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Chapter 15 - Marco POV

“Ring me back with all the details.” I hung up the phone but then something I hadn’t planned happened and we were attacked. Suddenly 35 Amaris were surrounding us. “Get down” I shouted half telling Marianna to come back and half as a demand to Ally. Marianna ran down the stairs throwing fire balls as she came, sensing straight away the need for attack. She set the man closest to Ally alight instantly. I was about to go to Ally but I saw Duncan! that was his name jump over the sofa and put himself in front of her. Knowing she was safe I decided that I would be best to help in the attack. Marianna was proving why I had pushed for her all those years ago, when she first graduated. I had pushed for her to be assigned to my group rather than put as a castle guard as she was so strong and resourceful, she would of also been bored stiff in the palace, when loads of guards when they found out what I was doing wanted to join me.

Mariana had set another Amaris completely alight he was still alive though running around screaming he let one more high
pitched scream out as he died. The bodies were already piling up. 3 rushed at me I immediately called earth to me I called the ivy that was around the outside of the house to me and wrapped it around 2 of their necks pulling tight and the other one I shot with my gun, he went down but I hadn’t killed him. The 2 others were fighting the vines I was so angry with myself for sending Joe out. The man I shot stood back up and advanced on me with a fireball in his hand. I ducked quickly as he throw it at me sending another vine towards him it missed his neck and I couldn’t keep it up fighting him and still strangling the other 2. One of them thankfully fell and I took his vine away for the first time ever hating having earth as my element. Unfortunately just then another one attacked and I was being advanced on by 3 more. I saw one of my men fall and I knew he was dead. I saw Ally and Duncan going up the stairs I was not very impressed with that decision, but I couldn’t do anything about. Marianna took one of the guys out for me he went alight and I caught an evil smile from her and noticed that Duncan was still downstairs. I pulled tighter the vine around the man’s neck and he fell as well.

I faced off with the other man then the room filled with fire
and smoke. I couldn’t see much and I don’t think anyone else could by the fact no one was attacking currently, I hoped Ally was safe. I was about to run to the stairs where I had last seen her go up. When the room filled with water. I was trying to get out the room when I realised I could still breath and no water was touching my face but I also noticed water wasn’t touching anyone’s face and then the guy swam up to me with a knife at least fire magic wasn’t working in the water and the fire was out. I saw a lot of people floating at the top dead. I saw Ally swimming down the stairs and knew she was responsible for the water and the bubbles. I was still fighting the Amaris who now was using a knife. I was proud of Ally’s fast thinking and skills but I wasn’t happy that she was coming down. I pointed back up the stairs mouthing go too afraid to actually talk in case I burst the bubble around my head. I pushed him away in the water. I saw Duncan and saw the blood leaking from him I could see he was still alive but was going to bleed to death in the water, I caught Ally’s eyes and pointed at him she swam to him and pulled him up the stairs.

I managed to stab my knife in the man’s heart he went down and I swam to the stairs just as I reached the bottom stair the water flooded out the house. obviously not being held by anything anymore either she had run out of magic or something had happened. I ran up the stairs, taking them 2 at a time. I saw an Amaris holding her. I throw myself at him, but I had to be careful of Ally and he was making sure he kept her between us. Ally caught me in the eye and I knew what she meant, she was telling me not to worry about her to just attack. I couldn’t risk her. “Backup” said the Amaris he held a knife to Ally’s throat. He pressed it drawing a small amount of her blood, it made me really angry. If he killed her I wouldn’t allow him to ever get out of here but I had a feeling he knew that. I caught Ally’s eye and saw that she was going to fight, with the knife that close to her throat I shook my head saying no. but before I could do anything she had a plan and gave me a smile.

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