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Chapter 16

The knife was so close to my throat. My magic had run to low. I smiled at Marco this seemed to frighten him more. I slammed my foot down on Amir’s foot and elbowed him in the stomach. He loosened the knife and I back kicked him in the man hood, I knew no matter the species mum had said that was always the place to go for if I was being attacked. He stabbed me in the side as he grasped the delicate area and fell to the floor himself, I fell to the floor but I had got away. Marco pounced. I looked over at the guard on the floor and could hear shouting going on downstairs and more fire coming up the stairs I sent the last of my magic to extinguish the fire. Police and firemen appeared running up the stairs and I collapsed.

I woke up in a white room, I was attached to a bag of blood. I looked around worriedly not knowing where I was. I was not alone in the room. Although I realised but there wasn’t a guard. I looked around I was on a ward, I realised in a human hospital. I sat up groggily not sure why I was on blood in a human hospital and why they would put me
in surrounded by humans. There were loads of humans around me and I was scared again. This time for a different reason where was everyone. As I had sat up a nurse came over she looked at my chart and said in German “liegen Sie wieder nach unten eine Menge Blut verloren.” Translated as lie back down you have lost a lot of blood. So I was still in Germany I thought I didn’t lie back down I looked around. She repeated “lie back down” still in German I tried to talk but my throat felt like a thousand bees stinging it at once. I grimaced in pain and the world started spinning. She pressed the bell as I still wasn’t lying down and a doctor came in. occupied by police. I wasn’t sure what was going on I was extremely frightened. “Wissen Sie, wo Sie sind?” asked the policeman he was accompanied by 2 others and he had a note book. I looked at him I knew what he asked me was “do you know where you are?” and I didn’t I tried to say no but I couldn’t speak. I saw his note pad and pointed to it. The doctor looked at my chart and said something to the police office that I missed. Then the policeman handed me the notebook I wrote in very bad German. My speaking was a lot better than my written work. I need to talk to Marco. He shook his head and said in German “not at the moment we have questions to ask you first.” I realised I couldn’t compel them if I couldn’t talk and I wasn’t strong enough at the moment either. I didn’t know what to do I looked around the ward at all the people wondering why they had put me on a ward and not in my own room if they thought I was dangerous. But the look in the policeman’s eyes wasn’t fear of me, it was worry. I realised what it must of looked like to them, me and the guard in jeans and t-shirt bleeding on the floor and everyone else either fighting or dead. Especially as I was the youngest there, everyone had been telling me how little and young I looked since I was found. They honestly must think I was just a kid? I also remembered that only a few people knew about us and they were high up in politics or the human world. Or people we have to deal with. I wondered who was the most senior person who would know about us and wrote in German. I need to talk to the person in charge of your Amaris sector. He read my words looked extremely confused I didn’t know if what I wrote was right but I hoped it was. I hoped his confusion was wondering what Amaris sector was. He said something but I couldn’t sit anymore and found myself lying back down. He rang what I wrote in looking puzzled. He repeated it again then hung up. The other policeman tried to talk to me whilst the other was looking at my notes I saw it said name unknown and didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Where am I? I wrote in German on the notepad. “In hospital” he replied I wrote Yes which one. He was about to reply when his phone rung he pulled it out looked at it spoke and asked in German “JA das ist. Wer ruft an. JA herr. JA herr, sie kann nicht sprechen, ihr die Kehle geschnitten wurde. Blut herr? I tried to remember what those words were in English as my head span. “Yes this is. Who is calling? Yes sir. Yes sir, she can’t talk her throat was cut. Blood sir?” he looked at the doctor and said “give her a bag of blood.” the doctor disappeared possibly not having a clue what was going on and by all their faces none of them did either. Neither did I currently. He came back with the bag of blood and handed it to the police officer. He looked at me now really worried and confused. He was
still on the phone and the phone went on loud speaker. “What is your name and rank?” asked the voice on the phone surprising me by the rank part I debated not saying as I was meant to be in hiding but decided as I was told to ask for this if anything went wrong it would be safe. I wrote

Her Royal Highness Princess Alysa Luna Amaris.

It was strange having Amaris as my last name but I realised how important that made me. The policeman said what I wrote giving me extreme looks at the word Her Royal Highness Princess they all did. I think they were extremely confused but now I think they were in shock. The voice still on loud speaker said to the police officers “stay there people will be there to debrief you” to me the voice swopped to English and said “someone will be with you soon princess.” Then he said to the police officer back in German “tell the doctor to give her the bag of blood and all go out the room.” Then he paused “make sure she’s in her own room first.” The next few minutes I had my room changed, to a personal one. Then I got handed the bag of blood and left alone. I drunk it as though I hadn’t drunk or eaten in weeks, I wasn’t sure how long I had been here all I knew was one bag was defiantly not enough. I downed the bag of blood the moment I was alone in the room. I looked around the room, wishing for Marco. Where the hell was Marco? I needed Marco. I looked around trying not to panic. Where was everyone? Did they all die? Were they all arrested? I needed them. When the policemen came back in I still couldn’t talk I needed a lot more blood. I hoped they couldn’t work out what I had done with that bag. They looked at me confused for the empty bag on the side. Please may I have another bag of blood
I wrote in German hoping they would do it. Can I see anyone from the house at all I am scared I want to know there okay?
“You need to wait until people arrive.” The policeman said in German trying to be polite with me. Did anyone survive? It was an assignation attempt did any of my body guards and friends survive?

I wrote in German, begging for an answer if some had at least survived. “A few people were arrested. We
have the younger male in police custody in the hospital.” he informed me in German calmly. Please may I see him? I need to see him. Please I need more bags of blood. He needs a few bags of blood to. I wrote down calmly. “Why do you need blood?” he asked me really extremely worried possibly thinking we were murderers. Please I promise I won’t hurt anyone.
I wrote down in German. Thankfully that was when someone obviously very important arrived. He was dressed in a suit rather than a policeman uniform. “Please leave.” he said in German to the man. “What language would you like me to speak in your highness I can talk German English or Spanish?” He said to me still in German. English please. I wrote on my notepad I had kind of confiscated. “Do you need more blood your highness?” he asked me extremely politely, I nodded nervously. Not have a clue what to say at the moment. Can I see my guards? I wrote and showed him Can he have blood too? “I will make that happen your majesty are you sure the person in custody is one of your guards? May I ask what happened?” he asked me politely. My people attacked me. I was staying in a safe house in your country currently. Please I need my guards back! Did any of them survive? Please tell me no one innocent died! I wrote trying not to cry. “The police have informed me they arrested a few people from the house. They are currently at the station” he told me extremely politely. Do you know how many of them are my guards and how many are the team who were trying to kill me? “I don’t I am sorry your majesty.” He said politely. “Would you like me to find a human for you to bite so you can heal faster?” he asked even though I saw he was disgusted for having to ask it. No thank you I do not drink from humans. I drink from bags and am fine with bags thank you. I wrote calmly. He looked taken aback to read it and lifted an eyebrow at it as if he didn’t believe it.
Please may I see my guard I’m scared. Please help me. Please.
“Of course your highness.” He said still in shock with me. I shock everyone I realised. I drunk another 4 bags my throat felt less painful but still scratchy. “Thank you.” I said weakly. “Please may I see my guard?” I said looking worried. “Of course your highness are you able to walk?” he asked. I nodded not ready to talk. I walked to the room where the guard was handcuffed to the bed. He was in his own room but was obviously in police custody. I was really shocked I hadn’t been. He looked so relieved to see me. He didn’t realise how bloody relived I was to see him. “Is this one of your guards your highness?” The man with me asked me extremely politely. “Yes sir please may he be given blood and un handcuffed. Please help me find everyone and clear this mess up.” I asked politely. “I will do your majesty can you compel?” he asked me politely. “After more blood, please just help and I won’t take away your free will.” I said extremely politely. “Of course your majesty. I will need to get the key and blood excuse me.” he said extremely politely I went over to the guard and said, “thank god you’re okay. I’m sorry it took me so long, I have just woken up. sorry.” I felt the need to apologise. “That’s fine
your highness.” He said extremely politely. “For goodness sake you heard me tell Marianna how I felt can you please just call me Ally?” I said. He looked extremely worried about that “and that’s a demand if that helps you?” I said with a smile. He weakly smiled at me. “Your name is?” I asked interested. “Duncan.” He said politely. “Do you know what happened to Marco?” I asked him extremely worried. “He let the police take him calmly. Once he saw Joe was following you.” Duncan said calmly. “Thank god.” I said wanting to cry.

“Your majesty.” The Politian said coming in the room. He handed me 12 bags of blood. I handed Duncan 6 and drunk another one calmly. “I don’t think I have ever seen you drink blood without it being in a cup of tea or coffee your highness.” Duncan said in shock. The Politian looked confused at that. “Please call me Ally.” I told Duncan worried. “Are you ready to compel everyone to forget the 2 of you were here?” the Politian asked me worried. I nodded calmly and that’s what he told me to do. Duncan giving me advice on what to say. “Please can you just talk to me in future I am really just a normal girl?” I told Duncan hopeful. “I can try Ally.” He forced himself to say I grinned at him.

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