believed my panties went loose.

“We watch movies too, you know.” He said casually like we’re friends. I eyed him suspiciously. What’s wrong with him? It’s like he was possessed by a new personality. Or was he always like this?

“What?” He asked when I didn’t answer and was just staring at him, which I could do the whole day by the way.

I shook my head. “Nothing. Can’t believe you’re able to pull a joke like that. It was kinda weird.”

He regarded me. “You almost laughed.”

“I see. Your threat strategy didn’t work so you tried humor instead?” I asked, smirking.

“Nah, you looked so sad earlier that I lost heart in threatening you.” He gave me his full attention and for a moment we were just staring at each other, no words spoken between us. My heart started doing a rapid dance.

He was the first to look away, breaking the spell.

He coughed, his cheeks reddening before he turned back to me in a more serious expression. “Just tell me one thing, Miss Hague.” He swallowed hard, his laryngeal prominence bobbing up and down. “Is she alive?”

I bit my lower lip.

I wanted to scream, wanted to tell him that yes she’s alive and he’s looking at her─me─ I’m his mate!

“Yes,” I replied in a soft whisper.

He closed his eyes and breathed rapidly. When he opened them, his pale blue eyes shone with deep longing and love.

For his mate. For me.

And it pained me that I couldn’t accept it and give him back what he deserved.

But do I deserve him? Me who has let hatred rule my world and who kept on disappointing my twin. Me who was cruel enough to break someone else’s leg without thinking about the repercussions that I would make?

When our parents died, I took it harder. I made my heart turn to stone so that I won’t hurt like that again. And so I’m not sure if I could give the Prince the mate that he deserved.

He stood up. “I’m giving you this day to wallow in your problems, Ilwani. But the next time I see you, you will tell me where she is.”

I watched as he moved past me without looking back. When he turned around a corner and disappeared, I decided to leave my spot and walk to The Circle and find the infirmary.

A Syren who was wearing a nurse uniform gave me a warm and inviting smile. Syrens have the ability to hypnotize anyone making them culpable for any suggestion so I took extra care not to stare too long at her eyes.

“Are you sick, dear?” The Syren asked me.

“No, I.. um..” Damn it, I’m stuttering. “I’m here to see Jade. Jade Lynx.” I blurted out.

“Oh, Miss Lynx. That poor girl, someone broke her leg yesterday. What an unfortunate thing to do. Some Ilwani really is nasty,” She tsked and gave a disapproving look.

I grimaced. It was me who broke her leg so she’s indirectly telling me I’m nasty. I let it pass and gave her a hopeful look.

“She’s at cubicle number 4 dear. If she’s sleeping, come back later,” she said, dismissing me.

I muttered a small thank you before going in further. I found cubicle four and I saw her silhouette from the curtain.

I gulped. I’m not an expert when it comes to apologizing. Because of my pride, I feel awkward whenever I try to apologize.

Swallowing my pride and inhibitions, I opened the curtain and a scared Jade flinched from the bed, moving farther from me.

“What are you doing here?!” She shrieked. Her eyes wide in fear but she met my gaze with stubbornness and pride.

“I-I came here to... ” Goddamnit, I couldn’t say it!

“What? To gloat? To make you feel stronger?” Her hands clenched into fists and the veins in her neck became more visible. “I swear you will pay for this! You will regret this, bitch!” She was screaming so loudly, the Syren nurse came rustling to us in panic.

“What’s happening here?” She gave me a pointed look. “Are you not friends with the patient?”

I peered guiltily at her casted leg. Her father’s sins were not hers, I told myself before exhaling loudly.

“Look, I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t mean to break your leg.” I said, looking at her as sincere as I could.

“I don’t need your apology! I will kill you!” She continued her empty threats.

“That’s it. You’re out of here. Now.” The nurse grabbed my arm and pulled me back to the reception area.

Looking down, I apologized to the nurse for disrupting her clinic. When she was not saying anything, I looked up at her and noticed that she was smiling at me.

“It takes some serious guts to apologize to someone like that nasty girl,” she remarked, her smile becoming wider.

I grinned at her. “I know right.”

Feeling slightly better, I left the clinic and decided to wait in my dorm room for Cassy. Since the car was with her, I walked a long way to the dorm leaving me terribly tired when I finally arrived. That teleportation spell I couldn’t master would be really helpful in this situation.

I grabbed my phone and sent a text to Cassy.

Cass, I’m so sorry.

I love you and I hate fighting with you.

I promise it won’t happen again.

PROMISE! Won’t break it this time!

And can you please get pizza for dinner?

Thank you, love you!

With the cafeteria too far from the dorm and the food in the dorm too expensive, I had no choice but to wait for my twin.

I released my magic on my wolf to further enhance my hearing so I could hear her when she comes back.

When I heard the sound of key card clicking, I scrambled out of my bed and hurried out to catch Cassy.

My stomach grumbled just by thinking about pizza.

I went out of the room and knocked on Cassy’s room. After ten tries, she finally opened her door.

I smiled at her sheepishly.

“Please don’t be mad anymore, Cass.” I knelt down and put my hands together, closing both my eyes. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Please forgive me.”

Sighing, she crouched down to me and both of us looked silly on the floor.

“You’re a handful you know that?” She told me, her expression reminded me of mama when she used to scold me. Looking at Cassy was like looking in the mirror but at the same time looking at an entirely different person, gentler and wiser.

“I’m sorry Cass,” I muttered. “I really am. I got mad and I couldn’t control it. I’m sorry for being so stupid.”

She pouted and looked me over. “You’re not stupid, Lia. You’re just too brave and too strong for your own good.” She stood up and held out a hand. “Come, I’ve got pizza.”

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