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Chapter 13 - Andrew POV

Kayla and I had been asleep in our bed when I heard my phone buzzing. It was sleep time I told myself but I still dragged it over and saw the caller id Marco. I swore wondering what the hell had gone on.

I knew they were in a safe house just not where. I knew the King and Queen had gone back but Ally hadn’t. I answered forcing myself awake “Andrew” my brother said. No hello but I knew if something happened I wouldn’t get a hello “what’s going on is Ally okay” I yelled down the phone waking Kayla who sat bolt upright at this. When my brother answered “yes everything’s fine” I let go of my breath I hadn’t realised I was holding it “what’s going on why are you ringing” I asked him still worried I hadn’t heard from him in a few weeks. He had decided it wasn’t safe to get in touch with anyone in case people where tracing the phone he had kept it of till now.

“I need you to find out as much about the girl from the hotel as possible” he said. “what girl” I asked my brother replied quickly “the girl that worked in the kennels I need to know what school
she goes to you said you checked her out before you left Ally with her I need all those details.” He told me, yeah I knew that lie would come bite me in the ass. I hadn’t done any such thing. I had gone on the fact that Ally felt safe around her to be trusting enough. As she didn’t seem to feel safe around many people. Now I slightly swore at myself for not checking her out. Especially with whom Ally actually was. I was getting ready to admit to my brother I didn’t actually check her out when his next words saved me the need to admit it. “Ring me back with all the details.” He hung up. I looked at Kayla who looked worried “everything okay with Ally” she asked. I smiled at her seeing the fear in her eye that I knew that feeling it’s how I had felt when I first saw his caller ID, god it was how I had felt since I had met Ally.

“He said she’s fine he just sounds like he’s lost his mind” I informed Kayla trying to work out my brother. “Oh?” Kayla asked. “He wants to know about that April girl” I told her “the dog girl? Why?” she asked with confusion across her face. “Who knows I think she’s actually succeeded in driving him crazy” I said laughing trying to lighten the mood and worry over us. Now I was awake I found I couldn’t settle down. I pulled myself out of bed giving Kayla a kiss on
the head. I went down to our kitchen and boiled a kettle for coffee. I had worked last night and Kayla had come out to get her blood as well she was attending a lawyer course in college during days so it was nice to have her in bed during the day/night, whatever you classed the time as neither of us had any routine at the moment we lived day night, night day depending on what was planned that day.

I made 2 coffees and took them back up to our room Kayla was now sat on her laptop doing an essay. I smiled at her. “Want to come to the hotel with me and see if I can get a hold of April’s details?” I asked her “I thought you already had all that” she said smiling at me “I lied to him.” I said calmly. “You know that was stupid right? If you can’t get hold of them hes going to flip at you?” she informed me trying not to laugh. “I know. Best get them all quick before he rings back.” I told her with a smile. “Why does he want to know that anyway?” she asked confused questioning the same thing I was questioning at this moment. I shrugged. So an hour later we were walking in the hotel hand in hand. I walked straight up to the front desk “I would like your staff records now” I told the Amaris at the reception, She looked shocked and worried. I was a prince and
she wouldn’t dream of saying no to me but me actually wanting it was shocking “yeeees your majesty” she said slowly and scared. I wondered how many actually asked for them, we could use them to get someone fired if we wanted or maybe higher someone through them for our own staff.

Kayla and I could do with a maid, but we preferred it just the 2 of us. Kayla’s mother Queen Alba had been known to do both, get someone fired and higher someone. I followed her into the room, once we were in we were handed folders “my mother wants the Christmas staffs details” I said noting this folder was a recent one. She nodded and fetched me out that folder I looked through it absent minded noticing her hovering over me. Kayla looked at her and said “I would like you to go book us blood for half an hours’ time.” the hotel wasn’t as busy now as it had been and was open back up for rich humans as well as Amaris so blood givers where not around as much currently but could be booked in advance. The receptionist practically run out the room whilst she was gone I wrote down all of Aprils details. April attended an Amaris school in Washington, I looked at the name of the school remembering suddenly that Ally had said she had gone to the same school as me. I
had attended that exact school from 5 years old.

Bennett Gaia which means the blessed one from earth I think. It was a very strange name for a school we always had laughed about it. We left the room with all the details wondering why my brother wanted it. After our blood we went home to make the call. He didn’t answer I didn’t think much of it maybe he was busy but I knew better than to leave an answer phone message. He had always drilled into me when I rung never to leave a message on an answerphone. Except that I had rung.

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