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Chapter 14

It all happened so fast. I wasn’t sure what had happened but I saw the people push in the room there where 35 of them all Amaris. “Get down” shouted Marco. Marianna ran down the stairs throwing fire balls as she came setting the man closest to me alight instantly. The guard closest to where I had sat on the sofa jumped over it and me instantly in a flip that would have pleased an Olympian. He pulled me behind him protecting me, I realised that whilst he was protecting me he wasn’t really in the fight. He needed to be. The others needed help.

They were so outnumbered, 35 against 17 how was that fair? Marianna had set another Amaris completely alight he was still alive running around I couldn’t watch and covered my eyes. He fell after letting out a high pitched scream as he died. I saw more fall Marco was keeping up with Marianna though he was using earth obviously his element, he had wrapped ivy around 2 Amaris’s necks strangling them. The guard who was protecting me was trying to get me out the room to get me to
move but I was glued to the spot in fear, watching everything fall apart around me. Watching people die around me. He pushed me and I found myself being able to move, although my eyes were looking at the 17 people dead on the floor. Some of them ours. He was trying to push me to the back of the house and out the back door, but they had come in from that direction to. I heard him swear in French, one I had used a lot of times and in this situation I wasn’t going to chastise him for swearing. I thought about Nicolette suddenly. What had mum trained me to do if I was in this situation, run most her training had been on getting me to run. Getting me to get out the situation, getting me safe.

But what would she do? What would she have done in this situation and an idea came to my head. I grasped hold of the guard’s hand that was trying to shield me and pulled him. He looked at me not knowing my plan but I pointed up the stairs knowing that the fight was distracting everyone. We could get up there and out. His training told him to go the opposite way, not up. Not to get trapped in a dead end. So he shook his head and still tried to push me towards the back “duck” he shouted at me. I ducked he sent a fire tidal wave over my shoulder. I wondered if
most the guards were fire users, with the amount of fire around the house it would catch alight soon. I started to run up towards the stairs he grabbed me pulling me closer to him to keep me in his sight. I shouted at him “just go upstairs hurry.” he looked at me but he followed my demand. I grabbed his hand again and we ran as fast as we could, he did not know my plan I was not even sure if it would work. A fire ball came whizzing past me but I ducked just in time seeing it in the corner of my eye and it hit the wall behind me.

Then another one went flying this one catching the sofa. It must have been made of extremely flammable material as it went alight instantly. I managed to get to the foot of the stairs one of the men came zooming at me not with magic but with a knife. The guard who was just behind me grabbed hold of him and they throw each other around on the floor trying to disarm each other. I couldn’t see anything through the smoke but I made tree roots wrap around the man’s arms pinning him to the ground so he realised the guard, at least I hoped it worked. The sofa fire was spreading fast the whole room would soon be alight. I was glad Marco made sure I always had a lot of blood in my system. I was a lot stronger than I used to be. I managed to
make it to the top of the stairs, but I was alone not sure what was going on downstairs and the smoke was so thick I only had one option. My original plan to get a tree come to the window for us to climb down left my head. I filled the downstairs of the house up with water hoping to extinguish the flame. I didn’t want to hurt anyone but I knew that some may drown. I thought hard of my guards and hoped I made an air bubble around there heads like scuba diving masks. I didn’t know how long I could hold it, I felt the magic draining from me. But I pulled a bubble around my own head and dived under the water down the stairs, thankful I had learnt to swim, mum really had taught me everything, I still didn’t understand how she could be this big evil person, like everyone claimed. I looked around I saw Marco he was looking proud put pointed back up the stairs mouthing go he was fighting with someone still who had bubbles around there own heads. I was glad I hadn’t killed anyone myself.

He also pointed at the guard who had been protecting me, until he was involved in the knife fight and pointed for him to go up with me. I saw the blood leaking from him into the water and swam up to him and pulled him like a life guard would up the stairs. I was fading fast I knew
if I didn’t let the magic go I would faint. I was using way too much keeping the water in the house at that level and making sure everyone had a bubble round their heads. I would try keeping it up as long as I could. When we were both out the water I let our bubbles go. “Are you okay?” I asked looking at where he was bleeding it was on his arm and chest hopefully nothing to serious. I ripped a bit of his t-shirt he was wearing and wrapped it around his arm trying to stop the blood I put a big handful of it over his bleeding chest. “I’m fine are you okay?” he asked more worried for me than he was for himself. “I can’t hold the water much longer” I admitted my head going dizzy. He was about to reply when someone grabbed me from behind in that shock I let all the water go instantly.

I hadn’t noticed the man up here but as I did I realised something I knew him, I had seen him a few times growing up. He would always turn up a few times a year no matter where we were. Nicolette had told me he was an uncle and to keep away from him, uncle Amir I remembered. I saw the guard flinch and Marco was running up the stairs. He lunged at the man holding me but had to be careful of me and the man was making sure he kept my body between him and
Marco. I looked at Marco silently telling him take the shot, take the shot. but he wouldn’t whilst I was in danger. “Backup” said Amir. I tried to talk but he held a knife to my throat. He pressed with the knife making Marco jump if he killed me I knew he wouldn’t make it out, I also knew by the fact he was looking around for an exist that he wasn’t going to kill me. At least not here, not right now. With that knowledge I was willing to risk it. I thought of magic first but I didn’t have the strength.

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