Terra (The Vulgri Hybrids Book One)

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Chapter 12

| Nathalia |

The weekend passed by and we’re back in the cafeteria as if nothing happened. We sat at our usual table when the Lawin Princess and her loyal friend paraded towards us, the former wearing a grim expression and the latter looking restless.

“Princess, what are you doing─

“Leave me, Gina, I need to talk to them.” Yllona strutted towards our little table of three, dumped her tray, and surveyed us with piercing intensity.

“But Max─” her friend protested, regarding us with concern as if we’re going to devour her little princess.

“Max won’t mind, he never minds.” Yllona mused, her gaze still at us. I gave her a knowing smile.

The brunette girl whom Yllona called Gina left us reluctantly.

“Speak,” Yllona ordered us like we’re her royal subjects.

I arched an eyebrow at Lana then continued eating my Chicken Tikka Masala, completely ignoring the glaring Princess.

Hey, I’m laying off. If I start opening my mouth, the other two might lose their steam again. I told myself to better stay in their good graces. It’s enough that the whole Ilwani population in Mesina were giving me angry, terrified, curious, challenging, and other not so good looks.

“Tell us how you became a hybrid,” Lana whispered the last word.

Yllona’ eyes widened. “How did you know that? Nobody, not even Max, knows that. Only me...and the king.” She pursed her lips.“Are you enemies of my father?”

“So the King had an affair,” commented Cassy, keeping her tone down.

Yllona gasped. “What do you want from this? I am willing to pay any amount for your silence.”

“We don’t want your money. We want you to join our coven. Like you, we’re hybrids too.” Lana whispered harshly.

Surprised, Yllona studied us and her gaze fixed on me. “Was that what I felt when you touched me?”

I nodded.

Sighing, she whirled back to Lana. “What is this coven? I thought Ilwani are forming guilds now and have long ago abandoned coven practices.”

“It’s kinda the same you know, just a minor term difference. The only thing that’s changed is that they’ve turned it into a fraternity sort of thing where the initiation rights are more severe.” Lana explained.

“Fine but where do I belong in all of this? Now that you’ve told me that you’re hybrids too, you kind of lost your leverage. You expose me, I expose you.” Yllona said smugly, her lips twitching into a victorious smile.

It turned out I cant keep my mouth shut after all. “Look, Cassy and I, we’re here to avenge our parents’ deaths. They were killed because of the law. You may not sympathize about that because you grew up in a royal palace with royal servants following your ass, but we need to form this coven because we need to get stronger. And besides, this was already prophesized by the fourth oracle.”

“Third Oracle.” Lana corrected and I shrugged. She turned to Yllona with a pleading look in her eyes. “My parents were killed too. And not just us, there are couples out there getting murdered because of the law which is unfair.”

Yllona looked down, contemplating. “Tell me about this prophecy of the third oracle.”

“Four daughters of Ilwa will be born, each carrying the power of the elements. Their blood mixed with the blessings of the other Gods. All five Gods shall protect them. And it shall be on the day when their union complete, their power extreme, that a new era for the Vulgari shall begin.” Lana recited. I’ve got to give it to her, she memorized the whole thing while I forgot it the moment I’ve read it.

“Elements...” Yllona trailed then she looked at me again. “You control Earth.” Oh great, the news had spread like wildfire. No wonder my mate approached me last Saturday.

“Yes and I can conjure Fire,” Lana said proudly.

“Huh. And she controls Water?” Yllona stared at my twin. I realized that she did not mistake me for my twin. Thinking back, Lana never mistook me and my twin either. Interesting.

“Oh no no.” Cassy waved her hands. “Sadly, I’m not part of this. I’m just her twin.” Cassy smiled at me and I scowled at her.

“You’re not just my twin. You’re better than me in every single way.” Cassy rolled her eyes at my cheesiness.

“So you’re a Wind Conjurer? I knew it, you were cheating on that archery exam! I’ve watched you guys then and you aced it like it’s no sweat.” Lana chided and I chuckled when Yllona flushed pink.

“There was a time when your arrow was not going straight to the bullseye but suddenly the wind came to your favor.” Lana continued as if Yllona was not turning into a tomato already.

I did not mind. I was enjoying watching the Princess squirm.

“Enough,” Yllona hissed, glaring at Lana. “So what happens when we form this coven?”

I smiled at her effort to change the topic.

“Well, in theory, we become stronger, our powers will be enhanced, then we’ll have a chance to challenge the council to change the law,” Lana said it like it was so simple.

“And have our revenge,” I added but I pulled back when Cassy scowled at me. I gave her an apologetic smile.

“I will think about this first.” Yllona declared before standing up with her tray and going back to her table where her Lawin friends were waiting for her. They kept on giving us death glares when she was still with us.

I felt like I made an enemy out of the whole school. Oh well, as long as the food is great, I don’t mind being the villain that they perceived me to be.

“Oh hey, I’m performing tonight, wanna watch?” I asked Lana and Cassy.

“I’ve got to do homework,” declined Cassy. I stared at her suspiciously but I let it go.

“Not tonight,” Lana bit her lip and I gave her a suspicious look too. “But tomorrow would be fine. You do Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays right?”

I nodded. I studied Cassy and Lana and they both looked like they’re hiding something. Also, they both have a tinge of pink on their cheeks.

“I see. You guys have boyfriends that you’re keeping from me.” I accused, hurt that they would not share this juicy information.

“No!” They both screamed guiltily.

I crossed my arms and huffed. “Fine. Don’t tell me. I will just hate you both forever.”

“It’s nothing really,” Cassy chuckled nervously. “There’s this boy in my class that I like and he asked me to have dinner. Not a big deal.” She shrugged.

“Not a big deal?” I exclaimed. “Is he decent? What’s his criminal record?”

“See that’s the reason why I haven’t told you!” Cassy barked back.

“Fine fine. Just text me if you need me.” I said then I looked at Lana pointedly.

“What?” She asked, trying to play dumb with me.

“Don’t play with me, young lady. Fess up.” I urged, determined not to let it go.

She looked at war with herself before exhaling loudly. Talk about being dramatic. “Well, I have someone who I constantly see...”

“Like a Fubu?” I intervened.

“Fubu?” Lana asked, confused.

“Fuck Buddy. Friends with Benefits. Something like that.” I grinned when she blushed again. Bingo!

“Yeah... Something like that.” Lana released an awkward laugh.

“Whoah girl didn’t peg you as the sort.” I nodded at her, a new found respect for my new friend.

“What sort? It’s not like that, it’s like we’re together together but not together.” Lana struggled with her words and my growing grin was not helping.

“Like you’re exclusively dating but with no labels. Like you only fuck each other but no commitment whatsoever?” I provided for her.

“Yeah, kinda like that,” Lana admitted and she looked deflated by her statement that I felt guilty for getting it from her.

“Is he here?” I asked curiously.

“No, he eats at their dorm.” She answered and I widened my eyes at her.

“Their dorm meaning not an Ilwani?” I prodded.

“Yes but let’s stop this okay? I’ll answer more questions next time.” Lana hissed.

I raised my hands in surrender. “Fine.”

I smiled. I’m happy for both of them. But I must admit that it made me a little bit bitter.

I wonder how it would feel to date Theo.


Warning: Sexual content at the end (hides myself in the closet)

Turning the ignition off, I went out of the car. I surveyed the parking lot and noticed that the familiar yellow car was not there.

So, they’re not stalking me today. I smirked to myself before hurriedly going inside the club. I nodded a greeting to Jake before going to the dressing room.

I removed my shirt and pants and changed into a sleeveless glittering yellow top that was showing my midriff and black leather leggings. Grimacing, I got out of my sneakers and wore the black 5-inch stiletto that I found among the stack of shoes.

After fixing my hair and makeup, I gave myself a small pep talk before waiting for the host to call me.

When the host called my code name which was Lily, a cacophony of applause and cheering, whooping, hollering, stamping of feet, and a palpable buzz of excitement roared through the whole club.

Smiling, I greeted the crowd warmly, appreciating their amazing reception to me. I was flattered and humbled at the same time. But then again, these are males with an endless libido so I don’t really know if they came here for my voice or to simply leer at my body.

I froze when I saw Theo amongst the sea of people. He was sitting at the back with an unreadable expression.

What is he doing here?

That was the table where his werewolves friends used to sit. Now he’s the only one hoarding the table.

I took my place to the microphone stand. The lights dimmed and a spotlight was focused on me.

I closed my eyes and sang the first lyrics, feeling every word with my hips swaying slowly.

I found myself dreaming

In silver and gold

Like a scene from a movie

That every broken heart knows

When I opened my eyes, they darted straight to Theo’s, his eyes were transfixed on mine, and at that moment everyone inside the room disappeared. It was him, me, and my song.

Lights flowed and danced through the stage. I sang with my heart, my voice pure and soulful as it resonated with the audience giving me evident admiration.

I grinned when I finished the song, the audience clapping their hands solemnly. Theo did not move a muscle but was still staring at me with his hard and intense gaze.

Grabbing the mic from the stand, I approached the audience, stopping at the end of the stage.

“Thank You guys, you’re all awesome as always. Now let’s pump up this club, shall we?”

The crowd roared in agreement. To please them further, I belted out Fergie’s ‘Let’s Get It Started In Here’. The music blared and Andrew and another guy named Joey entered the stage and started rapping and performing the song which upped the energy of the crowd.

I danced and sang with them until the end of the song. Finally, Pussycat Dolls’ Buttons played making the crowd cheer more. Andrew rapped the first lyrics then he left me to own the stage once again.

Because Theo was watching, I found myself getting too enthralled by the song, moving my hips sexily, dropping to the ground, opening my legs, and just giving the crowd my best performance yet.

The club was definitely heating up, the men following my every move. Feeling suddenly high, I had the courage to point at Theo while dancing in a grinding motion. The crowd erupted into shouts of encouragement. Because the stage was only a foot high and I was performing on the walkway, someone dared touch my butt so I discreetly moved away and continued singing and dancing.

I turned back for a moment and then suddenly the music stopped and the lights went out. Before my eyes could adjust to the darkness, I was pulled away by someone, his scent achingly familiar.

Next thing I knew, I was being slammed into a wall, his hand cushioning the back of my head. I realized we were already in a back alleyway.

Everything was so fast I didn’t have the time to catch my breath. I had a second of meeting his now stormy eyes before his lips rammed into mine. It was hungry, numbing, and intense. I found myself responding to him with the same hunger and passion. His lips left my mouth and traveled to my neck, trailing soft kisses on a very sensitive spot making me gasp and moan in response.

I clung to him like he was life itself. His breath was like steam on my body making me shiver in divine pleasure. He pressed himself to me and I felt how aroused he was. I moaned in delight but was silenced when his lips came back to mine. I entangled my fingers on his long and silky hair, something that I had wanted to do the moment I saw him. I kissed him back as fervently as I could, taking and receiving as much as possible.

I moved my hips and knowingly grounded myself to his rock hard crotch. He groaned and growled, a sexy low throaty tone that made me moan and shiver more. He responded by lifting me by my waist, grabbing my bum and I understood that he wanted me to wrap my legs around his waist so I did. Our lips never left each other, his tongue doing wonders inside my mouth.

He slowly placed me back to the ground, this time assaulting my neck once again with his hands cupping my breasts, kneading my nipples, and his hips grinding me in perfect rhythm. I was moaning and writhing, his touch burning me to my core. His hand slid down, touching me above the thin fabric of my leggings. Ripples of ecstasy flowed through my veins as his hand moved expertly, rubbing and stroking the right spot. My moans of pleasure encouraged him, his breath ragged against my neck.

And then I lost it. As hot liquid seared out from my folds, the reins that were holding my wolf came free.

He gasped and released me suddenly. An assortment of confusion, shock, and happiness crossed his face.

“You are my mate.”

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