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Chapter 19 - Andrew POV

My brother rang me. Finally! I had been trying to reach him for way over 2 weeks. I had almost rung the palace to ask if they had heard from them. “What do you mean you were attacked” I practically shouted down the phone. Kayla looked up at me she was in the middle of typing another essay her brown hair she used to always have pristine was now shoved in a bun on top of her head her normal sundress had currently been swooped for pjs bottoms and an oversize t-shirt of mine. She had her headphones in I didn’t even realise she could hear me but she pulled them out and went extremely worried “who got attacked? Is Ally okay?” I put Marco on loud speaker who seemed to do the same that side “I am fine” said Ally “we are okay” said Marco. “When did this happen” I demanded. “Just after I hung up the phone the other week” said Marco. My brother maybe older by 12 years but I could kill him for not letting me know until now.“What happened” Kayla asked. I could hear shuffling of the phone and this time Marco came on not on loud speaker “we got attacked at the safe house” he said. “How?” we both asked. “Still not sure we think someone saw Marianna and Ally walking in town and followed them back but we are not sure.” Said Marco. Kayla and I looked at each other as Marco explained everything when he said about Ally having the knife to her throat it took everything for us not to demand where they were and get a plane straight to them. I asked to be handed to Ally Marco did “I’m fine everything’s okay. We got a new plan and hopefully this one will keep me safe. At least until I take the throne at 19” Ally said. I knew her mums plans was for her to become queen at 19 but 19 now suddenly felt to young. “Do you want me to come?” I asked “no, it’s all okay. It is all planed I just rung to tell you both that if all goes well. I possible will not see you until then” Ally said. “What is the plan?” asked Kayla extremely worriedly. “I can’t say over the phone same as I can’t say where we are. Just in case but I promise Marco will never let anyone hurt me. The plan will keep me safe and that’s all that matters and when the worlds safe for me again I’ll be back. When the Amaris are ready for me I will come back.” Ally said. Kayla had tears in her eyes I think we both realised this would be the last time we spoke to Ally until she became Queen. We both had grown to love her as a little sister and a friend. The phone went silent and Kayla and I looked at her stomach. We hadn’t told either of them as we didn’t want anyone to know until she was a bit further along at least. But we didn’t want Ally to disappear where we couldn’t tell her ourselves, so Kayla said “Ally I am pregnant and when it is all safe I want to have the baby baptised and you be her godmother.” I heard Ally’s shocked intake of breath, through the phone but unlike what my brother and what everyone else would say about how we needed to get married first, Ally just said “even if it’s not safe I will come for that I love you both I would never miss that or your wedding” “did Marco hear?” I asked. After a few seconds “no” then she said something that had 2 meanings “I love all of you, if anything ever does happen to me make sure you’re all safe and happy.” Kayla was half crying half laughing. “Oh and you can’t get married without me there either” said Ally’s voice on the phone. Marco must have taken the phone at that point as he spoke next “you’re finally getting married and pleasing mum and dad?” “Not until Ally can make it to the wedding but we are engaged now” Kayla said. we had agreed not to tell anyone she was pregnant until she was further along or showing but we felt better that at least Ally would know. We couldn’t make that be the last words we said to Ally “you are going to give us updates somehow aren’t you? You can’t just fully disappear” I said to both of them realising we were back on loud speaker. “Somehow” they both said. I wish I knew there plan, I wish I could tell if it was crazy or safe. I was full of fear for both of them, if they ever were found they wouldn’t just hurt them both. They would kill anyone who stopped them from killing Princess Alysa. “We got to go are plane leaves soon” said Marco. “Goodbye Marco goodbye Ally we love you” Kayla and I said. “Good bye I love you all too” said Ally and then she was gone just how she came in my life suddenly and unexpectedly with a crazy plan.

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