Terra (The Vulgri Hybrids Book One)

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Chapter 15

| Nathalia |

I dropped by the Ilwani dorm to pick up Cassy. She was already waiting for me at the driveway entrance with a big fat scowl on her face and her mouth in a thin straight line.

I grinned at her when she opened the passenger’s door.

Here we go.

“Tell me,” was all she said after fastening her seatbelt.

So I did tell her a brief summary of what happened minus the juicy details of course. I tried to make it appear boring and not a big deal but Cassy was gasping, eyes widening, and hanging her mouth open throughout my whole narrative.

“You naughty girl!” She threw her head back and laughed. “I can’t believe you outed yourself just because of a freaking orgasm!”

“Hey. Be quiet.” I tried to stay serious but I ended up laughing with her.

Cassy snickered. “So what now? Can we trust him?”

My smile brightened. “Yeah, I believe so. He... cares about me.”

“Are you sure or was it only because of his hands?” she teased.

“Ha ha ha, the hands of course!” I agreed playfully.

Cassy paused and stared at me for a while. I gave her a sideways glance and a puzzled look. “What?”

She shrugged. “Nothing, I can’t remember when I saw you this happy. I think it was in our twelfth birthday.”

“I told him that it was only a fling though and that we should keep it a secret,” I said after carefully parking our car.

We went out of the vehicle and strutted towards the building.

“Poor guy must have had his heart broken.” Cassy sniggered. “But maybe that’s for the best.”

I puckered my lips. “He’s not heartbroken, okay? He agreed with me.”

“Yeah cause he cares for you and understands you,” Cassy said, her voice laden with sarcasm.

I have nothing to say to that so I just responded with a cliche “Whatever.”

“What’s up girls?” Lana approached us, her brows etched with worry. “I guess I owe you both a congratulations.”

“Hey there.” I bounced towards Lana and kissed her cheek. “So what are we celebrating?”

She gave me a perplexed smile. “Someone’s in a good mood.”

“You bet,” agreed Cassy.

Lana shook her head and released an audible sigh. “Well, that can wait. You have to see this first.”

Cassy and I looked at each other before following Lana through the halls. We stopped in front of a bulletin board with a single poster attached to it.

I stared at the list with a sense of foreboding.

“How the hell did I make it to that list?” I screamed, wide-eyed and shocked. I knew I asked Jade to challenge me but I didn’t know she would really do it and she did it with my twin, not with me.

What a twat.

“You both were fives,” Lana said, her face grim. “But you defeated a guild master, someone who’s a seven. You’ve earned the curiosity of everyone.”

Fucking hell.

Exasperated, I stared at the name of my opponent. “Calla Dukes,” I murmured. If I remember right from our tedious lectures, she was the sister of Richard Dukes, guild master of Libra.

“She is a metal magic user,” remarked Lana.

“Any good?” I asked.

“Possibly better than Jade. She’s also adept in martial arts,” Lana replied dryly.

“Better train then or I’ll definitely get my ass handed to me,” I said unenthusiastically.

| Theodore |

Fling, huh.

I couldn’t believe she asked me that. I do get where she’s coming from though. I was astounded myself when I realized that she was my mate. I brought her to that alley without really rationalizing to myself what I was about to do. What I only knew at that time was the cold rage I felt when all the men in that club were leering at her and the smell of their arousal was utterly disgusting.

I admit that I was also caught in her talent and charisma. She owned that stage and she knew how to move that body of hers which I found both seductive and annoying. I did not know what came over me when someone dared touch her. I could not make a scene in a place that reek of humans so I pulled the electric wires instead, causing a temporary blackout.

I was enraged and for the life of me, terribly aroused. I wanted her like I never wanted anyone. I couldn’t stop myself even though at the back of my mind, I knew that I shouldn’t be doing it because I have a mate somewhere. And to my astonishment, it turned out to be her all along.

All those nights that I’ve agonized over my mate and Nathalia Hague, only to realize that they were one and the same.

I felt cheated but at the same time, I felt the happiest in my life. I knew there was a reason why I was reacting weirdly to her. Our connection was there, only blurred by her magic.

Now I only have to find a way to somehow make it work, make us possible. The law be damned. I will do anything to keep her safe and to make her mine.

Zion cleared his throat. “I heard we had a visitor last night at the manor.”

“Yeah, I heard it was one of the twins, the singer." Joon Ki added, obviously trying to rile me. “Malik, my bro, you saw her right? Care to enlighten us?”

“Someone gave up on finding his maaaate,” Zion sang.

I ignored them. I only told Malik about Nathalia’s real identity. Not that I don’t trust Zion and Seth but they can be really irritating if they wanted to, always trying to pester me every chance they get.

My wolf perked up when he caught the familiar scent of our mate. She came in the cafeteria with her twin and her red-head friend, I think Lana George was her name. Her eyes immediately darted to our table and I smiled with satisfaction that I was the first one she tried to find. I smirked when she blushed and averted her gaze, pretending to not notice me at all.

"Oooh, eye contact.” Joon Ki remarked.

“If you don’t shut up, I’ll tell your mate about that night. Remember?” Malik raised his fist at me and I bumped it with mine, smiling smugly at Joon Ki.

Joon Ki reddened and acted like he was zipping his lips. “Shutting up now, Alpha.”

Zion burst in fits of laughter, slapping his thighs as he did so. “That was a good one, bro.”

I snarled at him. “You too, I’ll ask an Ilwani to curse you so you won’t find your mate ever.”

“Hey, that’s foul!” Zion cried. “Speaking of that, Isabella’s birthday is tomorrow. Someone is getting excited.” Zion wiggled his brows at Malik.

“I’m not getting my hopes up,” declared Malik but he was obviously lying.

Because we were talking about mates, I suddenly missed Nathalia so I sneaked a glance towards her table. She was conversing animatedly with her friends but as if knowing that I was watching her, her eyelids fluttered and she spared me with a small smile before returning her attention to her friends.

I looked down and smiled despite myself.

“Smitten,” said Zion.

“Lovestruck,” coughed Joon Ki. “Oh, something’s stuck in my throat.” He continued his fake coughing so I just shook my head at him.

I was thankful when Malik diverted the topic. “The list was up, did you guys see it?”

“Oh yeah! I was in it. Hell yeah!” Zion raised his fist in the air.

The monthly duels were not something that interests me for no one was brave enough in our race to challenge me. “Who are you up to?” I asked just to keep the conversation going.

“Alpha Jason of Dark Moon pack,” he replied.

“What? You piss him off or something?” Malik asked.

Zion vehemently shook his head. “Oh no. We’re buddies. We just want one hell of a good fight.”

“Good for you.” Joon Ki commented bitterly, probably aching for a fight too. “Oh, have you seen the list of the other races?” Joon Ki asked but he was staring straight at me.

“No, why?” I asked but before he could answer a piece of folded paper came flying to our table. It landed in front of me.

“What’s that?” Zion asked, leaning forward.

I frowned at it but when I saw a letter N in front, I grabbed it and read it for myself.

“Hey, not fair!” Zion complained.

I paid him no mind and unfolded the letter.

Hi. I realized you never asked for my number.

So I’m giving it to you right now.


Yours, Nathalia

Reaching for my phone from my back pocket, I dialed her number and gave her a ring then saved her number as Mate. I then folded her letter and kept it on my wallet.

She said Yours. It made my day.

The three idiots were giving me identical evil smirks. But instead of getting annoyed, I bit my bottom lip, unable to control my happiness for my mate’s flirting. I was going to ask for her number after school but she beat me to it.

I wrestled Malik’s head and ruffled his hair despite his protests, Zion and Joon Ki laughing at us.

“I understand why you fancy her, Your Highness. Those twins are seriously hot.” Zion said, nodding at my mate’s table.

Deciding to trust Zion and Joon Ki with my mate’s secret, I mind-linked them.

She’s my mate. Be careful of your words.

They sputtered then their mouth hang open in shock, a mixture of confusion and worry crossed their features.

But your mate was a wolf. We saw her that night. Joon Ki said through our mind-link.

She’s a hybrid. She’s suppressing her wolf through her magic. Malik answered for me. When I told him earlier this morning, he was stupefied. He was devastated that I would share his sister’s fate. But I told him that it would be alright, and I would somehow find a solution to this problem.

“I’m sorry, Your Highness.” Joon Ki said sincerely, his voice barely a whisper.

I clenched my jaw. “Don’t be. You can’t tell anybody about this, alright?”

Zion and Joon Ki both nodded solemnly, still taken aback by the news.

Joon Ki sighed and threw his phone at me. “Then I guess you should see that.”

Frowning, I looked at his phone and stared at the lists of monthly duels for each race.

“What the hell?” I growled when I saw Nathalia’s name on the list.

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