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Chapter 10 - Marco POV

A guard knocked on my door. I was asleep but I was always listening even in my sleep, I never felt rested anymore. “Yes” I said answering my door “Princess Alysa is awake sire” said the guard who I couldn’t remembers name. “Really why?” I asked he looked like he hadn’t a clue “where is she?” I asked worriedly, what the hell was she doing up at this time of the day? “In the study she uses sire” the guard said. I said my thanks to the guard and threw clothes on in a hurry. Then I went to the room he had told me they were in.

“Its fine Marco” Alysa said before I even had a chance to access the situation. “What’s going on?” I asked worriedly. “Ally’s just woke us up to yell at us” said Kayla stifling a yawn. “I’m not going to yell at you I just needed to tell you. You can’t.” Ally said looking at them both. Marianna run in the room but just as she did there was an explosion in the direction of Ally’s bedroom. I instantly sprung to action as the palace seemed to fill with smoke. Marianna practically jumped over all the furniture to get to Ally’s side, just in case. Kayla and Andrew where almost as fast both ready to protect her if anything came through the door their tiredness from a few seconds ago forgotten. Thank god Ally had decided to do this middle of sleep meeting or she would have been in the room. Her eyes showed her own shock at the situation. she had thought we were all worried for nothing. that no one was going to hurt her. Maybe now she will understand we are doing this for her safety.

The castle was going nuts everyone was running around trying to sort the mess out, but we all stayed protecting Ally. in case anyone came in the palace after her. I sent one guard to inform them the princess was safe, the moment it happened. the longer and more panicked the runners seemed to get and the guards the more scared and shocked Ally looked. I knew she hadn’t believed anything like this would happen and I think she was shocked it had happened one night when she was not actually in her room. I was extremely thankful for this meeting, if she had stayed in the room I was not sure what would have happened. Eventually Sawyer came in the room “all safe” he said, putting all the guards on Alysa duty at ease. myself included. I nodded my understanding and everyone relaxed slightly but I told Marianna to stay with Alysa not to leave her side at all. Marianna just nodded at me. I knew deep down Marianna was the best person to protect Ally. The only female guard I had ever met as strong as Marianna was Nicolette. who I knew was dead. I went to investigate leaving Alysa with 17 guards including Marianna and Joe, my brother and Kayla.

When I went in Alysa bedroom, I realised that the sound and smoke was worse than the damage. in fact the damage was to the window as if someone had thrown something up almost as a distraction or a threat as if to say look what we can actually do. The guards were talking to Sawyer and I realised they all felt this way. that this was a threat. it wasn’t an attack. it was a threat to show they could. Sawyer seemed to think that this was meant as a distraction but what was there actual plan. Apparently they had caught two and he would find out one way or another. Sawyer had another question to all the guards and I saw his accusation on his face. How did they know this was Alysa’s room. A team was set up to investigate but Sawyer seemed as suspicious of the team.

I went back to the room Alysa was in just as another explosion happened the other side of the castle near the Queens and Kings room. I knew they were not in there, they were now with Ally but it made me think were they trying to make them all be in a room together with everyone running around in every other direction to attack? why an hour between the explosions? I looked at the guards near me who were running to the other explosion “no” I shouted to them, realising no one was actually listening to me, well at the end of the day I wasn’t a guard. But I knew I had to let them know what I had just realised. “everyone to the family!” with my words everyone close to me must of suddenly realised the same thing, and we all run to them. They were in the deepest part of the castle away from all windows safe we had thought. but who said the threat wasn’t going to come from the castle. because Sawyer was right how had they known Alysa’s room. Beth was killed by her best friend. ‘You don’t know that.’ Beth’s voice snapped in my head. Fine Beth’s best friend had betrayed her. When we arrived at the room they were all in. they were all sat around a table looking worried. King Robward was one side of the table and the queen the other side. I don’t think I could remember a time that was different to that. Alysa was sat next to Kayla. Kayla squeezing her hand tight. Drew was looking worried but deep in thought. Marianna was stood right behind Ally herself between her and any threats that could come towards her. “What is going on?” king Robward demanded from Sawyer as he entered the room right behind me. “We are not sure your majesty, we have caught 3 of the people behind this. But as of yet we are none the wiser. It is a bit more complicated than I care to admit currently. as the rooms attacked was Alysa’s and your own bedroom King Robward. no one but the castle staff would be aware of which room you and Alysa both sleep in.” He said. “We decided it was best to stay with you currently in case they are trying to distract us all away from you” Sawyer explained.

We all stayed on guard with the royal family but nothing happened that day or night. So things still uptight started to relax slightly, everyone was extremely tired, was that there plan. “I think it would be best to get you all to a safe house” said Sawyer that evening looking at the royals, myself actually included. I have to remind myself I am still technically a royal and not a guard. Even though I had trained now and passed everything a guard has to. I did that to hunt for Alysa and I would use it to keep her safe. “I refuse to abandon my palace and my kingdom” Queen Jennifer said in ancient Greek as if she thought the captain of the guard stupid. As Sawyer, a few other high up guards her personal included and myself tried to convince her it was for the best Ally was the one who came to our aid. “mama” Alysa said it was the first time I had ever heard her use that word towards the queen out loud in any language. Everyone looked at her in almost unbelievable shock. I saw the Queens eyes slightly tear up, but she covered it quickly. She was sat next to Kayla and Drew who both looked tired but alert and as shocked to hear her say mum as everyone else seemed to be, as she had been sat there in silence for the past 2 hours looking to be thinking. Not being involved in any of the conversations. “Faites ce qu’ils disent est le plus sûr” Do what they say is safest Ally said in French to the queen.

that Sometimes the captain I she said the first time I had actually heard her use that word. Ally had never said it. she said. Everyone stared at her this coming from the girl who seemed to take delight in going against what we said and teasing the guards. Ally smiled at her mother walking over to her she took her mums hand in hers suddenly seeming to grow up very quickly. I think that was the second time I had ever seen her touch her mum. the first time by her own choice. I
remembered the girl who attacked the guards when we first tried to catch her in California although she had been full of fear, she knew exactly what she was doing. should I be suspicious of Alysa? Was she really just an innocent girl, she had a phone now, maybe she organised the attack herself, maybe that's how she knew to be out that room. 'Ally isn't going to hurt anyone Marco.' Elizabeth's voice snapped at me in her head. 'Beside she wouldn't even know where the king and queen slept. she's never so much as been allowed out of her side of the castle or down the flight of steps. she has had guards or Kayla with her constantly. if she was going to do something you would know.' Elizabeth's pointed out being the voice of reason like so many times before. to bad she was a sign I was going crazy. I watched Alysa and she looked at her mum showing strength I didn't even know she processed. “Do people know where they are?” she asked Sawyer not me. “No” Sawyer said, I saw a small smile on the corners of his lips he was impressed. no one knew where they were even I didn’t. I think the only person who did was Sawyer. “Then we should all go” Ally said indicating everyone who all still looked amazed to see her taking charge. Her parents guards, Kayla the only one who didn't seem surprised was Drew. Drew just looked proud of her.

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