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Chapter 2 - Marco POV

I was reading a new stack of letters, some threating princess Alysa, some saying how happy they were for her return. The King and Queen had expected a bit of uproar from there long lost daughters return. But not anywhere near as much as they got. The threats were extreme, some just being empty threats but we had to follow up on all of them. I had given myself the job of tracing anyone who threatened her. “Why thankyou you extremely chatty bunch” I heard Ally say I sighed. I had told them a few times to talk to her when she talked to them, but most didn’t have a clue what to say. I wondered where Marianna or Joe were.

They had been a part of my team hunting her and would at least talk to her, which stopped her coming here. I didn’t want her to see all these letters. Then I remembered Marianna had the day of and Joe was on the night guard tonight. Well day as our day and night are opposite we sleep during day and are awake at night. I would have to make sure that never happened again, like that so one of them was always with her whilst she
was awake. I looked at the clock 6am so Ally would of finished all her lessons of the day, seen all the royals she needed to and would now be bored and lonely. It would almost be time for dinner. As she walked in the room surrounded by guards I smiled up at her. “hello Ally” I said making sure I didn’t call her Princess or even Alysa as she hated being called both, though she would smile at it when she had to. “Hello Marco” she said sitting in a chair opposite mine.

The guards filled the room she seemed so disappointed about this. I remembered my brother’s words from when we had a phone call a few weeks back, he had said “give her space she doesn’t like to be over crowded.” “How were your lessons today?” I asked her. “Okay did you know that there are millions of different types of bows and curtseys and I bow and curtsey to no one?” she said. I smiled at her and said “there are not millions but there are a lot it’s important for you to learn what each bow and curtsey look like.” “Oh yes because I am going to use this a lot in life” she said sarcastically rolling her eyes. “You may do you cannot insult anyone” I said “wouldn’t there bowing wrong be an insult to me? As I do not bow to them?” she asked this was actually a good point but I knew the only reason we were even discussing this was
she was bored. “What brings you here today Ally?” I asked even though I knew the answer. “Oh I was just here to see all my fan mail” she said indicating my desk filled high with letters. I gave her a weak smile and said “you know you can’t read any of this?” “Yes I know but I like to see your face when I ask to” she said with a weak smile.

I knew this and I tried to keep my face neutral. “Shouldn’t you be getting ready for dinner?” I asked her knowing that I should as well. Being a Prince myself I always ate with them although I was an unofficial employ, unofficial meaning I had given myself the job. The king and queen understood my need to do this. Even if Ally herself didn’t. “I got time can I have chips? Pizza?” she asked so hopeful she also knew the answer to this. although Ally was a really fussy eater so her meal plan normally consisted of her picking at food, her parents where firm believers that if they put it in front of her enough she would finally eat it. Though it was looking very unlikely, I personally thought she would rather starve herself than try sometimes. But it was important as she would one day have to go for royal banquets and meals out with other royals. A lot of effort was going into making her less of a fussy eater. Although everyone had given up on the idea of her ever drinking from a human. she really had starved herself then. proving she would not even bite a human on starvation. her mum had called her a stubborn brat for doing it and it resulted in the two of them not talking for a week at meals. Her blood bag stock was now collected on site by a lot of willing humans. “Do you think they will ever talk to me?” Ally asked me almost in a whisper so her guards wouldn’t hear. I wasn’t sure so I couldn't reply to that question.

After she finally gave up on me she and her guards left me alone in my office. I decided I would need to talk to them about it again. I put my head in my hand it was strange 15 years of hunting for her and it never occured to me once that she may be miserable here. My phone rung “hello” I said into it without looking at the caller ID. “Hey Marco how’s it going?” it was Andrew my younger brother and one of Ally’s friends he rung me as often as I would answer. For updates on how Ally was doing here. He worried about her. He technically had found her and he felt quiet responsible for her. “Everything’s fine” I said which was true Alysa was just extremely bored.

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