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Chapter 11

We had arrived at the safe house in Germany. It was strange to be here. Kayla and Drew had gone back to California, much to both of their protests. but I had refused to let them come along. No one was looking for them and with my sudden bossiness people were actually listening to me. Hey maybe I could do this. I was bossier than I realised. Or everyone was just shocked to see how well I could cope under pressure. I wondered if people were after my parents or just me? I knew my mother and father couldn’t stay here forever. They had a kingdom and a species to run. I actually felt more at ease in this safe house than I did in the palace, I was allowed outside! I was allowed in a very small back garden, surrounded by guards but I was allowed outside! I think when I had lied on the grass and had it wrap itself around me I kind of proved to Marco I wasn’t someone who felt comfortable being kept in doors. If I could I would have climbed the tree, it wanted me to. But I couldn’t explain that to anyone, I had to act at least slightly like a princess should, the Queen had not approved of my behaviour. Climbing trees was apparently frowned upon for the heir to the throne. Nothing was apparently not frowned upon for the heir to the throne, I just wish they would understand I didn't want it. I didn't want to be a princess.

My father was in a suit today and my mother was in a beautiful dress. I looked more natural in jeans a t-shirt and a band hoodie and my parents were not even moaning at my outfit. For the first time in months I didn’t have a crown on my head! I could have celebrated this safe house. I needed this safe house. Maybe they should attack the palace more often if I was allowed to be outside when they did! I looked at our 32 guards plus Marianna, Joe, Marco and the captain. They were all in similar outfits to me. Well not the band hoodie but jeans t-shirts and guard jackets. “What is the plan?” I asked no one had mentioned a plan at the moment it had just been about getting us safe. The captain and Marco looked at me I think they both were shocked to see me take control, I was more than ready I realised, running I was used to but I knew I couldn’t run with my parents they were needed in the Amaris world. Hey I liked the safe house, I was willing to stay here alone. With no one with me. I was willing to disappear back into the human world and run again. I used to not want to run, but I preferred it to being trapped. “We are getting the palace safe and then you shall all return” said the
captain, Sawyer. I gave him a small nod not knowing what to say next. How could I say I didn’t want to return?

2 weeks went by fast and soon my parents returned with most the guards leaving me with just 15 as well as Marianna Joe and Marco. 15 guards was way too extreme I personally thought. But they let me have a bit of freedom. I think they all realised I actually needed it. I needed to be outside. I was given a lot more freedom in Germany trusted to go out with just Marianna and 2 other guards who although wouldn’t talk to me yet were polite when I talked to them and replied. Hey I was slowly getting people to talk to me. That was celebrational material.

The 4 of us were walking in the market one afternoon shopping, hey I thought whilst I’m here I might as well practise my German. I was talking to everyone who could talk German in German whilst here. I was slowly working out why I was mostly encouraged to talk Greek or French with my personal group of guards though. Although Marianna’s language skills were so bad I just spoke English with her. The other guards and Marco stayed home and caught up on sleep, it was day so the threat on me was at its weakest, when someone said “Ally?” I jumped and Marianna and the 2 guards sprung
to action but they realised it was a human before anything happened. “Bonjour” I suddenly said a smile coming to my face looking at the face of Lucile. “Oh mon Dieu! Ally est vous!” Omg! Ally it is you! Lucile said in really excited French. “Pourquoi êtes-vous en Allemagne?” Why are you in Germany? I asked still in French smiling and giving her a cuddle Marianna and my guards looked shocked and still on guard ready to attack the human if I needed it. I could tell one of them was following my conversation, but both Ally and the other one looked at me like I had grown two heads. Why did I need so many languages when my people didn’t seem to speak them? “Je fais un année d’université ici souviens. J’avais tout rabotés avant votre départ. Pourquoi diable avez-vous quitté vous nous avez manqué tellement.” I am doing a year university here remember. I had it all planed before you left. Why the hell did you leave we missed you so much. Said Lucile giving me a huge smile and hugging me tight. Still in French I told her a ruff lie. “Ma famille me voulait la maison” my family wanted me home. Hey it wasn’t actually a lie. It wasn’t the reason I had left Paris but it wasn’t a lie. It was a true lie. Marianna still on guard looked extremely worried and was looking from me to Lucile to the other 2 guards as if not understanding a thing.

All 3 of them were looking at me extremely worried. I wondered how good there French was, I knew the one following my conversation understood, he seemed the most at rest here, the other 2 were looking at him as if saying translate now. He had to be about Luke’s age. My youngest guard by far! Shame he wouldn’t talk to me. “Donc, vous êtes de l’Allemagne?” So you are from Germany? she asked me confused I had never told either girl where I was actually from. How would I describe my country? It was big, how the hell it was hidden no one had explained to me yet. “Non” no. but just then a man speaking German asked us if we needed anything I looked at Lucile’s list of German words for what she needed and smiled, knowing that although she had wanted to do a year here her German was still as bad as it used to be. We were a tourist Café we were encouraged to learn different languages so we could talk to the customers. So I ordered for her “Hallo, bitte kann ich haben sechs Äpfel. Ein Bündel Bananen.” Translated as hello, please may I have six apples? A bunch of bananas. I looked at Lucile’s list both Marianna and her giving me strange looks while the man went about my order. The two
guards with me looking like I made no sense what so ever. None had said a word to Lucille and she hadn’t commented on them. Even though I knew she possibly wanted to. “Und eine Ananas” I said ignoring both of them. He handed it over and I handed it all to Lucile “Avez-vous beaucoup de temps?” have you got much time? I asked her in French. Switching language in a way that would have made my language teacher very proud. “J’ai heures de cours sur pour aujourd’hui. Je dois toujours le temps de vous rattraper AllyPally” I’ve got hours lessons over for today. I always have time to catch up with you AllyPally. She said in French with a huge smile. “I didn’t think you liked pineapple” I said walking to a café Marianna and my guards still looked confused and now all looked extremely worried as well, I knew Marianna’s languages were bad but I was starting to think she couldn’t understand a single word. I knew most Amaris spoke in Greek together being are original tongue, well it was one country we were close to and ancient Greek had kind of stuck through time with us. It was one language I was sure Lucile wouldn’t understand a word of as well. “Pou eínai énas paliós fílos ergasías. Eínai óla entáxei, den eínai kai tóso panikovlitheí. Píra ta fortía tou chrónou prin prépei na eímai píso kai kaneís den xérei eímai edó akóma.” Translated as she is an old work friend. It is all okay, do not look so panicked. I got loads of time before I need to be back and no one knows I am here still. Marianna and my guards accept the one who understood my French conversation, who slightly nodded at me, looked even more confused at me and I suddenly realised they needed my language classes more than I did. I think it was too much for Marianna as she asked me in English “what the hell are you saying who the hell is this girl?” Lucile looked as confused obviously very confused at so many swops in language but I knew she understood and could speak English I decided English would be the best language for this café trip. Lucille was looking at the 3 people with me really interested. “What is going on?” Lucile asked with such a heavy French accent. “Sorry” I said to all of them “Lucile this is Marianna, Marianna this is Lucile.” I would have introduced the other 2 but I didn’t actually know their names. I needed to learn them, I realised then. As both girls still looked extremely puzzled I said “I worked with Lucile in France.” I told Marianna who still looked extremely puzzled but relaxed only slightly, so did the other 2 but both gave me interested looks as
if to say you worked? “How many languages do you talk?” asked Lucile smiling still puzzled. “To many, 16 I think” I said ordering us all a drink in German. Coffee for all 5 of us. The coffee went way to fast before we had to go we caught up on as much as I could I listened to Lucile talk all about university and living in Germany, I wanted her to tell me about her not about me, it had always worked with the girls before and it still was. When she asked what I was doing now I caught Marianna’s eyes but she just shrugged, as if to say tell her what I want she was just a human. Lucile did seem extremely interested in Marianna and the other 2 guards especially now she had seen her gun with Marianna’s shrug. Not that the 3 of them actually needed a gun. But it was always best for them to have one in the human world. I saw her eyes shocked at the site of the gun “est-ce une arme à feu!?”Is that a gun!? She asked me in French suddenly looking scared. “Oui” Yes I told her then I said in English so Marianna would understand what I said “these are my body guards” it was 100% truth, the 3 of them were my guards. “Your body guard? Why do you need body guards?” said Lucile struggling not to look at me to worried. “My mums an important politician and people want her to
shut up” I said which is fully true as well. Marianna and the 2 guards looked at me like they wished I would shut up. “Princess” Marianna started but Lucile cut her off after that one word and said “princess? What the hell?” “It’s just a code name” I said shooting Marianna a look, which said no. Both girls looked at me extremely unconfutable, okay all 4 of them looked at me like I was a freak. I’m 16 I’m a teenager in both Amaris terms and Human terms, give me a break! Lucile looked like she was seeing me for the first time in a different light. I let it all out to Lucile everything all my thoughts, my fears. Everything except the fact that I was an Amaris “I am a princess. I am going to have to run a whole country myself and yet I haven’t even passed my junior year in high school. People are trying to kill me because they do not want me on the throne. My parents and I don’t even get on because they don’t know anything about me. I have been living in a palace where no one talks to me for months, I haven’t been allowed outside in months!” Lucile looked at me shocked but she didn’t run away and I told myself once I told her all this I would compel her to forget but I needed it all of my chest. “I am going to be the worst Queen in the world, I hardly know anything about my
own people. I just want to be a normal kid!” I was crying at this point Marianna and the 2 guards were staring at me in shock. I hadn’t broken down in front of them before and I think it was the first time they had ever seen me cry. I think it’s the first time anyone realised I wasn’t actually okay with this. I was frightened, I just wanted to be a normal kid. “Ally? Are you high?” Lucile asked me worried. I think she thought I was making it all up. The younger guard bit his lip to avoid saying something. I realised he was about to laugh at that and had to stop himself then. Lucille looked at me like she didn’t believe a word I was saying, but was extremely worried for my sanity. No one was watching us, so I hoped no one understood the conversation as everyone was talking German in there and it was mostly empty. “And to top it off my boyfriend, well ex boyfriend is a prince as well and went back to boarding school and got with someone else. he doesn’t want to be with me. No one wants to be with me. My parents don’t even care who I am they just want me to be the perfect princess like my sister. Who the people who are trying to kill me actually killed, when I was only a baby. I can’t go to boarding school like my sister did as it’s not safe, so I have to have private tutors. I see no one my own age. My closest friends wanted to give everything up and move closer but I couldn’t let them and they are 11-12 years older than me anyway so still no one who knows what it’s like to be 16. To top it all off I am still 16 and got agers till my 17th as my mum who wasn’t really my mum told me I was older than I actually am, so the whole time I thought I was 17 I was only 15! And she wasn’t my mum she was the lady who was in charge of actually killing my sister. I don’t want to be a princess I just want to be me.” I said sobbing. It was like now I had started to say how I felt, I couldn’t stop. All 4 of them were looking at me as if they couldn’t believe a word that was coming out my mouth. I looked at Marianna and Lucile both looking at me worriedly and people were starting to look at us. “Can you make her forget seeing me” I asked Marianna and my guards wiping my eyes trying to calm myself down, it felt so much better to have it all of my chest. Marianna nodded and looked Lucile in the eyes “you will forget ever seeing and talking to us today. You will forget this whole conversation. You will remember going to the market and thinking you saw Ally but it was not her. You came in the café as you needed a drink.” Lucile blinked at us and Marianna and the guards quickly made the whole café forget us, then we walked out and went back towards the safe house.

We were almost in the home when Marianna pointed at the swing seat near the door. I sat on it trying to stop myself crying. I didn’t want Marco to see me cry. He wanted me to be an adult. I could do that. I needed to do that. “Princess?” Marianna said I wiped my eyes “please don’t call me that” I said. “Is that really how you feel?” she asked I nodded “most of the time.” I told her. The other 2 guards looked at me as if they wanted to say something but knew it wasn’t there place to. That annoyed me as well. People should just talk to each other. Why are my people so snoopy? “Have you told anyone, have you told Marco?” Marianna asked me extremely worried. I shook my head “I kind of told Kayla but every time I try tell my parents I can’t. All I see is the pictures of my sister and hear about what a perfect princess she was. No one wants to hear anything about my life before and who I actually am. They want me to be her but I’m not her. They wanted the perfect princess who would know what to do and how to behave, but I’m not even sure I want to be a princess. Okay I’m sure I don’t want to be, I still just wish I could have been a vet! I just wish I could go to
school like a normal person, like I could just be left alone, I want to be a normal Kid.” “Marco” said Marianna suddenly jumping up she had her arm around me, whilst I cried. The other 2 stood back but I knew they were listening. Why she didn’t just tell Marco she had a crush on him I didn’t know yes she was 10 years ish younger, but still they would make a cute couple and Marco was another person who needed to move on. Also I had been introduced to royals with hundreds of years between them and there partner. Age just seemed a recommendation to the Amaris. I tried to quickly brush my tears away so he wouldn’t see them. I tried to stop crying and act like he wanted. “Ally?” Marco said calmly. “Did you hear” I asked wiping my eyes trying not to cry anymore. “Yes” he said as if it wasn’t a big deal. “Can the 3 of you go inside please?” He told Marianna and the 2 guards. They all nodded and went inside. Even though I knew it broke an unsaid rule.

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