Terra (The Vulgri Hybrids Book One)

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Chapter 6

| Nathalia |

My favorite place in the Mesina Academy was most probably the cafeteria. The food was prepared buffet-style and every day it featured five different cuisines from five human countries.

Oh and there’s also a chilled section with blood products for the Suuri, a veggies area for the vegetarian Lawin, and fresh and raw seafood for the Syren. I thought that the mermaids would despise eating one of their own but if you would think about it, sea creatures don’t come to land to eat, they eat smaller fishes and plants in the ocean itself.

Today, I prayed for Asian food. And I was pretty sure that Ilwa loved me for rows of sushi, fried noodles, Thai curry soup, and others greeted me when we entered the cafeteria. My mouth instantly watered.

“Cassy, I freaking love this school!”

Cassy snorted. I left her and Lana as I skipped happily to the food. I eagerly grabbed a plate and filled my plate to the brim. I was part wolf, it’s understandable that my appetite was huge. Speaking of which, I needed to let her out soon.

I went to our table and Cassy and Lana was already there, chatting about something. I was held up from choosing between two types of sushi but in the end, I just picked both.

“Wow, huge appetite today,” Lana commented.

“Oh, that’s her usual.” Cassy snickered.

“Hey mind your own food, okay? A girl’s got to eat.” I told them, my words scrambled because I had food in my mouth.

“Did he go to school today?” I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on the table next to us.

“Yes! I saw him! He’s sooo handsome,” moaned another.

“Look at that table of Lawins, 3′oclock.” I returned my attention to Lana. I was a little bit hoping that the other girls were talking about my mate. Honestly, my wolf missed him. Okay fine, I missed him.

Just so they wouldn’t notice that I got sidetracked, I followed Lana’s line of vision.

“Do you see that girl with platinum blonde long braided hair?” Cassy and I nodded to Lana’s question. The whole table revolved around the girl, others obviously vying for her attention. At her back was a combination of white and silver feathers, making her look like a real-life angel.

“That is King Raegar’s third child, Princess Yllona. As you can see, she’s really popular. We should watch her train sometime, you’ll be amazed.” Lana’s voice was full of adoration.

Wow. A princess. I wondered what that felt like─to have someone serve you at your beck and call.

Lana leaned back in her chair and locked eyes with mine. “Nathalia...”

I waved my hand at her. “You’re my friend now, call me Lia.”

Her face softened. “Lia, I think she’s one of us.”

“Wait, as in, in your coven?” Cassy asked, fully aware of everything Lana told me. “She’s a princess! How could she be...like us?”

“That’s what I was trying to find out for the last three years.” Lana groaned in frustration. “But it’s so hard to get close to her and besides I’m not really sure, I only had this feeling.”

I sighed. “This is hard. Maybe we should try to find the council like what we originally planned, demand the names of the assassins and threaten them with our powers. There’s three of us now. We can take them baby, oh yeah.”

“Lia, you know that’s not gonna happen. We can’t underestimate the council,” Cassy pursed her lips at me.

“I know, I’m just kidding okay. Lighten up. Jeez.” I twirled the straw inside my glass of Coke. “So tell us more about yourself Lana.”

“Feels like a job interview,” Lana chuckled. “Well my mom was second-in-command in the Aquarius guild. When she was killed, they took me in and hid me from the council. A member adopted me as one of her own. Then I continued my training with them. So yeah, we can count on the Aquarius guild when the time comes. How about you guys?”

I glanced at Cassy and silently asked permission if I could tell our story. No matter how long it was, relieving the story, even in our minds, was still painful.

She gave me a small nod before I turned to Lana. “We were twelve when they were killed. A robbery with double homicide for the humans but we knew what really happened. We replayed everything and it was as if we lived the moments when they were murdered. There were five of them and I swear the moment I will see them again, I will fucking kill them.” Yes, they were confident enough not to wear masks. And each of their faces was embedded in my mind like permanent ink.

Lana reached out and held my hand.

I shrugged, letting go of my anger temporarily. “After that, we looked for Hazel and we were pretty much with her all this time. We did lots of part-time jobs too.”

“Oh you should come to one of Lia’s gigs sometime, she’s a really good singer,” Cassy said proudly, diverting the conversation to a much lighter tone.

“Really? Then you should bring me sometime,” urged Lana.

“Oh, it was nothing big. Just a small show in clubs,” I said, feeling suddenly bashful.

“He’s here! Oh my God.”

Do you know how an earthworm wriggles when you drop salt on it? The girl who said that looked exactly like that worm. What’s the big deal─

My thoughts stopped completely when Theo walked into the cafeteria, an entourage of Lupus and some Ilwani following him. The Ilwani in his group all had tattoos of the Scorpio symbol in different parts of their bodies.

His long hair was tied in a man bun style which further defined his features. His gray v-neck shirt clung to his well-muscled body, his jeans hugging his ass and thighs perfectly. Everything about him was so tantalizing that girls around us were collectively sighing. I couldn’t believe he was my mate. Ilwa must really love me.

If I couldn’t claim him, maybe I could just have a taste?

Cassy smacked the back of my head. “Sissy, you’re too obvious.”

I huffed. “I know. I can’t help it.”

“He’s dreamy, isn’t he? The Lupus Prince.” Lana propped her elbows on the table and rested her chin on her hands. “Too bad he found his mate already. I heard he’s looking for her everywhere.”

I scoffed. “Oh please, is he starring in an episode of Prince Charming and Cinderella.” And then it dawned on me. Prince? I gasped and spun my head back to Theodore. He was the prince of the Lupus race? What the hell. Theo. Theodore Rolf. How did I miss that?

No wonder he looked familiar. He was that Prince in the Vulgari Times. The one the Lupus King was praying for since he only had three daughters. The one whose birth was such a big deal because it was said to be foretold by the Oracle of Ilwania.

And the Prince is looking for me! Aww, he’s so sweet!

I shook my head to relieve it from my unwanted thoughts. I looked worriedly at Cassy only to see that she was equally shocked as me.

My throat went dry when girls flocked their table and we watched as each of them shifted to their wolf, every one of them in different shades of black, grey, and brown. No one who’s near my wolf’s physique.

Theo studied them one by one and each time he was disappointed, he looked pained. My heart throbbed. My mate was hurting but I couldn’t do anything about it.

It’s good that I’m suppressing my wolf or else she would be devastated by this spectacle. At least, she won’t be hurt too.

After thirteen girls, he stood up and went to the buffet set-up.

And that’s my cue. I winked at Lana and Cassy. “Wish me luck girls.”

“Good luck!” Lana grinned at me while Cassy only gave me a worried look.

“Relax,” I mouthed at her.

Theo was putting a rib eye steak on his plate when I appeared beside him.

“Hi! How are you? It’s a great day, isn’t it?” He spared me a look and I smiled, showing him my white pearly teeth. A lot of boys in the club told me I looked really pretty when I smile. I hoped it would work on him though─my mate, my prince.

He grunted. “Not really.”

I grabbed a plate and started picking something, just so I would have a reason to follow him. When he turned his back slightly, I stole a quick sniff and inhaled his scent.

Ah, heavenly. If only I could press my nose on his─

Wham! He suddenly turned around and my face came in contact with his hard chest allowing me to have a miracle of an opportunity to inhale him some more. Oh God, I’m such a weirdo!

He grabbed my shoulder with one hand and pulled me away from him. “Are you okay?”

“Uh, yeah. You smell really good.” I smiled sheepishly at him and he frowned at me.

Great. He thinks I’m a weirdo now.

“You fixed your registry?” he asked, still dumping food on his plate.

Whoah, someone has a big appetite just like me.

“Yeah, the headmaster is processing it.”


“Uh, that chocolate cake is good.” I pointed at the chocolate cake in front of us even though I hadn’t tasted it. I wanted to be with him longer.

He stared at me then dumped a slice of cake on his plate. His plate was now overflowing and if I didn’t know any better, I would assume that he’s also stalling to be with me.

Yeah, I’m flattering myself. So what.

“I didn’t see you yesterday. Where were you?” Oh God, I did not just say that!

He tilted his head and studied me. “Do you like me, Miss Levina?” he used my line on me. Huh.

“What if I do?” I met his stormy blue eyes squarely.

“It’s not unusual. But I’m sorry, I already have a mate,” he started to go back to his table but I grabbed his arm, not quite ready to let him go.

“Well if you don’t find her, Mister, don’t hesitate to contact me.” I bit my lower lip as I stare suggestively into his eyes.

His eyes went to my hand on his arm and then on me. His expression darkened and he jerked his arm free from my hold. “I doubt it. I will find her.”

My fingers stung from the loss of contact with him. I watched as he walked to their table without looking back at me. I noticed that his wolf buddies were giving me stares of suspicion and some females on his table were openly glaring at me. I smirked at them.

I dumped the pretend plate that I was holding on a nearby table and walked out. I would talk to Lana and Cassy later. I needed a run. Now.

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