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Chapter 18

We were sat in the limo and Marco was looking confused. I actually liked the fact that I had managed to shock and confuse him. Even though I was shattered and just wanted to curl up and sleep a bit longer. I had only come around 6 hours ago and had already managed to get 2 people out of jail. Duncan and myself discharged from hospital and convinced loads of people they never saw us drink loads of bags of blood. I was also healing the whole time. Duncan and I were still very weak. I explained to Marco everything that happened. About demanding to see someone who knew about Amaris. How the police officer in charge had to read out everything I wrote as when I came around I could not talk because my throat hurt so much. That for the first time I actually wrote my name.

This I thought would at least get a smile out of him but the whole time I talked he sat there seriously faced. I explained how when the man arrived I had been quiet frightened until we talked for a bit, with my name he had straight away known who I was and when Duncan and I explained what had happened he immediately started getting to work on getting him and Marianna out. When he had found out they had 5 people in cells he asked me to come and see if the other 3 were mine and with Duncan we started to leave the hospital even though the doctors really didn’t want me to. Thankfully Joe was waiting in a downstairs waiting room and the moment he saw us leaving he came up and started walking next to us. Before we had come into the room with Marco. We had looked at the other 3 through a one way mirror and Joe had confirmed that none were part of the guards. I wasn’t fully sure what would happen to the other 3 but the man had promised that there was a special prison for are kind that killed. This made Marco say “yes there is” he seemed very proud of me.

Now I had explained what had happened I was exhausted still I drunk another bag of blood trying to make myself feel better. “So where are we going?” he asked wondering where the limo was taking us. “To the airport part of the deal was we get out of Germany” I told him with a weak smile, I kind of didn’t blame them for wanting me out the country. “What was your plan before we got attacked?” I asked him. I had wondered what it was then and now I was even more interested. “To change yours and Duncan’s hair colours eye colours and names and agers and put you both in Amaris boarding school.” He said I looked at him wondering, Duncan looked like he couldn’t think of anything worse “you up for school again?” I asked him. He reluctantly nodded. “Then it’s a plan” I said to Marco. I was taking charge. We got out of Germany via the plane booked to America as promised. When we got there a new safe house had been arranged for us. “You sorted all this out?” Marco asked me shocked. “No joe did” I said smiling at Joe. “I had to think of a plan I couldn’t do anything just sat in the waiting room so I organised another safe house” he said smiling at us all. I knew the 2 guys were actually best friends and knew they both thought exactly the same way after so many years together. I trusted both of them. Marco was easy to annoy fun to play with. Over controlling, a stress head, that really needed to learn how to chill out. Completely opposite to his brother, but then he was so similar in a lot of ways. My sister loved him, I could see why. If Drew was like an elder brother to me, Marco defiantly was. Maybe I wouldn’t get the family I want from the Queen and King. But I think Marco was willing to try give it to me. Marco wanted me safe and Happy. I didn’t have to be afraid of the man in the jacket outside the house anymore. I had new fears but I would face them. It was time for me to be a big girl and stop running. Well kind of as the funny thing was. I was stopping running by running. But 2 years. I could have 2 years!

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