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Chapter 12 - Marco POV

I was waiting for Ally and Marianna, there shopping trip was taking agers. I was full of worry but Norbert had texted saying everything was fine. That everything was safe. I was ready to yell at them all when I heard them on the porch swing. “Princess?” Marianna had said “please don’t call me that” I heard Ally reply I was about to open the door when Marianna’s words reached my ears. “Is that really how you feel?” she asked I wondered what they were talking about “most of the time.” Ally replied. “Have you told anyone, have you told Marco?” Marianna asked “I kind of told Kayla but every time I try tell my parents I can’t. All I see is the pictures of my sister and hear about what a perfect princess she was. No one wants to hear anything about my life before and who I actually am. They want me to be her but I’m not her. They wanted the perfect princess who would know what to do and how to behave, but I’m not even sure I want to be a princess. Okay I’m sure I don’t want to be, I still just wish I could have been a vet! I just wish I could go to school like a normal person, like I could just be left alone, I want to be a normal Kid.” I heard Ally say, she sounded like she was trying to stop herself crying. Oh here was the breakdown my brother kept warning I would get if I kept pushing her too much. I should have bloody listened to him. I realised I was actually guilty of treating her like a mini Elizabeth. I opened the door “Marco” said Marianna suddenly jumping up she had her arm around Ally I wish she had kept her arm there. Ally was crying I hated seeing her cry. “Ally?” I asked worriedly. “Did you hear” Ally asked wiping her eyes. “Yes” I said there was no point beating around the bush. “Can the 3 of you go inside please?” I told Marianna and the 2 guards who were stood looking at Ally extremely worried. I knew it broke protocol but I needed to talk to her. She wasn’t really coping with this I realised. I thought she had been, now I realised she was trying to but it was hurting her. I sat in the swing next to her where Marianna had left when I opened the door. I watched Ally the sun was still shining and was catching her face as I watched her I realised her looks yes like her sisters were not identical at all. Where Elizabeth’s eyes the same green had shone with life. Ally’s looked old like they had seen too
much in such a short amount of time. I always knew she had been through a lot. I was responsible for some of the pain in her past. But none of us did let her talk about it. We all wanted to phase it out. But maybe that was a stupid idea. I was only starting to realise, thanks to her screaming in her sleep which had scared everyone the first few times. That she was scared stiff, she was having nightmares every night and was so scared. I wish I could make it up to her and one sentence stuck in my head. 'Send her to school' Elizabeth’s voice said in my head, 'she isn’t me. She is herself let her live and enjoy life until she has to be Queen, let her get herself ready for this. Like I did.' I shook my head Ally watched me thinking I was saying no to her not no to Elizabeth. How I thought to Elizabeth. 'How I used to sneak out and be a normal person in court before I left school, how we used to meet up when we weren’t meant to' replied Elizabeth. I smiled Ally watched me as if she thought I had lost the plot but she stayed quiet just swinging the swing slightly she obviously realised I was in my own head. I remembered how we used to ditch the guards when we were Ally’s age Elizabeth would wear a wig but would a wig be enough? 'Coloured contacts like Marianna wears occasionally and don’t tell me you don’t notice' Elizabeth said in my head. Hmmm I thought I knew Marianna would have some and a hair dye wouldn’t be hard to find changing her eyes and hair would completely change Ally’s features, as they had Elizabeth’s when we snuck out. On another thing, no one knew what she actually looked like. No one had really met her. Getting her into a school would be easy but I wouldn’t be able to stay with her people would know that I wouldn’t leave her. I wondered about getting at least one of the guards in school with her. What was the youngest guard I had that I could put back into school and maybe put a few of my team on the schools guards? I wondered why I hadn’t thought about it before, “Because you wanted her with my parents and you” said Elizabeth’s voice in my head. I sighed out loud. “Marco?” Ally said pulling me out of my head I looked at her again she had stopped crying and was now looking at me worriedly as though she thought I was about to tell her off. “What was the name of your friend in America?” I asked her remembering the girl at the kennels. She was still at school, she hadn’t even seemed to worry when she found out who Ally was. She just wanted her to be happy and safe. “What friend? Your brother?” she asked looking at me like she was worried for my sanity “that girl who worked with the dogs?” “April?” she said questioningly telling me the name of the girl also letting me know she wanted to know what was going on in my head. I walked into the house. Ally followed looking like she wanted to ring people with white coats, for me. “Marianna” I said looking at her she jumped to attention “Do you still have coloured contacts?” I asked. Everyone looked at me puzzled hmm I thought looking at one of the guards who although had been with us since our arrival here and had been out with Ally today, I hadn’t really paid much attention to. I had felt he was too young to unexperienced for this job. He was fresh out of school himself. He had only arrived as a castle guard the same time Ally had. But he was going to be one of her actual Guards for life. Now he would be perfect he was 19, I remembered from the meeting when I had been introduced to those staying. We could get away as him being a student to. Dye their hair the same colour same colour contacts I would get away with what Ally and Andrew’s plan in New York was siblings. I could put them in as brother and sister not royals, change their
names what was his name. “Joe” I said looking at my friend, he was looking at me trying to work out what was going on in my head. We had known each other since we were 11 he knew me well, he possibly thought I had finally snapped to. “Go get as many of the same hair colour as you can brown or black.” I said he looked puzzled but he went. “Marianna have you got those contacts!” I almost demanded at her “yeah a few pairs” she said looking at me worried. Ally had sat on the sofa and was staring at me “what are you on?” she asked me. I ignored her drug reference and question all at once. now I had an idea I was going to follow it through. I pulled out my mobile it rung for what felt like agers “Andrew” I said when my brother answered “yes everything’s fine” I said ignoring my brothers questioning he was extremely worried for Ally especially now “I need you to find out as much about the girl from the hotel as possible” I said. “What girl” he asked “the girl that worked in the kennels I need to know what school she goes to you said you checked her out before you left Ally with her, I need all those details.” Before he had a chance to answer I told him “ring me back with all the details.” I hung up. I looked at everyone. “Marianna those contacts now please.” I said she ran up the stairs looking like she was worried for my sanity. I looked at Ally about to explain to her my plan, but then something I hadn’t planned happened and we were attacked.

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