Terra (The Vulgri Hybrids Book One)

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Chapter 5

| Theodore |

I was hoping to find my mate but I found her instead. The music and her voice echoed throughout the forest, drawing me in and calling out to me. If angels were real, they’d sound like her.

When I found her, I thought she couldn’t be more beautiful from when I first saw her but I was wrong. With the moonlight caressing her face, her voice filled with love and pain. At that moment, I thought that she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life. And I hated myself for thinking it.

I hated being that guy who finally found the one thing that was most important to me, the girl whom I was supposed to cherish till my last breath, and then having a silly attraction to another girl just because she was so beautiful... and hot.


It took an enormous amount of self-control for me to not give in to her allure. That girl was seriously a living, breathing temptation.

“Theo,” Malik called from the other side of the door. I shifted in my seat, clearing my thoughts.

“Come in.”

Malik entered my private study with his usual stern expression. “The Spectulus result of the Ilwani twins were both five,” he reported.

“Five,” I repeated. “Is that powerful enough to have powers over the forest?” I asked, still brooding about the incident when I found my mate.

Malik sighed. “I’ve contacted Sergio like you asked and reported that incident. He said elemental magic is not being used much this days since it is considered impractical and depletes their mana easily. I also told him that we suspect the twins but when I called him again earlier and told him that the twins’ results were five, he said it is highly unlikely that it is them.”

I touched the silver band on my wrist and tugged it around while I contemplated about what Malik just said. Sergio was the Ilwani advisor of my father. He was the guild master of Scorpio and they have been loyal to our family even before I was born. He was also in charge of training our pack, making sure we were able to detect Ilwani magic even without the silver band. If he said that a five won’t be able to handle elemental magic then it must be the truth.

“What were their names again?” I couldn’t believe I just asked this now. I knew the other one but I still needed to know the name of her twin. Also, I didn’t want my Beta to know that I met her last night.

“Nathalia and Cassandra Levina. The one you talked to in the parking lot was Nathalia,” Malik said, eyeing me with curiosity.

“What? I asked, furrowing my brows at Malik.

He shook his head. “Nothing, I just had a feeling that you fancy her.”

“I just met my mate, for God sake,” I said, clenching my jaw.

He shrugged. “I saw the way you looked at her.”

“Like what?”

“Like you fancy her.”

I growled, warning Malik not to push the topic any further. He bowed his head but I saw the smirk before he was able to hide it. “That’s all I have to report, Alpha,” he said and quietly left the room.

I closed my eyes and let myself think this through. My gut feeling was telling me that the attack in the forest and the twins were connected. But the facts told me otherwise.

Malik. I called him via mind-link.


Have someone follow the twins 24/7. If there’s anything suspicious, report to me.

Copy that, Alpha.

| Lia |

I looked around the library and my heart sank when I remembered that the red-head girl didn’t even give me her number or told me where to go. By the size of the library itself, maybe I would find her tomorrow or the next day.


I sighed in relief when I saw her. I thought I would need to look for her everywhere. I wondered how she knew I was Nathalia and not Cassandra.

She approached me and I couldn’t help but admire her long wavy silky copper hair, gray eyes, perfect nose, plump lips, generous breasts, which made me so bitter because of my mate’s comment about mine, and her voluptuous figure.

She’s a definite 9.5. The 0.5 missing just because I believed nobody is perfect.

“So I’m here. Alone. What now?” I arched both my eyebrows in question.

“Follow me.” Why am I surrounded by bossy girls? Cassy was bossing me around all the time and now this.

I silently followed her into the library. We rode an elevator, passed hall after hall until we reached a section that was hidden from the view of others. She reached for a large hardbound book that looked centuries old inside her bag. How it fitted in there was, of course, Ilwani magic.

She walked to the table and opened the book, flipped the pages until she found what she wanted.

“Read this,” she pointed at something and I leaned in to see the passage clearly.

Earth my Body, Water my Blood

Air my Breath, Fire my Spirit

Together we form, a coven strong

Luna, Maia, Sapiro, Poseo

Hear our call, hear our plea

Lend thy daughters of Ilwa

The might we need

Together we form, a coven strong

More words were written underneath but they were in old Ilwani language that I did not bother to learn before.

“This is an Ilwani chant right?” I asked. She sat down and I followed, grabbing a seat beside her.

She inhaled a huge breath before locking her eyes with mine. “Yes. As you can see, this was a chant written by the Third Oracle. She prophesized the appearance of four elemental Ilwani,” she was whispering so low that I had to lean forward to hear her. “Now Hazel told me that you and your twin are both hybrids. However, it turned out that you were the only elemental. I’m right, aren’t I? You’re an element conjurer?”

“It was the vibrating thing, right? That’s why you were able to tell. But why? What’s our connection?” I asked, wanting more answers for myself before giving hers.

She chewed on her bottom lip before boring her eyes into mine. “I’m a hybrid. Just like you. And I know why you’re here.”

I studied her. It could be true. It’s kind of expected that my twin and I would not be the only ones like us. But someone admitting it to me was still a surprise.

“And why exactly?” I prodded.

“Revenge.” She said the word with much conviction, her eyes blazing with hatred.

She shut her eyes and calmed herself. “I’ve been here for almost three years. Like you, I did not start at thirteen. But Glenda made an excuse that I was always sick and cannot enter the academy yet.”

Glenda. I’ve heard of her. She was the guild master of Aquarius, a woman whose name was associated with honor and bravery.

“My mom managed to escape with me when my father was killed,” she went on, never leaving my eyes. “It was three years ago when the assassins found her and that’s also the time when I entered the academy.” My heart went to her. I was in her place and she was in mine. If we couldn’t bond with that then I don’t know what will.

“I’ve gathered a lot of Intel already. You and I were meant to be allies if the prophecy is right,” Lana concluded.

“Slow down, Miss Hot Ass. Let me wrap my head around this, okay? So you’re like me, a... hybrid, and you’re also elemental.”

She nodded. “Yes. I’m an Ilwani and Suuri. I can conjure Fire. You?”

“Earth,” I replied.

She widened her eyes and her lips formed an excited smile. “Wow. It’s really true...” she mumbled, disbelief etched in her eyes. “When Glenda showed me this,” she pointed at the book, “I thought it was all a delusion of a dead Oracle. But now that I found you, somehow, it’s getting real. And now I have someone to help me look for the other two,” she held both of my hands and squeezed.

I looked at our joined hands and considered everything she said. “If we form this... coven, will we be powerful enough to challenge the Council until they can give us the names of the assassins who killed our parents?”

“Yes. Maybe. And we could also challenge the law, you know. It was just so wrong, what are they afraid of?”

I shrugged. “Maybe the unknown. Having two abilities at once, that’s kind of amazing, right?

“But it’s not common. Vulgari born from two different races was always stillborn. They never lived. In short, we’re special,” rasped Lana.

“We’re freaks,” I countered.

She glowered in objection. “No, we’re not.” She snapped her fingers and the book disappeared.

Wow. Vanishing magic. This girl is pretty advance.

“So,” she cleared her throat. “We need to complete the coven and find more allies. As much as possible, try to get as little attention to yourself.”

I rolled my eyes. “We’re new students. Of course, people would be curious about us for a while.”

She sighed. “You’re right. Just, be careful okay?”

I nodded. I liked how this conversation went. It moved our plan forward and Lana seemed to be a great addition to our team of two.

“Oh wait a minute. You’re a Suuri, so what’s your animal?” I was curious. She’s the second Suuri that I met today and so far they looked pretty normal. Yep, not pale and not shimmering.

Her face blushed, making her cheeks turn bright pink. It made me more curious.

“I’m a... Dragon.”

My breath hitched and my eyes widened so much I felt like they would pop out of my eye sockets. “No freaking way! How can you be cooler? Red hair, fire conjurer, then a dragon. Kind of a cliche isn’t it? Don’t tell me you’re a red dragon too?” I snickered.

“Um, yeah... I’m a red dragon.” Well, that made laugh. “But I’m still small, not the kind of dragon you imagine. But I will grow,” she nodded vigorously, seemingly convincing herself more than me.

“How small exactly? Like a lizard?” I joked.

“No of course not. Hmm, 6 feet at least?” she answered.

“Not bad. I’m super glad I’m on your side now.” I grinned.

“Me too.” I gasped when she pulled me into a bone-crushing hug.

God this girl was super strong.

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