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Chapter 17 - Marco POV

We were rolling on the floor fighting. I right hooked him in the eye. Suddenly hands where pulling us apart human hands. We both seemed to realise that this could go only 2 ways a human massacre or us giving up and compelling ourselves out later. I chose the 2nd option he didn’t. He attacked the police killing his instantly by setting him on fire. There was nothing for it I shrugged of mine being stronger than the police easily, and stabbed him right through the heart. Then I was overwhelmed with police officers arresting me and I saw princess Alysa being carried out by a police officer. Duncan was soon taken after while I was pushed on the floor. I hoped they would keep the 2 of them in the same place. I wondered where Marianna was and where Joe was and how many of my men were still alive. As I was taken outside accompanied by 6 policemen I saw Marianna in her own police car obviously doing the same as me, thank god she was still alive. I saw Joe hidden in the trees watching the ambulance. I knew he would follow Alysa that was good. My questioning was hard but I kept quiet I hoped Marianna was too my only reply was always “where is the girl is she okay” I didn’t want to tell them her name or who she was and unfortunately I didn’t have enough strength to compel an answer. They ignored my questions as I ignored there’s. I asked to speak to her and no one would let it. I asked about Marianna not naming her either no one would tell me about her either. I needed blood, if one of them came close enough to where I was handcuffed I would bite them and then have enough power to compel mine and Marianna’s way out. All I knew was there were 37 body’s in the house not sure who died from what team. I only knew how many because the police kept questioning me on it. After a week of questioning something finally happened “Marco?” asked one of the policemen. I hadn’t told them my name or Marianna’s but I nodded as he held a phone. “For you” he said in German. I nodded again. As he handed me the phone. “Marco are you okay” Ally’s voice said I was so thankful to hear from her. “Ally how are you are you okay?” I asked her panicky. “Yes I’m fine I have Joe and Duncan now and a politician there sorting getting you all out” said Ally. I wanted to ask her loads of questions but I settled for one at the moment “how did you get a politician?” I asked. “Oh I told the police I needed to talk to someone about Amaris and they needed to say to someone who was in charge. Then I said please” She said. “Times up” said the policeman in German. Quickly as I could I said “princess you didn’t ring home did you?” “No” she said. “Don’t” I said as the phone was taken of me. An hour later a policeman came to get me saying “how unorthodox this all was for a murderer but I had a visitor.” I got walked into a room and handcuffed to the chair. Then Ally, Joe, Duncan and a man in a dark blue suit with a pink tie who I had never met came in accompanied by 5 policemen. “Please leave” Ally said looking at them compelling them. They all turned and left “Marco” Ally said smiling. She looked a lot better than I had seen her last and I was so thankful. Although she had bandages still wrapped around her neck I knew with enough blood and time they wouldn’t even leave a mark. A few seconds later Marianna was brought in the room. “Hello everyone” she said she didn’t look her normal spunky self but she was trying. Ally gave her a weak smile. “Are you sure the other 3 are not your people?” asked the Politian Surprising me. Ally looked at Joe who shook his head. “Unfortunately not what will happen to them?” said Ally. “they will go to a special prison that was agreed centuries ago, if I had only known sooner about the police holding Amaris I would of made sure you all had blood.” he said handing me and Marianna a few bags of blood. “Sorry it took me so long to contact you. I can’t believe I was unconscious for almost a week.” Said Ally smiling at the politician a nice smile not compelling. “Do I need to compel anyone else or will this all disappear?” she asked. “Oh it will all disappear.” He said smiling at us. “Your people will have never have existed and you will have never been in Germany.” He said. “Thank you” said Ally. I watched in shock about their conversation. “Thank you for being so polite about the mistreatment your majesty’s” he said nodding at me and Alysa, which was a shock in itself. “No problem” I said not sure what was going on. He went out the room and one policeman came in and he was now speaking in German rather than English. “I am so sorry your highness we understand it was an assassination attempt we apologise do we not Berger” “yes your majesty I am so sorry.” Berger said in German as he unlocked mine and Marianna’s handcuffs “you are free to go now” said the Politian. “Thank you and sorry for everything” ally said as we walked out the building. And straight into a waiting limousine. “A limo?” I asked not fully believing anything that happened. “I will explain in a minute” said Ally looking exhausted. She pulled out a blood bag from the mini fridge throw one to everyone and drunk hers in a few sips it was the first time I had seen her drink blood so fast. Then I remembered what she said about being unconscious for a week had she just come around?

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